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Free KFC Delivery with a Zinger Stacker Burger Purchase @ KFC App


This deal is back again. Order delivery straight from the KFC app and add a Zinger Stacker Burger to your order to get the delivery fee waived.

If you want to add cheaper chicken pieces to your order try this hack:

Add "Colonel's Dinner" meal to your order. You will then get offered 4x Chicken Pieces for $6.95. Once you add to your order simply remove the "Colonel's Dinner" meal from your cart before you checkout.

There is also some cheap large side offers in the "Build your own Bucket" tab like 2x large sides for $5.95 or 4x large sides for $9.95

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    Any idea how long the free delivery promos like this for certain menu items usually last for? I unfortunately decided to do early lunch today but keen for tomorrow

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    Prices from my local KFC

    Zinger Stacker Burger

    • Pick Up Price: $8.95
    • Delivery Price: $9.95
    • Difference: $1.00

    Zinger Stacker Burger Combo

    • Pick Up Price: $11.95
    • Delivery Price: $13.45
    • Difference: $1.50

    Christmas in July Feast

    • Pick Up Price: $49.95
    • Delivery Price: $52.95
    • Difference: $3.00
    • Or the Zinger Stacker Burger Box

      • +8

        Missed that one!

        Zinger Stacker Burger Box

        • Pick Up Price: $14.95
        • Delivery Price: $16.45
        • Difference: $2.00
        • If the above prices are accurate, that too would be $1.50 difference, not $2?
          (Thanks for sharing these though, was the first thing I was wondering!)

    • +35

      So technically it's not free.

      • +7

        It's the opposite of free. What a misleading title.

      • +2

        Having ordered from all the major food delivery services, I imagine these are the normal bumped up prices for delivery (which sucks, I know) - delivery fee is on top of that. So the delivery IS technically free.
        I've never ordered from KFC delivery, but can't imagine it would be any different to the way any of the other food delivery services work.

        • I get what you are saying, it's a mark up and no denying it's a profit making practice among all delivery services.

          But if you want food you either go get it yourself or get it delivered. If delivery is free you would expect it to be the same price as if you were to pick it up not the inflated price + free delivery.

          The fact that there is are separate prices (even menus) for items picked up in store and items delivered (on this KFC app only), then separate prices on deliveroo, ubereats etc means they can discount one menu and not the others and call it a "bargain".

          • +1

            @Jazza2400: Yeah it's pretty annoying! I get they have to make a profit and pay drivers at the same time, so I accept it. But what irked me the most lately is Uber Eats adding a SEPARATE 'service fee' on top of the inflated food prices and delivery fees. $1-4 per order depending how much your order is.
            So I'll be ditching them and sticking to the others. Saw some article about restaurants slamming Uber for it since it's just another way for them to make money on top of the increased food prices, thereby leading to less sales for restaurants.

    • so…..any bargains?

    • +26

      Friendly reminder to report misleading conduct to ACCC if you have a few minutes:


      Show evidence that "free delivery" is misleading because delivered food costs more than pick up. KFC (and other restaurants) can get fined for lying in their marketing.

      • +14

        same with most of the foods from some delivery services from my understanding, and pls correct me if i am wrong

      • +2

        reported, but i should ask if this is a loophole the accc allows or not?

      • +1

        Technically, they always price items a little bit more for delivery than pick up prices. this is same across any food delivery service. Its always cheaper to pickup or order directly through restaurants compared to delivery apps.

        The free delivery here refers to only for the charges they put on top of individual food prices.

    • $1 - $3 difference is not too bad to be honest. Most restaurants certainly charge more to be listed on food delivery services. KFC uses the Doordasher platform. KFC's prices have lower price differences because it is offset by their higher delivery fee which makes this a bargain in my opinion

      • +5

        No one is disputing that its cheaper hence no negs, the issue is with companies lying by calling it free delivery.

        • +1

          It is free delivery though isn't it? Usually you pay higher prices plus a delivery fee. Now it's just the higher price.

