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Sandwich Maker $7 (Was $7.50) in-Store /+ $3 C&C ($0 with $20 Order) /+ Delivery ($0 with $65 Order) @ Kmart


Was looking for a new sandwich maker and noticed that Kmart has slightly reduced the price for this simple appliance.

Does the job, and does it well.

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    Nice discount

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      1,999,999 more deals like this and I will have saved a million dollars.

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        1,999,999 deals like that and you'll be out of pocket $13,999,993

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          I will also be out of apartment and into a warehouse.

      • doesnt work like that

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    I don’t understand how this can be sold for $7 and Kmart makes money from it?

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      its either an economies of scale thing, or a loss leader. Dunno

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        I’m also not convinced $7 toastie makers are getting people in the door (as a loss leader) but votes on this post might prove me wrong…

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          are getting people in the door

          Ours won't let us in the door… Click and collect only….

        • I've made at least 3 seperate trips into Kmart over the years just to buy these (but never buy anything else while I'm there haha)

          • @Ashmattic: Well they just got some "free" advertising from you & so totally worth it (wonder about quality - we have a Sunbeam? extra stuff one - rounder in non-stick bit & fits more fillings - auto green light is a joke needs 2 cycles to brown a bit).

            Recently bought ANKO short cord 7 inch USB cable - lasted about 3½ months and died, unlike my ANKO $19.95 Step tracker wrist bracelet - doing great - need to log out+in Day-Day phone app sometimes to fix it.

            ↑Wanted the $19.95 watch version but was told probs not anywhere in Australia.

            • @AbucklingNMS: We actually have a nice Breville press that I use 90% of the time but I got one of these for the jaffle shape haha. The other two I've bought for separate work kitchens. I haven't used them enough to comment on longevity but one thing I hate is how they have crevices that overflowing cheese/sauce runs into. Kind of puts me off using them thinking about having to clean them haha but for $7 you could treat them as disposable :')

          • @Ashmattic: These sandwich makers get quite dirty. They never totally stop working, but for $7 I'm sure a lot of people would rather throw the toastie maker out and buy a new one than go to the effort of deep cleaning them. Same with their kettles.

          • @Ashmattic: So, they're poor quality? My Breville one of these is 23 years old.

            Not that it matters for a 7 buck toastie maker, just wondering if they have been dying.

        • It's not just the toastie maker. Nearly everything is cheaper at Kmart, even similar products to its competitors. Loss leader or not, that definitely gets people in its stores.

      • its either an economies of scale thing, or a loss leader. Dunno

        I hope Gladys sees this post and that there are votes in it for honesty !

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      In the words of Michael Scott, "well sometimes it makes financial sense to lose money, right? Like for tax purposes"

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        • Wayne Gretzky
      • Cough cough negative gearing cough cough

        • It's not technically losing money though. Just negative cash flow. Think of it as an investment.

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      By exploiting people (underpaying them) and the environment (materials/manufacturing pollution).

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        But kmart have vertically integrated production, which is why they save money. They also have better pay conditions and provide accomodation, etc iirc, so people actually want to work for them in the factories. Or did I watch this for another company, because I cant find any sources…

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          You called….?

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          I'd plus your comment but I feel the sarcasm would go over people's heads and they would think you were serious

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          Nah i remember seeing it on a current affair or 60 minutes years ago, you watch the same episode?

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          they 100% don't, or that was just a lie for PR.

          If you have a look on taobao (chinese website), you'll realise just how much of kmart is "white-labelled". other factories produce the goods with slightly different colors/stickers, then puts them in a kmart box.

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            @xrailgun: Likewise for Bunnings, e.g. their "Ozito" brand.

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          No way would they vertically integrate production. They don't have to be the volum. Even Walmart sells white labelled goods.

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      I suspect they make very little money on this, and most of their profit is from people going in to buy this and then buying a slightly better model that costs twice as much.

      That said, you would be surprised what things cost directly imported from China without a lot of the overheads.

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        Cheaper to build and ship from China than to send a single parcel using Australia Post…

    • If they produce it for $1 it's quite easy to understand

    • You can buy sandwich maker for $7 in developing countries so they still have profit margin on this albeit very small.

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      Not only can we sell it for $7 and make money from it, but half of all proceeds go towards putting Uyghurs in remote provinces of China into schools! Those Uyghurs must be so dumb, they're always being re-educated.

      Don't think too hard about how the profit happens, bargains be bargains.

    • I've noticed Kmart doesn't do quality control. So many of their products clearly never had a testing phase & the quality Can be as cheap as possible. So they sell a tonne of them and when broken people bin them. And the ones who return them are counted as a loss for tax purposes.
      Least that's my guess. I went through 5 of their water coolers. Each time it died I took it back & got it switched for a new one with a new 12m warranty on it.

