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SONOFF Smart Switches / Plug / Lighting / Security: 12% Discount with US$99 Minimum Spend + Delivery @ ITEAD


⚡Up to 30% OFF + ⚡12% Off Over $99 for SONOFF
SONOFF is a brand of ITEAD Studio for smart home solutions, committed to offering a complete set of solutions for electronic enthusiasts.

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    Have any of your switches been RCM approved (for legal Australian installation)?
    I've been waiting years for this to happen, however no update.
    Reference: https://www.facebook.com/iteadstudio/posts/2435517666475654

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      I'd avoid them. Had a couple of SONOFF Switches and they also went crazy. Relay kept turning on intermittently. If you stoped using them for few months it would become normal again until the next day which it would be at fault again. Not sure if it was the hardware or their backend was hacked.


        Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please tell us which switch did you buy,and what is the firmware version?How do you use it?Please don't worry, we will help you solve this problem. Or you can send an email to our support: [email protected].


          No idea what model it was or what firmware it was on. I think the app that controlled it was HSC or something like that. Didn't buy it from you guys got it from Bangood. Moved on from SONOFF as it was plagued with vulnerabilities such as out dated BusyBox which could allow a hacker to overtake the network as most consumers wouldn't be running this on a VLAN.

          Now I'm using Deta with Tuya, LIFX and TP-Link as they are legal in Australia and I would be covered in case of a fire caused from the device.


      was having this conversation with someone just the other day. only looks to be these models.

      would love the minis to be certified.


      Does this affect their security stuff like the wifi door/window sensor?


        Please don’t worry, it doesn't affect.

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      You can now go with Shelly switches and dimmers. Many of them are approved now and the setup / integration is flawless.

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        I have 8 installed. Can't fault them. Solid.


          Where have you been buying your shelly units?

          Also, 1 or 2.5?


      Sorry for your longtime waiting,we will speed up the certification of products in Australia.


    I have the Basic R3's in my house, they work great with Google Assistant.

    I also have the door switches however wouldn't recommend them, they chew batteries like mad. Mind you I also tried other brands and they are all rubbish so far, I've not found a battery-powered door switch that I dont have to change the batteries after 2 weeks….sigh


      I'm very sorry for the problem with the product. We have not received similar feedback before.Normally, the battery can be used for at least about 1 year.I consulted the relevant technical staff and said that there may be a problem with the hardware. Can you send an email to our support: [email protected],they can help you solve the problem.