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Free 3 Month Subscription To The Sizzle For COVID-19 Vaccinated


Hello Ozbargain!

I'm giving away free 3 month subscriptions to my tech newsletter, The Sizzle, for anyone who uploads proof of their COVID-19 vaccination. Normally 3 months costs $15, but as an incentive/reward for those being proactive and getting vaccinated against COVID-19, it's free - no strings attached, no payment information needed, single-click unsubscribe at any time.

Plenty of Ozbargainers are subscribers (they may even comment on this post!), but what is The Sizzle???

  • A brief email newsletter sent every weekday.
  • Three no bullshit summaries of the last 24 hours in tech news.
  • The freshest Australian computer & electronics bargains.
  • $5 a month or $50 a year.
  • Free for COVID-19 vaccinated new subscribers! No ads, no tracking.
  • Over 1350 issues since October 2015, sent to over 770 paid subscribers.

This offer will continue until 80% of Australians are vaccinated! Feel free to shout out in the comments if you have any questions.

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closed Comments

    • +2

      Interesting, interesting and even more interesting that a community can dispute your comment.

    • -1

      10 year member almost. Should have started some clinical trials when you signed up so the vaccine would be safe in your humble, educated opinion. But hey, glad you know the name of the game now!

      Also you said interesting too many times in your comment. You should get your witch doctor to check you out!

    • +5

      Thats a bit crass my friend. Just like you and me, he is allowed to have his own opinions.
      We can disagree with each other without getting nasty about it..

      • Seems the times for crass, friend. I also did not want society to become like this. There is a feeling of social cold war since trump was voted in. Not sure how to fix it. Perhaps that was why I was compelled to make my comments. Take care

        • +1

          Listen, I don’t know how all of this is going to end my brother but we aren’t doing ourselves any favour by biting back like that. It only furthers the divide.
          Don’t blame your fellow human for thinking differently from you, blame the source of their beliefs and convictions.

          The only way we can put our point across is through love and compassion. Trust me, we won’t come across as weak for doing that either.

          Regardless, you take care too my brother.

  • +8

    Hey op - I can't get the vaccine for medical reasons. This is discriminatory.

    • +11

      You're probably going to have to put up with a lot more than missing out on a newspaper.

      • +11

        Yes, which is why I'm actively engaging people now so they realise what they're doing is wrong.

        I'm going to be suffering for years. I'm already in enough pain from my conditions, being discriminated against is just the cherry on top.

        • +16

          Come on, don’t play the victim like that.
          This man didn’t knowingly ‘discriminate’ against you..
          Also, he just said that there’s an option for a free trial already available on his newsletters. If you want it that bad, you would have signed up for the free trial already
          I doubt that you have ?

        • +1

          I can't have cherries :( Discriminatory that you get one on top of things

        • I get it, but its not discrimination as you are being excluded. Companies run targeted promotions all the time.

    • Send them your reason and they'll probably give it to you.

      • -1

        No. My PRIVATE medical records is that. Private.

        Are you circumcised? Do you have aids? Do you want to tell me? No. That's private.

        • +25

          So you wouldn't have given them your details anyway. It's not discriminatory then.

        • +5

          I'm circumsised! How you doin?

        • +1

          Nope, nope, and sure.

          A faceless screen name (of which you could make a new one) telling another faceless screen name that a medical condition exists and why it impacts them, is a level of privacy concern for you?

          Your local postie probably knows more about you from your mail, than that would reveal, geez man.

          It sounds like your medical condition must keep you isolated a lot; but I assure you, much larger companies have much more info on you, than that.

          But rest assured; you're protected by the 'needle in a haystack' problem. Too much data, to find anything useful. The 'odd ones out' are the obvious few.

        • I know this is an old post, but you should know that if you can't get vaccinated your health care provider can have an exemption notice added to the immunization resister.

          You will then be able to get the certificate just like anyone else. So don't worry, you don't have to be discriminated against.

          You also don't have to disclose your medical details to people.

    • +26

      That sucks. Hopefully this offer is a tiny incentive for others to get vaccinated so you are also protected. Stay safe!

      • +1

        For those complaining about vaccination and "where is my jab".

        Here it is - https://www.hotdoc.com.au/
        If anyone wants one. Go for it!
        No dramas, book it in today

    • +3

      What about all the student deals and state specific deals that get posted here?

      And the coles/woollies targeted deals. All discriminatory

      • +4

        Not that I am agreed with ‘Wickadz’ comment above.

