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DEWALLIE Mini Portable Laser Engraver US$264.99 (~A$359.56) Delivered @ Madethebest



✅ Safe and Guarantee→ Our DEWALLIE portable laser engraver has built-in protections to ensure safe use: overheat shutdown, E-stop button, Password lock, Motion detection, goggles; Safe Certification: CE, FC, FDA, RoHS.
✅ More Accurate Precision→ DEWALLIE Mini laser engraver has high quality 405nm semi-conductor laser, making accurate precision engraving; 20cm limit on Engraving Height; Works with powerbank; Wirelessly bluethooth controlled by smartphone; Engraving range: 100x100mm; Operating Input: 5V, 2A, USB Type-C interface. File Formats: JPG / BMP / PNG / G-code , Photo/Vector both supported The most compact and easy-to-use laser engraver of its kind.
✅ Supported & Unsupported→ DEWALLIE mini laser engraver support a wide variety of materials, like wood, banboo paper, plastic, cloth, leather, peel, food and more. Unsupported materials like Glass, metal, Reflective materials, and transparent materials.
✅ App Control→ In-App Editing Mode with many picture editing tools allow to create any patterns and words, modify the pictures or photos to engrave; Preview Mode make users easily adjust the size, position, and the rotation angle of the pattern on the target surface by projecting a guide laser before engraving;This unique laser etcher can engrave on any surface or on tiny objects
✅ Warm Tips→ In order to ensure the normal working of the engraving machine, after a long period of use (3 hours), it is recommended to stop it for 30 minutes before reword

Engraving size: 100*100mm
Working distance: *20cm
Laser Type: 405nm Semi-conductor Laser
Laser Power: 500mw
Operating Input: 5V,2A
Interface: USB Type-c
Supported Materials: Wood, Paper, Bamboo,Plastic, Leather, Cloth, Peel, etc Unsupported materials:Glass, Metal, Reflective materials,Transparent materials.

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  • -2 votes

    I suppose if it had an f stop button it’d be a camera.

  • +1 vote

    Safe? It has no enclosure!
    You'll want to always be wearing your safety goggles when in the same room as this.
    And I definitely wouldn't trust the ones it comes with.

  • +1 vote

    Home tattoos?


    Is it legal to have such open box design, especially a LED laser system? This can do permanent damage to eyes if not wearing protective glasses.


      Nah it's only 500mw, as long as it's mains plugged and not battery operated then it's legal.


    If its in a enclosure would it be safe to use it on metal?

    • +1 vote

      No it won't engrave metal.

      This is a diode laser, and is 5W.

      Next step up is 40-100W CO2 lasers, cost $5-30k to engrave/cut plastic and wood (I own two CO2 lasers personally).

      Next step up is 60-200W fiber lasers, cost $10-50k to engrave/cut metal.

      This laser posted can barely engrave the surface of wood, nothing else.


        So for engraving on tools and equipment for insurance purposes against theft the old mechanical engravers are still better? Wish there was an easier and less time consuming alternative.


        Specs say 500mw, seems abit weak for an engraver.

        I've got a 2w laser pointer from an old bluray drive, it can scorch wood and even with proper collimator and lenses I don't think thats strong enough for wood. It would take aaages to get a dark enough scorch in.


    How does this compare to these laser engravers?

    I've wondered if it might be possible to convert photos to greyscale and engrave as presents.
    Would this offer that level of control?


      Those Ortur lasers are a good brand for what it does.

      I suggest doing some research on youtube on the Ortur lasers, there's heaps of videos, determine if it accommodates your needs.


        Hey @Ausdave, I tried to send you a PM with some questions but it wouldn't allow me, could you initiate please, thanks.. sorry to hijack

  • +5 votes

    The googles do nothing!!!


    I bought a NEJE Master 2s on eBay for about $280 - 20x20cm engraving area with a 20w laser.

    Aussie postage, not import like this

  • +1 vote

    Happy DEWALLIE - Michael Scott


    Can anyone recommend a laser engraver for anodized aluminum business cards?


    I do a decent chunk of laser engraving.
    This is pretty terrible value for money - 10cm x 10cm range, 500mW laser. The only thing it has going for it is its small footprint.

    I wouldn't recommend getting it.