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Free 3 Month Subscription To The Sizzle For COVID-19 Vaccinated


Hello Ozbargain!

I'm giving away free 3 month subscriptions to my tech newsletter, The Sizzle, for anyone who uploads proof of their COVID-19 vaccination. Normally 3 months costs $15, but as an incentive/reward for those being proactive and getting vaccinated against COVID-19, it's free - no strings attached, no payment information needed, single-click unsubscribe at any time.

Plenty of Ozbargainers are subscribers (they may even comment on this post!), but what is The Sizzle???

  • A brief email newsletter sent every weekday.
  • Three no bullshit summaries of the last 24 hours in tech news.
  • The freshest Australian computer & electronics bargains.
  • $5 a month or $50 a year.
  • Free for COVID-19 vaccinated new subscribers! No ads, no tracking.
  • Over 1350 issues since October 2015, sent to over 770 paid subscribers.

This offer will continue until 80% of Australians are vaccinated! Feel free to shout out in the comments if you have any questions.

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The Sizzle

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        • +1

          Our luck just ran out in this case. May as well throw this quote out -

          "Australia is a lucky country run mainly by second rate people who share its luck. It lives on other people's ideas, and, although its ordinary people are adaptable, most of its leaders (in all fields) so lack curiosity about the events that surround them that they are often taken by surprise."

    • You did crack tonight?

      • "None of your or anyone else's business what drugs I have or haven't had."

  • +1

    Why doe this thread get at least 9 pages!?

    Seriously though, I would have thought a 12 month trial subscription wouldn't hurt. And I would be really interested to know if the subscription really was non-tracking in any way; so many newsletters come from bulk mailers that track everything and it would be refreshing to find ones that don't (they exist, but they are not common these days).

    • +2

      Why doe this thread get at least 9 pages!?

      Because lots of people have commented.

      • +2

        Best cheap publicity OP ever had.

        • Yes and this thread may well "max out" the system if that is possible…. ;-)

          • @affinity: What is the max pages ever recorded?

            • @htc: Servers still up.
              I made a post earlier this year (despite not being authorised to), about my experience having Novavax. I just got sick of all the negativity and impatience waiting for it.
              I was laughed at amd ridiculed by my work colleagues and family. Now they are all rushing to get Pfizer. Even better is I bought a Maton guitar with most of the money I received.
              Anyway, I'm sure the Ozb traffic went into overdrive faster than a $3 big mac deal.
              Reality is, having a vaccine is the only out of this mess. Who knows, you can potentially be infected twice? Did you John Laws had Polio twice @15 years apart. Diseases like polio and meningitis killed kids, or left them disabled for life. My uncle had meningitis and was part of the reason why I decided to take the vax, for the benefit of humanity.

        • People against this page drive a lot of comment, often people do something they want but getting the opposite of what they want. Several posts were vindication of this phenomenon. Looks like it will reach 600 soon, for so many plus vote, it will only get more as it will attract more attention, it is now hard to stop this force, may the force be with you op!

        • Well played OP.

    • +1

      You have no idea how much of a pain in the arse it was to find a mailing service that doesn't track by default!! I use ActiveCampaign with all the options for tracking disabled. If you find a tracking link in The Sizzle, please let me know so I can get rid of that bullshit.

  • -1


  • +2

    I'm just looking forward to the write up in tomorrow's edition of the Sizzle.

    • Subscription base increased by 250%.
      Again, great concept OP.

      • Oh, not that much unfortunatley, haha - 120 people have taken up the offer. Hopefully over time as more people get vaccinated that number goes up, but I imagine after a few days this discussion will be long forgotten.

  • +2

    This has to be the best awareness campaign ever by an organisation? To receive such attention (by posts, votes, etc), using Paris Hilton brand of publicity (where any publicity is a good publicity), is genius!

    Well done OP! Love your work <3

    • +1

      And here I was thinking nobody would give a shit that a pissant little newsletter was giving away a 3 month subscription.

  • +2

    What a good read through of the comments, took me right back to my retail days of interesting customers.

    Good initiative OP, signed up and will probably move to a sub if I like the content :)

    • +2

      I also had flashbacks to my university retail job…

  • +4

    This comment section is the quickest I've run out of my 5 daily negs

    • +1

      Apparently tin foil is on special at Amazon, as well as flat earth kayaks.

  • Humans are the real virus, the earth could do with a few billion of us dead, I’m ready to go, survival of the fittest, but not until I’ve cashed in all my JB gift cards.

    • Yes Josef, Adolph, Idi and Pol were doing the world a favour?

      • We are all dead in 50 years vaccine or not due to the climate crisis.

    • haha yes, JB pls give us a decent sale on some of the good stuff, then I'm ready to go xD

      • Need some vinyl. Shame they don't sell tin foil at a good price.

    • Good Jen, please do us a favour and take one for the team yeah

  • This should stir a few up. :)

    • A deal to help prevent the holograms being beamed into our minds from Saturn being removed as a "joke." This screams conspiracy to me.

  • I’ll pass.

    • +1

      Enjoy your imminent death!

      • Too late.

        • +4

          that is untested and rushed.

          The one that passed all TGA requirements ???

            • +1


              it has not undergone the rigorous testing the other vaccines have gone through

              Yes it has…

              Same tests have been done and passed…

            • +1


              We're taking years and years of testing for the others.