        But the key point of their argument was that you can chose to be a student and can chose to shop at Coles/Woolworths. But you can’t chose to have pre-existing medical conditions.
        I think thats the key difference between them.

        • +2

          You can't choose to be selected by a targeted offer. I can't choose to live in Victoria right now. Lots of people can't choose an employer with Good Guys commercial

          I agree that incentivising vaccination isn't necessarily appropriate, but negging bc it's discriminationatory is pushing it a bit here.

          • +1

            @blighst: I was just playing the devil’s advocate with my comment above to help put across ‘Wickadz’ argument..

            I personally don’t agree with their approach. I also don’t think they should have negged it for ‘discriminatory’ behaviour..

    • I would encourage more of these perks so your safer, not yell discrimination. I got the vaccine but due to my immune system i most likely will not produce antibodies. Any incentives to get vaccines into those who can get it is great - less chance of us getting Covid!

    • +1

      He's rewarding people who have had the vaccination. He hasn't imposed any penalty on you. Sorry to hear that you have complications, but it has nothing to do with this deal. Sounds like you just wanted to rant

    • I know this is an old post, but you should know that if you can't get vaccinated your health care provider can have an exemption notice added to the immunization resister.

      You will then be able to get the certificate just like anyone else. So don't worry, you don't have to be discriminated against.

  • +1

    Existing subscriber - I thought that I was always on top of tech news and sometimes my feeds do the work but the Sizzle does that by going an extra mile by covering tech like a nerdy mate of yours trying to break complex stuff for you. Personally i would jst take the two week trial to see if this suits and not worry about uploading my vax certificate.

    I feel like for some of us a vax certificate is as rare as finding a PS5 in stock.

    • You'll get your chance, don't worry, everyone will, don't believe the hype, moderna is coming to the rescue 😉

    • Thanks! Glad you find value in my little newsletter :)

  • FYI - Pretty sure OP is from Bacchus Marsh area (recently had COVID for those who aren't up-to-date) - I can definitely sympathise the sentiment behind this post.

    Any incentive to get the jab is great - as someone rightfully pointed out though you might be opening up a tin of worms with peoples personal details. Is your website encrypted for upload?

    • +4

      Yep, I am from Bacchus Marsh. When the school got hit it was a bit of a wake up call as to how even a little town like mine isn’t immune to a big outbreak.

      My website has HTTPS enabled and the form host (Formspree) encrypts their data at rest. I delete the uploaded screenshot immediately once I’ve verified it.

      • -6

        What outbreak mate? Thousands of people ended up being locked up not by a virus, but by the government. Was it not a wake up call to realize that little towns are not immune to government overreach and petty tyranny?

        • +1

          the outbreak thats killing dozens of unvaccinated people in australia a week, that one

          • -2

            @frankfurtman: Whose average age happens to be above the life expectancy…
            While 400+ people die every day in Australia from all causes which do not matter anymore.

            • +1

              @ldq: So there is no virus that caused all those deaths in USA and INIDIA just to name two countries are fake news? Indians running out of morgue space so they burnt so many dead bodies out in the fields that they ran out of wood is fake news too?

              Governments around the world is so bored they would trouble them selves with all those COVID bs to piss off the population just so they have something to do?

              • @Creamsoda: There is a virus, but if this virus is twice as bad as the flu I would suggest to double our efforts in doing exactly the same thing we used to do for the flu i.e. nothing.
                Your logic is funny, since the governments are in an overdrive to do something there must be a good reason to it. Not really. The politicians cannot afford to be seen not taking action, this a political suicide for them.
                All we need is prudent inaction.

                • +1

                  @ldq: But covid isn't the flu. you don't see Indians burning so many bodies that they ran out of wood every flu season. do you want Australia to fare worse than the likes of INDIA by doing nothing?

                  • @Creamsoda: This is not an argument, but a scare tactic, we are not India, like AT ALL, do not compare in any way. And then think about how India disappeared from the front pages after a short burst of fear-mongering. Why? I've heard they are using available cheap drugs for prevention and treatment. These drugs are for some reason banned in Australia, but the numbers in India went down. Not so scary anymore?

        • +1

          Im guessing you didnt live through polio and smallpox.

          Mass isolation of the healthy and sick is sensible during an outbreak of disease.

          Even if by some stroke you were right about the severity, there are people out there who are talking down on the government for taking actions to stop people getting sick.

          Even if its minor, i dont feel the need to call doctors giving kids stitches evil or controlling, just because its "more punture wounds to heal 1 wound!?"

