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Free 3 Month Subscription To The Sizzle For COVID-19 Vaccinated


Hello Ozbargain!

I'm giving away free 3 month subscriptions to my tech newsletter, The Sizzle, for anyone who uploads proof of their COVID-19 vaccination. Normally 3 months costs $15, but as an incentive/reward for those being proactive and getting vaccinated against COVID-19, it's free - no strings attached, no payment information needed, single-click unsubscribe at any time.

Plenty of Ozbargainers are subscribers (they may even comment on this post!), but what is The Sizzle???

  • A brief email newsletter sent every weekday.
  • Three no bullshit summaries of the last 24 hours in tech news.
  • The freshest Australian computer & electronics bargains.
  • $5 a month or $50 a year.
  • Free for COVID-19 vaccinated new subscribers! No ads, no tracking.
  • Over 1350 issues since October 2015, sent to over 770 paid subscribers.

This offer will continue until 80% of Australians are vaccinated! Feel free to shout out in the comments if you have any questions.

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  • +1


    You support me,

    I support you.

    We ALL support each other TOGETHER.

    And I say that with not ANY sign of the 'Scummo Smirk'. Ops, I should have said Scomo … nah, I actually mean Scummo!

  • +2

    Great Bargain - FREE! and once again endless hours of fun from ppl who have really BIG horses and LOVE to get RIGHT up high on THEM; as if it was anyones business about what I do or how I do it (opportunity for legal action here) just opened up the Chinese run mygov site and about to shoot off my vacc cert. Just need to put on my calipers and get over to the old lady down the street with the black cat so she can scratch those pustules off my face and give me some celery root for that persistent cough……..Ive never heard so much crap about getting a jab since i stopped taking heroin

  • The content of the sizzle is nothing useful. Better content on google

    • I can't find the part but a question for the neg dude that recommends Telegram .
      Is it good for porn ?

  • +2

    The number of crackpots, conspiracy theorists, anti vaxxers, and aggressive morons on OzB is quite depressing. What happened to live and let live?

    • +8

      Neg for obvious reasons.

      My 24 hour limit has reset babyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • +1

    If ever there was a reason to ban covid incentive deals here, this thread is it.

    • +6

      I think it's a good reason to change the voting guidelines.

      The government are encouraging these deals. There will be much better deals coming and there's no reason the community should miss out. We don't need the noise of clowns interfering with deals.

      • +3

        The government are encouraging these deals

        and so they should…

      • +5

        Exactly. I hope we will be seeing more and more targeted deals offering additional benefits for people who are vaccinated.

        And I hope that gradually leads us to more freedom to travel interstate, and then internationally.

        I'm sick of lockdowns, and of selfish morons who prefer doing lockdowns than being vaccinated (medical contraindications excluded).

        "When did the polio vaccine become mandatory?
        The first polio vaccine was available in the United States in 1955. Thanks to widespread use of polio vaccine, the United States has been polio-free since 1979."

        "The Global Polio Eradication Initiative is an international plan to eliminate polio from every country in the world. Australia has been officially polio-free since 2000, and only a few countries in the world still have polio."

        "The US was desperate for a polio vaccine. Two Jewish virologists whose families fled the pogroms in Europe, Albert Sabin and Jonas Salk, competed to develop the first polio vaccine.

        Salk’s vaccine, made from killed polio viruses, was ready for a large clinical trial in 1954. Families were desperate for their children to be enrolled; children who did so called themselves Polio Pioneers."

        "Firstly, the public will tolerate risk of harm from a vaccine if their fear of the disease exceeds their fear of the vaccine."

        Therefore, it seems that things have to be out of control and hundreds of people have to die to motivate others.

        We might have to wait a few more months…

    • -1

      Mods wouldn't have the balls to be consistent.

      • Where do I send proof of testicles and what kind of subscription do I get?

    • We won't be banning " COVID incentive deals". Some of the recent deals:

      Given the trend around the world with retailers offering vaccination deals, the deals will only be getting better and likely a dedicated page to these deals (e.g. our sister site CheapCheapLah is doing so) Newly created page. At the end of the day, we're all here for the deals.

