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MSI B450M Mortar MAX AM4 Ryzen M-ATX Motherboard $79 Delivered @ Budget PC via Amazon AU


Brilliant price for this board. Getting old now, but still a great board!

Also available on their website for $69 with free local pickup!

Supports DDR4 Memory, up to 4133(OC) MHz
Extended Heatsink Design : MSI extended PWM and enhanced circuit design ensures even high-end processors to run in full speed
Lightning Fast Game experience : 1x TURBO M.2, AMD Turbo USB 3.2 GEN2, Store MI technology
Core Boost : with premium layout and fully digital power design to support more cores and provide better performance

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Looks like an awesome board OP.
    Any thoughts on where to pick up a cheap CPU and 8-16gb of ram for it?

    • +3

      If you don't intend on pairing with an GPU you will need to get a Ryzen APU, preferably whatever is affordable with 3000+ that has a G on the end.

      As for which one, I can't see many I recommend right at the moment for a good price.

      • +2

        Yeah I've got a 1050ti I'd put in it, maybe something better if decent used prices come along.

        • +2

          3100/3300 is that I would pair with that, should be around $200.

        • if your going to upgrade GPU then I would get at least a 6c/12t CPU e.g. 3600 or 5600x

      • Sorry noob question.. do I need a graphics card with this board + say a 5600x?

        • Yes you do, unless you get a G processor with integrated graphics

          • +1

            @Jimbuscus: Thanks! any cheap entry graphics card recommendations for this one? I am not big into gaming, just normal desktop and photo editing use.

            • +2

              @avs007: Maybe a GTX 1060 6GB used for $250-$300 in current market, that's for a 1080p display.

              (3GB is a different card).

              You could opt for a Ryzen 5000/G series APU if they aren't much more expensive than the 5600X, would leave good wiggle room for a better value GPU in the future without needing one yet for most games 1080p/low/30-45fps.

  • +4

    These b450 boards are really good value for most folks who don't need pcie 4 or the very best vrms

    • +8

      Which is 99% of us. :)

      • +6

        If the word "budget" has any meaning to you, buy this board and upgrade your other components.

    • +3

      I bought this exact board for $180 a year ago and have been 110% happy with it. This is an awesome deal.

      Unless you're doing insane hardcore overclocking (which is almost pointless on the latest CPUs, really, there's so little OC headroom) or something or need onboard wifi, this board is more than enough.

  • +8

    Looks like it's even cheaper on Budget PC's site itself. It's being sold for $69 there. Which might be cheaper overall if you can pick-up or shipping quote comes out to be less than $10.


    • Ta

    • Seems they have taken down the page, do you think that means Amazon orders will be cancelled now that they are out of stock? Still showing as available on Amazon.

  • Will this support a Ryzen 5 3600 out of the box?

    • +2

      Yep, it's the max variant which received an updated bios to support Zen 2/Ryzen 3000. It even supports Zen 3/Ryzen 5000 but you'll most likely need to update the bios yourself.

      • +7

        The beauty of the MSI boards of this series is that you can update the BIOS WITHOUT a CPU. That was a game changer when I got a non-max board that didn't have the BIOS for 3000 series yet..

  • What's the highest CPU you would realistically pair with? 5800x ok or just too hot?

    • +6

      With minor airflow you can use a 3900X (I assume 5900X too). I have a B450M Tomahawk Max (which I believe has the same VRM) and I have no issues running a 3900X and 2080 TI.

      See here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d9_E3h8bLp-TXr-0zTJF...

      • Thanks for that. I wanted to go 8 core as I would not upgrade for a long time.

      • Yep I am have a Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro Wifi with a 5900x PBO. Works fine. VRM can get hot but doesn't throttle.

    • I recently tried pairing the 5800X with a MSI B450-I mobo but it was unstable despite the latest BIOS update, without overclocking. As advised by some reviewers, probably best to pair Zen 3 with at least a B550 mobo if you are starting a new build. If you have an existing B450, it's worth trying for sure.

      • +1

        Well, MSI B450-I is not the MSI B450M Mortar MAX. Completely different VRMs. The MSI B450M Mortar MAX has been tested to hell, and confirmed easily supports up to 3900Xs with some minor airflow over heatsinks

  • +2

    Note: NOT sold by Amazon and there's a couple of recent negative reviews which may be attributed to this seller.

    Could be a case of price too good to be true!

    • +1

      Dunno I've bought two $29 Masterbox cases from there and not had an issue with either. Fast and cheap shipping to Metro Melb actually.

  • +4

    Aaaaaaand my new build begins…….

    • Haha me too!

  • +12

    Also on their eBay Store for those that want to use eBay Plus coupons or gift cards. Free express shipping with eBay Plus also.

    • good find

    • +2

      Cheers for the headsup! Copped this for $69 using code AFTERPAY10 and using Afterpay on checkout. Great price!

