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Free 3 Month Subscription To The Sizzle For COVID-19 Vaccinated


Hello Ozbargain!

I'm giving away free 3 month subscriptions to my tech newsletter, The Sizzle, for anyone who uploads proof of their COVID-19 vaccination. Normally 3 months costs $15, but as an incentive/reward for those being proactive and getting vaccinated against COVID-19, it's free - no strings attached, no payment information needed, single-click unsubscribe at any time.

Plenty of Ozbargainers are subscribers (they may even comment on this post!), but what is The Sizzle???

  • A brief email newsletter sent every weekday.
  • Three no bullshit summaries of the last 24 hours in tech news.
  • The freshest Australian computer & electronics bargains.
  • $5 a month or $50 a year.
  • Free for COVID-19 vaccinated new subscribers! No ads, no tracking.
  • Over 1350 issues since October 2015, sent to over 770 paid subscribers.

This offer will continue until 80% of Australians are vaccinated! Feel free to shout out in the comments if you have any questions.

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The Sizzle
The Sizzle

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          Why not get the current vaccines available to you now so you get some level of protection now (while also helping prevent the current spread and future lock downs). Then more likely than not you'll be able to get the novovax as a booster later on.

          • @shkippy: You make very valid points and I am listening, but I would still rather wait for novavax personally, less side effects and more coverage.

            • @Misha Bakunin: There is nowhere near enough data about Novavax side effects or efficacy to be confident at this point. Clinical tests don't necessarily reflect what is likely to happen in the 'real world'. That info will only be reliable after tens of thousands across a broad spectrum of the population have been vaccinated. Fingers crossed that it is an improvement on current vaccines, esp where delta is concerned.

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              @Misha Bakunin: Ive covered it a few times in this thread; but remember the Pfizer/Moderna vaccines are based on technology that was pioneered in 1989.

              mRNA specifically was last used in humans for RSV vaccine trials more than 10 years ago. No long term problems yet; it just wasnt persued because the response against rsv was too weak.

              Feel free to do your own research, but 30 years of research into the technology; and 10 years of monitoring on the current 'formula', simply with a different target, is pretty decent testing and research.

              Worth a read to make your own mind up; The media really made a mistake calling it "new" technology, rather than the first success of old technology.

        • +4

          Did you get a chance to upload those videos showing segregation of the unvaccinated on London transport? They would 100% be public interest. If you are aware of these issues, have evidence and they are as significant as you make them out to be, you're a real coward keeping them to yourself. Given your profession, i'd imagine this should be easy for you.

    • +3

      C'mon Ricky - dozens, if not hundreds, are waiting for those elusive videos.

      Post them, and restore your credibility in an instant.

  • +1

    This thread really brought out the nutcases.

  • +3

    So much hostility in this thread, from "both sides". So much divisiveness. All this "darwinism" talk, people making subtle remarks about others deserving death. So much circular rhetoric, untamed emotion and judgment. So many hateful words. There are certainly sensible reflections and comments in between, but it's concerning the amount of people that seem so eager to produce a reaction. How could we expect to sensibly resolve our differences with this type of thinking and behavior?

    There will come a point where we will need to reconcile these differences. I hope we can collectively reach this point in a state where we are not so easily agitated by one another and can open up enough to try to understand a view that seems to oppose our own.

    • +3

      I hope we can collectively reach this point in a state where we are not so easily agitated by one another and can open up enough to try to understand a view that seems to oppose our own.

      I understand where your coming from, it would be nice to live in a tranquil and respectful society as you have so elegantly pointed out. However when some people are directly undermining it with blatant misinformation or worse, disinformation, we as a society have to rise up and protect it.

      • +1

        I agree. Very challenging times we live in currently, it's difficult to separate what is true from what is not. A lot of people clearly feel disenfranchised by governmental and other authority figures, which is understandable. They are in a position where they cannot, but must trust the government, the medical industry and the media industry. And who else will represent them but themselves? Quite a frustrating position to be in.

        On the other hand, is the "mainstream" for lack of a better word. Largely they do not face these same concerns. Or if they do, they have not led them down this same path. They absolutely still face frustration. There is still distrust, but it would seem to them that this is a collective issue which needs to be met collectively, using all resources available, even if that means the expense of some liberties. And this makes sense in the face of everything that is happening.

        It is important to understand how we got to this particular position in time. It is not like Healthcare fraud, purposeful manipulation of data, in-sourcing for studies, false claims act violations, persecution of whistle-blowers, kickbacks for doctors, and federal and state lawsuits against these practices are uncommon. While not everything from "conspiracy theorists" and fringe groups may not be true, it is the same for the inverse.

        Does this mean that what is happening with how the COVID situation is being handled now may not apply? Who could truly know. Is it relevant to how this discussion is taking place, and how everything is being handled? I would certainly say so.
        At the end of the day, this is just my opinion. But I would encourage further reading upon the aforementioned subjects before rushing to any particular conclusion.

        Objectivity is as important as ever.

        • +2

          Objectivity is as important as ever.

          The free world lost that under Trump. No hope is left for the tens of millions out there, QAnon followers and the like, who still believe the big lie and still think he acted in their interests as president, as per the character he portrayed while campaigning anyway. To me, the sad state of the political world in the past years also reflects the public's eroded trust in institutions that have only ever acted in our best interests, medical and scientific authorities included. It's rather sad growing up in a world where people can only argue about petty things, assault each other, and cause society to seemingly regress. It's so rare to find people who just take a breath and admit they're wrong.

    • +2

      It is not in this forum, it happens in a lot of thread, including people getting neg for asking "dumb" or obvious questions, although it is sometimes easy to forget there are lots of nice people on this forum who can communicate in a diplomatic and being very helpful.

      • That is very true. It's quite easy to get caught up in the duality of everything. Thanks for the reminder about staying positive and thinking expansively 😊

  • Hey, anyone wants to comment their experience with sizzle and whether the info in the magazine is worthwhile.

    • good summary for the day TLDR

  • nice gesture

  • @decryption after the 3 months, how do we cancel if don't want it anymore or?

    • Unsubscribe from the emails at any time. There's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email I send.

      • Are you saying you don't automatically stop the emails until payment is received after 3 months?
        So generous of you, Anthony.

        • The newsletter stops after the trial period, but you will receive occasional emails asking you to pay unless you unsubscribe.

  • Subscribed, great initiative!

  • Australia hit 80% double dosed a few days ago, so this offer is over now. Thanks everyone for signing up and trying out The Sizzle! 2 week free trials are still available at https://thesizzle.com.au

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