          • @nafe: Depends on what you consider delivery. Delivery services charge these businesses fees to be on their platform. A customer paying more doesn't get them anything other than covering that cost. Maybe it can be considered advertising but I think it's safe to say for KFC it's not.

    • It’s worth it if you want free delivery with other products.

    • That's not too bad.

      I remember looking a while back and it varied 20-30%..

      then there was the extra "tax" added at the end

  • +1

    I haven't had a zinger box for a month, starting to have withdrawals

  • +93

    To summarise what's going to happen or has already happened in the comments of this post:

    • Buying at the store itself is cheaper
    • Buying at the store will ensure fresher food
    • We are all murdering chickens and should go Vegan
    • I'm still going to order delivery anyway
    • -36

      Must be fun at parties

      • +30

        Would you like me to summarise the parties for you too?

        • -9


          • +52

            @mokr: To summarise the party:

            @mokr did not get invited. It was swell.

            • -7

              @MBix: Now you talking like someone fun at parties

              • @mokr: Thanks xx

                • @MBix: u both are not invited..

                  • +8

                    @striker5950: No Homer'S

                    • +4

                      @MBix: Doh!

                      • @Homr: I see what happened. MBix used an unnecessary apostrophe, so Homr couldn't use it properly. It must be like the number of negs you can give out in one day.


                        • @Daabido: Maybe the person I was referring to was named Homer'

      • +5

        You will find quite often, the one who says this at the party is the one no one wants, at the party.

    • -6

      "We are all murdering chickens and should go Vegan"

      If humans didn't murder the chickens the foxes & cats ect. would do it instead.

      • +9

        Wtf that’s not how things work at all. Do you see other animals battery farming the (profanity) out other species while pumping them full of antibiotics and growth hormones with terrible living conditions?

        • +6

          well that would explain why I never get infections and my biceps are getting bigger. More KFC!!

        • +6

          I don't think we do the growth hormone here.

          I'm america though, wow wtf are those 'chickens'

        • +3

          If the foxes and cats knew how, they would too if they tasted fried chicken!

      • +5

        Don't shoot the messenger, just the chickens!

      • +7

        yeah I don't think foxes and cats know how to farm and breed chickens tbh

      • -1

        What's ect?

        • It's called a typo. I meant to type etc. which is short for etcetera. I know it's often difficult to work typos out for yourself so I hope this helps. I apologise for my imperfection. You probably don't know what etcetera means, or how to use google, so I have included the definition below:

          et cet·er·a
          /et ˈsedərə/
          adverb: etcetera
          used at the end of a list to indicate that further, similar items are included.
          "we're trying to resolve problems of obtaining equipment, drugs, et cetera"
          and so on
          and so forth
          and so on and so forth
          and the rest
          and/or the like
          and/or suchlike
          and/or more of the same
          and/or similar things
          et cetera et cetera
          and others
          among others
          et al.
          and what have you
          and whatnot
          indicating that a list is too tedious or clichéd to give in full.
          "we've all got to do our duty, pull our weight, et cetera, et cetera"

    • +1

      Many places around the country are currently in lockdown or having to isolate, so I think delivery is waaaay more valid at the moment than usual.

    • I'm still going to order delivery anyway

      They told me not to leave the house.

      The gov is watching.

      K, bye.

    • Love it 😊..

  • Will this still be available for dinner? Can't schedule order…

  • +1

    Did someone say KFC!?

    • Shut up and take my money!

    • +3

      I don't care

      • +4

        ~I love it!~

  • +4

    I got the burger and four pieces and it was hard to eat, so much food at once. Unbelievable. I wanted just the burger but needed $15 minimum order. I feel like I'm going to die now.

    • +6

      KFC chicken reheats well in an air fryer

      • +13

        Too late, ate it all at once.