      We will continue to enforce the

      Please report any comments that you feel don't meet the guidelines above and for anything further please use Talk with a Moderator.

  • +5

    The sense of entitlement in these people are absurd. OP doesn’t owe anyone a free subscription, and people felt attacked simply because they couldn’t claim free stuff without providing the cert. Just like any other deals - not right for you? Don’t think it’s a deal? THEN MOVE ON. The abusive comments showed that some people don’t see privilege

    • Because they feel they are 'entitled'……

        • +1

          Not ad hominem, at all. MBix was spot on.

          Don't get all dramatic now, mate. No one asked for your entire medical history.
          If you don't want to participate in this deal by uploading your vaccination status, then move along. Don't go all Marjorie Taylor Greene crazy.

  • +11

    anti-vaxxers are such snowflakes

    • Other way round. Snowflakes, generically, will grasp onto anything that makes them feel better & more secure such as a rushed vaccine such as these are. I am not an anti-vaxxer but I'm passing on this one for more reasons than can be explained on such a forum.

      • +5

        will grasp onto anything that makes them feel better & more secure

        such as facebook, reddit or telegram group etc posts that reinforce their beliefs that covid is a hoax or 'just the flu', the vaccine is untested or 'rushed', and lockdowns and masks don't do anything

        • +1

          Gov and pharma are overtly proud of how 'rushed' it was.

          • +6

            @grasspun: who would have thought when an entire planet of scientists and engineers work together, with practically unlimited funds, things can get done quicker than usual

            people seem to have no issue with the fact that we can do things like engineer microprocessors to fit over 300 million transistors in a mm2, take an image of a blackhole light years away, detect a higgs boson in a large hadron collider, or produce an entire genome sequence of DNA in a few days.

            but, hey, produce some vaccine based on existing or ongoing developed biotech, nah… definitely rushed, unsafe and clearly a conspiracy.

            Some selectively choose what amazing things our scientists and engineers are capable of, with the effective education of a few hours on youtube :/

            • -3

              @SBOB: Putting pharmaceuticals into a human body is different to taking a photo of something.

              • +3

                @grasspun: Yep, a Panadol is way easier than imaging something 55 million light year away (that's 5.203 × 10^20 kilometres)

                Again, selectively choose what amazing things our scientists and engineers are capable of, with the effective education of a few hours on youtube :/

                • -1

                  @SBOB: Panadol is only easy now because of the incredible work done by chemists back in the day.

                  Not trying to say science and engineering isn't great, they just don't get it right everytime. Plenty of lessons learnt along the way.

                  • +1


                    because of the incredible work done by chemists back in the day.

                    agreed…..same goes for vaccinations.

          • +1


            Gov and pharma are overtly proud of how 'rushed' it was.

            Yeah it's a genuine shame they're not giving credit where it's due.
            "LOOK HOW QUICK!"….. 30 years….. bro…. 30 years is not quick….. 1989 was the first trials of RNA signalling vaccines….
            You changed the viral target, and the new target works well with this technology, which is FANTASTIC news.
            Who'd have guessed the 'empty' corona would make the particles resilient enough to build an immune response. It's genious, really

            But I agree, they're riding on the coat tails of a vaccine technology first trialed in 1989, and the hard work of some peoples entire careers since to reach this.

            I'm extremely happy they successed, but eeeesh, you couldn't have put it better, how 'proud' they are of the 'rush' and not aknowledging the failures and work over the past 30 years that have led to this success.

            I mean, even the RSV mRNA vaccine (arguably the first mRNA) worked just extremely poorly, so it wasn't worth rolling out. And that was more than 10 years ago, and work never stopped again! No credit for the poor scientists.

            Sucks for the professionals who worked so hard to get us here BEFORE covid exploded.

            • @MasterScythe: I mean, we all know I'm alluding to the compressed clinical trials and lack of long term side effects, right? I know there was research for decades but this is still the first time we've injected this specific sort of thing into humans.

