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CommBank Rewards: $20 Cashback on $49 eBay Plus Annual Membership


Activate and spend by 18th August using your Commonwealth Mastercard. Can stack with eBay Plus retention voucher offers. All CommBank needs is $49 deduction from eBay Plus on your account for the cashback.

How to claim

  1. Activate before you spend
  2. Shop online on the eBay Plus website
  3. Pay with your eligible CommBank debit or credit Mastercard
  4. Automatically get paid to your account within 14 business days

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          Ebay Plus homepage > Edit Membership > View invoice > Show details.

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    just joined up and noticed the $48.99 too

    did the $49 pre payment. see what happens i guess

    i'll be annoyed if i don't get the $20 cash back from the offer i pre activated through cba rewards but at the end of the day with the $40 voucher i got and used straight away the membership only really cost me $9, which is what postage otherwise would have cost me for something i was going to purchase otherwise, so i've broken even at worst, but got a years worht of ebay plus 'benefits' out of it, and hopefully i'll come out with a $20 profit back from the CBA too.

    does seem like a poorly run promo thouhg

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    So anyone that prepaid the $49 payment got their cashback yet?

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      I have not yet seen the transaction on my cba credit acc. I noticed though, when I just signed up using my cba credit card, it showed on my cba that it's eBay plus membership, it's since disappeared.

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      I also still don't see the transaction on my cba debit card account…

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        Same here… I checked the invoice on eBay, and it's showing some weird stuff (Balance Temporarily Unavailable… with $0.00 and still no invoice).

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      I did the prepayment on my credit card and the description/vendor is "" it is no longer pending (cleared for 2? days) and have not received the cashback. I'd be interested if anyone who paid with cc in previous years know whether the ebay plus payment has a different vendor description than mine for prepayment.

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        I checked on mine just now and it was going to bill my PayPal account on August 15 or thereabouts.

        WTF. I signed up with my CommBank Mastercard and expected to be billed back on July 23rd.

        So, I just did the pre-pay option and changed the amount from $48.99 to $49.00.
        My eBay Balance is -$0.01 and I now have this transaction pending with CommBank…

        EBAY.COM.AU/CC 888-749-3229 , 0801 LAST 4 CARD DIGITS XXXX-$49.00

        What an absolute fustercluck. I'll probably have to contact CommBank to get the $20.00.

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          was going to bill my PayPal account

          You have PayPal set as your auto payment method.

          EBAY.COM.AU/CC 888-749-3229

          That's what i got too when i signed up and dummy charged me $0

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            @wekimekigugudan: Weird. I didn't get any "hold" or dummy charge on my PayPal account.

            When I put the payment details in for eBay Plus, I entered my Mastercard Details. It was meant to be taken from that account, not PayPal. And, there was no pre-authorisation on the CommBank card, just eBay telling me it would be invoiced on the last day of the month.I just assumed it would charge the card then, but no.

            Thanks for confirming the "EBAY.COM.AU/CC 888-749-3229"… perhaps CBA will look for that and just pay up. Fingers crossed!

            • @Graffin:

              perhaps CBA will look for that and just pay up. Fingers crossed!

              I hope so too.

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    Has the $40 voucher been discontinued? Just went to sign up and noticed it wasn't listed anywhere now?

    • +1

      There's a $40 joining offer:
      I thought this was still working.

      • Thanks! I've just spent 2 days trying to get eBay to honour old $50 offers only to hit a road block (they were looking at my old link which had no reason in the terms to reject it) as they finally decided the previous offers they sent me were expired (there was no expiry in the terms) so this is still pretty good combined with $20 Coles. Now I just need to find something I wanna buy that doesn't need another code to be a good deal (you can't combine a discount code with this $40/$500 apparently as it's a discount code instead of a 'voucher'
        Thanks for the link :)

    • Don't see it either

  • Anyone have any solution to apply the cashback other than doing that prepaid?

