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Private Internet Access (VPN): 110% Cashback for New Customers @ ShopBack


Was browsing the SB app and came across this. I previously signed up when there was 100% cash back and it tracked perfectly.

Make sure not to cancel auto renew within the PIA settings otherwise you won't get the cash back.

3 year + bonus 2 months is $109, and you should get $119.9 in cash back.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3951)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback. See all terms

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  • Can we stack with referrals new user signup ??

    • @gotyourback - can you confirm?

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        If you're asking about our refer-a-friend bonus, then yes :)

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    What's the catch? Why are ShopBack (whom have a pretty bad rap recently) PAYING you for a 3-year subscription? Doesn't add up.

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      I guess Nordvpn is paying them the majority if not all of it and Shopback plan to "accidentally" not credit cashback on some percentage of the purchases and if even a few people fail to realise or get too frustrated arguing with Shopbacks disaster support then Shopbacj has made a profit.

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        Yep that's why I suggested we have documentation of all our records with them. Have someone to represent to present to the ACCC so they will be punished for their consistent actions.

        Good to be actioned soon so that it won't keep piling up.

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          Isn't Cashback a Chinese company? If so, consider the implications of providing your data. …wow, look at all the CCP supporters racing to neg me for stating an obvious concern!!!

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            @Ben Kenobi: Cashback is not a company, or at least not a company related to this deal.

            Shopback is based in Singapore.

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      Prob same reason as these guys did and no one cared??

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      This is PIA offering you 110%.
      We're a marketing channel for their Cashback offers.

      • +9

        But they're right about you guys being so inefficient. You don't track, people log tickets, substantiated by clicks, but you wash your hands. You rip people off, in my opinion. :)

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          Hey mate, appreciate the feedback.
          I understand where you're coming from here, but I would like to highlight a few things here:

          • We currently don't have a way to auto-detect that your order has not had Cashback tracked to your account. This type of technology is quite advanced. But we're still working on solutions for this every day.
          • Whilst proof of a click is required, it's not the full picture. Customers could click from us to start, then click on a Honey/CR extension mid-way through, or apply a coupon at checkout which invalidates cashback. There's a lot more that determines who gets paid the commission by the brand than a single click.
          • We have a lot of partner networks that are used for affiliate tracking. Sometimes tech fails us, and we know this. But we always work to get your Cashback into your account where we can.

          If you have any issues, I'm always happy to assist.
          You can DM me and I'll typically respond quite fast.


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            @gotyourback: A lot of excuses, but actions speak louder than words.

            CR faces the same challenges, but they back it up with a guarantee (that so far always came through for me).

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              @xrailgun: I disagree - Cashrewards failed me on Catch mobile $7 cashback and there is no such guarantee.

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            @gotyourback: Lately I've seen you popping up and helping the OZb community alot. Just out of curiosity, are you the official support for OZb members. Or is this something you do on your own will while working for SB.

            • +5

              @BargainBuddy: Hey mate, I'm the community rep/manager at SB.
              So I'm the go-to for any questions/customer support coming from within our communities.
              Not specifically a part of the support team, but I work closely with them :)

      • +5

        I will be honest, I have used both CR and SB. and am happy with both so far, if you follow all (a few lines terms) correctly, it always tracked for me and if it didn't then reaching out to Rep always worked for me. So can't complain.

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      It's probably the CIA or Chinese Intelligence or ASIO running this. Who can run a business that pays customers to sign up. This is suss even for non security related product. If you guys think not getting the shopback through is the worse that can happen I have a bridge to sell you.

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    Purchased! Will update once tracked on ShopBack.

  • Does this mean we get paid to sign up for a VPN??

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      From the outside (no VPN) looking in, it reads like selling your data is where the value is for them.

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        That, or hoping that you forget to disable auto-renew.

        • I think the second one.

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    The catch is you will not receive the money as simple as that.

    • +3


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      Really? Did it happened previously? Really stopping me now from buying, hate this kind of marketing…

      • +5

        haha all the time. ShopBack's notorious for 'accidentally' not tracking while running bonus events, promos, etc. like this one.

        the standard ~1-5% ish ones track perfectly, though, which is what makes them sus.

        • +4

          Not to mention the data breach a little while back. Not worth it in my opinion. Ever since that, I won't be going back.

          Fool me once…..

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          Happened to me with Amazon increased shopback. Log ticket, then was told ineligible and then denied. Didn't bother chasing them.

      • +4

        A number of promo high cashback things from SB rejected for no reason (I specifically disconnect from VPN and use a clean browser for purchases).
        Went solely to cashrewards and never had further issues. When it doesn't track it is like paying retail, which is not the OZB way.