    • Thanks. Found a use for my $5 ebay+ voucher for once thanks to your link.

  • +1

    I am running a 3700X on this and its a very nice board, have everything I want. Even dual nvme support but the 2nd nvme would not be as fast. I think I paid around 140 less than 2 years ago.

  • I just bought one! Didn't need it but wouldn't mind another build for fun!! Thanks OP!! Cheers

  • -1

    Keep in mind that out of the box, I don't think it will work with Windows 11 due to lack of TPM. Luckily it has a TPM header, so you can buy a TPM add on and it should then be fine. I assume all other specs shouldn't be an issue for Windows 11 compatibility.
    EDIT: actually the above may be inaccurate. You may be able to enable "fTPM" without needing a hardware TPM chip. Someone else may be able to confirm this.

    • +5

      Thought ryzen had ftpm

      • You are likely correct.

        • Yep, got fTPM on my Ryzen system

    • +3

      Yes, I have a Ryzen 3100 with fTPM enabled running Windows 11.

      • Good to hear, although I think I read that the current pre-release builds of Windows 11 don't enforce the restrictions .. ?

        • +3

          It did for me. It first gave the message that it isn't supported but after enabling fTPM in BIOS it allowed me to install the preview. One thing though is that if you change your CPU you need to make sure you have a recovery key if you're using bitlocker.

    • Does Windows 11 seriously require TPM?

      • Yes, I believe it requires either actual TPM or firmware-based TPM.
        There are also other hardware restrictions. e.g. I have an i7-6700K CPU which is more than fast enough but MS won't support it for Win11.

        • Come to the Linux side, we don't discriminate by hardware :)

        • +1

          I wonder what the theory is with the TPM. Do all motherboards come with TPM these days?

      • Interestingly I have been able to install a pre-release of Win 11 on a 2015 iMac via Vmware with no issues regarding TPM. I struggled with installing native Retina resolution drivers though so wiped it and went back to Win 10.

        • That's interesting. Unless they are going to force you to encrypt your drive, what is the point.

    • +3

      Try to help people out and get negged for it. (yes my initial statement was wrong, but corrected it within minutes, and didn't try to save face by erasing it). Guess it's the way of the (ozb) world..!

      • People who neg have their names hidden, makes it too easy.

  • Looking for a board with build in wifi, dont think this one has it..

    • +2

      I get my own PCIe x1 card for WiFi + BT5. That way, you are not limited to the WiFi chipset the board maker decides to put on. Intel AX200 is a popular choice, but you could technically go for AX210 (though Wifi 6E is not approved for use in Aus yet).

      It may not be an easy route for most people though… I've actually got a cheap PCIe card and got an AX200 and assemble myself, but installing the antenna connectors to the sockets wasn't fun.

      • yeah, not prepared to DIY. And I know those cards are not cheap, around $100, so better to get it with motherboard

        • +5

          You want to buy a MB but not prepared to DIY install a wifi card? it literally takes 1 min to install.

        • If you aren't going to DIY why are you buying a bare motherboard? Installing wifi card is the same as installing a graphics card, just insert it into the slot and away you go.

    • Get a PCI card that has WIFI 6 + BT 5 for $40 on eBay like I did.

      • Beware tho that b450 cant have second m2 ssd and pcie at same time. In this use case might be better to get usb wifi

        • +2

          Incorrect, you can with this one (so B450 is capable). You do need to check the motherboard manual to make sure you are using the right PCIe x1 slot though. I have 2 m.2 NVMe SSDs + PCIe x1 running Wifi + BT and a PCIe x16 GPU.

          So despite having two PCIe x1 slots, only 1 is technically usable.

          It is quite doable with this one because the m.2/NVMe slot wired to the CPU is limited to PCIe gen3 x4 (because AMD refused to let B450 run PCIe gen4 x4, despite that slot is wired directly to the CPU). The B450 chipset powered second slot is PCIe gen2 x4 only (so it isn't actually taking a lot of bandwidth).

          • @netsurfer: I couldnt get it to work - however I had a pcie wifi in I cant remember slot but the graphics was double width so I think the only one available was the 1x? Anyway went for sata ssd as it only for storage

            • +4

              @ziggy1312: Okay, there are a few catches (with B450, or at least this one):

              • If you want to use the second m.2 slot, then the non graphics card PCIe x16 slot (operating at PCIe gen2 x4 mode) becomes unavailable.
              • You can only use one PCIe x1 slots (out of the 2 available). However, given most graphics cards use 2 slots, you are normally left with 1 usable slot anyway.
              • A lot of WiFi cards won't work if the antennas are not connected.

              If you tried to plug the card to the second PCIe x16 slot (thinking it is capable of PCIe gen2 x4), it won't work. Basically, once you use PCIe x1 for WiFi + BT, there is essentially no expansion slot available for use anymore if you have 2 x m.2 SSDs and a PCIe x16 graphics card. The price is good, but in 2021, kinda prefer at least B550 or X570 based board.

