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Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p Webcam $44.95 Delivered @ Creative Australia



Insanely easy to set up (just plug it into the USB-A port on your computer!) with a mounting clip for any desktop monitors or laptops, this webcam works with all the popular web conference apps like Zoom, Teams, Skype, WebEx, and Messenger, and displays you in full HD. It also allows 360° horizontal rotation and 30° vertical tilt so you can pivot it around at will to find your best angle. Just in case your laptop’s mic is faulty, the webcam also comes with dual built-in mic so you can be heard clearly at all times.

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  • got one of these when they were $69 and quite impressed. Good buy at $45

  • -1

    Bought their v2 offer last week for $70. Feel somewhat jipped now

    • What is the difference between this and v2?

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        Bottom line: Microphone sound quality is better on V2.

        From one of the YouTube links above, here is the comparison between this and V2.

        V2 is smaller, and is claimed to have better noise reduction.

        It mentions a noise reduction software called "Smartcomms Kit" to use with V2 (and only works with V2). However, even when not using that software the V2 microphone sounds better.

        Being an owner of V2, I have no complaints about the microphone quality even without this Smartcomms software. But I don't have anything else to compare it to.

      • +1

        EDIT… what Jiv said, basically.

        I don't use the mic on a webcam anyway (I use a bluetooth headset/mic), so I bought the V1 model :)

  • Can the microphone be turned off?

    • +16

      but what will your onlyfans subscribers going to think of that?


      • +1

        They won't hang around to wait for the sound anyway lol

    • +1

      Just like any mic, if you're using windows, yep.

  • Anyone know if these can be used with a tv? I sideloaded zoom on my chromecast with google tv and wanted to see if i can do video calls on the tv instead of using a laptop.

    • Depends on the OS.

      I know Shield TV supports it now, not sure about Android TV in general.

      • +1

        With android tv google duo can be used

    • Can anyone confirm if works via Duo on Android TV?

    • +2

      They present as a UVC camera, so it's very likely you can.
      You'd want to go with the more expensive v2 though, the v1 sounds like talking into a milo tin.

      amazing picture, bad audio. I have a good mic, so I went with the v1 :)

  • That first unboxing video was pretty damn useless.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, would this also be worth considering.


    • when I clicked "buy", it states "AVAIL. Coming soon" :(

    • What was that offer? Link no longer goes to specific bundle

  • Got one thanks! I can't install the V2 software on my work laptop so I assume this should perform similarly in that case.

    • I am assuming you have the V2 version and couldn't use it due to lack of software?

      • +2

        Oh, nope I only just bought the V1 on this deal, but was thinking since I can't install the software (just based on the fact that IT is super restricted on my work laptop) for the additional noise cancellation / auto muting that it would be the same or at least similar performance.

        But you should be able to use the V2 as well, just without the software (Another assumption!) ie. just the basic drivers

        • +1

          I applied same logic as well so universal plug and play is the most important.

      • +2

        For anyone wanting to know, can confirm that the V2 is plug and play and can be used without the software

  • Conflicted about whether or not to upgrade an old Logitech 720p camera.. help

    • If youve already tweaked it in OBS and cant get it to look good; its less than a 50 to upgrade.

      That said, dont let resolution sell ya, in a typical meeting you"re at most 1/4 of a screen.

      • Thanks, I went ahead and purchased it last night. This morning whilst in a Teams call, I looked up at the current cam and saw that it’s actually 1080p 🤦🏻‍♀️

        • +1

          I'd suspect that you won't get a significant improvement (if any) to video with this camera then over a Logitech 1080p webcam.

  • +5

    Can I use this for my Twitch bathtub streams?

    • +9

      are you selling bathwater?

  • +1
    • +3

      Biggest difference is that the resolution of this one is 1080p and the Logitech ones in your links are 720p.

      • +2

        I'd still wonder how it compares: the optics and focusing (and sensor quality?) can make a lot of difference. I have a "1080p" webcam that doesn't have adjustible focus and pretty poor exposure compensation.

        • There is no focus, its a wide open aperture, which is fine.

          Exposure compensation is why I chose this.

          You're visible, at full frame rate, in a dark room, and not blown out in light.


          Tons of youtube examples of this cam.

  • Can this be mounted upside down? I need to mount it on the bottom of my monitor but the mount is only at the bottom of the camera. And ideas?

    • +3

      Not sure if you mean if the camera can be oriented upside down, or you need a way to attach it to the bottom of your monitor

      1) If the camera is upside down, you can rotate the image in software using OBS
      2) The camera has a tripod mount, so you can probably finagle something with that if you need an unconventional mounting solution

      • +7

        great use of the word finagle.

      • Thanks for that!

  • Thanks OP! Got a few for the team to work from home with, perfect timing with the lockdown and back to all video calls again!

  • +6

    Bought one. OK creative I'll support you out of nostalgia. Where have you been of late?

    • +1

      Same here. My Audigy is still alive and kicking:)

      • +7

        Sound Blaster Pro all the way

        • +1

          Adlib card

  • Sick of my crappy Macbook Air 720p webcam!

    • +1

      I cant believe Macs have such shitty webcams.

      • +3

        I can.

      • +2

        Want a Dongle with that mac? :)

      • -1

        I can't believe it's not butter

  • Got one. Thanks OP!

