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Dell Monitor S2722DGM $367.20 | Backpacks - Venture 15 $18, Gaming Lite 17 $19, Gaming 17 $27 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Note - this deal starts at 6pm and is not out of stock!

With prices increasing next month and limited stock available, I haven't been able to negotiate many deals this time with Dell. I did manage to organise a deal for this 27 inch gaming monitor though it is a VA panel.

Pay with discounted ebay gift cards for further savings.

Just finalised the prices for some backpacks as well -

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    Report '1'

    Read the description. Starts at 6pm.

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    Dell 27 Curved 4K Gaming Monitor

    This monitor is 2560x1440 so it is definitely not 4k. The description is a bit misleading!

    • Seems to be a few errors in the listing

      Dell 32 Curved QHD Monitor - S2722DGM

      It's 27 inch not 32. Listing title is correct and so is product specifications

      • Imagine thinking you're ordering a 32" and then a 27" shows up… My wife knows that feeling all too well.

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          Spoke to your missus and she said your missing a "." in your measurements.

          Sorry couldn't help myself.

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      Looks like they've mixed up by using some of the text from the old s2721q monitor

      • Is s2721q now OLD? …

        • Pretty sure the 21/22 in the model numbers refers to the year. So the 21 model isn't old, but older than the 22

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    Thanks dealbot :)

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    RTINGS review for those interested - 8.3 for gaming

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      Pay no attention to the scoring system, this is all you need to see.

      It's faster VA than what we've seen of late, but probably not quite fast enough. Something of a toss up between it and the Dell IPS in the same price range: dark smearing versus powdered trailing.

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    With the S2721DGF currently at $399, I would think it was worth the extra $30 for an IPS panel.

    • Think again.

      This is fairly line ball, as this is an updated VA panel. What these measurements don't show (due to RTings outdated test procedure) is that entire first column of measurements would read a lot higher once you factor in measurement tolerances and RGB grading that resembles human vision.

      • So your saying if you are after a VA, try another VA panel? And if not sure out of this panel and dell IPS, go IPS?

        I wanted to try a VA for the contrast.I have the dell IPS already. I thought this would be a better fit for me as the Samsung 27 g7 curve is too aggressive for me.

        Or should I just wait it out? (Don’t need a monitor right away) hoping some bigger leaps for VA panels releases later this year? I’m so over reading reviews and just keep going in circles lol. I trust your headphone opinions, & would love your opinion on a VA monitor!

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          As someone whos main screen time is around 1am, the better contrast of a VA panel is worth it over IPS. Worse response time but really, a couple milliseconds doesn't matter

          • @parazite: This is what I think will benefit me also!
            What monitor do you have? Any smearing annoyances with games?

            • @Edamamme: S3422DWG(bought for $495), one of the new dell models like the one in the post so you should get similar results. I've never noticed it in games, but when scrolling on the web, I'll occasionally see a trail behind black objects. Coming from a very old TN panel I'm in love with my new monitor

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          So your saying if you are after a VA, try another VA panel?

          No, I was saying this is a new standard for entry level VA. It's decent, but not up to G7 levels.

          I'm still crossing my fingers for OLED monitors that don't have aggressive ABL sometime in the next 12 months, but I'm happy to land on QHD 240Hz VA (G7 will fall in around $500-$700 over the next 12 months), FHD 360Hz TN, or anything else that might crop up.

          • @jasswolf: Thank you for clarifying for me. Good point. I might just give this one a go and get my curiosity for VA out the way until a less curved VA panel arrives that rival the G7 or better.

            • @Edamamme: There's a 1500R panel from AU Optronics that should be in mass production by now, so there should be products sometime in the next 6 months.

              That's about as good as it gets, because the curve is there to affordably minimise the impact of VA viewing angle issues (most notably black level raise and gamma shift), and these tend to be exaggerated slightly on proper 240Hz VA.

              I'm assuming that they will slowly flatten out as they improve how the new tech is implemented, but VA will always have a curve in an attempt to miitgate these viewing angle concerns. The other way to fix this is expensive, reduces contrast and brightness, and doesn't resolve gamma shift.