              • @netsurfer: Come to think yes your right - it was the other x16 slot as the wifi card would have blocked the fan input in the 1x slot - thanks for the explanation.

  • Cheers OP! New build has officially began :)

  • +3

    This board also has 1 RGB for those who are in the fence 😆

    • You sleek salesman you!

  • +1

    Got this exact board, Haven't had an issues for the last nearly 2 years

  • If I didn't already have a board for my current build, I would buy this ASAP.

  • i am considering changing my current mb which is asrock ab350 (pro 4, etc….). I am wondering if anyone knows the distance between the cpu socket and the back panel?

    Well, hope we will see a 'heavly' discounted good itx mb (ideally B550i) very soon.

  • Noice

  • Very good price IMO.

  • Upgrading from Mortar B350M to this. Can't resist.

  • I'm running this board now with a 3600.

    What's this talk about mobo not supporting Windows 11 lol?

  • +1

    Will this support Windows 7?

    • +1

      7 yes. 11 dunno.

      • It passes the Windows 11 check, but you do need to enable TPM 2.0 support in BIOS (it is off by default).

  • Pretty good board - but audio stopped working

    • Perhaps get a usb DAC or a soundblaster?
      better yet a replacement board for $79
      should be under warranty no? I should get one as a spare

      • Using a $20 hdmi audio extractor so no great problem. Getting another and this older one probably converted to Nas eventaully with a xxxxG chip

  • +1

    Great board and price, I got mine in May 2020 $179 during the pandemic when prices were super inflated.
    Running great with Ryzen 7 3700X and G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB 3200MHz DDR4.

    Thankfully have a 28 degrees card, so have been lodging price protection claims (Edit: just realised it's after 1y now so only got it down to $107)

    Ps. just been using a TP Link Wireless Nano USB and nolans bluetooth.. Lately my wireless adapter been stuffing up (no internet on startup) but have changed the power setting to prevent it turning off, otherwise wouldn't mind a PCIe card as well (and free up 2x USB slots, bit of a waste of money though)

  • Running a similar board (b450m mortar titanium) and been great so far

  • Such a great price.
    Paid $160 for it a year ago, top notch B450 board.
    Only complaint is that you have to download their software to turn off the LEDs (Red by default)

    • Which LEDs is that? Assume you mean Drangon Centre? Pretty bodgy, I made the mistake lately of updating the Bios via that software (after a search isn't recommended). Had to short the Bios jumper but thankfully didn't brick anything, then change a few things in Bios again.

      • Yep Dragon Centre.
        Agreed that it's not a great piece of kit, used it to turn off the LEDs then never touched it again lol

        • yeah i don't use it much just set things on 'balanced'.. may have a look at the temps and fan speeds in summer but no real point. Mystic light is the only other useful thing. The Mortar Max just has the basic RGB, after a lot of stuffing around and options on fans/lights just did away with it all and put one strip light in the case and one down the inside the front mesh (meshify C), worked out good with all silent wings. the other lights and fans are a massive headache with no ARGB lol

    • +1

      As an alternative and if you have other components supported by it too, there's a free/open source software called OpenRGB which offers RGB control of the board too. So instead of having to download and use Aurora Sync, Dragon Centre/Mystic Light and Razer Synapse to control the respective components for example, you only need to have OpenRGB installed.

      • Will check it out, thanks for the recommendation!

  • -2

    If anyone prefers the Asus - but only 2 left (in South Melbourne) - for $79+delivery.


    • +2

      MSI board is much better board with better IO and VRM

    • +1

      Suggesting this board is in any way comparable to the Mortar Max is like comparing a green potato to caviar.

    • Plus one for Mcfly name

      • Thanks, that's just as good a reason for a vote than the neg'ers who apparently won't allow even the suggestion of an alternative.

        • hmm the Asus is a decent suggestion, maybe wasn't much stock?
          I still think this MSI Mortar Max is a great board, especially for this price.

  • +1

    Hopefully the 3600 cpu's drop in price or a sale pops up soon!

  • The Titanium one would be nice for an Arctic build ;)

  • Does the DVI port supports WQHD monitor resolutions?

  • I have the non max version of this motherboard and it's amazing. Been using it for the last 3 years with a ryzen 5 2600 OC'ed at 4.2ghz and haven't had any hiccups with it at all. This model should be way better tho because the non max only supports memory up to 3466MHz and this one goes up to 4133MHz.

  • I think every MB should come with standard WIFI these days! Good price, thanks OP!

  • Cheapest yet decently timed ddr4 ram to pair with this board and a 3600?

    • use pcpartpicker au, you can specify a minimum speed and timings and then sort by price.

      I think AMD recommend 3600mhz+ as the sweet spot for Ryzens?