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    Anyone successful on prepaid and get the CBA $20?

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    I just checked and it was going to charge me $48.99 on 20 August so I would have missed out. Did prepayment of $49 using the link on p2.

    Hopefully it works

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      I guess the more people that do the pre-payment method, the more likely it is that CommBank picks up on the fact that we all tried to do the right thing and used our cards for the $49 membership (why eBay is charging $48.99 is beyond me).

      I was forced down the pre-pay route as well, since it was going to be paid from my PayPal from August 15-17ish. Totally ignoring the fact that I used and entered my Mastercard details when paying for the membership which I expected to be charged on July 23rd, or even on the end of the month.

      This makes me not want to re-join eBay Plus next year unless it's 99 cents (as it was in the first year)… then I may be tempted.

    • Did it work?

      • +1

        No . Payment is cleared and no cash back.

        • The offer says "Automatically get paid to your account within 14 business days". Has it been 14 business days since you did the prepayment? If not, best to check again by that time. Fingers crossed.

          • @Alinnia: Thanks I didn't see that. It's only been 3 days

            • +2

              @djevoultion: I ve found in the past that … Commbank Reward works almost instantly, if it hasn't come through.. it probably hasn't worked.

        • Payment cleared and today I receive an email from eBay that my Plus has been cancelled.

          Your transaction was declined. Check the payment method used when signing up to eBay Plus to find out what happened.
          Because we didn't receive your payment, we have cancelled your eBay Plus membership. You may sign up again at any time to regain access to your membership benefits.


          I used my Mastercard, they didn't take the money immediately. Said it would be invoiced at the end of the month, then it would be taken from my PayPal account. I did the one-time payment and paid it on August 2nd with my credit card, it was pending for a couple of days and now appears as a charge.

          I am so f'd off… and of course there's no number to call to speak to someone. I've been waiting on the chat for god knows how long.

          So, I paid $49 for nothing?

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    Weird scenario for me, I got a pending transaction in CBA saying eBay but no actual value shown.
    Now it says I've been charged in eBay Plus and that my next payment is 2022.

    But then if I view the invoice it shows.

    Amount due as of Aug 03, 2021:
    AU $0.00

    New activity not yet invoiced:
    AU $48.99

    • +1

      Yep, this is me for since late July.

      • +1

        So do you pre pay $49 in the hope of cashback or not pay in the hope of no eBay plus charge :)

        • +1

          Long story, but I can't even prepay because when I try, it says I have no amount owing and therefore I can't pay anything.

          • +1

            @zzyss: Got charged the $48.99 today.

            • @Wombatt: Oh yeah, me too. Now to hit up support :-(

              • @zzyss: Since the transaction details is "EBAY PLUS 888-749-3229 AUS" then you will get the cashback.

                I should've waited instead of prepaying.

                • @wekimekigugudan: Sorry, I should've clarified. I'm actually a Westpac customer and the offer ended 31/7 for me. I just came here 'coz the discussion was more lively, but otherwise more or less the same, LOL.

                • @wekimekigugudan: My transaction details is also "EBAY PLUS 888-749-3229 AUS, why does it make it to the cashback? Please clarify.

                  I've got charged $48.99 also instead of $49.0

                  • @pearl2013:

                    Please clarify.

                    For CommBank to specifically know it's a eBay Plus subscription payment to qualify for cashback.

  • +1

    I'm checking CommBank everyday hoping to see the cashback successfully claimed.

  • +3

    eBay just charged my CBA card finally - $48.99 though…not quite $49 so will probably have to contact CBA for the cashback.

    • eBay just charged my CBA card

      What's the transaction description?

      Is it "EBAY.COM.AU/CC 888-749-3229" ?

      • EBAY PLUS 888-749-3229

        • Was it a renewal? If not, when did you sign up? Because mine didn't charge me automatically when I signed up or at the end of the month so I did the prepayment thing :S

          • @Alinnia: I signed up on 24th July and only just got charged. Was not a renewal - new signup.