              • @jasswolf: So I debated back and fourth this last hour and I’m going to hold out. I really want to wait & see what comes later as you’ve said. And it really isn’t a must that I buy right now!

                • @Edamamme: Keep in mind that this is probably one of the lower binnings of said panel, and you'll start to see 240Hz versions appearing in the coming months.

                  • @jasswolf: Thanks I will! I look forward to more 240hz variations, as long as prices don’t stay high too long. Monitor prices have been so competitive this year, hope it stays that way! Although if it’s not the case I’d still bite the bullet depending on the performance!

    • and a better stand + 4 port USB 3.0 hub

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    Tried VA, never going back. Black smearing is just really distracting.

    • Ya, absolutely horrid.

    • What's wrong with VA? I recently purchased a Samsung G7 and it has been awesome. Best monitor I've played on.

      • +2

        The Samsung G7 is literally the only VA that doesn't really have any black smearing, so not applicable.

        Basically the transition from dark/black colours tend to be very slow, so dark objects on screen tend to smear

        • +1

          I hear you, that said my LG 32GK850G has very little dark smearing at max refresh & max overdrive, and unlike every IPS panel I've owned it doesn't have the downside of blacks being washed out due to poor contrast worsened by viewing angle dependent IPS glow, which has been far more distracting for me personally.

          There's definitely been very few (if any) VA panels of late aside from the G7 that beat or even come close to the performance of the 850G, so it's probably fair to say that most VA panels available today are junk, which is incredibly disappointing as the 850G was released in 2017.

          • @itscyanide: The technology is there, they just are cheap asses who won't put them into the monitors - cheap Chinese shit is selling more.

  • This or the xiaomi one?

    • +2

      This. Actually capable enough at the stated refresh rate.

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    Any chance dell could get the 34" Ultrawide S3422DWG in stock?

    • +1

      Been keeping an eye out for this one as well. Kicking myself for missing out few days ago.

      • Messaged dell on eBay about the s3422dwg a day or so after it sold out and they set up a custom listing for me to purchase through as they organised some more stock. Definately too late now but worth keeping in mind next time

      • +2

        Just ordered Dell S3422DWG, seems to be back in stock.

        • I ordered one as well. Estimated delivery date is in september though. Not sure if I can wait for that long haha

          • @fozakbar: where do you see this?

            • @Halvar: In the purchase history and order details. It says the expected delivery date is 6th of September.

    • Asked about this one a few days back on eBay.


      Thank you for your interest in this item.

      Unfortunately, we are totally sold out of this product in our Dell eBay Store at this time. Really sorry about this. However, we are working on the internal supply to post more stock when it's available but we do not have any definite timeline yet.



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      Just ordered Dell S3422DWG, seems to be back in stock.

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    Great customer service from dell.
    Returned S3422DW that I purchased for $439 due to pixel issue and got the refund within weeks.
    Purchased cj79 from ow for $700 with PM and happy user with Thunderbolt 3 port.

    • +2

      Can vouch that Dell customer service is great. They replaced my 2 year old monitor with the newer model as they didnt have the same model as the one I got.

    • Dang that's nice

      I just got the s3422DW for $499 but I would of done an extra $200 for the cj79

    • Same here, great experience with Dell monitors. When I had a flickering issue, Dell Sent me out a new monitor the same week.

    • How did you get the cj79 for 700!!! That's really cheap. I am interested, can you please let me know. Thank you

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    Any alienware laptop specials @OP? ;)

    • This! Need an X15/17 in my life.

  • +1

    thank you OP

    seems out of stock though?

    (just kidding)

  • With prices increasing next month

    Why are prices increasing?

    • Shortage of parts globally. Nearly all tech is going up in price.

      • I knew that certain prices already went up in Q2, but I haven't heard anything about Dell further increasing prices in Q3.

  • +6

    No love for S2721QS… 😣

    • nearly snapped up a S2721Q the other day but really want that stand…

    • Does the s2721ds have the same stand as s2721qs? Seems like it in the photos, so since I have a s2721ds stand could I just get the s2721q and stick the stand in?

      Edit: Replied to wrong comment :(

      • Not sure. Honestly it seems weird they don’t just sell the stand separately… guess you could look for damaged panels on eBay?