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    So the company pays for ads, pays for the servers and doesn't recoup the money in sales?
    Either YOU'RE the product or you wont be paid and either reason is a pass

    • +1

      or could it be that you are the valued customer, so the expectation is they would keep you after the 3 years with you starting to pay at the end of the 3rd year like a loyal customer once you see how good the service is? idk PIA has no netflix option so when i bought it 2 years ago on special i still dont use it as much.

      • Netfilx is one of the only streaming services it doesn't work on. It's great for Crunchyroll.

        • its a big deal though, windscribe has special netflix server works most of the time for me. but nothing bets expressvpn its the golden benchmark, there is a reason why its the most expensive

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    Might be maintenance happening on the Shopback app this morning? I can't click the "Shop Now" button on your link via the app, and my PIA banner in the app only show 95% (but it doesn't work either).

  • +5

    My personal experience with them, I used them for 2 years and had mixed experience. They can be extremely slow that you have to turn it off completely at times. I tried different countries or reconnecting but wouldn’t work. Sometimes they’re fine, not great speed but alright.

    Overall experience, I thought to protect myself, maybe that’s the “price” to pay until I found other VPN such as Nord that is outperforming PIA. Maybe it’s just me being unlucky or something. However since it’s free for you guys to try via this cashback, you can try and may have different results.

    • +5

      Any VPNs that does excessive advertising prob is not for privacy…
      “They spent millions on ads, but apparently nothing on effective defensive security,” the researcher said.

      • The questions is, is it more or less secure than no VPN?

        • No VPN is better compared to those.
          If you really want privacy:
          1. rent a server and set up your own; or (haven't tried myself so don't know how the process is like)
          2. Use TOR on a router; or
          3. find one of the companies that don't do promos or discounts and actually provides proof that they are spending money on security and use TOR on your laptop and then VPN on a router

          • +3


            1. rent a server and set up your own

            wouldn't that company have all your billing details, and still be vulnerable to assisting law enforcement requests?

            • @xrailgun: Depends on where the server is at, and also depends on what payment methods they take (some vpns companies that I know take cash, not sure about servers)

    • +2

      I have been using for years. Most servers i use are adequately fast for my 100mbps connection to still maintain most of that throughput. Id piss them off if not. Any issue of course change to another but rarely needed to. The Sydney server has been screwed for months now though and they blame a supplier for it being ongoing.

      Not sure id gamble on a cashback promo. I used black friday sales.

      • I just cancelled after 1 week…..service was unusably slow during peak times, eg. from 6pm - 9pm.

        • +4

          Where are you? What server did you try? I use it every day, although not all day, and often during peak times i'll have it on and be both gaming and downloading at the same time. I regularly use melb, singapore, japan and a few others and honestly rarely have any issues speed wise. Note, if you are selecting a foreign server you'll be using your ISPs international links and routing first to get there, so for speed you want to be selecting as close as possible to minimize any limitations or issues that could exist in reaching the vpn server.

          Edit: on my now 250mbps connection im getting 220mbps to MELB, 150mbps to Japan. This is without trying different servers or speedtest servers. Im on Superloop NBN.

          • -1

            @Xizor: same im getting around 225mbps on my 250mbps connection to melb never had bad connection with PIA

          • @Xizor: Was primarily using various USA servers, for Netflix/Prime. It was like I had gone back to basic ADSL.

            • +1

              @Actionman77: I'm getting 120+mbps to Canada, 180mbps to USA. I'd hazard a guess it may be an issue wrt to your ISPs/partner provider routing there, or those PIA servers have some issues with streaming. I rarely use VPN for streaming as i find the geo blocking/unblocking too tedious to bother, so I can only comment on general throughput i get for other purposes which is usually really good. Streaming does not require much bandwidth though, it's a common misunderstanding, what usually causes issues is de-prioritization of traffic or routing issues/localized bottlenecks that cause packet loss and timeouts. All it takes is one bad link to the destination you've trying to reach and you're stuffed.

              • @Xizor: For what it's worth my ISP is Superloop (NBN).

        • +1

          Majority of Sydney servers are actually in the USA, with a token few real Sydney servers, so if using Sydney server that would explain why your connection is slow and laggy. PIA refuse to get rid of their fake Sydney servers and use real ones

          • @bobvegas: Interesting. I had been using Sydney server very regularly for years until around May or so, and until that time it was always in Sydney when i connected. I know this because whilst connected to it my gaming pings were still very low (and lower than melb server given im in Sydney). But yeah, since around May, it's been crap and i've avoided it like the plague.

