What TV Shows Are You Watching ATM?

It's already been an exceptional year for TV, and we've still got many months to go!

What TV shows are you watching atm?


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    I just rewatched Chernobyl.
    Didn't realise how much I missed the first time I watched it.

    • is the one in netflix any good compared to the Foxtel one

      • Wait there is another one?

        • Netflix has a movie n9t sure if it's documentary like

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            @djones145: That is the worst pile of crap I have seen for ages. All in American accent, terrible acting, barely felt like you were in Russian, spends ages developing a kinda love relationship. The actual TV series was a masterpiece.

            • @casho: There is one and that's full Russian. Released in 2021.
              Don't know about American accent.
              The story is about a fireman in Chernobyl.

      • No other Chernobyl documentary will ever do better than HBO Chernobyl. Rewatching The Simpsons atm up to S10. Now and then watching Singapore Crimewatch in YouTube. Anyone knows how to watch this series on its entirerety?

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          Singapore Crimewatch - don't know if this works natively or you need a Singapore VPN:

          Anything particularly interesting apart from people being tossed into jail for jaywalking, spitting gum and taking durian on the train? (slight exaggeration)

          • @qazwsx: Many thanks - it works fine - for now - I do remember one time it didn't work thought I may need VPN. Some scene is hilarious - so far not one yet about jaywalking, gum and durian :). 20 minutes long and most of the time it's 2-3 stories, thus not that boring. The police there seems very good in their job - not sure if it's the same in actual situation. I learnt that apart from the usual jail time - some punishment also include canning.

        • I liked the settings of HBO Chernobyl, looked exactly like I remember my childhood. The plot, on the other hand, is very much "westernised". In the series there's too much individual heroism and stupidity, where in fact there was mass heroism and stupidity. Maybe it's just artistic adaptations to make the plot captive, but unfortunately I don't think the characters are representative.

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        its not bad, I watched it today.

        Its all in Russian so its subtitled, but its well made - doesnt feel like a low budget shit tier movie

        story is rubbery but, everyone is heaps helpful - which doesnt strike me as realistic

        Its a drama movie, not a doco

        • Also listed as a comedy on imdb 🤔

    • Great TV show, very intense. Highly reccomend.

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      Please don’t tell me how it ends.

      Will there be a season 2?

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        No I don't believe so. Unless another reactor decides to explode we may be waiting a while.

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        Chernobyl 2: Japanese Boogaloo

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      I remember having to drink emergency iodine at a hospital as a kid when Chernobyl happened due to the Russian government f***ing over Europe (as they seem to continuously aspire to)

      • Oh wow. What country was that in?

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      Once was more than enough for me.

    • Highly recommend listening to the podcast between episodes. There's one for each episode and they go through all the interesting stuff in detail.

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    Trying to get back into The Wire again.

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      Seen Bosch? Final season just went up on SBS a couple weeks ago, rest is on Prime video.

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        As an old Wire watcher, Bosch has been what I felt was the best police procedural since. It's too bad it's finished, but I heard that there still might be some TV love coming for Bosch fans (no spoilers)

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          Mare of Easttown is good too.

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          I like Justified quite a bit. The Wire is still on my list to watch though.

        • Im looking forward to what they come up with next for sure!

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      You come at the king, you best not miss.

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      I need to rewatch The Wire soon. Phenomenal show.

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    • Ahhhh….. Wire!!!

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      I just finished watching The Wire for the first time - after telling myself I need to watch it for practically forever.

      • Thoughts? Favourite season?

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        may as well jump straight into a rewatch. it only gets better

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    I've been watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Never Have I Ever.

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    Just finished watching the whole 10 episodes of The Vietnam War Documentary.

    Very American centric but does well to depict the unnecessary loss of life and devastation of a beautiful country. Also focuses on the corruption on all political fronts including the US.

    Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It.

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      This was amazing.

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      A few years ago was in Vietnam going thru their war museums and stuff. Had to keep constantly remembering that when they say "enemy" it meant the US. Interesting that in the last few years things seem quite friendly now between them, thanks to China (the great unifier of almost anything except China it seems)

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      Probs should mention - Ken Burns.

      Fantastic series. Goes right back to the origins of the war.

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      Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It.

      Those are Yankees. You only need to Google how many wars the US has waged since the 1950's

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    Line of Duty on Netflix.

    • the latest season is on Britbox :(

      • If it's any consolation, the most recent season was the weakest season - you're not missing out.

        • icic. it's a great show I have to say. the brits do crime better. watched a few and love them

      • Yes, will find another way to watch it.

      • If you have a VPN that allows access to BBC then you can watch it online there.

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      was recommended this and wow, what a show, highly recommended!

    • Awesome show, loving it. I just finished S3, last episode of S3 was the best!

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    The rookie and Wentworth

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      How is the rookie? Old mate should have been in the uncharted movie after his I effort in the fan short

      • -1

        The Rookie started out good, but recent episodes have deteriorated into nauseous BLM propaganda/nonsense. Like Nathan Fillion (the rookie in the show) clapping along like a trained seal saying BLM isn't about defunding police to reduce police numbers which would increase crime, but just to make them 'use what they have more thoughtfully or efficiently instead'. Uh, NO, they really DO want less police. They just changed that narrative for their simple-minded cult members, because the money was starting to dry up. It's embarrassing and makes me feel sorry for Fillion with the garbage scripts he's being handed.

        I know for a fact they've been actively approaching and shoving their political garbage down all TV producers' throats, who are petrified of being labelled racist to the point they eagerly ruin their own shows for something that hasn't been an issue for the majority of the western world for 50 years.

