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Lotus Biscoff Spread 380g, Crunchy or Smooth $4 ($3.60 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Ozbargains favourite spread.
Crunchy or smooth. S/S makes it down to $3.60 which is not a bad price.

I have seen recently recipes for biscoff pancakes

Diabetes inducing..

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Love the title of the recipe haha

    Lotus Biscoff Pancake Recipe | Breakfast Care | Healthy Breakfast

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      American website….

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    $4 at woolworths for those without amazon prime

  • A biscuit on bread. Yum.

  • Also saw this Biscoff Choc Puds recipe, maybe time to try it…

  • Time for another batch of Biscoff ice cream :)

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    This has been my go to dessert during lockdown.

    Melted biscoff with bananas and strawberries.

    Crunchy is the best.

  • Do these expire or is it just a best before… Have some from a while ago unopened which is 6 months past.. Not sure if I should risk it.

    • Bought some last week at this price - expiry 03/22.

  • Biscoff (preferably crunchy) in rolled oats. Looks terrible but tastes amaze.

  • I bought three jars last week - idiots sent all three jars in one box with a very small amount of paper for padding. The jars were sliding around loose all the way to Perth from Melbourne. None broke, although one of the lids had a split in it.

    • I had the same problem with a previous order. 1 jar broken. Amazon support refunded the full order and about 4 were undamaged OK to use. They said that it would be fixed in future but …

  • Ordered 1 just to see what is special about them.

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    Hot milk n Biscoff anyone? Biscoff porridge isn't too bad either

  • The Amazon "Frequently bought together" has raised a red flag. :)
    I think I will pass.. Opps … Not participate at this time.

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    OK. Bought a jar to see what the fuss is about. But going by one of the reviews on Amazon I reckon I'll like it -
    "This is literally crack. Wish I never discovered it but now hooked. Get the crunchy one!"

  • How is the sugar level?

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      Goes to 11

    • High!

  • Crunchy one is amazing
    Smooth one is acceptable

    There's actually a huge difference in how good they are!

  • All the ones I bought came with individual bubble wrap in a box so packaging quite solid. Other than that I still have about half a box of the Biscoff biscuita from last year's purchase….just too many.

  • Anyone for cheesecake?

    Biscoff biscuit base,
    Mix Cream cheese, cream, icing sugar, finally
    Add 2 large tablespoons of crunchy biscoff spread (slightly melted in microwave) into the cream cheese mix and for it in.
    Stick on to of base,
    Set in the fridge for a few hours……..

    Biscuit heaven.

    Along with diabetes and heart disease

  • what's s/s? is there a code to apply to get the discount?

    • Subscribe and save.

      You’ll notice the option at the item page and/or in your cart.

  • Anyone tried the Coles version of this? They call it Speculoos biscuit spread. It's usually half price most of the time at $1.75. I think it tastes exactly the same.

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    Cant find s & s option both on product and checkout page

  • Bought this from Woolworths because of the comments on here. Wow. It is amazing.

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