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Vtech 15750 DECT6.0 Cordless Phone with Bluetooth MobileConnect A$23 Delivered @ Vtech


Old wall phone died, went looking for a cheap replacement and found some well optioned models from V-Tech, I purchased the CLS15750 and have it paired with two android mobiles, really impressed especially for the price and free delivery. Can be used as wall mounted or as a desk phone.

CLS15750 - VTech 15750 DECT6.0 Cordless Phone with Bluetooth MobileConnect
Power Fail Back-up
Bluetooth MobileConnect - connect up to 4 mobiles for calls and phonebook transfer for up to 1500 entries per downloaded phonebook - 6000 in total
Calling Number Display capable with Announcement
Handsfree speakerphone on handset
45 minutes answering machine record time
Call Guard

Additional models at reduced prices are also available:

CLS15550 - VTech 15550 DECT6.0 Cordless Phone
Power Fail Back-up
Bluetooth connect to a mobile to answer incoming mobile calls
Dual Antenna for extended range
100 Name and Number Phone Book
Handsfree speakerphone on handset

CRD1200B - VTech T1200 Corded Phone - Black
Large keypad and backlit display
Handsfree speakerphone with volume control
65 name and number phonebook
Volume boost

CLS15450 - VTech 15450 DECT6.0 Cordless Phone
Power Fail Back-up
Dual Antenna for extended range
Calling Number Display capable with Announcement
Talking digits
30 minutes answering machine record time with slow playback function

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  • Decent price for those that have a need for such devices in 2021. Now if only it had VoIP built as like many others I no longer have a wall socket as that disappeared with NBN. I remember looking for these type of phones many years back but either didn't exist or were too expensive.

    Regardless, looks decent for those that still have a wall phone or use VoIP via their NBN carriers VoIP capable modems (Telstra/Optus) or VoIP dongle. Nice feature being able to link Mobile via bluetooth.

    • It’s in the back of your router/modem, just have to have a provider who provides voice services

    • You can use it to receive and make calls without a landline if you link your mobile on bluetooth with the 15750.
      I plugged ours into our NBN modem thru Exetel and works fine. No need for "voip" at all.

  • +1

    So if someone rings the landline, both your mobile and landline ring, if mobile is within Bluetooth range?

    Is the phone compatible with NBN VoIP?

    • That is correct. Both would ring.
      VoIP: You would need either VoIP capable modem or a VoIP dongle. You would plug the phone into it as it is not a VoIP phone by default.

      • Sorry Borg, as 4rd has mentioned below, the Mobile phone will only ring if someone calls the mobile. If they call the landline then only the landline unit(s) will ring.

        I've had a Uniden 3 Phone set that has this feature for years and it's magic.

        Even if you don't have a landline, having phones like this is great as you can answer a mobile call from multiple handsets or locations in the house so like someone mentioned below you could put the new phone in the bedroom and leave the mobile outside ( within bluetooth range of the base station) so it's various notifications don't disturb you.

        • Why not just use do not disturb mode?

        • @raydragon: Not sure why your noting this to me as I agree!

          • +1

            @Borg: Borg, Mick123 originally says that if someone rings the landline that the mobile will ring, to which you have stated he is correct. This is wrong, which is why I addressed the comment your way.

            The remainder of my comment was just my own experience with a similar device and not directed at anyone.

            • @raydragon: Ah, I see and thank you for the correction. I thought one indeed could answer the landline via the connected mobile.
              Reason: I misunderstood Page 55 of the manual which states: "Notes: You can also use your mobile phone to answer the call"

              Having revisited this page, it relates to moble calls and a confirmation that one can still answer mobile calls directly on the connected mobile and not forced to use the landline. Apologies for the misinformation.

    • +4

      yes, only installed late yesterday and the unit rings when either mine or wife's mobile was being called, you can answer from either your paired mobile or the unit itself if within BlueTooth range. We have NBN landline and it works with that (I have made and received calls using NBN landline), I think the specs also mention NBN ready on the main page of their website.

      EDIT: In answer to original question, I tried calling home landline (NBN) and only the unit rings, not the paired mobile phones. If on the other hand someone calls paired mobile, then both unit and mobile ring, hope that clarifies.

      • +2

        If you call out from the cordless phone, can you make it go via the mobile?

        EDIT: OK, so the 15450 doesn't have bluetooth, the 15550 has bluetooth but only for incoming calls. Only the 15750 has outgoing mobile calls.

  • Thanks I was looking for this item 3 weeks ago and could stomach $150

  • Can I buy 2 and pair both to the one base?

