This was posted 5 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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amaysim: $20 Cashback for $10 SIM Only 30GB Plan @ ShopBack


Edit - rep advised deal is finishing at 7pm.

Just spotted this on the Shopback page. Basically a $10 profit on the 30GB plan.

Cashback is eligible for new and existing amaysim customers purchasing a new SIM and limited to one cashback per month per Shopback account.

About the plan -

  • 30GB data + unlimited standard talk and text
  • Unlimited standard international talk to 28 countries
  • Unlimited standard international text to 42 countries
  • Ongoing price is $30, renews every 28 days
  • Additional data: $10 for 1GB
  • All for use in Australia on the Optus 4G Plus Network

Referral Links

Referral: random (4063)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +1

    I have an unactivated amaysim prepaid sim - can I order this, and activate the sim I have on hand with the new plan immediately?

    My other prepaid plan is expiring on Monday, so a new sim is unlikely to be delivered in time…

  • @gotyourback I clicked through but apparently payment with PayPal failed - I didn't get an option to login/choose CC.

    Terms & Conditions
    If your payment fails, click through ShopBack again and perform a new transaction

    So I started again, clicking through - then just used CC without PayPal - this went through without issues.
    But now I also see the number in Amaysim from the transaction that didn't go through.
    Since T&Cs mention to click through again, I assume cashback will be honoured.

    • Hey mate, sorry could you clarify something here:

      Did your original SIM purchase come through successfully?
      If so, we won't be able to pay you cashback on both SIM purchases as highlighted on our page:

      Cashback is eligible for new and existing amaysim customers purchasing a new SIM and limited to one cashback per month per Shopback account.

      • No, I only have 1 successful order, and it's for a new sim.
        Payment for the 1st attempt failed. but when I go to I see 2 new numbers, but first one is saying "Sorry, your payment didn't go through. Please try again."

        I read the T&Cs stating you should click through again, so I did that, and that order succeeded.

  • +4


    Amaysim has just notified us that this upsized cashback promotion will be ending early.

    All orders placed prior to 7pm AEST on the 30th of July will receive the original $20 cashback.
    All orders placed after 7pm AEST on the 30th of July will receive $7 cashback.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly.

    • Thanks for the heads up, Rep.

      Amaysim's tracking has been hit and miss lately. My transaction 3 hours ago is still not tracked.
      Any idea how long does it typically take for tracking to show up? I know some ppl here is saying up to 2 days.

      • +1

        No worries mate!

        If you don't see it tracked by tomorrow afternoon, reach out to me and we'll have a look.
        It's hard to say exactly how long each merchant will take to track, as they all use different affiliate networks to report your transaction back to us.
        Some are fast, some not so fast.
        The 48 hour rule is just a blanket estimate across the majority of our merchants :)

        • Yup! I understand tracking time is merchant dependable. My question is actually directed to Amaysim.

          fyi, before the recent Amaysim's payment issues, I had tracking showed up on the same day; even as fast as within an hour of purchase. Now it is a hit and miss!

          • @F1ngolf: I don't have any specific data on me regarding the average tracking time for Amaysim. I'll ask our team to dig this up if they can :)

            I recall seeing a few comments similar to yours, and we ended up flagged this with Amaysim.
            But unfortunately, the information we relayed to them from comments was not significant enough for them to investigate.

            I'd suggest reaching out to their support team if it's still happening, as it has the potential to impact cashback.

    • @gotyourback

      I have placed an order but the payment failed with Paypal however since I logged in to the Amaysim account, I retried the payment again and it was successful. I got an email from Amaysim 'Congrats - you added another SM!' email. Hope the initial payment failure does not affect the tracking?

      • It is possible this error message may have interfered with tracking.
        I suggest waiting the 48 hours & if it doesn't come through, reach out to me via DM and I'll sort it out.

        • +1

          Sure, I'll wait for 48hrs and reach you out if it's not tracked. Thanks.

        • Terms & Conditions
          If your payment fails, click through ShopBack again and perform a new transaction

          So the shopback T&C's are incorrect?

          So what should somebody do when payment failes the first time: try payment again or click through shopback?

          I did exactly as described in T&Cs , but also no tracking.
          I see that other transactions from later are tracked..

          • +1

            @johnmelb: No those t&c's are correct, as I mentioned it is possible it interfered with tracking.
            I can help on my end though if someone reaches out to me regarding the issue.

