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Greenfingers Aluminium Polycarbonate Greenhouse 3m x 1.9m $254.95 Delivered @ Ozplaza.living eBay


4.8m x 2.5m 373.95
3m x 2.5m $469.99
3.6m x 2.5m $539.99

Material: Aluminum and Polycarbonate
Panel thickness: 4 mm
Vent size: 60 x 58 cm
Door size: 61.5 x 160 cm
Wall Height: 113cm
Assembly required: Yes
Please note: The item comes in 2 packages

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    I wonder how this would go as a shed? Is it durable enough to last?


      I'm wondering the same thing



      Also, I do wonder how the price can be so cheap if they are indeed using quality materials.

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        Corflute is actually extremely cheap.
        Not that it's not perfectly suitable, but it's just a thermoplastic, they can basically choose the stiffness at the factory.
        Besides the market demand (or lack of; ergo specialty product) there's no reason it should be more than $6 per sheet like the softer version is at bunnings.

        It might not be as cheap as you think though; it's worth doing some research on garden sheds, there's less than $100 between this, and some zinc models (though, they're usually only deliver to depot, and then you need to pickup).

        If you need cheap storage (but not waterproof) consider the type that use shade cloth, rather than plastic panels; wind tears at them less.

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      I doubt it:
      The product frame is excellent, however, the poly panels leave quite a bit to be desired. the slightest finger press will see them buckle and any winds over 40km ph will blow them out

      and the strength of build is soooo thin.

      From Amazon reviews (which have almost identical prices)


        The height is also concerning 160cm door is significantly lower than most would expect. The suggestion of one reviewer to add two 100mm sleepers at the base is a good idea, although increasing the height by 400mm would make it better.


        Yes this, we got one last year. Any strong winds suck the panels out of the frame (often into the neighbours yard next door) I've taped several of them onto the frame to keep them in.

        Also we had a (very small) hail storm late last year and there are small puncture holes all over the roof. hundreds of them, from small hail…

        It does still get warm in there during the day at least I guess…

        Poorly designed product, if you really want a greenhouse you want a glass one…


          Sounds like you need a tube of silicone on the panel edges; or a hot glue gun.

          Or, even just a drill and some zipties, to secure the panels physically to the frame and the panel next to it.


            @MasterScythe: ^^^ This. From the reviews I've scanned through, basically the consensus is to buy a tube of silicone for the panel edges.


              @ozwog05: For people who aren't handy (liquid anything can be a pain for new users); the drill and ziptie method would probably be more secure overall.


          That's as I expected. so I was surprised when one of the features in the ad is "Secure greenhouse. Lockable door"

          When the actual construction makes it so easy to break in, if that's what you wanted to do.


            @odysseus: This is still relevant for things like a pressure washer, where you'd need to physically break the metal bars too, to fit it out.

            Or, if you live in the suburbs, would be effective to keep the Possums and Bats off your produce.

            Possums, can INDEED open doors once they've watched you.


      if the Aussie tin shed wasn't hot enough already.


    Postage to my area $148?


    That's a lot of photos


    I have never seen such abysmal reviews of any company.

    I shall be staying far away from Oz Plaza.

    Guys, can anyone else recommend a decent ~ 4 x 2 m greenhouse, and where to buy from?


    For whatever reason it's a genuine sale price. It's half the price it was just a few days ago. Very odd actually.