    • you would have to go to the multi-handset ones they have on the website

    • I reckon you could pair as the phone handsets would be the same and additional handset is supported.. In my experience (but not this specific model), just a matter of selecting PAIR Mode on the 2nd handset to the first base (leave 2nd base in box). The only downside is one would not have a little Docking Base for the second handset for power. Not sure you could use the 2nd base as that might link the phone to it?
      Might be worth asking the store BUT might be sold out by the time they answer?

    • You can pair up to 5 handsets to the 1 base

  • Hopefully this will help my mother she hates using a mobile so I'll try pairing The 15750 up to her mobile Bluetooth.

    • haha, I purchased a second for the MIL for same reason. Her landline was recently disconnected and she now has a mobile (never had one before so a fast learning curve). Hoping this will make it easier for her to make/receive calls around the house.

    • Physically this is easier to hold than a slab of a chocolate but that's it. Maybe that's my next project: make a smartphone dumb again

  • Hold up, so along with non-voip pots which is disappearing with NBN, you can pair this with you mobile so you can answer mobile calls holding a phone? I doubt the target market for copperline phones won't be Bluetooth pairing. Interesting mix of features

  • +4

    This is great for me - I cant seem to sleep with a mobile in the same room as me (weird but there it is) but am often on call… Pair this up with the work phone via BT and (hopefully) I can leave the mobile outside of the room with this beside the bed and still get some sleep (BT doesnt seem to impact on my sleep)

    Hey, it sounds weird but Im stoked!

    • Agree, would like to know how it works with DND mode (I have exceptions for family and repeat callers)

  • Hard to see the differences between the models, will assume the higher models number is better.

  • Thanks OP, ordered two sets for parents and MIL.

  • Anyone know if the CLS15750 can be paired with AirPods via Bluetooth?

    • Order one anyway because FOMO

  • So paired to my mobile I can use it to dial out and receive calls via my mobile?

    • +1

      Think of it like pairing in your car. Basically can do the same functions

    • +2

      just tried it 4u, I picked up the handset, selected Mobile #1 (of 2) and dialled a number… yes, it started dialling from mobile #1, so can make a mobile call from handset, likewise can receive calls from mobile

  • Thanks. Got one.

  • These will work with an Optus FTTN connection, right?

    • +2

      Yeah just got to plug it in to the back of your modem.

      • Thank you! I wasn't sure.

  • Does anyone have the iOS and Android app links?

  • Thanks OP - got one for the parents.

  • Thanks, For those who live in Vic here it is $3 cheaper C&C. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/153111626103?hash=item23a62a0177...

    • Don't you need to pay postage regardless? Unless it can be collected?

  • Does anyone know if it picks up incoming Whatsapp calls?

    • i think it can, but u might need to accept it on ur phone and then talk over the headset for android (thats what happens on my car for whatsapp calls). can't comment on iPhone as they are bit different.

  • These bluetooth phones are no good if you wear a Apple Watch, won't get calls on watch.

    • i think phones bluetooth 5.0 and up shouldn't be a problem, I was having the same issue with my watch and car bluetooth till bluetooth 4.2.

      • Will find out ordered one for my home office, I have cellular watch so may help. 12 pro max.

  • +3

    Vtech kicked in, yo!

  • Hi. Can you buy 3 of the 15750 units and pair them up in the same house? Mums got a big house and the 3 units would be perfect.

  • Ok, I've ordered 2 x 15750, one for me and another for a neighbour. We both have bad mobile reception, and can only use mobiles In a very limited area in each house. With the 15750s we can leave the mobiles in the area of best reception but have the vtech handset where we want ( hopefully !!)…

    • +1

      Look in to VoWifi which routes mobile calls through your wifi when the mobile reception is poor. On Telstra network only available on Telstra brand or Boost, and you need a phone they support. I ended up buying a Google Pixel mainly for this feature. Works a treat!

      Optus make it available through a bunch of their MVNOs but the reception here is even poorer than Telstra so I'm on Boost instead.

  • Thanks 4th, I grabbed the CLS15750

    • My 15750 came in the mail today :p

  • Has anyone that bought one of these had any correspondence as yet from the company

    • Got an automated email from them confirming the order. Nothing else.

    • nope, even emailed a question, crickets.

  • Can you use the base station as hands free speaker phone? Would be good it you could use as an intercom between base and handset as well.

  • +1

    I got a PayPal receipt but no further contact from the company as yet

    • Checked your spam box? I think mine was in there..

  • +1

    Just checked my email in-box and conformation of delivery from Australia Post it's on its way

  • It arrived (15750 model) nice bit of kit! Thanks 4rd.

  • received my item, really bad earpiece, sound quality awful, speaker is good and other end can hear clearly but, really bad sounce for a handset.

    • You may have a faulty unit. I have tested mine making and receiving calls just using the handset and with mobiles over bluetooth.
      All worked well and clarity was fine. I turned off the option where it speaks the number calling as it was annoying.
      Otherwise a very good unit.

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