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Free 3 Month Subscription To The Sizzle For COVID-19 Vaccinated


Hello Ozbargain!

I'm giving away free 3 month subscriptions to my tech newsletter, The Sizzle, for anyone who uploads proof of their COVID-19 vaccination. Normally 3 months costs $15, but as an incentive/reward for those being proactive and getting vaccinated against COVID-19, it's free - no strings attached, no payment information needed, single-click unsubscribe at any time.

Plenty of Ozbargainers are subscribers (they may even comment on this post!), but what is The Sizzle???

  • A brief email newsletter sent every weekday.
  • Three no bullshit summaries of the last 24 hours in tech news.
  • The freshest Australian computer & electronics bargains.
  • $5 a month or $50 a year.
  • Free for COVID-19 vaccinated new subscribers! No ads, no tracking.
  • Over 1350 issues since October 2015, sent to over 770 paid subscribers.

This offer will continue until 80% of Australians are vaccinated! Feel free to shout out in the comments if you have any questions.

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The Sizzle

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                      "due to" vs "with"


                      It seems at least last year, the "due to" increased as deaths were assessed.

                      If you're looking at the mortality rate of those covid positive, those numbers will never be absolute…

                      Yeah, this is a given. We don't see the true numbers because we have lockdowns, closed borders, restricted movement so we'll never know what the true impact would have been.

                      The injectıons themselves are being said to cause serious implications

                      This is why you consider the risks associated with them. ATAGI weigh this up when recommending the vaccines and it changes based on the situation. This is why it was recommended for over 40s and now is recommended for most people in Sydney.

                      Here's a random article comparing the risk of AZ to various activities.

                      The other thing with vaccines is it's not just for yourself, it's also so you don't inadvertently kill your parents or other vulnerable people around you.

                      majority of fear is being painted by the MSM

                      People can choose to read the advice directly from government sites. MSM use your emotions to sell you to advertisers.

                      The mere fact that deaths 'post injectıon' are handled differently from those 'post vırus' should raise alarm bells to anyone concerned with integrity.

                      I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this. I make the assumption it's the same discussion Tom Connell and Pauline had with following vs from.

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                    If you feel like it, you can look at the vaccine status of those dying in the UK now they're returning to normal.

                    Wow, look at the daily cases and deaths in January, compared with now


                    This shows the vaccine is extremely effective at preventing deaths

      • Couldn't have said it better myself. Especially about killing your loved ones. Selfish people just wanting something for themselves with no thought about others.

    • There should be rewards for everything, like keeping the door open, helping a granny pickup their apples, standing up for a kid being bullied etc. /s

  • +1

    3 jabs for 'fully vaccinated' now…

    • +2

      *for now

      • 7 for you and to the gulag thanks.

  • (36/717) x 100 = 5% of Australians are anti-vaxxer idiots.
    Extrapolating this to represent the entirety of Australia, I'd say 95% vaccination should be enough to reach herd immunity. Yay!
    Now if only Scummo could source us the vaccine quickly enough.
    From another perspective, the 5% drop in population when these twits inevitably get killed off via natural selection, could be a nice breather for overpopulation, etc.

    • +1

      Now if only Scummo could source us the vaccine quickly enough.

      Plenty of vaccine is currently available and many GPs… No shortage.
      Chemists will start administering it over the next few weeks too…

    • +1

      I'm confused. Just to clarify… Could you please tick which ones of the following is/are considered segregation, from your point of view:

      -Bathrooms for male and female
      -Male teams and female teams in sports
      -Medicare only for permanent residents
      -Helicopters and properties in Toorak (Vic) only for those who have money
      -Interstate travel only for the vaccinated
      -myunidays discounts only for students
      -Access to welfare benefits only for aboriginals and Torres Strait Island
      -TGG Telstra discounts only for Telstra employees
      -Roller coaster only for individuals taller than 1.6m
      -Sexual intercourse only for people older than 14yo, or 16yo, or 18yo…
      -You can only go to Wooly if you wear a face mask
      -Different speed limits for cars and trucks
      -Bicycles can't share the pathway with pedestrians
      -The Sizzle free for 3 months if you are vaccinated

            • +5

              @DisabledUser249845: You have just demonstrated that you don't quite understand how vaccines work.
              Wouldn't it be great for people with measles to have the right to hug you.

