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Mulan (Live Action) 4K Blu-Ray $7.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Soul 4K is the same price https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08VRST8CK

To save her ailing father from serving in the Imperial Army, a fearless young woman disguises herself as a man to battle northern invaders in China.

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  • +28

    i remember not many from ozbargain liked this movie.

    • +16

      Yeah, I prefer the original animated movie - IMDB agrees

      • -4

        actually the animated movie from Disney isn't the original. just an adaptation of a fairytale that was hundreds of years old and has been retold in stories, movies and books from where the story of Mulan originated,

        much like Robin hood.

        • +22

          Whoa, you mean Disney did a movie based off a fairytale?

    • +1

      Have you seen it? wasn't worth the time and didn't improve anything from the original animated film

    • +3

      All politics aside, it was a pretty bad movie.

      It couldn't even execute the most basic of plots where there is a relatable underdog/commoner that goes through some hardship and comes out the hero, which is what the original animated Mulan was.
      Instead we have the remake-Mulan already start with super powers, never goes through any hardship, is always the strongest throughout the entire movie and finishes off with a boring finale.

  • +3

    So they're paying us $7.95 to take this off their hands? It's not enough…

    • it's expired, you'll get $14.99 now

  • +4

    Good price but very average movie.

    EDIT: Still bought it anyway. Probably shouldn't have.

    • +1

      Is this disc brand new as my Amazon webpage is showing "Amazon Warehouse- Quality pre-owned, used and open box products" to the right of the product photo?

      • That's a bloody good question. It is also showing as $14.99 now. It's possible they sold out of new copies and these derelict copies are a substitute. I wonder what mine is? How can I check?

        • Maybe ask them on chat if the 4K disc is new or a returned/ used item.

          • @alidli: I haven't chatted to them yet but I believe mine is new and the one they show on that page is new too. Upon closer inspection, that "Amazon Warehouse- Quality pre-owned, used and open box products" appears to simply be a horribly placed and irrelevant clickable ad that directs you to a page with seconds goods to purchase.

  • +1

    Mutant Mulan

    • +23

      *CCP Mulan

      • +4

        Mulan Variant.

      • +2

        *CCP Mulan

        They mess up every movie they invested in like X men, Transformer and more.

        • Can I have a list?
          Genuinely not sure which ones were sponsored or invested by them.

  • +16

    OP, no offense, just because of the cover.

    • +1

      but accurate

    • +3

      I should not laugh about it, but had a good chuckle when I saw that.

      Putting that issue aside, I don't really think this is a good movie anyway.

    • Ooo, when will this director's cut version be released?

    • Sad/fun fact. If you go to the Disney Winnie the Pooh website you get redirected back to the home page.


    • Is that a direct quote?

  • +3

    I'll take a copy of Soul. Thanks OP

    • Soul is fantastic, and can warrant repeated viewings.

      • Soul is great but Coco is king

  • +1

    It tried to be different and realistic, then it was not realistic because ‘it’s Disney’.
    However, the cinematography made a man out of this movie.

    • +1

      And the post editing removed the concentration camps

  • +1

    Spend the $7.95 towards for a month of Disney plus instead….

    • Agreed !!

    • +1


      • Don't see the problem with this.
        Besides, you could get the month cheaper via iTunes or Google Play cards.

    • Even less via hotstar (1080p)

  • +1

    This is better 🤪


    • +1

      Chinese Power Rangers?

      • X Men + Avengers

        • Is there anything the Chinese won't rip off?

          • +2

            @alidli: the very high ranked officials of the CCP?

        • They are the Chinvangers

    • +4

      No idea what I just watched.

      • +2

        Chinese Royals watching a soccer match with a plastic-spiky ball, where fighting is allowed. But they have sports doctors and stretchers handy. And in the protagonist side is basically the Chinese Expendables. There's some romance too in there somewhere. They're getting their asses handed to them by some "evil" group consisting of Chinese:
        - Hulk
        - Thor
        - Captain
        - Spiderman
        - Wolverine
        - Storm
        - Cyclops
        - Pyro
        - Insert Generic Vampire?

        …then all is lost and somehow a child is in the arena. Eventually The Monkey King intervenes and he summons some Chinese demi-gods to win the match but then they can't be arsed about it, so they just call Buddha (or his hands) to secure the victory for them.

  • +2

    OP, you should have probably put Soul as the primary bargain. You'd get more votes - it is a good movie with great music by Jon Batiste.

    • If I knew about the controversy surrounding this film before I made this post, I wouldn't have even included the movie in this post.

      • Apparently, you can't have an opinion in a democratic system if it differs from the masses… almost like… wait for it… communism.

        The irony is actually hilarious.

  • +7

    Junk movie, shitty actress

  • No

  • Definitely No

  • +4

    Another Fail by Disney and its push on its agendas these days.

  • +2

    Thanks for the Soul heads up!

  • China.

  • China movie

  • Expired already what happened?

  • +1

    Liu Yi Fei sucks. Completely brainwashed by CCP.

    • Not sure about the brainwashing part. She's just not a very good actress in general. There's zero charisma or aura about her in the film. Mind you I probably watched the trailers of this movie. So take my opinion with a tiny grain of salt.

      That being said I feel alot of Mainland actors fall flat on their acting. Maybe it's their culture. Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Korean, Japan and other south east Asian countries have better actors dunno why.

  • I'm looking forward to The Jungle Cruise.

  • Received and watched this today. I originally rated it 5/10 but after rewatching, I rate it 6.5/10. The picture is quite nice on a 4K OLED. I think $7.95 is fairly priced and I wish more 4K Blu-rays were that price as standard.

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