              Hats off to the previous researchers, I'm sure their papers are referenced and their peers know where the credit is due.

              • @grasspun:

                compressed clinical trials

                Concurrent, not compressed.

                Throw enough priority/urgency and money at an issue and the hurdles medical scientists go through normally getting funding, setting up testing pools and getting approval to move to the next stage of testing go away.

                Who would have thought when it has the potential to impact 7+ billion people money and resources become less constrained
                (Though doesnt seem to apply to stuff like climate change ;) )

              • +1


                this is still the first time we've injected this specific sort of thing into humans.

                En masse, sure, but no, not as a blanket statement.
                That would be the RSV vaccine in roughly 2010. The particles the mRNA instructed weren't resilient enough to build a worthwhile immune response though, the immune system kinda just beat them without effort, so there was a response, but it was so weak it would be something like a 20 dose vaccine, so it wasnt persued. The bonus of a coronavirus (minus the virus) is that it's a resilient particle, so the new target worked amazingly well.

                I'm OK with 12 years of long term testing on this exact vaccine technology.
                Changing the target really doesn't change the action the technology uses.

                It's only logical anyway;
                It's not injecting something in us that lasts at all. It's injecting something that the body destroys, to learn.
                If the side effects arent quickly apparent, the risks of long term ones drop to rediculously miniscule levels.

                If people actually stopped, grabbed a whiteboard, put their 'opinions' aside, and truly looked at each stage a 'classic' vaccine takes, and compared it to the new COVID ones? I think they'd be shocked how many times beyond the 'classics', the COVID vaccines safety and efficacy testing really is.
                Worldwide testing including HIV & Cancer patients, almost every ethnicity, massive numbers of test patients.
                You have places like Iceland who use it in children, places like Israel who mixed and matched un-tested combos.
                Even outside testing, some nations have been 'stupid' with it, and it's still caused no harm.

                Literally the ONLY 'missing' data, is the "30 years later" data, which statistically, has such a laughable minisulce risk. It's not CRISPR, It's not a gene technology, it's an RNA signaller, and once it stops signaling, it's destroyed. Now we know how common Long Covid is, it's not an argument of death or not, it's 'do you want to keep living' with those side effects?
                People not in medicine, see 'long term' effects of drugs people take daily, and liken those odds to drugs you take once, or even yearly; the risk profile is vastly different.

                I mean, honestly, compare it to other risks humans take;
                For example, a car, with brake or engine technology that is younger than this vaccine technology. (ergo, 'unproven' by their testing-requirements).
                If the brakes fail (Hi Yaris!) Or the engine runs-away (Hi Mk5 Golf!) you can literally die in an instant, but (most) put their entire bodies into it.

                It's genuinely confusing how some people build their risk:benefit ratios in their heads.

                It makes sense to be curious about long term effects, because they're possible. But they're so laughably small, especially compared to long covid, that it feels like a troll to even mention them outside of a textbook study.

                I wish people would just stop.
                Genuinely stop.
                Print out pure, raw data, zero human words, zero 'theories'.
                No opinion, just data.
                THEN decide if they're making the right decision questioning it at all.

                • @MasterScythe: I don't think it's worth responding as we are not going to change each other's mind, but I think you've made a lot of incorrect statements that make the world a nicer place if they were true. I hope it does end up being all good for everyone's sake.

                  • @grasspun: So, you'll spend some time fact checking the statements? Or you'll continue to sit there and be content with what you know?

                    • @ihfree: Without trying to be inflammatory, a lot of the, well, not 'anti vax' as a whole, but 'anti covid vax' crew are often embarrassed when they realise the actual vaccine technology is over 30 years in development.

                      The fact that an mRNA vaccine 'worked' in the past (but was too weak to distribute sensibly) and has had 10+ years of long-term study on the trial patients, is often news to them also.

                      The media did a great job of making it sound "new" and "breakthrough".

                      But really, the technology is the same, they just changed the target messenger.