              • @Ughhh: Well I let my body's natural immunity deal with minor discomfort in life and save the vaccines for polio etc

                • -1

                  @DisabledUser249845: Unfortunately, some people do not have that medical/genetic privilege. What is minor to you, could be deadly to others. It wouldn't matter if it wasn't contagious.

                  • @Ughhh: I understand that. It's unfortunate. To take care of people, money is needed and work must be done to earn money and only then cycle continues. With these lockdown things we are headed to complete breakdown of society once money runs out.

                    • +3

                      @DisabledUser249845: If lockdown was implemented properly and people followed guidelines/instructions early on, it would have only been a short lock down, maybe a week or two eg. south australia.

                      • +1

                        @Ughhh: You need to look a bit further west to see how hard lockdowns (when required) succeed.

                        Gladdy really is the Trump of Australian politics when it comes to COVID management.

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    Ozbargain needs to up our daily negs limit for some of these users. Wasted all mine in under a min ;(

    • +5

      Use them strategically on negative voters on comments with more downvotes. 8 votes and their neg is revoked.

    • I know right. I didn't know what to do with mine whilst jv was in the sin-bin for a month! But now she's out and I can go back to downvoting five randomly bolded, off-topic comments that don't contribute to the value of the deal per day.

      • jv is a she ?!?!?

  • +1

    I live in country Victoria, there has been no deaths, and a total of 13 people have had COVID, brought in by two Asian tourists and two other people who stayed the night in my town. There has not been a COVID case this year, going by Why should I get an injection for COVID, which has a small risk of going wrong, when the chance of catching COVID is almost zero. The chance of getting hit by a car, or struck with lightning has a higher chance of happening to me than catching covid. But I do not live my life running away from every car just because my chances of dying from that car is higher than covid. If you a scared of covid, than get the shot, but the rest of us are fine with out it. I will not tell you how to live your life and you don’t tell me how I will live mine.

    • +1

      don’t tell me how I will live mine

      As long as you also promise not to utilise medical resources should you catch covid and have symptoms or long covid effects?
      And also, happy to pay for the costs of anyone you might pass the disease onto who is unable to have a vaccine?

      I'm all for letting you do your own thing.

      • I will agree as long as the rules that you set go across the board. If anyone gives me a cold or any disease the same rules apply. If anyone has a drug problem the same rules apply. If anyone is fat the same rules apply. Because all these things utilise medical resources, and it is there fault for being that way. So yes I agree as long as everyone who does similar things are treated the same.

      • -1

        @SBOB get your head straight mate
        re - 'utilise medical resources…'
        who would you prioritise between a covid non vaxer and a smoker? how many years now, have smokers gone against medical advice?
        who gets priority between a fast food binging (me included…) heart disease patient and a non vaxer?

        Nearly 18.6 million people died of cardiovascular disease in 2019
        Google reports 4.33 million covid deaths in 2019
        In 5 minutes of telly you'll see two KFC ads sandwiching a tax payer funded pro-vax ad. Do you see any hypocrisy in this?

        If you stop and think, I'm sure you'll see there's all sorts of wrong with the position you've taken in the comment above SBOB.

      • Obviously he would have paid taxes to use public services like you can. Don't talk like you own and run Australia. You don't own hospitals

    • +1

      Close to zero now. It will change once things start to reopen. NSW has failed to suppress the virus and living with it will likely be part of life at some point.

    • If you think it is going to stay that way, you're in for a shock.

      Zero covid cases a day is dead.

    • +1

      I understand that you might think there is no reason to have your vaccine if there are no cases around, and no immediate risk for you. That's the main reason why Australia is behind in terms of vaccination, we are paying for the initial success at keeping the numbers down.

      However, that's no longer the case. There were cases in country Vic, people travel, and restrictions will be eased in the next months, and more and more people will be moving around, and interstate.

      If you are not vaccinated, you will eventually see the virus getting closer to you, and when you do it might be too late for you to book and get your first and second doses, which will happen anyway, unless you are an anti-vaxxer or have medical reasons.

      Your justification for not getting the vaccine now is understandable, but it's based on a narrow view of what is going to happen very soon.

