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[Pre Order] ASUS DUAL GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Mini V2 8GB Graphics Card $859 Delivered @ Scorptec


Cheapest 3060ti available at the moment. A few other places were doing a similar deal recently but scorptec is the only one still taking orders…

Stock arriving 18/8/21.

edit: ETA now just says "Pre Order" as opposed to 18 Aug 21.

Free delivery at checkout with $200 Spend.

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  • I'm currently on a gtx 980, gaming only at 1080p as I'm after frame rates.
    Is this worth getting now or wait a little longer or even wait and get a 3070?
    I'm also not sure if i'll have to end up upgrading everything anyway.

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    Does Scorptex allow you to cancel orders? Just wondering in case something cheaper comes out in the next couple of weeks.

  • Is it worth upgrade from 1660 to 3060 Ti? I just change my main monitor from 24' 144Hz to Gigabyte M27Q 27' 170 Hz so I'm interested in update GPU also. I know performance wise it would be around x2 fps, but price-wise can I expected cheaper price until this year end? Bought 1660 when it was 300-ish so kinda don't want to pay 859$ (I have the budget tho). If there will be better deals for the next 3-4 months or even early next year I can wait, since I only play online games right now (CSGO, LoL) and 1660 still working good with it.

    • Better deal should come end this year/early next year. 30 series super should be out next year, and 5nm based 40 series design has been completed and set to release by end of Next year as well.
      40 series are expected to have much better performance, because current 30 series is not even 7nm, but 8nm which is effectively samsung's 10nm version.

      • I can wait for end this year/early next year I guess. 40 series for next year end kinda too long tho. But do you think the update from 30 to 40 series is larger than from 20 to 30?

        • Yes it should be, because of TSMC 5nm is far way better than samsung 8nm. However, at the end, it all depends on MR Huang, how much performance they want to provide and how much is new price tag.
          Hopefully red team could give some more pressure.
          If you cannot wait 40 series, then just watch out 30 series deals. Worst case pre order a 30 series super card at lunch night.

  • This sums up the graphics industry:


    See you in 2022

  • At this many upvotes across 3 posts for the 3060ti, I would guess the Hodling is over.

    Retailers now know this is the bottom line.

  • This i believe is a decent deal and ve prompted me to finally pull the trigger. With this my rig is complete! Would be interesting to see ETA

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    Price back up to a ridiculous $1299

    • I think if Nvidia released 3000-series NFT's people would buy them.

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    PLE is available for pre-order at same price + shipping
    859 looks new normal price for this card

    PCCG as well, ETA 16th Aug

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    Scorptec has tonight cancelled my preorder for lack of stock. Figures.

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      Same here. I ordered early on the Saturday afternoon, and they had it available to order at the sale price till midnight Sunday night. What a bunch of shonks, seriously. Now added to my list of traders to avoid.

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      https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/graphics-cards/nvidia/91... <— because they can sell it at higher price.
      I saw this was in stock in the early morning too.

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        that is some extremely shady practices right there

    • My order cancelled this AM, offered the ZOTAC GAMING GEFORCE RTX 3060 TI OC TWIN EDGE LHR, 8GB card as a replacement:

      • Same here. They gave me a choice of either to refund or go with zotac 3060 ti oc. Went with the latter.

  • Mine changed from "ETA 18/08/2021" yesterday to "Awaiting Stock Availability" today.

    Annoying if they cancel it, missed all the other sub-$900 3060tis that have been going around the past couple of weeks. Don't want a 6600xt, no other cards worth buying under $1,000 anywhere.

    • Mine still says pending and eta 19/8/21. Messaged them yesterday for an update but still no reply. A bit frustrating since its the last part i need for my new build and am currently using the integrated gfx on my 11500 cpu lol.

      • I agreed to sell my old GPU to someone and they're going to pick it up after lockdown in Melbourne… which will happen first I wonder? lol

        Got a response from them saying they're waiting on stock to arrive. Since PCCG did a preorder for 3/9 I wonder if a second batch will be arriving soon.

        Now to weigh up on whether to cancel and get something for $1k or wait it out. 2 weeks is a long time in lockdown.

  • Just contacted Scorptec and they said could take weeks probably months. No eta provided.
    Not a good look holding onto people's funds with an expectation of ETA 18/08/21 when there was no real prospect of getting it by this date.

    • the joys of trying to buy a video card in 2021…

    • I thought the ETA was set in stone, I contacted them and almost got the same response, just messaged about cancelling my order. I don't want to wait months for a graphics card when months from now they will be even cheaper.

      • How are you contacting them? They aren't replying to my messages on the order…

        • They responded to my first message about the ETA thing, waiting on a response about cancelling my order now.

          I'll let you know if I get a response.

          • @Bwakeyy: Finally got a response and they basically just said they havent got an updated ETA from their supplier and dont know when its due to arrive. Not sure if i should just wait or if i should cancel at this point. Who knows if/when i will be able to get a similar deal. Cheaper prices might be just around the corner or they could be the same for months to come. Whole process is incredibly frustrating tbh.

  • Status of mine changed today to "to be dispatched". Card is back in stock on their site too, but at $1,299 (so definitely not a deal anymore).

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      i noticed that too, i was told yesterday "there has been delays, no ETA" (and my order status still just says "ETA 19/8/21" lol) but this looks a little promising I suppose.

      edit: Just as I posted that the status updated to "Ready" - yay!

      • Got my Auspost tracking and they have the parcel, so looks like it’s real. Nuts how they don’t seem to know until it shows up on their doorstep

        • Picked up mine a couple of hours ago and shes currently up and running nicely!

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