                      The excitement of something 'new' turned to fear and distrust, and suddenly people who have never looked into medicine before are scared. The sensible approach would have been to tell the people how it is; "30 years of research has led to this"; but nope, the media wanted the 'hype' of a miracle. Backfired for sure. Lots of people dont pay for medical research databases either, they rely on leaks or social media; and man, BOTH sides of the coin have it wrong there; there's so much binary choice being argued, nobody is going back to the data.

                      Im not sure what he thinks is wrong in my statements.

                      RNA vaccines started in 1989 in animal studies, and mRNA was used in humans 10 years ago; thats easily researchable, even just via wiki for the lazy.

                      And plenty of people I know happily get in cars newer than 10 years old, with 'unique' brake or engine designs. If someones required safety profile is 10 years+ of testing; they're sending very mixed signals about their risk:benefit pattern….

                      Now we have it, very few are going back to the data, and doing real analysis from scratch, they're just piling onto their already established beliefs.

                      I was hesitant toward mRNA vaccines when they were proposed for this; but staying away from opinion, and going straight back to raw data, and previous tests, really made the decision extremely comforting and logical.

                    • @ihfree: I've done plenty of research and will continue to do so. Some comments on ozbargain are unlikely going to tell me something I don't already know.
                      MS talks about data but not all of it. I've got no time for cherry picking and rose coloured glasses.

                      • +1

                        @grasspun: Could you point us toward this research? Maybe that would be more convincing than factually incorrect statements such as "how rushed it was"

                      • +2


                        I've done plenty of research

                        YouTube and forums aren't research.
                        Some links to google scholar peer reviewed articles might be a start.

                        Though just being able to find the information, doesn't mean you automatically understand the information.

                        We currently have such a massive information knowledge gap, compared to history. At no time in history have people had limitless access to such a vast amount of information as we do today, without necessarily being able to understand that information.

                        • @SBOB: I guess one good thing about the Aus gov's plan to link verified IDs to social media accounts is that you would be able to see my qualifications and industry I work in. Until then, continue to assume my ignorance and stupidity!

                          • @grasspun:

                            continue to assume my ignorance and stupidity!

                            this is not what i said.

                            I've got plenty of knowledge in my field of engineering expertise, but i wouldnt pretend I could go look up a few hours of youtube on say the complexities of how an oil refinery safety system works and pretend I know more than someone who has worked in that industry for decades
                            (and there would be overlap in my and their expertise areas)

                            Its even crazier that people who haven't studied and researched immunology for decades can therefore go and read or watch info on vaccines and assume they automatically understand it all. But they can easily access almost as much source information as the experienced immunologist.

                            • @SBOB: Keep forgetting this is a bargain website comment section lol.

                              Like I said above, we are not going to change each other's minds. Even if I linked a bunch of reports and stats, you'd all find debunking sites that cover them then give me a bunch of other reports where I would find convenient assumptions and exclusions of certain data.

                              I'm out.

                              • +1

                                @grasspun: Sad response. Just share the screenshots of the Telegram group or private Facebook group that you're in.

        • +2

          Sheep will flock, lions will kill and vultures will scavenge.

          • @Karijini: Lol. Ok, boomer.

          • @Karijini: Yep. Predators and scavengers are not usually a benefit to society.

            Ive never seen a relationship with someone being predatory, or scavenging, and called it healthy.

        • Said the guy with the inability to comprehend things outside the four walls of the MSM 👌

      • +1

        Good choice. 👍
        Evidently, the majority here wouldn't even fathom it anyway.

    • +2

      And that’s how they got you. They bandied and threw the antivax term around for 10 years, then made you believe you would be antivax if you didn’t take your covid shot.

    • +1

      Factually incorrect. No snowflake would risk police brutality.
      All fervent covid cultists are driven by personal fear. They can't deal with the idea of dying.
      They are ultimate snowflakes, the embodiment of selfishness, they think everyone else has to stop living to save their lives.

  • +3

    People talking about vaxxers on here, not knowing ozbargain users would sell their soul for a bargain lol

  • +5

    We need to increase the cap number on voting negative on comments. 👎 to all the anti-vaxxers.