          Likewise, if limiting movement stops nan getting the sniffles, you can call it an overreaction all you wish, but it can only by through good intentions.

          I dont wish for nan to have sniffles; and if I have to watch TV for a week to stop it, so be it.

          I would suggest to double our efforts in doing exactly the same thing we used to do for the flu i.e. nothing.

          But thats not true. If you had the flu, it was expected you isolated and didnt pass it on.

          Both legally from an HR perspective (if they were made aware infectious people were on-site) and ethically from a social one.

          • @MasterScythe: Be my guest, isolate the sick and leave the healthy people alone. Don't test the healthy, don't scare the healthy.
            Mass isolation of the healthy is not sensible and has never been, not a part of any pandemic response plan.
            You are suggesting to stop living to save lives. No, thank you.

            • @ldq:

              Be my guest, isolate the sick and leave the healthy people alone

              Problem is, because a lot of it can be asymptomatic, you need to isolate the healthy also, to find the sick.
              But people are unable to 'see the big picture' and just worry about their own so called rights.

              There are a lot of petty, selfish and immoral people who care more about their 'rights' than the comfort of society.
              It's sickening.

              You don't have to feel sick, to be sick.

              eg. You don't advocate unsafe sex, just because the HIV positive bloke 'feels fine'.
              If you're HIV positive, I'm not going in bare, it's just not worth the risk, even if you 'feel totally fine'; I might not!

              • @MasterScythe: There is no proof of asymptomatic transmission. Asymptomatic = healthy.
                I am absolutely disgusted by your lot. What is your malady that you are so scared? Why should anyone care about your fear? Grow up and face it - we all are going to die. The numbers just don't stack up for the claims like the one you have just made - assuaging your personal fear does not equate the comfort of the society, covid by any measure is simply not a threat to ~99+% of people of all ages and for younger people this number is more like 99.9%. Mate you are a walking meme, you have to check in at a cemetery regularly to make sure you are still alive.

                • @ldq:

                  There is no proof of asymptomatic transmission.

                  Here in QLD, we have proof, people who were exposed to 'healthy' people (who were, however, positive), who were isolated instantly, have since developed the virus (After what's called an incubation period). We genuinely have 100% isolated 'healthy' people who have ended up VERY sick; I personally know 1. So you can put that theory aside.

                  Asymptomatic = healthy.

                  I have a close friend who would like to share blood with you. They are asymptomatic. No further questions please.
                  Keen? If not, why not? They're not outwardly sick?

                  • -1

                    @MasterScythe: We are talking a mild respiratory virus here, you can leave the HIV and everything else to yourself.

                  • @MasterScythe: I will not respond to you after this because you keep "improving" your comments to which I had already responded.
                    I am in the west of Melbs, it was allegedly a covid hotbed last year it allegedly is right now. My anecdotal evidence - I don't know a single person who's had it, my colleague's father-in-law was allocated to covid deaths from aged care - an obvious lie to me, like everything that comes out of Stairman's mouth.

                    • @ldq:

                      I will not respond to you after this because you keep "improving" your comments to which I had already responded.

                      I'm not a moderator, that's not possible.
                      Ozbargain locks comments to edits the moment somebody responds.

                      I don't know a single person who's had it

                      You do now!
                      and I could also introduce you to my mates sister came back from the USA with it; she was in an our of ICU 3 times with it.

                • @ldq:

                  There is no proof of asymptomatic transmission. Asymptomatic = healthy.

                  There is plenty of evidence of it. Are you serious?

                  P.S. COVID has an average incubation period of about 1-10 days after infection. People that are still incubating the virus, but are not yet showing symptoms, are known to spread the virus (i.e. during their infectious period).

                  • -2

                    @DogGunn: infectious = symptomatic

                    • +1


                      infectious = symptomatic

                      Incorrect. Symptomatic means you're showing symptoms of COVID-19, but during that time, it doesn't stop you from infecting other people with SARS-CoV-2).

                      Some people that are infectious never even show symptoms of COVID-19, yet can still infect others, who can develop symptoms.

  • +6

    Wow, many chuds here losing their minds over a free newsletter. Good deal OP.

    • +6

      Hit the front page of Ozbargain quickly too. Thanks chuds, everyone wins!

      • +13

        no, but I will still be boycotting

        • +3

          I'm boycotting you.

        • +1


        • +6

          And nothing of value was lost….