  • I think commbank is lenient with these Cashbacks. A couple of weeks ago I bought an item at rebel but forgot to activate the deal. So about an hour later I activated it and in about 3 days the Cashback came through as normal. Could be that the Cashback waits until the transaction is fully processed against pending or there is a manual element to it.

  • +1

    I did the pre-payment of $49 just 10 days ago.

    Today ebay billed me $48.99 for ebay plus.

    Worst case scenario. Now what?

    • Similar situation.

      Signed up on July 23 with MasterCard.

      Invoiced at end of month and said it would be taken from my PayPal account so I did the one-time payment on August 2nd. Balance showed -$0.01 (invoice was $48.99, I paid $49 to be sure with my credit card).

      I removed the credit card as a payment method after doing so.

      Yesterday I receive an email saying my payment method was declined, eBay Plus cancelled and still have a $49 charge on my credit card (not pending… it cleared).

      So I paid $49 for nothing?

      I spoke with eBay support who promised to escalate the issue, issue a refund to my credit card and contact me via email once the refund was processed later the same day… of course it didn’t happen (still waiting for the email or any confirmation that the refund will be processed).

      I’m so over it. I’m going to call CommBank and dispute the transaction. eBay can shove their Plus up their wazoo.

      Anyone that did the pre-payment or one-time payment will likely be billed twice!

      • Anyone that did the pre-payment or one-time payment will likely be billed twice!

        Yeah it did, need to chat with eBay to get the $49 refunded.

        • +1

          Goodluck getting the refund in time, they're investigating as other members are having the same issue.

      • Ugh this happened to me too, as I removed the credit card details after the prepayment. Now eBay plus has been cancelled, I wonder if they can re-instate it since I had already paid

        • So I chatted to support. They could either refund me the pre-payment or if I join again they said that money will be used as credit for the membership. I chose the latter as I didn’t want it to stuff up my cashback (already spoke to bank for manual adjustment).
          I signed up again using the now bonus $40 voucher link, and can confirm got another $40 voucher to spend :)
          So the upside to this drama is I got both $50 and the $40 sign up vouchers, and hopefully also $20 from bank soon.

          • @magwri: Update: it looked like they charged my card again, but this time it was instant (like it should be!) so I will have to ask support to refund one of the payments after all.

    • Same here, Contacted their support this morning and they advised they'd refund the prepayment from last week, will see how that goes…

  • I think I’ve discovered something at least. Could be a coincidence, however last night I went into the eBay Plus section of my account and edited the card details to my other CBA card (first card I entered was recently cancelled due to fraud). I got charged overnight, so I think this might be what triggered them to charge me.

    The bad news is they still charged $48.99. Will give CBA a call to flag it. Anyone else spoken with them and/or received the $20?

    • they still charged $48.99

      What i really want to know is what's the transaction description?

      • Transaction description is “eBay Plus 888 (various numbers).

        • various numbers

          "EBAY.COM.AU/CC 888-749-3229" ?

          Damn so the pre-payment doesn't say eBay plus in the transaction means have to call up the bank for cashback. :(

  • I also only just got charged $48.99 today, and also completely forgot to apply for $40 credit when signing up 🤦‍♂️ If commbank doesn’t credit $20 this will be a disaster

    • +1

      commbank doesn’t credit $20 this will be a disaster

      nah you will get the cashback cos the transaction exactly says eBay Plus, different story for others who prepaid $49.

    • When did you sign up? I still haven't been charged…..

      • I think it was 25th July

    • +1

      Update: I received my $20 credit today

      • How much did Ebay Plus charge - if $48.99 did you have to chase up CBA support?