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      It's a $7 toasted sandwich maker, don't overthink it

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    Perfect for steamed hams?

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    I'm like, "That's 50 cents."

    He goes, "50 cents is alot of money! You save 50 cents here, and then maybe you go somewhere else and save another 50 cents. Then you have 1 dollar. Then you take your dollar. You go to the dollar store, and you buy something else."

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      that skit takes me back.

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      " be a man, do the right thing"

    • Good old Russell Peter's 😂

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        Forget Russell Peters, those of an Asian Persuasion cop this from their parents 24x7 growing up.. and as teenagers… and into adulthood…and retirement… :P

    • Take the 50 cents and "go nicely"

    • Or you can save the dollar. Do it one million times and you're millionaire

    • I cud hear Rusell's vocie while reading that.

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    Seriously - i'm all for posting discounts, but $0.50 off?

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      If you buy 1000 of them, you would of saved $500!

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        Spending $7000 for a $500 return? smh Hand in your OZB licence lol

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          Buy 2000 then. That gives you twice the savings!

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      So how's it as a 6.7% discount Deal?
      Even better when bought with 5% discount Kmart gift cards!

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        Call it 6.7% "Cashback" and people would be all over it.

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          "Immediate 6.7% Cashback" = 120 upvotes😉

        • that's what always puzzles me, 10% off an amazon gift card, okay. But if I just wait for that $120 item to go on sale for $80, I would have saved a lot more than 10%

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            @dbmitch: And pay for it with the 10% off gift card you purchased earlier in preparation right?

          • @dbmitch: But you can get 10% off the gift card and then wait for the special anyway.

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      50 cents is a bigger saving than all the PS5 posts :)

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      You have a lot of attitude for a Hobo.

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    Was holding out for an epic sale like this. Pulled the trigger. Thanks OP!!!

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    WOW I bought this yesterday for $7.50! I feel scammed… Do you think they will take a refund even after I used it twice? /s

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      Go back to kmart, buy another for $7, return new one with old receipt and BOOM the 50c is in your pocket

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        and BOOM the 50c is in your pocket

        I think I'd rather forgo the 50cents if my pants have to explode during the process. I mean my pants are worth more than 50cents, so it would be counter productive.

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          kmart pants don't explode

          • @gimli: my dad's pants explode far too often…

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      Buy another & return with old receipt.

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    Heads up these things are pretty terrible you can only fit the smallest pieces of bread in it

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      So it forces you to use less bread. The savings continue!

      • Forces you to buy the smallest slice of bread in existence and you can't put much in it so I guess the savings continue.

        • Bakers Delight do half loaves that are smaller in size. Problem solved.

          • @KangaDrew: except they are not half price.
            So you save less dough than you think !

            • @shmahoo: Yup. Your sandwich problems are solved but your wallet gets lighter much quicker. It actually works out more expensive to buy the half loaves.

    • Great for those on a diet!

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        It also likes to vomit the contents out the back to help you diet

        • Very effective - Seeing that usually kills my appetite!

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      Someone spending $7 on this probably buys $1 bread.

    • Gluten free bread is tiny. Clearly for the GF folks.

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    I bought the Deep Dish version a little while back and it's still going strong. It is double the price but don't have any issues with closing it when generously filled. Based on reviews the cheaper one isn't deep enough.

    Link for deep dish version:

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      cheaper one isn't deep enough.

      thats what she said

      • Yeah, that Love Honey 20% Flash Sale on SB the other day really didn't hit the spot…

    • +3

      Thanks for suggestion…I better wait for 50 cent discount on this.

    • Definitely agree with this. I bought this deal one for starters and it holds crap all.
      Bought the deep dish one soon after and it's a massive difference.

    • I got the deep one and both my wife and I find it very satisfying

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    I still take umbrage with them describing it as a sandwich maker. It's a sandwich toaster. At a stretch it's a "toasted sandwich maker". If it actually made the sandwich, I'd give them the extra 50 cents.

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      Aren't these jaffle makers???

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    It's not really a sandwich maker as much as a sandwich cooker as you still need to prepare the sandwich.

    • So you stand in your laundry watching to see if your "mop" & "broom" are sell-cleaning properly - don't wanna be behind you while you're in passenger seat of your car "self-driving" down a hill.

      Say hi to He-Man for me "By The Power Of Grayskull…"⚔️⚡

      EDIT Sorry, Ignore - I was talking 'bout Orionn's post above ^^ Replied to wrong 'un.

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    They're difficult to keep clean i found, alot of crevices for crumbs to get into

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      Threw one of these away a couple of months ago as it was impossdible to clean as it had cheese & spag inside it.

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