      • I sometimes eat the skin and pull the pieces apart. Then prepare some vegetables the next day or so, throw it all in a pot and make KFC chicken soup. 🍜

        • +2

          Username checks out

  • Apps not working properly for me

  • +5


    • +1


  • I added the burger to the 3 piece box still getting charged delivery fee

    Never mind worked out it’s minus the discount haha

    Edit 2: “sorry we can’t find any drivers to deliver your orders right now”..wtf

    • Keep trying. Deliveroo drivers sometimes dont accept order until the fee is high enough.

      Used it once and never bothered again.

      • Hikearoo

  • +1

    I literally ordered this two days ago. I really wanted delivery but the price was a little to steep for a delivery fee almost as dear as the meal.
    So had to go pick it up.
    I had to actually leave the house lol
    Hope the deal is still on next time I get a craving.

  • Is the chicken fillet spicy or is it just the chilli sauce. I can only cope with their traditional recipe coatings.

    • +1

      I believe it’s both a Zinger Fillet which I don’t find too spicy but also their Super Charged sauce which kicks my buttocks

  • For an extra dollar getting delivery the OzBargainer in me wants to go there and get it myself. It would be a lot quicker too.

    • I value my time way more than $1 for the time it would take me to get out, jump in my car, drive, park ,walk, pick up, walk back, drive, get home.

      • +1

        Still a lot quicker than waiting forever for a driver to be available and then for them to travel there and return. It's like 15 minutes.

        • Yes, but while you wait for the driver you're at home and at liberty to do whatever you want. The opportunity cost is not the same.

  • just go pick it up, then u can get the free chips and drinks too :)

  • +3

    Ordered today. Tastes like crap.

  • Uh. Is the free delivery working for others? Mainly ormond store? It's still trying to charge for delivery

  • The beautifully cropped image should be illegal. I clicked the order now and X button couple times.

  • I figured the issue. It's trying to give me a 11% "supercoach" discount automatically. Anyone know how to switch it off?

  • I can’t find colonel’s dinner!!

  • +2

    My driver suraj is really disappointing. I have been waiting for him for 40 minutes as we speak.

    • -4


  • +3

    Went to order mine earlier, 10 or so minutes later get a call from my Driver telling me my local KFC isn't accepting any more orders and since he couldn't cancel on his end either I figure it out in time or he comes and "pretends" to deliver so I tried calling my local KFC and couldn't get through. So just sent in a complaint via email and now waiting… such a PITA. Ended up ordering HSP instead.

    • This is bizarre, hope you get your moneys back

  • +1

    Ordered a Zinger Stacker, Twister & Maxi Popcorn chicken, got Twister & Maxi Popcorn but no Zinger Stacker, instead they gave me a large chips instead of the stacker haha..ah well still better then last time I ordered & got nothing because the driver couldn't find my address. Another fun call to 1800-865-182 :P

  • The $7.45 for combo deluxe is pretty good, zinger burger, small chips, small potato & gravy, and a can drink or swap for OJ, been ordering this for ever.

  • Is the app adding extra tax for anyone else? I view my order, it says subtotal $17.90 GST included. When I check out, the total increases to $19.50 with "$1.62" of tax..

  • Getting errors on checkout
    Sorry appears to have issues processing your order and we're working on it. If prepaying pleaee check your cc.

    Tried all my cc and PayPal no go.

    Trying a stacker and 4 pieces.

    • +1

      I can't even get pass the click here to checkout. Guess it's no kfc for me

  • Thanks I got the stacker, 4 pieces of chicken and 2 large chips delivered for $22.85. enough to feed the two of us, not bad.

  • wicked wings in the build your own have gone up.

    used to be $17.95 for 3x 6 wings - 18 total….

    • +1

      No they haven't, it's just the delivery menu has slightly higher prices. If you check the pick up menu its still $5.95 for 6

  • I live in the Sydney CBD and not once in the 20+ times I've tried to use this app in the last couple of months have they ever been able to find a delivery driver for me to order.

    I always just get a pop up saying we can't find a driver right now

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