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[VIC] Nestle Nan Baby Formula 800g Supreme Stage 1 $7.50, Comfort Stage 2 $7.50, Optipro Stage 3 $4.25 @ Coles (Bundoora)


There’s over 10 tins left of Nan formula at Coles

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    Once again my store doesn't believe in mark downs.

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    Funny that. No Daigou hoarding most of the tins.


      Don't think Nan's were on the list. It was mostly A2 and Aptamil


        At the start they were. We practically put every formula at the back. Then our manager said "first in best dressed".

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          I have never seen daigou by NAN or S26, except those fake media that every one buying formula as daigou. Are you not one of those staffs that just think every Asians buying any brand of baby formula is daigou?

          You are not doing any favour for the company for hiding the formula. At least your manager is getting the common sense rather than having to mark down or throw it away.


            @samehada: Are you Asian? I am not racist so please don't think that. Just wanted to know in this context.

            You sure know which formula they buy?
            Were you a part of them?

            Also. We didn't hide them, we took them off the shelf and had customers ask us for the ones they wanted…so that the limit was enforced.

            Also, the media were not wrong about the Chinese students making big bucks selling in bulk then sending overseas. Not too sure why you are bitter about this when establishments were just exercising common sense.

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              @iNeed2Pee: Not that hard to see those previous comments on ozbargains from previous posts, every post of formula of any brands got some idiots commenting like "be quick before it is gone"

              The ignorant of some staffs is unbelievable, my friend when to a WW supermarket last time and saw the mark down of the NAN formula and bought some and the stupid staff even hide the other mark down tins when they just throw 2x A2 can in the bin because it is expired. Stupid and ignorant.

              same goes for Australian bogus media, click-bait article and even use a normal Asian buyer buying an S26 formula in the article.

              or using a "Collagen facial mask" and in the click-bait article about face mask

              So are you sure you are not one of them?


                @samehada: I definitely am not one no.
                I did see what some Chinese students did to the stores and in return absolutely (profanity) there own community by the selfishness by coming back multiple times.

                Other asians in the area were at logger heads with those members over buying because they missed out on buying essential formula for there children here.

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      Covid ruined their buisness, ironic isnt it


    That looks like where they normally have random oversized products. 1l Kewpie, 1kg milo, 1kg salad dressing.