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10% off Site-Wide & Free Delivery @ FastTech


Be Ready To Go Back To School!

Aug 10th, 2021 - Aug 11th, 2021 (UTC-6)

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    'Back To School ' ??? 🤷

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      Back to Lockdown sale for VIC

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      School of hard Locks


    Anyone tried to buy e-c from them? Mind share ur experience with it?


      Depending on the brand, you might get clones of certain RDA/RTA, but they will always say 'Authentic' on properly sourced goods, price will also marry up and usually only be a couple bucks cheaper than elsewhere. Have purchased multiple Wotofo pieces, and all of them passed product verification with the scratch-off batch number.

      Comes packaged in plain soft/bubble, sign-on-delivery e-parcel. If you're getting mods, the goods description will be 'Metal Tube', otherwise it might say 'Electronic Gadget' or something else vaguely descript.

      All in all, great place to source hardware depending on the brand, and if you don't mind the longer than usual delivery time. Wouldn't buy juice there though.

      (edit, should note I haven't bought from them since Nov last year. So grain of salt)


        but they will always say 'Authentic' on properly sourced goods

        Sadly, not true. Fasttech is just a marketplace similar to Amazon, and just like Amazon, they put up whatever description the seller gives them. If anything says "Authentic", that's because the seller described the item that way. For most items, Fasttech don't know what they're selling. I've been bitten by "Authentic" from them.

        Here's copy-pasta of my previous learnings about Fasttech:

        • Fasttech won't ship any kind of battery to Australia, nor anything containing a battery. So if something has a remote control with a battery, and the battery is included, forget it. Same story for anything with a built-in rechargeable battery.

        • Not everything has free shipping. If the webpage doesn't say "free shipping to Australia" under the price, it doesn't have free shipping. This affects mainly heavy things like 3D printers and soldering irons. Edit: may be free for larger items when using the coupon code, try it and see.

        • If an item says "ships next day", they have it in stock. For items that say "in stock" or "ships in 3 days" or "ships in 5 days", they order them in, and occasionally find they aren't available from their suppliers. Sometimes they will tell you within a day that the item is unavailable, other times they seem to wait for weeks before noticing their suppliers haven't supplied. Check on your order every few days, and send them a message if your item doesn't ship. They will offer a refund or store credit, and the handful of refunds I have received came next day (I always pay through PayPal). Sometimes they suggest an alternative part that they think they can get.

        • If you send them a message, they usually reply next day. Unless the item is "in stock" at a supplier, which means it takes a couple of days for Fasttech to ask the supplier, the supplier replying, and then for Fasttech to reply to you.

        • Of the dozens of things I've bought from them in the past few years, I can only recall one dud item - a set of vernier calipers that appeared to be made from the scrap parts from a vernier caliper factory. A few photos and maybe three or four emails later, they gave me a full refund. Note that as all purchases and refunds are actually in USD, so any refunds may be a little more or a little less (in AUD) than you paid, if the exchange rate has changed.

        • Fasttech don't charge GST.

        • Shipping speeds have been up and down during COVID-19. I have sometimes received items faster through free post than through (extra charge) e-packet.

        • PayPal appears to have declared war on anything that mentions vaping. So if that's in your order and you attempt to pay via PayPal, Paypal will fail. Fasttech have mentioned this in the forums, there is a work-around, by purchasing a gift card via PayPal and using that to make the purchase. Don't know how this will affect refunds, if you use the work-around. I had this problem when I tried to buy some ceramic tweezers that mentioned vaping, in the end I chose ones that didn't mention vaping.

        • The one time I didn't receive an item that had shipped, I sent them a message, and they offered to refund me or re-send the item. By then I needed the item urgently, so asked for a refund, which came next day through PayPal.

        • When an item says "Genuine" or "Authentic" in the description, that's what the supplier has told Fasttech, and may not be true. The dud vernier calipers I mentioned above, that Fasttech refunded me for, said they were "Authentic tricle brand". As well as being unusable, they were a different brand. Pay no heed to "Genuine" or "Authentic" in the description.

        Despite all that, I still like Fasttech. I've found them to be both cheaper and more reliable than Ebay, and much more reliable than AliExpress.

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          Valid. Thanks for clarifying! I'm just going from my personal experience shopping with them.


    Shipping from AU or China ?




    Any special deals on Xiaomi routers coming up?

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    I stopped buying disposable pods from you as you stopped shipping it to Australia and stopped taking payment via card or PayPal.

    Your competitor Healthcabin has been my supplier for over a year now.

    Warm regards
    Disappointed customer


      is their shipping better than fastech?


        Recently they brought on this Au direct shipping takes two weeks and delivered by courier. It costs around $30 for me


      Haven't bought from there since Nov last year. This is sad to hear… :(

      Have quit even vapes now thankfully.


      Amen to that, stopped buying vape gear since only accepting crypto. Makes it seem less than legit.


      Oh is that what everyone's using them for…

      I always use them to buy flashlights and batteries lol

      Edit: welp looks like I can't even but batteries from them anymore riperoni