              New flu vaccine gets approved every year without years and years of testing…

                    • +2


                      How's it made?


                      You should be asking "How's it tested" for safety…

                      and the answer is, that it has to pass the same tests as other vaccines…

                      • @jv: okay keep deflecting. This was fun.

  • +1

    Tough audience on the first comment. I mean cut the guys some slack. What wrong with all of you living in a propaganda world brainwashing the true antivax intellectuals. Next you'll sell your fake news and propaganda like earth is not flat, or moon landing was indeed real, or God didn't create the Universe and it was a result of some sort of Bing Bang crap. Please keep selling all your info to US/Chinese monsters and carry on the path of infertility with 5G but leave the legends alone. They said it's illegal so it's the law. As simple as that. Now please STFU you cheap OzB twats and surrender to the wisdom of anti-vax. Don't be a slave of so called science. Liberate yourself!


    • +2

      …arr, well that clears things up!

  • +3

    Neg vote we have no idea who or what this person is going to do with our copies of vaccination, he'll probably say he will delete them or some other plausible tale but hes just some random….might as well send them to Mr Hardly Normal or some other tool like Mark Zuckerberg.

    The smart thing to do is scan and edit it to change your info, I look forward to the subscription for Shi Tingmouf

    • +2

      Do you think information on the vaccine status of a few random individuals is that valuable?

      • Yes, you use the internet so no need for silly leading questions.

    • +8

      I honestly do not know what to do with the screenshots. Are they worth money to someone? Who is buying???

      • Who is buying???

        Collectors ?

      • Deep state obviously. Or our lizard overlords.

    • +1

      I'm pretty sure they would know who they've chipped anyway so them being sent screenshots from a tech news guy probably isn't important to them.

    • +7

      Then don’t. Nobody asked you to.

  • +1

    A couple of links for what it's worth:
    Privacy Notice for the Register of Interest for COVID-19 vaccinations
    How to control who sees your record on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and getting letters about your record.

    The latter required filling out a form, printing it, signing it and posting it — should have been able to send it via online submission, email and/or fax, but there was no option other than snail mail.

  • +3

    What the holy (profanity) is going on in here… the OP is just offering a free read. How did WW3 start?

    • +5

      1 part paranoia from anti-vaxers
      1 part smugness from pro-vaxers
      1 part marketing genius from OP 😀

  • -2

    Clearly failing to see the big picture here…

    • +3

      What's the big picture here?

      • +2

        Obviously not deals since they've only posted on covid related matters according to their comment history.

      • It may look like just unconnected dots but if you squint and turn your head the right way I'm sure I see a sailboat

        • It's a schooner!

      • -1

        It's funny how many vocally supported ending segregation, discrimination and division with BIack Lıves Matter last year, only to turn around and fiercely support its implemention again.

        This doesn't end with a few free subscriptions and a couple of free donuts.

        • +1

          You cannot be serious.

          Are you actually comparing BLM to a vaccine rollout?

          One would have to assume you're joking, but I kinda doubt it.

          • -4

            @DogGunn: Perhaps you're failing to grasp the statement. It's the bigger picture…
            It's the division. It's the segregation. It's the two tier citizenry that's being welcomed open arms. Only in the UK the past few days did they start segregating people in transport. If you know your history you'll know Rosa Parks was famed for the moment where she said no to this very treatment, saying no to being divided on the bus from the 'white folk', which had went on for decades. History is our best teacher, it tells us lessons unbiased. And if it's not acknowledged now, it's willingly ignored.

            • +2

              @Rickydsk: 😂😂😂😂😂

              Oh you're serious.

              I didn't realise you can pick your race like you can pick your vaccination status.

              Seriously, anyone that tries to suggest restricting unvaccinated people in the middle of a pandemic is equal to black people being forced to sit at the back of the bus is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed.

              • @DogGunn:

                Seriously, anyone that tries to suggest restricting unvaccinated people in the middle of a pandemic is equal to black people being forced to sit at the back of the bus is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed.

                definitely an award worthy comment


  • +3

    The more people this site attracts the worse it gets.

  • +3

    Hey @decryption (Anthony) great initiative man. Don’t mind the negative comments. I’m so inclined to pay and get on to your subscription. Your content is top notch 👍🏻👍🏻
    PS - I’m the guy who borrowed your car in Jan. 👋🏻👋🏻

    • hahaha, hello! Did you end up buying a Tesla? Great time to buy at the moment.

      • Yes. Been talking to the rep for a while and when the price dropped - we traded in our i30 for the Tesla M3 SR+ white with black interiors. Due to some other concerns, we have asked to postpone the delivery but should have it by end of this year. 🤪😅

  • Cool to see all the neg guys still supporting this small OZ biz hehe .
    Great to still see it going strong on the front page :)

  • Thanks OP!

  • +20

    For anyone that cares - 127 people have taken up the offer. Thanks to all of them and I hope there's plenty more to come as more and more Australians get vaccinated.

    • +4

      I truly hope that some of these 127 find the content valuable and worth subscribing to beyond the free period. Anthony does a great job with The Sizzle and I am happy to be a paying subscriber.

    • +2

      I would have taken it up but I'm already an annual subscriber. Thanks!

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