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[eBay Plus] Asus RT-AX86U Wi-Fi 6 Router $370.87 Delivered @ Wireless 1 eBay


Missed out on the eofy deals on this router and this has been the cheapest I have found since than.


Mod note: Single Use coupon removed. To see what your single-use (monthly) eBay Plus 5% Coupon is, simply visit the web page and view the "Take 5% off this item [Show me how]" section.

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    Wish I waited…

  • Code not working..

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    than what?

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    You've included your unique $5 monthly code. It's only eligible for one-use.

    • This, OP its a code every eBay plus member gets

    • i believe its a generic 5% off voucher which all ebay plus members get.

      • I've only received a 3% code, so I think it's targeted?

  • +3

    Is this or the 88u better?
    Am hoping to get a new router for oculus airlink.

    • +1

      Also would like to know the best router for VR link

    • +8

      The main difference is the ports.

      1.8 GHz quad-core processor.
      256 MB Flash / 1 GB RAM.
      Gigabit WAN port x 1.
      Gigabit LAN ports x 8.
      Horizontal design.

      1.8 GHz quad-core processor.
      256 MB Flash / 1 GB RAM.
      Gigabit WAN port x 1.
      2.5 Gig WAN/LAN port x 1.
      Gigabit LAN ports x 4.
      Vertical design.
      WAN Aggregation.

      • +1

        Thanks. I'm running 10GB through my network, the 2.5GB port might be useful.

    • +6

      86U has faster 5Ghz thanks to 2.5Gbps port. WiFi that can break Gigabit. Review shows it can reach around 1.2Gbps if you have faster than Gigabit internet, or connect to LAN.
      88U has more port and stronger 2.4Ghz, however due to Gigabit port you can't break Gigabit WiFi. So you end up with less than Gigabit WiFi on 5Ghz but still pretty high (I can achieve 920Mbps).

      • +1

        Review shows it can reach around 1.2Gbps if you have faster than Gigabit internet, or connect to LAN.

        Laughs in Australia

        I suppose that could be useful with a supported NAS unit though, if you have a workload that needs 2.5gbit throughput.

        I also note that they're advertising 2x 1gbit port wan aggregation, which is also pretty laughable in Australia. (You cannot (business rule) order over 1gbit on a residential FTTP connection, and the 2nd port for aggregation on HFC NTD's is disabled, and probably won't be used here.)

        • The next version of the FTTP NTD might have a 2.5G port ;-)

          • +1

            @Twix: Well technically you can aggregate a 4G/5G internet + Gigabit NBN to break Gigabit internet.

        • if you have a workload that needs 2.5gbit throughput.

          Which is what, 0.001% of the population?

        • You can use 1 gbit NBN and one 5G internet which can go up to like 300-500Mbps.

      • +1

        but Lan isnt going to be Faster no matter what one you choose right ?

        • gigabit internet…..
        • +1

          NAS or other devices though. It doesn't have to be internet.

          • @Bigboomboom: right NAS and file transfers but not internet right ?

            • +1

              @mikezillakind: Ethernet performance is the same.

              • @Twix: thats what i thought just people had impiled it was more than Just the sum of NAS and file transfers at a local level

    • +4

      They are beauties, have two linked via quality lan cable to the 2.5ports with everything on aimesh which is finally fit for purpose, and its a dream to run.

    • +1


      The RT-AX88U performs well and it offers a stable throughput (you also get far more ports for your wired clients, mostly gaming devices), but the RT-AX86U is simply better in almost every test, especially with an AX200 client.

  • How can I find the code?
    I am ebay plus member, obviously logged in but I can't find it..

    • Go to https://www.ebay.com.au/myb/Summary

      Then look at the top of the page for available vouchers. I believe you also need to turn adblock off to see it.

      Example https://i.imgur.com/3RhmZSV.png

      • I have nothing there, just the $50 voucher (that I used) for eBay plus.
        eBay is robbing me! :D

        Thanks for explaining!!

        • funny cause I do not even have the PLUSPAPA that shows in my homepage..

      • I'm only seeing $5 off coupons here, subbed for eBay plus month to month, recently cancelled
        prob just me

  • +1

    How does this compare to having a normal router and a mesh set up? Thanks

    • +2

      What is a normal router, the one your ISP supplies?

      What products are being used for your mesh?

      You've asked us to compare the use of this item to your "normal router w/ mesh".

      • It's a standard Telstra router with a Deco mesh set up.

        • There are many different Deco's. Which Deco do you have?

          What kind of nbn? FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, FTTP, HFC?

          • @Twix: M5 Deco…
            Just standard NBN not sure which one getting 100mb download speeds with Aussie BB

            • @ozbsydanie: To find out go here. Once we know the 'Premises technology' I can say if it's worth an upgrade or not.

              • +2

                @Twix: You saved me a bit of frustration :-)

                I saw his Deco response and as my face was shaking left and right (as to say that still doesn't help), I saw your replies and I felt relief.

