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Take a 10 Question Survey and Receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card @ Veeam (Company Email Required)


Answer ten simple questions on how you leverage Microsoft Office 365 and we'll thank you by sending AUD 10 Amazon Gift Card code.

url is https://go.veeam.com/office365-survey-apj?live=1

Copy and paste the URL.

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  • Got confirmation. Will be send within a month.

  • Anyone know how long it takes for the email to arrive in your inbox?

    • +1

      The gift card email took 15 minutes for me.

      • +1

        Hmm, it's been over 15 mins for me, and still no email. Maybe I should try again.

        Edit: Got it just then after 19mins.

  • 15-30 mins

  • Good one thanks.

  • +9

    is this going to be like the t-shirt which never arrived?

    • -1

      People seem to think a email confirmation is delivery of the gift card in the thread .

      • Promises made, but promises may not be kept!

    • +2

      I didn't get either shirt from the last 2 times they did that promotion, I wouldn't trust that we get anything from this either.

    • -1

      I got my teeshirt!!!

    • -1

      Got my shirt :) It's huge, comfy and makes for good PJs.

  • +7

    Tried using shared business email, got 100 spams and now looking for a new job

    • now looking for a new job


  • Got the email. Thanks

  • -3

    Link doesn’t work???

    • +1

      Read the top comments???

        • +2

          Incognito mode.

    • Use incognito mode.

  • I think ive just compromised my companies network

    • +5

      But you get $10 out of it so it was worth it

  • +14

    I would not recommend you to sell your details for $10. Even if you do I'm not sure if they will give you the voucher at all. This might be another tshirt, which most of never got.

    • I got the tshirt, but it took about 3 months to arrive

    • +4

      I got the tshirt the last time no issues. In fact I am wearing the green one right now

      • Me too.

    • I am already Veeam partner , doesn't matter for me but didn't receive targeted email..

    • I got a tshirt from them, so I guess they already have my details.

    • Got mine

  • -3

    I hope this isn't one of those government sponsored or hacking groups way of data mining company email exercises

    • +1

      You don't know Veeam?

      • Nup. Not till today

      • +1

        Been using for 8 years it’s pretty good

  • +3

    never got the last thing… i'd put a burner phone number down and a secondary email if you can.

  • Doesn't like an email like '[email protected]'

  • +2

    I don't feel right inputting my company details. No doubt they will start to cold market to us.

  • "we will send you the e-gift card within a month's time" - so that's Aug 22 2021. let's see.

    • +1

      There is nothing you can do, if they don't honour their words. Who are you going to call?

      • +1


  • Do I have to complete registration for the GC?

    • if you mean registration as in fill out the survey and your deets? Of course. Tho your answers don't matter if you'll get the gift card or not, so they say.

      • +1

        No, I mean to register an account with Veeam (I receive an email after the survey to "complete my registration").
        But it appears no need - I received an email 10 minutes after the registration one with the participation and confirmation email.

  • Veeam gonna get reamed

    • +1


      • be careful, Veeam might target you for the next reaming

  • +3

    This is a stupid deal. Anyone using their work email, I hope your IT department dont give you grief.

    • if i ever try this with my work email. im sure to get disciplinary action taken.

    • +4

      What if you are IT? And a Veeam partner? I never have trouble getting the rewards.

    • I am my own boss and I have signed up already anyway…

  • I copied the url and put into a different browser.
    On that note, if you haven't tried to Chromium Edge browser, I would recommend it.

    • Only got an email claiming they will send within a month, I have participated in 2 previous promotions for shirts in the past and did not receive either shirt. Not sure why Microsoft is involved with these guys, they aren't very reliable.

  • keep in mind that you will be contracted by third parties attempting to sell you veeam products, who will probably reuse your data to attempt to sell you other products.

    • +2

      That didn't happen in my case from the other Veeam giveaways. I also didn't tick the promotional email and wasn't spammed into oblivion

      • I have worked in a call centre and specifically called people that signed up for Veeam, AWS, etc.

        If/when you get called will depend on your answers to the questions. They won't bother unless you're a decision maker or close.

        • I just provided a fake name and phone number. Helps that my work email is also generic with no name to identify me.

    • Just ask Veeam to forget your information
      [email protected]

  • +2

    Still waiting on the RC car but have gotten 2 veeam tshirts so far from their previous promos

    • How long did the t-shirts take to arrive?

      • about 3 weeks for the tshirts, waiting nearly 2 months for the RC car

  • Thanks for the remote car and the t-shirt, received with love in 2050.

    • I checked with you in 2050 last week - can confirm.

  • I did the survey, I don't see any gift cards.

    • Did you check your email after 15-30 mins after you did the survey?

      • +1

        yeah not a thing

    • You also didn't see the other comments here.

  • can't enter a country and can't click submit (tried chrome, edge, and chrome incognito)… any solutions?

  • Just got a confirmation email that says it may take up to a month for the gift card to be sent

    • Yup, sucks

  • +1

    It's been over an hour, still haven't received the email

    • Checked your spam and promotions folder?

      • Yeah, guess I'm not getting one then?

    • Me also. :-)

  • +3

    Just got the email they say the GC will come in a month… i don’t believe them

  • +1

    got confirmation email. made calendar reminder to add *.veeam.com to spam filter in a months time after I get the voucher haha

  • +1

    So… nobody knows if gift card will even be sent, but yeah go ahead and upvote the deal.

  • +5

    The last time I registered for a T-shirt, 6 months on and still waiting. Only received the marketimg emails!

  • +4

    How many people use the centrelink email

    • Lmao, that actually works??

  • +3

    never got the free t shirt

  • +1

    The things you will all do for $10

    • +2

      I've done a lot worse

    • +6

      I'm not gay but $10 is $10

      • I'm not gay


        • use your imagination

        • +1

          It's not a joke if you have to explain it

      • That sounds pretty sus

        • I just say no homo and it's all good.

  • I had the green t-shirt delivered to my work so fingers crossed with this now.

  • Didn't get t-shirt last time, did get a lot of spam even after unsubscribing multiple times.

  • Looks like it doesn't work anymore

  • Got registration email but no $10?

    • Try reading some of the comments?

  • No email received after a day :(

  • 3 hrs and nothing

  • Same here - no email after 4 hours

  • Tried with two different company emails; neither survey resulted in an email with a code (I checked spam folder).

    First attempt was 5 hours ago, second an hour ago.

    Looks like they're not doing it any more.

  • Didnt get anything other than a free t-shirt link which sent me to a 404 link… :(

  • +13

    Just got this in an email from them:


    Thank you for your participation in our recent survey. We appreciate the gesture but would like to inform you that unfortunately we are not able to present you with the voucher.

    It is stated clearly in our Terms & Conditions that this survey offer is solely available to the direct and intended recipients who had received an invitation from Veeam.

    We wish you the best and stay safe.
    Thank you,
    Veeam Team"