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Samsung Galaxy S20FE SM-G780G Snapdragon Non-5G Version 128GB ALL Colours $695 C&C @ Officeworks


This was in a previous deal for $595 but has consistently been $695 since going up. All colours are available.
For those that want the S20FE SD version but don't care about 5G. RRP is $849, which some places still have it for.

Also $699 @ JBHiFi:

And $699 @ Samsung for cloud navy and cloud lavendar but not cloud mint:

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  • Didnt you hear? Its lockdown season.

    • As in no C&C? You have until 8pm!

  • Is this dual physical sim?

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      Not dual sim unfortunately but other than that great phone for mine.

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    S20fe such an overrated phone

    The Samsung ecosystem is relatively poor. Worst keyboard I've used (Def need another)

    Don't be fooled by youtube vids - camera is nowhere near as good as the Pixel 5 and shutter speed is slow.

    Fingerprint reader absolutely doesn't work with screen protector.

    Frankly miss my Huawei p20 pro

    Unless screen size and loud speakers matter the most to you then go the pixel. (I watch a lot of media on the phone so chose S20fe in the end but it is really quite average)

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      absolutely right
      morons can't understand this but click on negative vote

    • I'm not sure it's an overrated phone, for the right price it's great.
      Keyboard is an easy fix.
      Camera, I will agree it is WAY too slow, pics are fine.
      Fingerprint reader seems to be ok on mine, I have left the original screen protector on that came with it, no issues - did you remove the original before putting the new one on?
      Huawei, I think many people like myself are tempted by Huawei - and other Chinese phones but can't help but feel apprehensive. I'm not saying there's some giant conspiracy BUT I don't trust the CCP.
      Screen seems nice, if only 1080p and I was very impressed with the speakers.

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    $636.75 on Samsung Education store, or $586.75 with the $50 newsletter code.

  • Better to go with the Samsung one as they provide free delivery, and some of you may still be eligible for the $50 coupon

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    Samsung has an announcement in 7 days time; might be the new S22? S8 tablet?

    • +2

      The S22 will be next year and S8 tablet isn't a phone?

    • +2

      I guess if you don't know what "Unfold" would be referring to..

    • Negative, this is fold, flip and watch I believe

  • Non 5g with snapdragon? Ummm I'll double check that

    • +3

      It exists.

    • Look at the jbhifi links, they have [2021] in their names. The SM-G780F is the exynos and the SM-G780G is SD. I'm typing this on the later.

    • +1

      It's 100% correct.

  • Got one when it was $597, reception is even worse than my iPhone XS. I wonder they are using the exynos baseband on the 4g model.

  • Perfect for the Amish who reject modern technology such as 5g?

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