  • Seems like the SW for the v2 doesnt work on MAC. Anyone got a rec for a mic? Im tempted to get a V1 + MIC.

    • +1

      The creative headset and mic is actually shockingly natural sounding also, once again, plenty of youtube demos.

      Otherwise, anything by Blue is always a great mic.

      And jbhifi sell a Samson usb mic that sounds amazing.

      There's also a test of the kmart condenser mic on youtube (if you can find stock), sounds scarily good.

  • +2

    massive upgrade for literally anyone rocking a laptop webcam for their zoom/teams calls.

  • OOS :(

  • Damn OOS

  • +8

    It's back in stock guys! But limited quantity available.

    • Whoohoo ! Got one thanks!

    • cheers. Also got one.

    • +1

      Just to be annoying, decided to get two. Been holding off for the end of the pandemic to get a couple webcams second hand, but, bleh.
      This one does seem especially useful as it has a tripod mount!

  • +4

    Can we get a deal on the V2 plz

    • Its already on sale.

      • -2

        Link please

  • 17 - 26 Aug 2021 Your order contains 1 or more items which are currently being replenished. We are pending for all products to be available before preparing for shipment.
    If the microphone is not as good, the other side will have to read my lips :)
    I will try to upgrade my good C905 with excellent Carl Zeiss lens, p720.

  • It might be an issue with my device, the one I bought constantly had the video frozen to a point that it became totally useless. Eventually I bought the logitech c922 pro. Though it was almost twice the price, never had any issue.

    • Did you update the firmware? There's a recent patch.

  • Ordered but delivery 2-3 weeks.

    Will above the monitor be too high on my Dell AW3821DW? Plus if I end up also getting one of those monitor lamps.

  • How do these compare to the Xiaomi Imilab 1080p cams?

    • Xiaomi Imilab is pretty bad.

    • Extremely well, the xiaomi is horrid.

  • +2

    got one thanks

    • +3

      downvoted for buying one? get a life

      • Could be a mistaken vote:-). I know i managed to vote positive on a comment once accidentally, and it was too much effort to work out how to undo it!

        • There's a "votes" button under the comment. Just undo yours.

  • +1

    Hey guys, this is a pretty decent price for a 1080p, but the fall is the USB-A. What are your thoughts? I would think that if it was a USB-C cable and port, it would have a much faster processing rate.

    • +1

      It’s the USB standard that matters not the port per se. The port is, well just a port, and type C’s can also be USB 2.0. Even assuming that the USB A they use is 2.0, it still has a max data transfer speed of 480mbs. Way above what a webcam needs.

      • +1

        Oh my mistake, I meant USB 3.0 but you get what I mean. Sounds good.

        • Yeah, even at half that speed, a 200Mb+ 1080p30 stream is pretty darn OK. Its not a movie camera.

          • @MasterScythe: I decided to opt to use my phone mounted to a phone arm holder as webcam haha very good quality. 1080p

            • @PeeDee: Are there any stutters or lag for the phone setup, I'm taking of getting a $200 phone as a webcam.

              • @RobBoss: I would not rely on a $200 phone to do tasks like this..

                • @PeeDee: I see I see, missed the Streamcam deal. And since all webcam prices has skyrocketed, I might have to stick to my Macbook's 720p

                  • @RobBoss:

                    I might have to stick to my Macbook's 720p

                    But think of your onlyfans subscribers.


    • I think it's fine for 1080p, it's not like it's 4K or anything.

    • +5

      Kogan. Sort reviews by “lowest first” to set your expectations.

      • haha okay

  • +4

    This one has been very popular from Ali: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002120172366.html?spm=a2...

  • Great price and free delivery, done!

    I was just looking at webcam's the other day. I'm sick of using my laptop's in-built webcam for video calls, and now I'll be able to close the lid on it again!

  • Debating if $25 more to get the V2 is worth it. I don't usually use the microphone, and whilst it's predominantly a Windows environment I would like to be able to use it with my Macbook in a pinch. I don't mind if advanced software features don't work on Mac.

    EDIT: Watched the video reviews/comparisons and looks like there's really no difference between v1 and v2 for video quality so may as well go v1 since we use headsets anyway. I will concede the noise cancellation sounds great though if you're able to use it.

    • +1

      I bought mine on this deal last week.

      Agreed, the reds on the v1 actually look better in the demos.

      Run it through OBS, and turn the saturation back up, and de-speckle the image, and its amazing.

  • Would be good if there was a physical switch to disable mic like amazon echo

  • Wife was complaining that her webcam was crap, thanks OP this will do the trick! :)

  • Just bought two, thanks OP.

  • Cheers, OP. This has got to be better than my laptop cam and the price is right.

  • Skipped past this initially, but came back to it and purchased. Looks the goods. I'm usually pretty wary of backorder delivery estimates though (says 17 - 26 Aug 2021) I'll take a punt.

  • Just bought one. Thanks.

  • Done. Thanks OP

    • Delivered today. Got tracking details two days ago, so happy with that. Thanks again OP

  • my delivery estimate was late august but i received it 2 days after my order. nice!

    • You probably bought it just after it went to backorder, but before they found more and it was 'back in stock' temporarily.

  • I bought a V2, arrived very quickly and camera and mic work great. Can't comment on the software as it's a work laptop and I can't install it.
    Did anyone else cop an international transaction fee? I'm with NAB and bought through Paypal, very annoying.

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