      One day you will wake up and read that someone next door has tested positive, then another two or three… With no lockdown (no longer an option when everyone has access to the vaccine) you will see the numbers going up, and some people going to the hospital because they have not been vaccinated… Some people in your town will die because they didn't get the vaccine. You don't want to be one of them.

      Feel free to bookmark this comment so you can come back in a few months.

      People take risks all the time. They drive, sometimes above the speed limit. They smoke, drink alcohol, have unprotected sex, go to the beach without wearing sunscreen… At this stage, with 948 deaths in Australia, and more than 4 million around the world, no one can say they didn't know about the possible consequences.

      People make choices.

    • +1

      Fair question Glenn, esp as delta is proving problematic. There will come a time when the chance of getting covid-19 is FAR higher than any vaccine risk and there may be mandated vaccine passports or equivalent for travellers and possibly many workers. Will you reconsider then or will you gamble and hope that you aren't in the unlucky 2% who kick the bucket unnecessarily early? Out of interest, are you aware of the damage covid-19 can do to your organs in a serious cases?

      Some useful/interesting information:
      - Hospitalistion rates in the UK have dropped by a factor of 4 since vaccination became available.
      - Vaccination decreases (but doesn't stop) transmission and significantly reduces the risk of hospitalisation and death.
      - In the USA emerging data suggests that serious covid-19 cases in children is escalating.
      - Medical labs are still working on more effective (and hopefully safer) vaccines.

      The pandemic is a moving feast as the virus mutates. Take care if you're rolling the dice.

      • +1

        There was me thinking from our discussions that you actually had a fragment of decency in there. Seems you care more for trolling than tackling anything that matters. Says a lot. Enjoy your life of 'bargains'.

        • We're having a civil discussion though you're unable to provide sources. You're the one taking things too far by attacking a small business trying to help society. What happened to freedumb of speech?

          • +1

            @ihfree: Clearly you didn't read the whole conversation. If you felt any information required further sources or any were at all missing in any area, they're all available to be supplied. But you know that already.

            Plus the detail involved would have warranted one simple Google search from finding the answer exactly as described.

            It might be inconvenient statistics but that's where we should reevaluate our stance, nor entrench ourselves further.

            Do you care that much about being right that you only cherry pick what you read?

            • +1

              @Rickydsk: Once again, i've refuted pretty much everything that you've said. You've pretty much run through every generic covid denier/anti-vax argument. I've read through a fair bit on Covid and the vaccine before making decisions.

              How many quotation marks do you use to get to your conclusions when searching google? Do you rely on people who misquote or misunderstand data?

              There are no links to suggest that public transport in the UK will be segregated. This suggests it's likely fear spread through… Telegram?

              • @ihfree: Well if anyone wants to take a look back, they'll see for themselves that you didn't refute much. And I urge everyone to judge the tone, content and context.

                The public transport thing, I have two separate videos. Easy to be sent if you wish to see them.
                I don't use Telegram, so not sure of your point there.

                And for someone who's probably had over a dozen vaccines, calling me "antıvax" seems rather odd. But I guess it's an easy retort to avoiding the issue and making you feel like you're on the right side, because the other side is louder and more prevalent, and ready to spoon-feed info.

                And yes, I do know how to search properly on Google thanks. The statement was however, directed to you in regards to searching to verify what I said in detail. 🤷

                • @Rickydsk: Why's it so hard to link to these videos?

                  • @ihfree: They've been saved from various sources and are in mp4 files, as you can see, media isn't able to be attached to the comments.

                    • +1

                      @Rickydsk: So you did get them off a chat group. Lol.
                      If these are of such high public interest, why haven't they been shared? Why won't you share them?

                      It's not hard.

                      • @ihfree: See below :)

                        You're more than welcome to also approach any of the other points you're avoiding. And keep in mind, this is discussion, not denouncing. You need to come to the table with other points to refute the original ones 👍

                        You think NSM is reporting everything? Let's use your response. "Lol."

                        I repeat, if these pretty irrelevant clips are so important to you, how do you want them sent?

                        • +1

                          @Rickydsk: Why even mention them if they're so irrelevant? The fact that you won't share the information makes me think that you're dishonest and puts into question everything else you've said. Though everything else you've said is already easily refuted.

                          You're video happens to be the last thing that's not addressed. Unless you're a Luddite, sharing a short video clip is extremely easy.
                          It's nice to know your news comes from chat groups.