  • +3

    Can't believe the amount of negs for no good reason. Way to support a small business guys.

  • +1

    Do unvaccinated get 1.5 months?

  • +1

    Okay OP. Four people will boycott your business.

    • +30

      Is covid a political crisis? I thought it was a health crisis.

    • +3

      The only people making this political are the ones claiming there is discrimination lol

  • +3

    I have AIDs an unable to get vaccinated and find this deeply unfair!

    • +6

      You are not losing something that you have. You just are not eligible as you might not be eligible for Unidays or The Good Guys Commercial or the random Uber Eats vouchers that never work for me.

    • +2

      If you havent, you might want to reach out to other specialists.

      I dont know your situation, so I'm aware im well out of my ball-park; but I know several people who have HIV/AIDS, who were able to get it.

      Africa has had a dedicated research arm, specifically dedicated to people with your condition.


      You dont need to tell me anything about yourself, just spewing data at you on the off-chance its new.

      If its not, sorry to have bothered you.

    • -1

      Bro….not to be a sour puss but Aids will get you way before Covid will. Hopefully others get vaccinated so you can be safe.

      Sending you thoughts and prayers. Be at peace friend.

      • -1

        It's ok bro… I got that Magic Johnson aids, I'm all good!
        Thanks to all the well wishers. ;)

  • +8

    I thought it was 3 months of free sausage rolls, not some spam on tech. If I want tech news, I can just go on reddit.

  • -1

    So good that deal negs are now starting to stay up, the few that give their comment downvotes out so religiously have exhausted their 5 downvotes for the day.

    • Tomorrow's a new day.

      • It’s ok if they go down, it’s just good to know they exist

  • +1

    5000 spots for the Jab for Sydney workers on Sunday, only 2000 booked. Only half of year 12 students booked in.
    It's popular.

    • Super Sunday was rainy, daily rates still rising. Large chunk of population still ineligible for preferred vaccine.

      • +1

        not for year 12, can't be that big a rush then if people are worried about a bit of rain.

    • Year 12 was booked out first day and nearly full the next - was only offered to 8 LGAs and schools were quite slow to submit names / didn't submit names at all in some cases.

      Sunday was rainy. Nobody's going out in the rain.

  • +3

    It seems a lot of the people negging this deal have never posted a single bargain on this website.

    • OP probably had more deal posts than the the negative voters combined.

    • +14

      Discriminating against the stupid

  • +1

    Thank you for doing this.

  • +2

    What the world has come to. This is discrimination considering it’s too early to stop unvaccinated people or incentivise vaccinated people. Australia is still lagging behind on vaccination rollout.

  • +7

    Not everyone who decides not to vaccinate is an 'anti'-vaxxer'. There are legit reasons to be apprehensive, but you make up your own mind.

    FWIW, I have a bachelors and a masters degree in Medical Science from Sydney Uni. And I don't have facebook, and I don't subscribe to any conspiracy theories.

    • +1

      bachelors and a masters degree in Medical Science from Sydney Uni.


    • Medical Science? Good one mate!

    • +2

      There are legitimate reasons! But the immediate side effects of covid are justifiably much worse.

      Also at this point we've had what 100m people vaccinated for 6 months? In terms of exposure hours, that's 5m people vaccinated for 10 years! (I do realise that's not exactly how long term effects work). The sheer number of hours that people have been living with this vaccine, discounting all of the knowledge lots of brilliant scientists have put into this, we're quite confident it's safer than not getting everyone vaccinated.

  • +2

    Sizzle is fun and $5/Mo has been worth it. I don't think vaccines are on topic though. With all respect to both sides of this argument and those in between; why?

    May jeperdise your reputation as a layed back tech writer that cuts out the BS.

    To marginalise a group of people is your choice, and fair enough if to sign up or not is theirs, but it doesn't sit right tbh.

    Yes you can argue credit cards aren't(or shouldn't be) offered to those who cannot afford it, but that's not the same thing as a choice about their own bodies.

    All in all before I'm labelled an anti-vax, I do plan to get the Pfizer once eligible. Just thinking right or wrong, people have their own reasons, we just might not see it

    • +17

      Some people "have their own reasons" for liking Nazis. I think those people are (profanity).

      Same applies to people who think they're smarter than all of the world's scientists. And their self-important anti-vaxx behaviour impacts me because it prolongs these lockdowns and restrictions.

      This isn't a both sides argument. People have a right to have a stupid opinion about vaccines, and everyone else has a right to think they're selfish ignorant (profanity).

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