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Seagate 4TB Expansion Desktop Hard Drive $99 (Limit 3 Per Customer) @ Officeworks


Deal is back on again. CC for those in lockdown.

The Seagate Expansion Desktop Hard Drive allows you to instantly add storage capacity to your PC. It has plug and play functionality which is automatically recognised by Windows operating systems and configured without any additional software installation necessary.

The desktop hard drive has a stylish, textured design.
The large capacity provides plenty of room for storing or backing up your important files.
It connects to your computer via USB 3.0 for ultra fast data transfer speeds and is also compatible with USB 2.0 ports.
It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and 10 operating systems.
It comes with a 3 year warranty.
You don't need any additional software to use the hard drive, simply plug it into your USB and an AC power supply and you're ready to go.

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  • can this be shucked?

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      Yes. SMR drive.

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        These drives are SMR drives with no Trim function, as i've commented in them each time they are shared, they should be avoided.

        Write performance once the outer tracks are fully occupied can absoutely tank.

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    Limit 3 per customer for RRP price lol.

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    lol hilarious,

    Buyer beware,
    These are SMR drives and woefully woefully slow for sustained writes.

    Once written to, they're great. A little noisy but fast. Albeit they make this faint 'clicky' noise when shucked - sounds like the drive is frequently parking the head. There is a pseudo fix for it but ridiculous that its needed.

    I bought one of these on the premise (at the time) that I wasn't planning to write a lot/often…found out it was still painful to use due to the slow speed when I did want to write to the drive.

    Considering the price (OzRRP vs Ozbargain), may as well find a non SMR alternative.


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    been this price for like last year!!

    have a few of these, shucked and not. no issues and no complaints just saying as a lot of cry babies :)

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      Been this price for like the last 5.

  • Were these the ones recently on sale at JB hi-fi?
    Worth replacing a 3.5" 2GB drive or not really? Could add in addition perhaps

    • +1

      definitely worth replacing a 2gb drive.. for a 2tb drive, not worth it, especially if you'd be using this 4tb as your boot drive

      you're better off getting a ssd and replacing your 2tb booth drive with that, and re-purposing your 2tb drive as bulk storage

      • Yeah the 2tb is just a data drive but noticed it can take a sec to spin up if not accessing it often.
        I've already got a 500gb 970pro m.2 as the OS drive, and a 1tb m.2 for games (which I don't bother with often). Just need to retire some old crap, but could still keep for back-up perhaps (but and external ideally better.

    • -1

      "recently"… for the past year or so.

  • +1

    They were $99 in jb the other day ended up getting the portable Seagate 4tb drive for $112 as I didn't want to have to plug it into the power.

    • Yeah ok, seemed to get good comments on that recent thread, was thinking of shucking and use internally for a working/data drive

  • -3

    This has been standard price at JB Hi-Fi for about a year no limits, not a deal. High stock levels everywhere, not even OzInStock worthy.

    • Can you get it cheaper elsewhere? If not it’s an unfair down vote.

      Your view of “bargain” doesn’t override the oz bargain rules.

    • Link to cheaper or better drive

      • Jesus christ mate it's literally 1st result if you google 'JB HIFI 4tb'


        standard price past year. you could've walked in at any time to pick one up at this price instead of waiting for this "deal".

        • Never said it was a deal, but as usual everyone goes on and on about them being SMR without providing any alternatives that are bettter

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    Waiting for a 2.5 inch 4tb dive for 99 bucks to suck.

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    Are these drives good for playing PS4 games on my PS5? I'm just looking for mass storage not speed. Is there any benefit to it needing its own power source or are portable drives the same?