            If yours is still not tracked, send across a message with the details :)

            • @gotyourback: Rep, I pm'ed you yesterday. This is not an isolated case if you read the comments here - none had theirs tracked. Shopback really need to step up and resolve this.

              • +2

                @DisabledUser27274: Hey mate, thanks for letting me know.
                I've woken up this morning with a lot of notifications, so I'm just working through those.

                I also don't typically work Saturdays/Sundays, but I'll always get back to you as soon as possible.

            • @gotyourback: Ok thanks, I shared the details via private message.

              Appreciate your support.

        • @gotyourback: The cashback was not tracked for the above issue that I mentioned. I just messaged you. Can you please sort it out for me? Thanks.

      • Yeah, I had this issue as well - the credit card I had on file with amaysim was old so I had to log in to pay

    • +1

      Lucky I bought it already. Looks like it is getting ozbargained.

    • +1

      Hopefully dealbot will update post soon. At least amaysim still give us until 7pm so not a mad rush.

    • Received amaysim email confirmation at 7:00pm exactly….so $10 or $20 cashback?

      • I made a slight mistake, it's $7 after 7pm.
        If yours comes through as $7, let me know and I'll uplift it to $10 as previously mentioned.

    • @gotyourback I ordered it after 7pm, but the cashback tracked at the normal price of $7.

      • +1

        Hey Ms Bargainer, could you send me a DM with your account email ID please :)

    • Haven't seen anyone reporting for purchase made before 7pm has been tracked. Do we wait for further information or what details do we send to you?

  • I've never had so much trouble placing an order. Order finally went thru the Shopback app, and Amaysim confirmed that the order will be on the way soon.

  • Bit of stuffing around but i did it… i think

  • Cheers!

  • Not sure why but SB is always slow at tracking.
    Last time it takes 2 full business to track Amazon orders also the total return was wrong (small but quite PIA and don't want to bother manual editing)…
    Still, they do need a better tracking strategy comparing to CR.

    • Tracked after uploading the invoice. They were apparently making a few mistakes with amaysim.

  • +2

    I just looked in the challenges and it had a $12 bonus for using the shopback desktop browser extension for the first time. Could possibly stack

    • Extension now worth 12, I got it when it was 7. Wonder when it will be 15 for first time extension user.

    • Up to $12*
      Just so you don't get caught off guard :)

      • yeah i only got 2 ;'( luck not on my side

        • I must say after installing the extension, I missed less cashback, there are stores that I didn't even know offers cashback, so the extension automatically check each time if I visit a website, although it can be annoying at times when it pop up regularly to remind you, when you already know it offers cashback.

      • +1

        I bought one around 5pm went through the process but i didn't receive any acknowledgement from shopback. What's the process if it doesn't track properly?

        • +1

          Hasn't tracked for a lot of people even those who ordered when the deal was first posted. So probably have to wait till tomorrow.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the definition of a new customer is not being with Amaysim for 30 days or more?

    Also, after 30 days of not being with Amaysim, can I use back the same email address? Or do I need to use a new email address every time to be considered as a new customer?

    • +3

      In the past to be a new customer there was no waiting time. I do not think this has changed.

      I think you can use the same email address if you are getting a new number. Not sure if you can if you are porting out and back in again. But to make sure there are no issues I just use a new email address every time. With Gmail this is very easy to do as Gmail lets you set up alias email addresses. See here:

    • +3

      As far as I know they don't have this waiting period as this is not "new customer only pack" but just a "starter pack" worthy more over the cost.

  • +1

    I'm getting the same 'Our shopping cart isn't working right now' after trying to make payment as with the previous Cashrewards deals, looks like I'll never be able to join Amaysim!

    • +1

      Same here for past 20 mins. Ah wells

      • +1

        Same problem

  • +1

    Damn, reading the post at 6:59 PM :/

  • +1

    OP. Both my wife and me ordered before 7pm but still haven't received tracking. However I filmed both times we ordered so I have full evidence. Anyway we just have to wait till tomorrow or so to see right?

    • Hey mate, if your or your wife's orders are still untracked, could you please send me a DM.


  • +1

    I completed purchase at 6:59pm. Got confirmation email with time stamp also. Hope all good.

  • +3

    Ordered just as this was posted. No shopback tracked as yet

    • Still not tracked….

      • Hey mate, if your order is still untracked, could you please send me a DM.


