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[Pre Order] ASUS DUAL GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Mini V2 8GB Graphics Card $859 Delivered @ Scorptec


Cheapest 3060ti available at the moment. A few other places were doing a similar deal recently but scorptec is the only one still taking orders…

Stock arriving 18/8/21.

edit: ETA now just says "Pre Order" as opposed to 18 Aug 21.

Free delivery at checkout with $200 Spend.

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      Lol clearly some people don't like remembering the past.

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      $150 extra and perfect for a small form factor build though.

      I’m so tempted since I can sell my 2060 super for ridiculous prices still.

      • Fair point.

      • Agreed…. Damn tempting

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        Honestly, I'd say do it.

        Ppl are still buying/selling used card at ridiculous prices.

        The difference of you buying a new card and then selling the old card in the future will be pretty much the same now imo.

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          Yup, pulled the trigger. 50% increase in FPS and probably only going to be out of pocket $300, that's pretty good for now.

          Once the 6800xt/3080 is back around a grand, I'll upgrade again. Always plenty of demand for small form factor cards.

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            @freefall101: Also pulled the trigger. Looking back I probably wont be happy with what I paid, but its for a new build so I'll be able to resell and upgrade next year if the dollars make sense. Currently using a 750ti/4th gen i5 pc so im pretty happy to be joining the current gen of gaming finally.

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            @freefall101: 3080 around a grand? When will it happen?

      • i am wondering now how much i can sell my 1070ti for? is this 3060ti SIGNIFICANTLY better than 1070ti (i am pretty sure yes, but still want someone to confirm :)

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          https://hwbench.com/vgas/geforce-rtx-3060-ti-vs-geforce-gtx-... - I'd say so. Particularly at 1440p. Will even do 4k DLSS pretty well, although if you want ray tracing I'd hold off.

          It's not the best price in the world. Realistically I'm looking at $300 now to upgrade, then probably another $600 down the track to upgrade to a 3080.

          Or I could upgrade to a 3080 now for $1,500 out of pocket (they're $2k in stock now) and earn all that back mining over the next 6 months. But then that relies on mining holding up and I already paid $500 in tax on crypto earnings this year, so probably need to earn a lot more than that to cover all the costs. Plus I'd need a PSU upgrade, a larger case, etc.

          All in all, for $300 out of pocket, I'm more than happy. All I want to do is play games. If it drops another $200 over the next month, I won't care much. If the 3080 drops $800 over the next month (which would still be above retail price), I'd care a lot more.

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          yes, for both power efficiency and performance

        • Same here… I bought my 1070Ti for $400 back in the day…

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        You don't need this for SFF, I fit a 3080 Gigabyte Gaming OC in an 18L case.

      • gaaaah stop giving me ideas (I also 2060S)

        • it's a good idea, a 2060s is a good mining card and would probably sell for $750 right now easily.

      • looks like fitting in well for a ITX system…
        but the power demand looks too high….

    • Apes Strong Togetherrrrrr!!!!!

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    Orange level. Two fans so dont expect much. Not bad at this price.

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    Buy it now and enjoy it.

    • Did you buy it?

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        I don't need it

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          I don't take advice from people who don't follow their own advice, that's just…your opinion man.

          • -5

            @dbmitch: Good for you … Your awesome.. Infact I should buy something I dont need just so you'll buy one… Stand back.. genius at work

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      But it's a pre-order. You can't enjoy it now.

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        I feel that sometimes people give out questionable advice like 'Treat yourself, you only live once, YOLO', purposefully.

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    Nevermind i can't read

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    Wait for 6600xt to launch. Nvidia rumoured to be holding back 3060 Ti and Non ti supply back to flood when 6600xt launches.
    As soon as it gets below 800 with delivery I am gonna pull the trigger

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      First I've heard of Nvidia holding back supply. Doesn't make any sense either to do that given that demand is still high but GPU prices are currently dropping because of the China bitcoin mining ban GPU prices are only going to drop.



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        Apparently they have done this in the past when AMD launches products to reduce the hype

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        Makes perfect sense. Hold back supply now keeps prices and profits high while Nvidia's competitor lacks a product to fill the void. Release supply and lower prices when AMD releases their competing product so that AMD can't take market share or make big profits

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          No it doesn't, any company will produce as much as possible when prices are high because that's when you can make big profiles. Why would you hold stock and wait for prices to be lower so you'll make less profit???

          If AMD launches a competitive product prices will be lower in future. The way Bitcoin is going prices will be lower. Why would any publicly listed company want to make less at the moment to also make less in the future???

          In the past Nvidia has launched a "Super" line because process is more mature and yields are better so they're able to sell better chips cheaper and be more competitive. This is a new product to compete with a competitors new product. Why would you have the same product but want to make less off it? Even the market share idea doesn't make sense, take market share while you can. And they're killing AMD in market share anyway, have a look at the link I put,

          Nvidia Units 1185 = 74.76%
          Radeon Units 400 = 25.24%

          • @munted: because if they didn't hold back supply prices wouldn't be as high.

            • @Phoebus: Sure but Nvidia are not Rolls Royce, they are not a luxury good which wants an air of exclusivity and people will buy (almost) regardless of price.

              If Nvidia doesn't want to supply GPUs then AMD happily will. This isn't like De Beers where they can set whatever price they like and control the supply because they have a monopoly and there is no alternative. Have a look at Intel CPUs since Ryzen came out, sure you can charge high prices but if your product isn't good value consumers will happily buy AMD. Which is why then Ryzen 3000 came along the top 10 CPUs on Amazon were all AMD.
              Also you're arguing that Nvidia want market share but they only want market share when prices are low which will make them far less money???

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    Reject inflated prices, return to Monke HOLDing for MSRP.