    • -8

      Does voting negative make you feel good? 😂
      …Make you feel all tough? 🤡

      • +4

        Same applies to you, doesn't it?

      • +1

        Hilarious coming from someone who's triggered by a deal they won't be eligible for. Do you also down vote eBay plus deals, myToyota deals and other targeted deals?

        You never told us about the bigger picture. Please enlighten us now.

        • Not triggered by a deal, concerned by its implications. And I did actually.

          • @Rickydsk: Here's your post history. Could you point out which comment specifically?

            It's not the whole segregation thing? You didn't by any chance get this line of thinking from Newscorp did you?

            • -1

              @ihfree: Given the ability to scrape through someone's posting history, I'm sure targeting a comment thread isn't too difficult.

              Newscorp? Far from it actually. It's called history and its called an education. If you were unable to see beyond what MSM tells you, then there's the problem right there 👌

              • @Rickydsk: I don't disagree there are problems with the MSM.
                Could you be more specific? Is there a particular event that's worth reading about?

                • +1

                  @ihfree: The comment was pertaining to the bigger picture.

                  I said it was the segregation, division and two tier citizenry. I mean when have you ever experienced this kind of hatred in Australia?

                  I made the statement saying how incredulous it was, given the BLM marches were only last year, and how much support they had. Standing up and speaking out to dismantle the division, segregation and aggression against a walk of people.

                  I also drew similarities to that and what's happening now. The very same division on multiple levels and only deviating in context.

                  I extrapolated my point by tying together the parallels, of the segregation namely that which African Americans and other black cultures faced specifically in public transport. Being forced to sit in a different area of the bus which became synonymous with their treatment and separation in greater society. I highlighted that only last week, they started doing this in the UK in public transport.

                  It doesn't end with this. In fact this is only the beginning and that's said with certainty if you listen to the words of the premiers and then pay attention to heightening situations AFTER the injectıons, in Israel, Gibraltar, Iceland, Malta, etc.

                  • +2

                    @Rickydsk: lol, comparing it to racial hate is ridiculous and straight out of the Fox/Sky playbook.

                    At the end of the day, you'll be restricted more in the future until we hit a certain percentage of the population being vaccinated. At some point, we'll hit another threshold where restrictions no longer apply.

                    At this point, those who are vaccinated may not show symptoms and will be at significantly less risk than those who are not vaccinated.

                    Hell, maybe you miss out on some deals or offers to drive vaccine uptake… Once again - suck it up. I don't complain about missing out on cheaper travel because i'm not a senior.

                    I highlighted that only last week, they started doing this in the UK in public transport.

                    Strangely, I can't find any references to this. Care to provide a link?

                    Israel, Gibraltar, Iceland, Malta, etc.

                    Once again extremely vague, Can you be more specific?

                    • @ihfree: Racial hate, medical hate, class hate, gender hate…The premise isn't the point. It's all about division and discrimination. Their meaning is bigger than the sum of their words,
                      …You think it's from a playbook? Ask yourself, is it happening?

                      The MSM can do one. I think we've already covered that. Their bias in entrenching members of the public who just want to do the right thing but are manipulated by cherry picked, agenda fitting narrative. When what we really need is transparency and open discussion.

                      You seem to be fighting your corner…
                      If your (or mine, or anyone else's) need to be right here surpasses the need to do right, then there's very dramatic problems afoot.

                      And you think this is about deals? Jeezo, If I can be certain of anything, it's that I literally couldn't care less about the impact on deals. Never wanted the deal and definitely don't now.

                      Again. Bigger picture.

                      On top of the segregation. NSW are now trying to push a no jab, no job policy. I don't care how radicalized someone is to think that someone else's health being in control of the state is a good thing, it's medical coercion and there's reasons everyone keeps ranting about the Nuremberg issue. Is it mind numbing? Yes. But, is it relevant and pertinent? Yes.
                      Again, history being an important lesson.