        • +1

          they charged $48.99, no I didn't have to chase anyone up it just happened automagically

  • I signed up 02/08/2021 (already had free trial). Pending charge finally showing up today "EBAY PLUS 888-749-3229 AUS" for $48.99. I didn't use the pre-payment thing, as assumed that is only for paying selling fees if you are an eBay seller.

    • +1

      me too, signed up 02/08 and finally see Pending charge "EBAY Plus 888-749-3229" in CBA account.

    • My GF signed up on 23/07/2021 - still no pending payment.
      And I don't see any logic between the invoice date and actual charge to CC (previous charges were selling fees and one time $4.99 for 1 month ebay plus).
      When I go into her account, I see:

      The amount of AU $48.99 will be charged to your credit card account between Aug 08, 2021 and Aug 13, 2021.

    • Transaction description is

      PENDING: eBay Plus 888-749-3229 -$48.99

      (not in all capitals, but as quoted)
      Still pending, card was just charged as per 'normal' proces (not pre-payment).

  • I think If we all call CommBank to complain so they know it’s a problem, pretty sure CommBank will honor it.

    This whole things shows me what a mess EBay’s backend systems must be.

  • -1

    Commbank has 49 set as a restriction so you likely won’t get the 20 back.

    eBay has most likely used SAP. That software is a nightmare, as everything needs to be entered excluding GST so a single decimal off and the included GST price won’t be right.

  • +3

    So I joined ebay plus after activating this offer. And then prepaid the 49 dollars as it was showing that 48.99 was due.

    So I prepaid 49 dollars

    Now today I have also been charged 48.99

    So far no money from cba either though last time I had to call cba I was on hold over an hour

    What an absolute reach around.

    I'll wait for 14 working days from today before reaching out to ebay to get them to refund one of them, in the hope that one of the transactions (49 prepayment or today's 48.99) will get flagged and generate rhe $20 cash back

    What a waste of time for $20

    • +1

      Same situation here

  • +2

    I contacted ebay support about the double charge (prepayment + still getting billed) & they said they are aware it has affected a number of people and are working on resolving it for everybody in bulk.

    • Let's hope their bulk workaround isn't billing a third time..

      I'm still waiting for a resolution after contacting ebay support via chat. I was going to get a confirmation within 24hours via email - almost 1 week later and no response.
      Ebay support sometimes feels like playing the lottery.

    • Good to know.. I was about to contact Ebay Support myself..
      Hope their resolution is refunding the prepayment as the main issue was because they didn't bill at the sign-up stage like their confirmation email said, nor did they at the end of the month like their invoice said. So confusing.

    • +1

      I've contacted eBay support several times. Twice via online chat where I have the full transcripts of them promising to contact me the same day regarding a refund, and the two phone calls where the first time they promised to have it resolved and would contact me via email within 24 hours, then the 2nd time, the customer service agent just said "eBay won't let me down on this, it will be resolved", but he could't say when that would be… I asked, days, weeks, will I get any confirmation? (he said probably within a few days, as soon as possible)

      I thought i'd cover all bases and call CommBank to dispute the transaction.

      The guy I spoke with said it's not a fraudulent transaction, but it would be treated as goods not received.
      ie. Paying for an annual membership, but then having it cancelled on me with no mention of a refund in that correspondence.

      It may take a few days or possibly weeks, but i'm confident either eBay or CBA will get the $49 back for me.

      This certainly wasn't worth the stress and hassle for a lousy $20. Even with eBay offering a $40 (or $50) free voucher.

      I won't be signing up to eBay Plus again, unless they offer it for 99 cents (as they did in the first year) or free, after this mess.

      They should get their s*it together. If we sign up using a credit card, bill that credit card immediately, not at the end of the month, not tell us it would be billed from our PayPal accounts, and then decide to bill the original credit card whenever they feel like it. Not good enough!

    • affected a number of people

      Besides a few of us ozbargainers paying in advance, I don't think there's more people, why is so difficult for eBay to refund?

      • Probably for the same reason that they couldn't just take payment at the time of signing up. eBay Plus is just fail all around.