              • +1

                @Twix: Okay it's HFC.

                • +1

                  @ozbsydanie: Using the Telstra router is unnecessary and can cause problems. For HFC you should plugin the Deco M5 into the nbn box. The Deco M5 has good performance and for Ethernet does around 850Mbps and for Wi-Fi up to around 460Mbps with the right device. You can easily get a few more years out of the Deco M5.

                  Upgrading to a Wi-Fi 6 router, phone, laptop and so on will help if you move to the nbn Ultrafast 1000/50 plan and want faster Ethernet and Wi-Fi performance.

            • +1

              @ozbsydanie: Unlikely to get better internet speeds over wifi with this than your deco since both would be bottlenecked by the 100 mbps NBN. The Asus likely has more features that you won't use.

            • +3

              @ozbsydanie: If you know this little about your internet setup (not an insult) and have zero current complaints or prior reasons making you want to change something, then you really don't need it. The replies to you(combined) have probably consisted of more effort than you've put into knowing or utilising from your network.

    • I had a RT-AC68U + mesh setup (3x tp link deco m5) before I upgraded, with the mesh setup I had better coverage but this is faster even on a weaker connection.
      Relegated the AC68U to a aimesh node to cover the weak spots and network is dandy.

      There are some issues with WiFi6 features on certain phones so watch out for that. My S20+ struggled to get anything while connected until I change the MAC address settings from randomised to the phone's actual MAC address.

  • Thanks OP, literally had spent the last two days reading Whirlpool/Reddit/OzBargain looking at new routers and had decided on this one, but held off buying one at $429 this morning while I lamented the lack of deals. Decided to check once more and saw this, used the afterpay $10 to get it for $380 delivered (price changed while I was checking out, up from the $370)

  • +2

    I can see a $5 coupon and not a 5% coupon in my ebay plus summary and I don't have ad blocker installed.

    • Ditto, only $5 not 5‰,and they jacked the price up to $399

  • +1

    Price gone up by ~$10

    • Can confirm it went up for 399 then dropped back down

  • Still the same price showing for me.
    $390.39 and a 5% off coupon, $370.87 total

  • Just bought this from Amazon for $429… Could I buy this, then return it to Amazon? Or do they somehow know specifically which items are from them?

    • u can tell amazon to cancel, OR u can not accept delivery form ur amazon item. just speak to them.

      • I took delivery of it this morning. But it's so-far unopened.

      • I'm expecting a delivery return fee. That's fine. I'll save nearly $60, so I can pay like $10 to get it.

        • tell them when it arrrived, it wasnt what u thought it was, play dumb, u never know. free returns allowed with amazon prime.

        • Despite being told I will be deducted the shipping cost, I have always received a full refund. I think they’re just trying to deter people from returning shit.

  • +1

    confirmed $370 discounted price here too, just secured one. thanks!

  • +2

    Got one, cheers

  • i feel for the 6 people between 3.07pm and 4.03pm that had to pay the $380 price, instead of $370 like every1 else…

  • What is the advantage of this over say the TP-Link Archer AX6000 which also has a 2.5G port and meshing capability, and has more MIMO capability which can be had for the same price on eBay non-discounted?

    • +1

      RT-AX86U has no account login necessary and can be loaded with Merlin firmware.

      • +1

        and now merlins firmware has the VPN Director which is pretty neat.

    • +1

      firmware isnt updated anywere near as often im told

  • Just nabbed one
    Can confirm price fixed to $370

    About time I replaced my 7390 lol

  • only 3% here for me, damnit.

  • Is this or the TP-Link ax6600 better?

    The tp-link can be purchased for ~$330 from gg commercial.

    • +2

      Both have great performance. Here are some other differences.

      TP-Link Archer AX90
      Tri-band Wi-Fi 6.
      TP-Link HomeShield has a free option or a $89.99/yearly subscription service for (traffic statistics, DDoS protection, IPS and more).
      Uses a TP-Link account for Tether mobile app.
      Most likely won't get firmware updates as often.
      Not all settings can be accessed in a browser.

      Asus RT-AX86U
      Dual-band Wi-Fi 6.
      No subscription service.
      No account login.
      Firmware updates more often and can be loaded with Merlin firmware.
      Full access to all settings in a browser.

      • +1

        "can be loaded with Merlin firmware"

        This really comes into its own if you live in an apartment and competing with 50 other wireless networks.

        The Merlin firmware allows you to do site surveys of the different WIFI bands so you can ensure you're not using one that everyone else is using. Makes a difference.

        • +1

          You can do a site survey without Merlin firmware.

          • @Twix: Really? I never saw the option prior to flashing the Merlin firmware. I need to look a bit harder in future. Thanks

            • +1

              @CommanderCrumbcake: If you have a Mac you can do a site survey as well, it's built into the OS.

            • +1

              @CommanderCrumbcake: You can do it on your phone or computer. Merlin still has other benefits.

      • Correction: $549 is the TP-Link Archer AX90 retail price. $330 @ TGG Commerical.