  • +4

    Still not tracked for me either, been around 7 hours

    • +1

      same… i guess they made this by mistakes
      And need to clarify carefully to reduce the loss

      • Ordered at 4:31. No tracking yet

        • Mine was at 4:15 pm…. Still not tracked .. ! :D

    • People who bought it after 7pm received tracking email.

      I think it was a mistake(wrong cashback amount advertised) by SB. Now they must be busy correcting tracking amount for purchases before 7pm.

      • +2

        Not busy correcting … They'll wait until the "really concerned" one raises a complaint to them for the CashBack… ;)

        • Yes, unethical practice also possible.

  • +1

    Mine didn't track either. Bought at 14:06

  • same brought it via extension but not tracked disappointing it didnt track. may have to chase them up this arvo if it doesnt track or cancel order.

  • Mine still hasn't tracked either. Bought it at 3pm yesterday on desktop.

  • I ordered on my Samsung Galaxy s9+ and my wife's on an iPhone 7 plus yesterday before 7pm. None of us have got tracked.

  • Not tracked yet, bought before 3pm

  • Not tracked for me also, purchased 2pm yesterday via ShopBack app.

  • Mine also didn't track, purchased at 5:14pm via desktop

  • Mine's still not tracked… omg, bought it yesterday before 2pm.

  • Mine hasn't yet either though it shows up in click history.

  • Yup same boat as everyone, not tracked here yet

  • Had anyone had theirs tracked?

  • +1

    No tracking.

  • Missed this one, so sad

    • I'm so sad I didn't miss this one.

  • I've pm'ed @gotyourback. Hopefully s/he can give us an update next week.

  • just getting on the no-track train to check back later

  • +1

    Never tracked .. pretty skeptical about this!

  • Can lodge a claim from tomorrow.

  • Ordered on Friday at 4.30pm, and the order was confirmed. However, the purchase has NOT been tracked by shopback.

  • +4

    No tracking here either.

    Given that orders after 7pm tracked, it looks like other orders were intentionally held back from tracking.
    Probably the 2 promos weren't supposed to run at the same time, and amaysim/shopback are fighting now over who has to pay for it..

    Disappointed to see that even with following all the T&C's we'll have to raise tickets to get this sorted.

    • SB should be responsible for it. Amaysim must have sent out emails to all affiliates(including CR) to notify the new rates, but SB did not update them correctly.

      • Maybe Amaysim did not send it out to SB… ! ! Amaysim will take responsibility since they have notified SB that the upsized cashback would end by 7pm ..
        I guess SB will serve the CB only to people who send multiple emails regarding the same…

        • Amaysim will take responsibility since they have notified SB that the upsized cashback would end by 7pm ..

          I doubt the statement. SB just did not admit the mistake here like a politician would do.

          • @Neoika: Mate that's a harsh assumption to make.

            We notified our community the moment Amaysim reached out to us regarding the change in rates.

            • @gotyourback: It is based on this deal and today's muck-up. That one is clearly a mistake in advertised rate.

              • @Neoika: This deal is as mentioned above.
                Today's deal is definitely on us. They sent an email late on Friday night which was missed.


  • -2

    Only 1 way looking at the deal that SB are going to make money and you guys are finding it out .

  • +1

    So… still not tracked. Rep, what's going on?

    • (Rep: Sorry, I'm not getting paid on Sundays.)

      • Rep is one of the reasons I still use SB these days.
        (It would be better if everything would work without the need to reach out though.)
        I see the rep responding even though it's Sunday.
        I rarely respond to work issues on a Sunday.

      • You're right, I'm not getting paid today.
        But I'm here.

  • +7

    Hey all, thanks for reaching out to us regarding the tracking issues.
    I've responded to many DM inquiries, so I'll just put out a general statement here:

    There appears to be a tracking issue with amaysim's checkout at the moment. This appears to be an ongoing issue across multiple publishers
    I've asked our team to notify their contact about this as we'd like to resolve this asap.

    If your order did not track, could you kindly submit a missing cashback ticket & send me a DM confirming you've done so?
    I'll work with our team to credit all the orders correctly, and we'll chase the commission up with amaysim at a later time.


    • +2

      Where do we get the Order ID for missing CB ticket? I only got an email 'You've added another new SIM' and it has amaysim number (phone no)

      • You would have received an email with subject - "amaysim: Your successful mobile service purchase". The attached invoice will list the order ID.

        • +1

          No. I only got You've added another new SIM email. And I checked my spam folder.

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