                          • @ihfree: Easily refuted", but yet to be.

                            Again, perhaps you didn't read the above either. How would you want it shared? Luddite? It's cheap to call names but you're the one avoiding offering your preferred platform. 🤷

                            Irrelevant in comparison to the gravity of the rest. You're clearly trying to use it as a wedge to avoid the rest of the statements that are "easily refuted". Seemingly you'd rather troll than discuss. Wonder why… Trying to turn a discussion into an argument by the looks of things.

                            Chat groups? Is your strategy always to discredit than discuss?

                            …Like the Telegram comment and the Newscorp comment and I guess also the Playbook comment. Incorrect again. Let's stick to the content and not trying
                            to sidetrack things based of your perception of the quality of the sources. It's the content therin that matters afterall.

                            Why are you avoiding all of the other statements made previously? If it's a 'civil discussion', we can only grow a greater understanding from it.

                            • +2

                              @Rickydsk: You can't even show how you arrived at your point of view and with that, I think we can leave things there. Enjoy life - try not to win a Darwin Award.

                              • @ihfree: I expected yet another deflection just like this because fact is, you don't have the ability to handle the multiple points brought to the table and, have ran in the other direction from every single one each time. Even given ALL of the opportunities. 🙃

                                Enjoy living in your dream world. 😉

                                • +1

                                  @Rickydsk: It's just been
                                  ( ••)
                                  ( ••)>⌐■-■

                                  Feel free to point anything out that you don't feel i've answered. I'll come back to it if I have time. I mean, what else am I going to do in lockdown?

                                  • @ihfree: Does this neg system mean so much you you? Like…seriously? 😐 😆

                                    Don't have much going on? Explains a lot.

                                    Why would you reply now if you've avoided them over a dozen times? Let's bring it to the stage, go on.
                                    Each point, and I mean each and every one of them. Copy them from our original thread (you know where it is) and address it here, as this is the new soapboax it seems. I'll assume any deflection or avoidance is a omission of inability. I'm more than happy to discuss them further….

                                    But you're not approaching this to discuss now, are you? 😉

                                    • @Rickydsk: Getting a bit hostile there, mate. Everything ok?

                                      Aren't you just deflecting here? As i've previously stated, I feel like i've addressed each of your points.

                                      I'll assume any deflection or avoidance is a omission of inability.

                                      You know what they say… Assumptions make an ass out of you.

                                      • -1

                                        @ihfree: Hostile? Far from it.

                                        And there folks, is the omission 👌

                  • -1

                    @ihfree: It's odd that you're latching onto one almost irrelevant point now, that you felt wasn't elaborated on, and blowing that up, instead of approaching all the other dozens of points which were more fully explained. Again, anyone can see :)

                    Almost as if they're being avoided, as with any discussion on the matter

                    I'll repeat what I said previously.

                    If your need to "be" right, is more important than your need to "do" right. There's big problems… And that's what we're seeing here.

                    • @Rickydsk:

                      If your need to "be" right, is more important than your need to "do" right.

                      Why not both

  • +2

    The comments in here… almost as bad as those religion/anti-religion flame wars here back in the day.

    • +1

      They're on Facebook now. There are various Atheist vs Theist debate groups. Great mind numbing fun, though nowhere near as much fun as Fox News comments.

  • Signed up. Thank you :)

    • +1

      Cheers mate!

  • +1

    OP could have spent all the money he "lost" on this giveaway on ads and couldn't have made such an effective ad campaign

  • +1

    I am waiting to perhaps get the novovax, which won't be here until later in the year. It seems to be the only one that is based on traditional vaccine practices, so in my mind, safer and more effective. Will this deal still apply late in the year?

    • so in my mind, safer and more effective.

      A vaccine that's not even available or been approved for use yet, is safer than something which has been given to millions of people around the world already (across multiple ages, nationalities etc) and has statistically provable hard data regarding safety/side effects (which is many many times larger than any clinical trial novovax has gone under.)???

      • As far as I undertand, it is towards the end of its trials and it is 90 per cent effective, higher than any of the current jabs, so why not wait a little longer and get the better jab (that in my mind is safer, I know you disagree but hey each to their own), that's my thinking anyway….

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