    • I've had pia for about 5 years now no issues. The times I've had slow connection was usually due to updates, once I completed update speed went back up instantly.

      If your having speed issues, check pia client to see if there's an update.

  • +6

    Can't log in to shopback?

    An error has occurred. Please inform us at [email protected]. (20005)

    • +1

      Same, tried to change password and get error 500

      Edit: working now

    • Sorry for that inconvenience this morning. We've resolved the log in issue now.
      Reach out to me if you need any other support.


  • Never used shopback as I heard too much non payment stories. How has it been lately?

    Will I be better off waiting for something from Nord and Cash Rewards?

    • -1

      Just be sure to keep an eye on your tracked history. I’ve never had an issue with ShopBack customer service if I’ve had to make a dispute.

    • I find it tracks reliably if I use the iOS app to do the order.

    • +1

      I have had problems with both Shopback and Cashrewards, but they are eventually resolved by contacting their support/reps etc.
      Need to spend quite a time if your cashback is declined though. Usually only declines happens with higher $$ cashback purchases from stores like Groupon (Most of the time), and sometimes eBay, or even Big W at once.
      I am certain their support will add cashback if you convince them that you met all the criteria for cashback.
      But honestly speaking I just would rather have NORD VPN than PIA it just is better VPN


      • Thanks for the tip! Something I have never thought of doing as proof of purchase with both CR and SB

    • Take screenshots and contact @gotyourback if there are issues.
      (Don't use any adblockers etc. - with chrome you can have different profiles, e.g. you can use 1 profile without any add-ons or just the shopback addon to avoid tracking issues from your side.)

  • +3

    Bought the 100% one last time now they won't let me sign into my account weird stuff..

    An error has occurred. Please inform us at [email protected]. (20005)

    Goodbye $109?

    • +1

      happened with me too, But i never made this purchase.

      I am guessing another security glitch??

      had this issue since like 4 am I think

    • Hey mate,
      We had a sligh log-in issue this morning, which is now resolved.
      Reach out to me if you need any other support.


  • +17

    Shopback is a PIA to deal with…


    • I agree, they need to update the way they do things.

      Following up missing cash back was a total pia. I've had many items not tracked. Gotyourback recently helped me with a $16 claim, I was annoyed about due to Banggood rejecting cashback.

      He mentioned that once a claim is put through if the merchant doesn't respond within 45 days it closes. This definitely needs to be changed. Shop back should verify the claim after 45 days without the need of us having to contact Shop back. Once we've proved our purchase with the required documents a claim should be processed

  • Which one is better is nordvpn or pia?? looking for a good vpn to netflix and torrent

    • +3

      Of the two Nord is better. Apparently PIA was bought out by a company that is known for selling user data (I believe).

      • +4

        I used PIA for years, till they were bought out. I found them fast and generally good but they usually did not work with Netflix.

      • -1

        Thank god my 3 year sub is about to expire. I've hardly been using them since they've been slow and their SOCKS5 never works and you're never able to torrent through them. Useless.

        • I've never had problems torrenting uhh Linux images from my torrenting VM.

    • Neither for Netflix in my experience

  • Pia vs nord vs ghost?

    • If you're after privacy stay away of all of them. If you just want have your IP changed even free VPNs will do just fine.

    • +3

      I recommend surfshark. I bought one of these deals a while back (90% back though cashrewards) and have been very happy with it. I see a lot of people saying bad things about the popular VPN providers on here when deals get posted but I am yet to see people have a bad experience with surfshark.

      • Surfshark was the first VPN I tried. Very slow connection times. Tried Nord next, same deal. About to give Express a crack…….

        • Where were you trying to connect to? if overseas you will get slow connection speed no matter who you try I suspect. When I use domestic connections I get about 80-90% of my ISP connection speed with surfshark. I would say that is pretty good considering how many people are using it.

          • @drinkin-beer: Yeah, primarily USA, for Netflix. Local servers seemed fine, but given the main reason I wanted it was to unlock o/s streaming services, am yet to find a decent one.

            Am currently trialling PrivateVPN and gotta say, it's pretty ordinary as well.

            • +1

              @Actionman77: Tell me if you find a decent VPN to access geo-restricted content as that is what I mainly use mine for. I don't just want to access US, but also other regions too. Surfshark has been pretty good for me so far, though. How long ago did you last try it? As mentioned below, I mainly use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and currently trying to get a slot for Disney+

              • @Ice009: I cancelled Surfshark about 2 weeks ago.
                From what I've read, Netflix have been hammering VPNs of late, it may well be that time is up.

    • What do you recommend to access geo-restricted content in other countries such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ etc.?

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