    • +7

      EIP-1559 was successfully implemented with a hard fork. ETH 2.0 still has a long way to go.

      Keep mining/DCA, hodl, and wait for life-changing wealth.

      • ^ Listen to the above - they are correct

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    Not bad but would still hold. 6/10 would hold again.

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    Another pre-order? Is this Scorptec's way of locking customers in at the current $859 while they are waiting for the stock to be delivered in two weeks? They don't want to wait for the stock to arrive in two weeks, knowing by then they would have to advertise the card for $100 cheaper?

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      You have read their mind

      • +1

        TBF it will probably sell out

  • Strong Ape HODL Together

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    Hoping end of year to get 1 for $400

    • +3

      end of 2025

    • +8

      haha, good luck with that.

      • Big demand and still a shortage, but nonetheless, a small discount on launch price I am hoping for!

    • Hold til end of the current bullrun

    • You do stand up comedy? I didnt know

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    Why on earth would you lock yourself in for a pre-order?

    1. 6600XT is due to be released on Aug 11
    2. Prices are coming down so why lock yourself in for something to receive in 2 weeks.

    If you've already held off this long what is another 2 weeks?

    • If you are going lower tier cards… u might want that extra boost from DLSS…

    • +5

      I dunno, people having been saying "just a little bit longer" for a while now. Personally I'm pretty much done with the endless waiting and vigilance required with the whole thing, and am at the point where I dont really care if I could save maybe $100 by waiting another month or two.

    • Because with supply the way it is the only way to get one of these puppies is via preorder for the foreseeable future?

      • for this price? yes.

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    I currently have the Asus Dual RTX 2070 - I would wait to get a 3 fan card as it gets noisy when it starts to rev up.

    • So why upgrade? 2070 is a beast, save your money!

      • +9

        hes just warning others against getting a 2 fan card

      • I am looking forward to the recent report of Asus developing a RTX 3070 with Noctua fans - that may be my upgrade in the future when the price is less crazy.

    • I've got an MSI Aero ITX 1070 which has 1 fan and that's been fine, so hoping this would be with 2.

  • +2

    Limit 1 per customer :(

    Makes it hard to build another rig.

  • if at MSRP, is this a worthy upgrade from RTX2080?

    • no, 3060ti is bit faster, however it's LHR.
      LHR would have lower re-sell value when you want to upgrade to 30 super series or 40 series.

      • Do i have to care about LHR if all i’m doing is play graphics intensive games?

        But yes agree on the resell value

    • +1

      2080 to 3060Ti is a sidegrade at best.

      • Side grade, very expensive upgrade for 10%!

  • How come 3060s and higher are available at reduced prices and it seems like 1060/70 GTX have disappeared from the planet. Why are 2060 prices still so high.

    • LHR

    • +1

      Two Words - Hash Rates.

      3060's and 3060ti's are at reduced pricing because most of (if not all) the new stock being manufactured is the LHR (Lite Hash Rate) version which reduces the profitability when mining Ethereum. Therefore, the 2060's, 1660's and 1060/70 are more sought after by miners because they don't have reduced hash rates.

      • LHR doing the job of getting cards into the hands of gamers in that case! =D sounds like great news to me

        • +1

          In theory yes. While Ethereum is currently the most profitable cryptocurrency, that doesn't mean miners cant switch to mining another cryptocurrency using LHR. LHR was designed to cut the efficiency (and therefore profitability) of Ethereum by half, and only Ethereum. Now it depends on whether or not miners will decide to switch what currency they mine or if they choose to sell off their GPU's - gamers would hope for the latter :).

          Fingers crossed for low prices, though I doubt we wont see anywhere close to MSRP until Early next year.

          • +1

            @esehnt: Yeah early next year probably sounds right. Especially if Intel can get thier DG2 cards released for CES22 as is rumoured. Ahh one can dream!

  • Good upgrade from a 1660Ti for 1080p gaming?

    • Pretty much double or nearly double performance. It'd be worth it if you're monitor is high refresh.

  • why RTX3060 Ti is 8 GB while RTX3060 is 12 GB ?

    • +1


      Ti has higher core count, increased bandwidth. For gaming, 8gb with faster bandwidth is better opposed to 12gb slower b/w.

    • +2

      Memory bus width dictates capacity and bandwidth.

      RTX 3060 Ti has a 256-bit bus. GDDR6 has a 32-bit channel width. 256 / 32 = 8 channels. Using 8 Gbit modules (1 GB) means 8 * 1 = 8 GB of VRAM.

      RTX 3060 has a 192-bit bus. 192 / 32 = 6. If NVIDIA had specced out the RTX 3060 with 8 Gbit modules, the RTX 3060 would have 6 GB of VRAM. Instead, they went with 16 Gbit modules (2 GB), so it has 12 GB of VRAM. However, by only having a 192-bit bus, the RTX 3060 has less effective memory bandwidth which reduces performance.

      • Thanks guys! I was thinking about ML application and thought it would be better to have 3060 Ti + 12 GB as it has higher TFLOPS than 3060, silly me forgot the main gaming application.

  • Gaming in 2K. This or wait? I can hold for a month more I think.

    • +2

      If you like to pay a higher price, then you can wait, demand for 3060ti is very high, scorptec just haven't got the memo to readjust their price

      • Other websites have this card listed for $1000-1300. Scorptec's price is ending at midnight.

        PCCG hasn't adjusted the price after selling out of this card and the Inno3D $849 card though so hopefully once they are back in stock both will stay the same price.

        But who knows what'll end up happening. Could still be a really long wait yet for good prices.

        • Pccg only update their price when they have stock so I wouldn't expect much

  • Is it LHR? As this will effect resale

    • It would be. Yes.

  • +1

    I will be tempted to upgrade my old 1060 when the 3070 is about this price.

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