        Oh then there's the ridiculous role Brandon Routh was lumped with, where he's supposedly this disgusting racist scumbag who you expect to pull out a KKK hood any minute, but the very next line he's treating different black folks as complete equals and mates again. It's not only odious, annoying, and infantile, it makes no sense. (All much like BLM itself.)

        This agenda will be sweeping all shows from now on. The clowns that run the Oscars (or the other one, I forget now) basically announced shows won't even be considered for awards unless they cater heavily to this nonsense. The good thing is, every time they do their $$$ plummet because people don't want to hear it and are turning off. HollowWeird will get a clue eventually (or die).

  • Evil on season 2, its supposed to be horror comedy i guess.

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      Season 2 is so dark, definitely not comedy.

    • Surprised to see S2 . Shows like this don't last more than one season . I like it so far .

    • Its such a fun show, people do ignore it when I try to explain the premise of the show.

  • +1

    Space Force

    • Ugh, garbage. That's as funny as a petroleum tanker exploding in a pet shop full of fluffy kittens. It's like watching a bunch of 15 year old gamers taking turns telling the same fart joke to each other - almost retarded.

  • +1

    Heist on netflix

    • Wish there was more episodes. Are there more coming do you know?

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    Mr. Inbetween (excellent Aussie show - binged the final season in a day), Mare of Eastown (excellent), Clarice (meh), The Five (pretty good), Yellowstone (very good).

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      Just watched the first ep of Mr Inbetween and it was great. Looking forward to the rest of the show. Hoping I can avoid spoilers.

      • +3

        I don't watch much TV.
        However, Mr Inbetween has got me hooked.
        Fantastic television.

        • +1

          Watched one episode of Mr Inbetween a few weeks ago and am hooked. Watched all 3 series in a week and now rewatching it again!

          Also watching Dave and new series of Alone.

          • @gidxg03: First season of Dave was pretty good. Very funny. Second season so far not as much.

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          We love Mr Inbetween!! Brilliant show.

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        Mr Inbetween is one of the most under rated shows on TV right now, great acting, well made and unique

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      Yellowstone is excellent

    • Came here to post this show. I'm not usually a binge watcher but I have been staying up past midnight watching this one over the last week.

    • Thanks Frank Murphy (and OzBargain community) for this recommendation. Mr Inbetween was 10/10. Would recommend. Just binged the 3 seasons over the weekend.

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    Luxe Listings Sydney on Amazon Prime

    • +6

      Surprisingly engrossing.

      The best kind of trash tv.

      • +2

        I do wish that it was more about showing interesting houses and less about the absolutely unbearable agents.
        But then, the weird interactions between the agents make it entertaining, so 🤷‍♀️

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    Finished sweet tooth going to watch Fringe next

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      Just finished Fringe . What a show ! One of my top 5 shows so far .

    • Probably need to give Fringe another go. I never finished it but really enjoyed the similarities to the X-Files.

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      Fringe is in my all time top 10

    • Fringe on Netflix Au?

      • It's on 7Plus. Also on US Amazon Prime (using VPN) free with ads via IMBD TV

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    Been binging Dark matter on Prime and SWAT on Netflix kind of watched most else and lots of stuff available is either not my cuppa tea or 10 or more years old crap I already watched 10 yrs ago LOL

    Stay safe everyone and hopefully covid free

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      Started to watch the newer SWAT series then watched the older movies. The SWAT: Firefight move is absolutely terrible. The one from 2003 I think was decent.

    • I started watching Dark Matter. Then I found out that final season ended on a cliffhanger, and then the show was cancelled. I lost interest and stopped midway.

      • That's happened a lot esp. during co vid era, Travellers suffered the same fate and reboot of Lost in space is hanging. Shame isn't it it wasn't a bad show oh well I'll keep watching

        • The last season of Lost in Space was a huge boring snooze-fest.

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    Schitt's Creek on Netflix

    • +15

      I know I’m in the minority, but after watching the first season I had absolutely no desire to watch any more - so cringy and unfunny, with unlikeable characters.

      • +3

        I tried twice after multiple recommendations to get into it… Just can't. Agree with your comment.
        Especially the 'scary movie guy' who has to play the annoying disgusting guy in every role he gets… Is just annoying.

      • +2

        I know this gets said a lot by fans of all shows but…it gets much better in s2. and continues to improve.

        • Yeah I’ve heard that, but it would take a LOT of improvement for me to think it’s worth watching! If a show can’t get you on board in the first season, it’s not worth the time, for me anyway.

          • @whatgift: The characters slowly shift and become far more likeable, especially David and Alexis. I think the shift started when the characters actually started integrating with the community and taking part in things compared to the first season which was more "how will the family get out of this town?"

          • @whatgift: Have you seen the office? American version

            • @kobeduck: I tried that as well, couldn’t get into it either. Once again, very few likeable characters and high cringe factor. I guess that’s not my kind of humour.

    • Amazing! Best kind of humour… I miss these guys so much…

  • +3

    The Unusual Suspects SBS
    Hungry Ghosts SBS

    • I’d watch more SBS if their app was any good. Even with casting the show, the experience is terrible.

  • +7

    Better Call Saul (The second best after Breaking Bad)
    The Undoing (Intriguing)
    The Spy (Must watch)
    The Innocent (Interesting)
    The Serpent (Not bad)
    The Queen's Gambit (meh)
    Mare of Easttown (Hands down to KW)

    Just realised I'm 'the' fan ;)