                      Israel 67%, Gibraltar 99.1%, Iceland 71.5, Malta 80%. Double jabbed figures. All the places are seeing covid rates skyrocket and lockdown increase in severity. Gibraltar ironically being the worst. Nearly complete double injectıon rate in the population and they're currently at a stage 4 alert. Are we still calling these 'vaccınes'?

                      Fact is, if we're using uptake as a benchmark, we've got serious concerns ahead and trepidation is the only sane approach.

                      • @Rickydsk: Do you get your news of telegram, Sky News or edgy facebook groups for outsiders? These news sources get by on "exposing" things which are typically misunderstanding of numbers or misinterpreting lines in studies and thinking "woah, they slipped up and let out their secret plan."

                        MSM are hugely problematic as is any organisation when profit is involved. They have interest in playing up emotional content. You're better off going straight to the government site or the ABC.

                        Nuremberg is about experimental drugs. Covid vaccines have been through full testing and are approved in Australia.

                        I'm fairly sure it's in the national plan that lockdowns may still be used once restrictions are lifted. The vaccines efficacy against delta isn't as high as the original strain. Still, Israel's population is doing better than an unvaccinated populations which are exposed to Delta.

                        Either way, get vaccinated or don't. I don't really care - there are enough people who will get vaccinated. People who won't do their part for society will likely be punished in some way and they deserve that. I'm getting vaccinated with or without offers. Anything on top is a nice bonus. If there are "targeted" deals which you are not eligible for, stop being triggered and move on.

                        You and those around you will be at higher risk once things start to reopen. It seems to be a reality that we will be vaccinated and living alongside the Delta strain. If it's not you winning a Darwin award, it will be someone else with your same ideas.

                        Where's the link regarding public transport?

                  • @Rickydsk: Valid concern, far less valid comparisons given the facts surrounding your examples, and the culture of this country (some indigenous wouldn't agree with that, but we're getting there with land rights, cultural respect etc). BLM, aparthied, segregation all have long, well-documented histories of discrimination, mistreatment, police and authority indifference, and "legal" murder worthy of protest.

                    Not suggesting we're particularly special (as much as we like to believe so) but we don't have the same environment (anti-education, endemic and systemic racism, lack of legal and democratic rights, politics riven by ignorance and extremes, a media completely dominated by particular voices, etc) as in your examples. Our legal and governing frameworks are also much more robust. The UK's first past the post and the USA's presidential system are laughable compared to our voting and federation systems.

                    Could something as widespread and socially disruptive as covid apartheid happen here wrt vaccinated V unvaccinated? I think the risk is certainly there but is probably smaller than you suggest. There will undoubtedly be some restrictions on unvaccinated (or those without antibodies to be more accurate) for a period of time. Some of those will be relatively* valid (health, aged care workers etc), some like suggested travel passports will either not get public support or will quickly erode as we learn to live with corona viruses. That said we'll know more when the magic 80% vaccinaton/"herd immunity" (including unvaccinated people who have contracted C19) number is attained.

                    • relatively valid because data suggests that current vaccines don't protect every vaccinated person from contracting covid, nor do they completely stop transmission. Still better than the alternative in particular circumstances.
  • Man, come on where is real reward of getting vaccinated ??? Would rather prefer getting something like prepaid visa/mastercard for getting vaccinated. Waiting for such a offer from government until employer makes me have to get vaccine to continue work. Otherwise would not getting vaccinated if not getting a decent reward for it, mere No lockdown is not enough.

    Have a watch of

    So many rewards in USA, Australia, just a crappy No Reward at all

    • +1

      i know right.
      Im surprised babies are dumb enough to take vaccinations when they are born without getting a cheque first

    • +2

      One would think the reward of not dying, avoiding serious effects of Covid or not killing your parents would be reward enough.

      • Depends on your circumstance man, most young people are not eligible for vaccine yet anyway, Just cannot get Pfizer if you are at the bottom of priority list

      • -2

        Tell me, what's the chances of that happening? 🤔

        • Doesn't matter, just as long as there is a possibility it can happen is enough for fear to be manipulated.