  • Same here, got charged $48.99 after signing up for 2 weeks maybe?!

    What a load of BS, I will make a complaint to eBay and CommBank. Absolutely false advertising!!!

    Please do so if anyone of you got the same problem!

  • +2

    This has seriously turned into the biggest waste of time for everyone

    I won't be renewing eBay plus that's for sure

    If cba honour the 48.99 for the cash back that will be ok. Then can just chase ebay up for a refund of one of the payments which I'm sure they will do.

    Why they bill 48.99 though and not 49 is weird and does appear as though it's a dodgy way of getting around the promo, I hope I'm wrong. Why advertise something for 49 and then charge 48.99 though

    Epic waste of time and energy. Feel stupid for even doing it

  • Same boat, got charged $48.99 at 3:30 pm today. If Commbank doesn't honour the $20 deal, then i would dispute the transaction. I got the screenshot of the Ebay plus deal it clearly stated $49 p.a not $48.99 p.a .

  • +1

    Yep signed up yesterday, charged the $48.99 today. Will chase up the $20 if need be, but will be damned annoying if I have to

  • +3

    Called CBA few days back to complain about eBay not charging and he told that he is also in the same boat :D and they are looking at it closely.

    Also being charged twice and i think as per above comments, shall wait a bit.

  • +1

    Just received this email and eBay message…

    “I have checked and I confirm that you have successfully cancelled your subscription within the 14 days policy.
    I have successfully refunded your fees to your credit card ''MasterCard XXXX????'' and you will see this amount in your account within 5-7 days.”

    No mention of the amount. I guess I have to wait and see.

    Hope everyone else’s issues are also resolved.

    So not worth the stress and hassle for a lousy $20. I won’t be trying/joining again!

    Edit: Looks like the full $49.00 has been processed to be refunded onto my credit card (yay), but I can only see that using this link…

    • Thats good thanks for sharing

      They were always going to refund the money they can't just hang onto both amounts

      But now it's do cba still pay the $20

      I'm going to wait and hopefully get thr 20 back first from cba then chase up ebay for refund it seems like 1 less hoop to jump through in this massive circlejerk

  • Loll Just got charged a $2.07 international transaction fee for this rubbish 48.99 they just charged me too

  • +2

    Called CommBank today, they are not sure whether it will work out or not. Advised to wait 14 days and see if it comes through and raise a dispute if it doesn't. I have no concerns about CommBank honouring it eventually, just a bit of a hassle.

  • signed up today, got $40 voucher and been charged 48.99. guess i am joining everyone here.

  • +3

    I have just received notification in my cba app that I have successfully claimed the $20. My current situation is I have been double charged - made a one time payment of $48.99 mid July and they charged my card for another $48.99 on 6th August. On the same day I received an email from ebay that my plus subscription has been cancelled due to payment declined. It's been a week of waiting but I haven't received a refund and my plus hasn't been reinstated. Good thing is that I can see a $48.99 credit in my seller account. There's a "ebay plus write off" listed in the transaction.

    Oh well, at least i know I'll get the refund and the $20 from cba

    • +2

      I checked my app just now and also got the notification in the app that I have claimed the offer and when checking the activity has now moved into the claimed section :) Credit not showing on account yet, but I assume within a day or so. My situation was $48.99 eBay plus payment (rather than $49).

      • +2

        Good to hear that, basically every 48.99 should receive that 20.

    • just got mine as well, now to get the ebay refund!

  • +1

    Got my $20.

  • +2

    Got my cashback today. Easiest cashback I've ever claimed, good deal.

  • +1

    Didn’t get my CBA $20 today it seems. To those who did, were you charged $48.99?

    • +2

      yes, charged $48.99.

      • +1

        Thanks for that. Guess it’ll just take a little longer.

    • +2

      $48.99 settled 2 days ago, still not showing as "Claimed".

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