  • I’ve been thinking about a new router, but is it really going to be noticeable if I’m not a ‘hardcore gamer with gigabit internet’?

  • I’m pretty unhappy with my Telstra’s so called premium router. (Smart Modem Gen 2). Several dropouts everyday. Weak signal etc.

    Would anyne suggest spending money on this deal?
    And does Asus provide any compatible devices which can extend this device for a hassle free mesh setup in the future?


    • +1

      Exact same router as I have. And I’m considering upgrade…

    • +1

      Asus has mesh functionality. Are the dropouts from the Telstra router or from the nbn side of things? FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, FTTP, HFC?

      • In my case dopouts occur both from the isp side(FTTC) which the router has nothing to blame.
        But also wifi, specifically the 5Ghz band constantly drops. And I’m just 2-3 meters far from the router. The wifi drops several times in a day and does not come back without a restart on the router.

        So, for Asus mesh, do they provide any compatible products? Or we can use any generic mesh systems in the market. So, I’m not a gamer or streamer. But value the consistency of the system rather than the performance.

        • +1

          Aí mesh is for asus products. But if you don't have brick walls, this router had a great coverage.
          Only the router should suffice

        • +1

          The ISP shouldn't be dropping out. More likely to be a fault inside or outside your premises. Who are you with? Does the nbn NCD lose sync?

          There are many compatible Asus mesh products. The best practice is to use the same Asus router model. You can't use another brand. Most mesh systems are like this. Picking the Best Asus AiMesh Router Combos: The Real-World Experience

          • @Twix: I’m with Telstra currently.
            Had my lines checked by both the ISP and a certified technician I called.

            Also I’m bit lucky that the NBN distribution point is in front of my house. So I have minimal signall loss. But still getting my internet dropping randomly few times a day. When I asked Telstra about it, I was told either my router is getting crashed and restarting. Or sometimes infrastructure gets affected from weather conditions in winter.

            So just want to give a try on this router :)

            • +1


              But still getting my internet dropping randomly few times a day.

              I'm also with Telstra and had similar issues. I was using an old Asus AC68U with the old Telstra modem, and just through luck they sent me the new smart modem when I bought my new Asus AX88U and AX200 adapter. Since replacing all devices I haven't had an issue since, so maybe look into that.

            • @dealmeister: For sure test a new router. The rain can affect the lead-in and cause dropouts. Has the lead-in been checked by nbn? Do you have 1 or more phone sockets inside the premises?

              • +1

                @Twix: I got my NBN enabled 2 months ago. And during the installation we disabled all extra phone sockets with the techician. And only had one lead coming in. And it directly connects to the NBN modem.

                The only thing I heard from the technician was the distribution box on my street was looking very messy. And I’m not surprised :)

                • +1

                  @dealmeister: That's good because extra sockets can cause dropouts and speed problems. One way to clean that up is to get FTTP installed ;-)

                  • @Twix: I have FTTC in my area. And I guess it is not an option to ask for preferred technology :)

                    Btw another proof that I have no signal loss from the street is: My download speed is around 120-140mbps. And I was told that this is almost the top speed in my area for FTTC customers.

                    • @dealmeister: You can ask for it. Request a $0 FTTP online quote and nbn will email you a quote within minutes. If you are not in a hurry wait until the end of the year for other ways you can get FTTP.

                      FTTC tops out around 105Mbps DL. nbn won't allow any higher.

  • I currently run 2 x RT-AC68U's. One as my main router and one out in the garage as an AI Mesh node. Been considering upgrading the main router for one of these units but not sure about if it's worth the money. I get very solid 2.4Ghz coverage at my property (pretty much the whole property), even across the street at my neighbors, but my 5Ghz coverage is where things fall over for me.

    • +2

      Found this guy

      Had a similar set up as yours and should convince you

      • Ahh you absolute champion, I’ll take a look. Thank you!

      • Ordered it based off that video. Really keen to get it and integrate it into my set up. Combined with the 68U’s I already have it’s going to blanket everything lol

        • +1

          Adding this review on the aimesh combinations
          Guy recommends wired backhaul but total wireless works

          Also read somewhere that firmware auto updates might disrupt the aimesh set up, so would turn that off

          • @raphael2012: Yep, I'll def keep that in mind. I'll try with just the new router initially and see how it all goes. Thanks again so much mate, really appreciate it!

    • Gee, I got the exact same setup at home and been very tempting to upgrade to a WiFi 6 configuration.

      Now contemplating what to buy!

      • Seems everyone is with that old router and frustrated
        It is not the best price ever but a good one
        I was awaiting a deal for the router and bought it immediately

  • Thanks OP scored one!

  • Stay away from Wireless 1, my recent Ebay purchase never got shipped, tried to contact them but no reply.

    • +7

      I bought several products from Wireless 1 in the past and never had an issue.

      • -1

        If you check their Ebay review for the past month, you will see many people having the same issue.

      • Wireless 1 has been really good. Even with returns they've been great.

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