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Gigabyte Vision GeForce RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X PCI Express 4.0 x16 ATX Video Card (Rev 2.0) $1860.71 Delivered @ Newegg


This is the lowest price I've seen recently. The GST is estimated but could be a bit more than that. On the page, it says "Ships from Australia".

Item(s): AUD $1,608.00
Delivery: AUD $0.00
Est. Duty & GST: AUD $252.71
Total: AUD $1,860.71

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    Price in title please.

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    Rev 2.0 so LHR.

    • Is there a disadvantage outside of mining for it being LHR? I'm out of the loop with gpus at the moment as I've stayed away waiting for prices to drop

      • +1

        Nope. Only affects mining.

        • So are these other people listing it being LHR mining then? Why do people seem to care so much?

          • -9

            @Jacobbby: Resale and paying for hardware capable of doing something and having software disable it is dog shit even if it's a good reason

          • @Jacobbby: Because it doesn't mine well.

      • Resale

      • Not really. If you aren't mining, this card is basically the exact same as a non-LHR version.

      • +1

        If you want to use your card to pay itself off via mining, a non LHR card will do this sooner

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    Don't forget customs duty is additional, and on top of the $1,768.80 gst included price.

    (Add $88.44? Not entirely sure)

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      (Add $88.44? Not entirely sure)

      For something I recently imported which had a value less than this (but greater than $1k) there was an $88 customs processing charge ('entry fee') on top of the GST and duty. The courier also charged another $10 for handling that.

    • Usually 5% extra, but not always charged.

      • Is it 5% of $1608 (GST excluded price) or $1768.80 (GST included price)?

        • If duty is payable it’s on the inclusive (higher) amount.

          Edit: I think we have a free trade agreement with the US though?

    • Why are we getting charged duty on an Aus shipped product?

      • It's an import

        • Most things are imports but when they ship from Aus duties need to be already paid.

          • @XiTaU: Agree. And thought everything from newegg was imported though.

            • @justtoreply: Not everything but this was shipped from Australia like listed in the opening post.

              • @XiTaU: Ah yep, I must be blind, it wasn't even a difficult post to read :O

  • "lowest price I've seen recently"
    Price in title so everyone can see it !

  • -1

    Cheaper on ple

    • +2

      Oos on ple

  • +2

    I have to say buying expensive electronics from O/S may seem like a bad economical decision, sometimes.

    With products being rushed to market so much I have never had so many devices arrive broken as the last year or so.
    Industrial switch, WD Hard Drive, Robotic Camera Equipment.

    …And dealing with the policies of retailers in other countries is downright horrible most of the time.

    • The Amazon imported stuff has been ok for me, they're easy to deal with for returns.

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    LHR, better wait for local stock. same card can be pre-ordered at PLE at $1799 with local warranty

  • not worth if it is LHR.

  • +1

    Got my hopes up briefly… I'm waiting for a well-priced white gpu, else I'm going to order the white 6700 XT from PCCG.

  • Is this a reasonable price for a 3080? (not being sarcastic)

    • -3

      it's a good card but still bit overpriced, adding a couple of hunderd more could get a basic 3080ti

      • +2

        The cheapest 3080Ti is $2300 and they're not $500 faster than a 3080

        • The cheapest 3080ti was $1920 when released a few months back. $2300 is current price tag for EVGA 3080ti FTW3 Ultra, and it's not the basic tier I was referreing to. EVGA 3080ti XC3 should be at $2000 range.

          • +1

            @Mandalorians: That's not a fair comparison… the cheapest 3080 was $1139 when it released many months back. You have to compare prices of what's available at the same point in time.

        • At that price id rather fork out the little more and get the 3090 with double the memory. At least it has a wider market appeal to content creators and such with the extra memory.

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    I bought this for $1700 in December and remember feeling sick at the price. Goddamn.

  • Say $1,768.80 and is in stock for me and seems like a real good deal

  • Looks like Newegg removed the Duty part and added back in stock, IMHO a good price given the GPU market state:

    AUD $1,608.00
    Est. Delivery:
    AUD $0.00
    Est. GST:
    AUD $160.80

    Est. Total:
    AUD $1,768.80

    • +1

      It was always $1768.80. Price in title was wrong. I know as I checked about 1 min before and 1 min after the title update, so that I could write my comment.

  • is this a reference card? any issues finding a waterblock for it?

  • LHR's here to stay, I don't think we'll see many FHR cards from NVIDIA in future.

    • They made LHR so they could sell mining cards, soon the only non LHR new card you will be able to buy are founders and we dont even have a local way to buy them.

  • Not quite the same but there is https://igamingcomputer.com.au/collections/30-series/product... for $1999. Seems cheaper than others and in stock.

  • I just couldnt justify spending that much on a bloody "Gpu" far out the prices are just ludicrous

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