  • Can this trick my PS5 on getting a 4K signal?

    • +1

      No, no 4k downscaling according to a quick search.

  • I purchased the Dell 32" Curved 4K UHD S3221QS Monitor on 30July21 for $369 (with DELLS20 coupon) on Dell's eBay. This listing is for a 27" with WQHD (2k) resolution so I'm not entirely convinced that this is a bargain. You can still find the same 4K UHD S3221QS Monitor on ebay for $390 … https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/373671766830?epid=7044834533&has...

    • +2

      That's a 60hz monitor.

  • +1

    The op is the among the best on ozb.
    Bought 2x S2721Q from last deal
    Now waiting for 2x S2721DS to go on sale for WFH
    4K is OK on 27, but better on 32.
    2K perfect balance on 27.

    • Nah 4k isn't enough for 32". 27" is perfect.

    • Does the s2721ds have the same stand as s2721qs? Seems like it in the photos, so since I have a s2721ds stand could I just get the s2721q and stick the stand in?

  • +1

    Need some deals on the UltraSharp Monitors OP.

  • +1

    Hello OZbargainers,
    Can someone please recommend USB connected monitor for office work? Nothing fancy.
    Just want to get rid of all those wirings.
    Many thanks.

    • Do you mean USB hub and screen combo, or monitor connected via USB (instead of hdmi, DisplayPort etc)?

      • -1

        connected via USB..

        • +1

          lol what

        • Just buy a hdmi to usb-c adapter/cable….

          Is that what you are asking?

  • Hey @dealbot, thanks for all of the great discounts! I picked up the AW3821DW in the last deal, do you know when they're likely to start shipping?


  • Anyone else getting Site Not Secure warnings when going to https://www.ebay.com.au/str/officialdellaustraliastore

    • Just checked, and yeah I did

  • Dell ebay generally take a while to ship. I ordered a backpack from Dell ebay over 1 week ago and ordered a case from the Dell website at the same time. The case arrived in 2 days. The backpack from ebay hasn't shipped it yet. Had about 3-4 weeks on other items I've ordered from them in the past. They set the delivery date for 1 month from order date so I'm guessing it takes a while for the ebay people.

  • Tried IPS, never going back. IPS Glow is just really distracting.

    • +5

      Nothing beats my CRT.

  • I would really love a deal on a XPS laptop for the wifey

  • I have a Xiaomi Mi Monitor and Screen is Flickering like crazy which is a fault with VA screens and FreeSync..
    is this gonna flicker as well? i want to replace it

  • https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/s2722dgm they say it has Black smearing in dark scenes. and no HDR10

  • plz put AEST next to time in the title (missed couple of deals similar while i was in QLD)

  • I grabbed the 32" version of this (S3222DGM) a few days ago from their ebay store @ ~$423. Seems like good value. Have to be patient though as they still havent shipped yet.

  • +1

    WHOA, did CashRewards just remove eBay from their offerings?

  • I bought the Venture Backpack last time it was on sale and am really liking it so far!

  • +1

    anyone know of the lite gaming bag is good?

    • I'm really struggling to find any online reviews that can tell me what the pockets are like. I'm looking for a bag to hold my laptop, an A4 notebook and lunch for my daily commute. However, I also want an accessible space so that I can always get to my wallet, headphones, pen etc without them all being in a jumble at the bottom of the main compartment.

      I like the fact that the Lite version is only 550g as against the 900g of the other bag.

      • I see so ur just as clueless as me whether its good or not

  • +2

    Just for anyone who is interested, I just ordered Dell S3422DWG, seems to be back in stock. With 20% off code.

    • Thank you for letting us know, I have ordered one for my boy gaming.

  • I liked the look of the Dell Energy Backpack, also on sale reduced to $27 (from $144) with the DELLS20 discount code:

  • Has anyone got a shipping notification?

    • nope. mine shows September first week as the estimate L(

      • I ordered the same monitor from Dell website 2 days ago and I just got a dispatch notice which is coming this week. Exactly same one that I bought from ebay. Not sure why ebay order is so slow.

        • Got mine today. 1 from ebay and another from dell webstore. Came at the same time. Good monitors.

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