        • +2

          You're a big boy. You can look it up and work out a risk profile for yourself.

          The interesting phase is going to be relaxing of restrictions. Delta will still spread through the population and at that point we'll likely see some anti-vax, anti-mask Darwin award recipients.

          • +1


            The interesting phase is going to be relaxing of restrictions. Delta will still spread through the population and at that point we'll likely see some anti-vax, anti-mask Darwin award recipients

            as recent Byron Bay visitors can attest to, everyone anti-vaxer is a covid denier until they can't breath and require medical assistance/ambulance.

          • -2

            @ihfree: No, I'd rather hear it from the guy creating the alarmism about it. I mean, it's your claim. So its only fair you can justify it, no?

            Go, on. Enlighten us all. Or are you intentionally avoiding answering it? 🤔

            • @Rickydsk: Sorry, what are you talking about? Do you want help coming up with a risk profile for yourself?

              Where do you live?
              What's the current situation with covid in your area?
              What's your profession?
              What's your current work situation?
              Do you wear a mask?
              Do you social distance?
              What's compliance like in your area?
              Are you locked down?
              How big is your household?
              What do the other household members do?
              Are they in frequent contact with anyone else?
              Do you have vulnerable people(children, parents, those with other medical conditions) around you who may be affected?

              • @ihfree: No, I don't need a risk profile thanks. Just answering the question you're avoiding would be great.

                You claimed "the risk of… dying, avoiding serious effects of Covid or not killing your parents would be reward enough."

                I'll simplify the calculation. What's the risk of dying from it? In Australia. You said it. Hopefully it's something that can be backed up.

                • +2

                  @Rickydsk: What's the Spain?

                  As it stands, for just the death rate, we're currently at about 3% according to this site:

                  Dying isn't the only risk. There are potential long term effects.

                  As to the chance of death in Australia, that's meaningless seeing as different areas, different age groups are in different situations. The situation is changing daily. In Sydney, for example, there's a higher chance of infection and therefore death. With the outbreak, AstraZeneca is recommended in Sydney.

                  If you feel like it, you can look at the vaccine status of those dying in the UK now they're returning to normal. (And obviously, look at it per capita)

                  • -2

                    @ihfree: To simplify the calculation for you.
                    99.996% of people have died "with" covıd.

                    It's an important distinction. It isn't listed as "due to". Which is pretty odd, if your intention was clarity. Anyway, that's not to say all cases weren't honestly and actually caused by it, in Australia. Australia's reporting methods thus far seem largely commendable. Despite a few hiccups with recent deaths being reported. One in particular that made the daily reporting statistics for NSW was said to be an un-vaccınated 30yo female dying from the disease, but subsequently her family reported that she had the injectıon.

                    Anyway, I digress. The reporting so far seems credible.

                    If you're looking at the mortality rate of those covid positive, those numbers will never be absolute, as it doesn't consider those untested or asymptomatic (if you subscribe to that belief), nor does it, the prevalence of false readings which we've had a number of false reports of, again, less so in Australia.

                    But if you are only looking at those figures. The data says 2.52%, and likely less.

                    The average figures elsewhere in the world are far less. Sitting at approx 1% av. and in the UK: 0.02%. This may give some distinction to other stats.

                    However, If you left it there, you are only looking at half of that picture. The injectıons themselves are being said to cause serious implications and sometimes themselves death in groups who are statistically not generally affected by such issues. And if you supply the same philosophy to numbers in that category as we have witnessed with covıd itself, there are so far, 425 reports. Again numbers that we won't be truly able to discern. But as fair as statistical integrity goes, it's only fair we supply the same logic as we have with covid stats, to the injectıons themselves. And that leaves us with currently 425.

                    I'm sure you can see that it's easy to get quickly lost in data, however, what seems to be the case is that the majority of fear is being painted by the MSM, solely. and not the ferocity of the issue itself. The mere fact that deaths 'post injectıon' are handled differently from those 'post vırus' should raise alarm bells to anyone concerned with integrity.

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