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Ozito 125mm (5") Angle Grinder Kit $24.99 (Was $44.98) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


The Ozito 125mm (5”) Angle Grinder with 3 grinding discs allows you to tackle a range of applications including, rust removal, grinding welds or removing excess material for a clean smooth finish.

The 3 position side handle, safety lock-off trigger and adjustable safety guard provides comfort and safety while you undertake various metal working jobs around the home, garage or shed.

  • 1200W Motor
  • 3 Grinding Discs Included
  • Tool-Free Safety Guard
  • Sure Grip Handle

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  • +2

    Shows $29.89 for me

  • +7

    Same here in the ACT
    $5 difference is two bunnings sausages ;)

  • $24-99 here in SA.

  • +1

    nice beating Aldi and their $29.99 one

    $24.99 from Sydney store for me.

    Aldi one for reference https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-7-a...

    • is aldi's one better than ozito?

      • Define 'better'?
        Both spin discs around really fast, do you need it to do more than that?

        FWIW I've had the Ozito one for at least 10 years, only used it on few jobs around the house when required and it did what was asked of it.

  • when you checkout it goes down to 24.99.

  • +2

    I bought this for $25 a few years ago. Grinded some angles with it nicely, would recommend

  • $29.89 WA

    • +1

      WA tax. High incomes and nothing much to spend on.

  • Grabbed one. $24.99 NSW. Was still showing regular price in the store but all good at Checkout.

  • +7

    Good grinder. I added a couple to my collection last year. The disks that come with it are pretty useless though (fair enough given the price).

    For anyone that's wondering why "collection", having multiple angle grinders with different attachments (cutting, grinding, flap wheel, wire brush etc.) makes a job so much faster. No need to faff around changing attachments.

    • +4

      Like having two drills when drilling holes and screwing screws, big time saver.

      • +1

        Cabinet maker that just did our custom laundry had a neat little row of drills, about six as I recall all with different sized and types of .bits

  • +3

    I honestly can't go past my cordless Ozito grinder. Got it as part of those 5 in 1 bundles they do. Have used it way more than I thought I would. Tip, get the grinder discs from Aldi. Perfectly fine and much cheaper.

    Pickup a diamond cutting disc while you're there. So handy, goes through concrete, tiles etc so easily.

    • -1

      diamond disc from bunnings or aldi? lol

      • Either. The disc sets from Aldi are just very good value.

    • I bought the cordless a couple of weeks ago and bought this one aswell when I went to bunnings to buy a masonry disc when I saw it on sale.

      There seems to be a better selection of 125 discs, and the craftright 4 stone discs was only 10 bucks compared to $15 for a single 115 stone disc.

      The corded grinder in this deal seems way more powerfull, although that may just be partly because it has no soft start, but yea a couple reasons why this may be beneficial.

  • +2

    As a new, not so handy home (townhouse) owner that is keen to start acquiring tools what do most people use these for around the house?

    • +8

      Good for toe nail trims and taking off your finger prints.

      • +1


        (the blood spots)

    • +3

      Useful for upsetting your neighbours.

      And a good way to set fire to your loungeroom.

      • +4

        +1 neighbours. Had some shitty neighbours blasting music past midnight. Told them to turn it off and they didn't. Since it was late party, I had an early start with the power tools. They haven't been blasting any musics since.

        Thanks OP I got a a new tool that I'll eventually use… :)

        • +1

          A lawn mower would do a better job

          • @ntt: don't have grass lol.

            Using various power tools works nicely :) This angle grinder and scrap metal should do the trick for next time :D

          • @ntt: I used 2 strock blower, it sound loud like dirt bike.

    • +1

      Cutting apples. As a recent homeowner also and having acquired one not long ago i've used it for cutting a fence out of a concrete base, cutting the fence up for easier disposal and various smaller cuts of things like tree roots, pieces of metal and wood

    • +1

      last i used it was to build a brick retaining wall. had to cut mitres into the top corner pieces.
      next time ill use it is to cut left over bricks from my house build to create a circular patio/ outdoor area.

      its a must have tool to keep in the garage, however start with ones that'll get more use like a drill or a hammer.

  • -1

    Yes , The price shows 29.89 but Drops to 24.99 in check out, hope it helps.

  • +1

    If they Aldi grinder is still variable speed like it has been in the past, I'd get that one.

  • -2

    I returned this unit… Found it too big to hold and awkward to use based on size…. No, I don't have small hands, just my experience.

    • I have one and compared to most power tools it is small. The next thing down from this would be a Dremel

      • +1

        Technically the next thing down from this is a 110cm angle grinder

        • This is the 5" angle grinder. There is a smaller 4"version (more expensive as it's not on sale)

  • Would one of these work with a flap wheel or similar for taking off the surface rust on corrugated iron/tin ? I've been using a steel brush attachment on my drill but one of these might be a better option.

    • +1

      Yes. I have 3 of these - wire brush, clap wheel and thin cut wheel. They're great for the price and handle abuse well.

    • +1

      Side load isn't good for the bearings in your drill, it's not designed for it and will wear out much quicker.

      Angle grinder is the right tool for this job. Grab an accessory wheel / brush pack from Aldi and you are on your way.

  • +1

    I wish the cordless one is on special, not much use if one need to find a powerpoint to cut off wheel locks.

  • Just got message that order cancelled as no stock so looks like i will get the Aldi one

  • -1

    Can this be used to cut tiles? How do tilers do complicated cuts? Intrigued

    • Use a diamond coated blade.

  • Wow this was a wiered one… Online checkout showed $24.99, ordered and tried to paid by PayPal, screen froze but still got charged $17.90 but didn't get order confirmation. So I paid using credit card and it went thru, but got charged $19.90 and got confirmation. Picked up the item and asked whats going on.. No one could figure out what went wrong as the transactions was as if they never existed. Supervisor ended up giving me the tool and 2x20buck gift cards.. >shrug<

  • Does anyone know of a cutting guard that fits this model?

    Cutting guards cover the bottom as well as the top and sides, in the event of a disc shattering it should be ejected in one direction only.

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