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Sandwich Maker $7 (Was $7.50) in-Store /+ $3 C&C ($0 with $20 Order) /+ Delivery ($0 with $65 Order) @ Kmart


Was looking for a new sandwich maker and noticed that Kmart has slightly reduced the price for this simple appliance.

Does the job, and does it well.

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            @Boostland: That looks neat but a jaffle hits a spot no other sandwhich press, the crispy texture of a hot cheesy jaffle is un-matched, at least for me ;P

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    These comments have given me so much life

    Thank you ozb community

    • was just thinking the same -
      I saw the title and went.. yeah time to check out the comments =)

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    I thought we were having steamed hams?


  • I think I paid a similar amount for a sandwich maker from Coles, about 15 years ago. I didn't expect it to last a year, but it still works fine.

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    Small , does not fit standard bread sizes , insanely difficult to clean, item went straight to landfill.

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    • Good for those of us who cut out the crusts for croutons.

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      Harden up princess

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      Useful to know. My brother got a kmart toaster and it had a similar issue. Would only toast the bottom 3/4 of the broad or so because it couldn't take normal sized loafs.

      I'm pretty sure the small $1 sliced loafs would be ok.

      Wont be getting this. You saved me $7 and hassle. Thanks. :)

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    Wow $7 for a wife. That's a bargain!

    • Where are you getting your mail order brides from?

      • K-Mart

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          • @Munki: Clearance section?

            • @Aakkad: $7 is premium! Clearance section is paid in rice!

  • using this for years and doing great, little bit harder to clean, if you put cheese

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    Cheap and nasty

  • 50 cents don't even cover the petrol for the trip

    • 50 cent has heaps of money though.

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    This is my car toastee machine of choice. Its made of thin sheet metal (not cast) so only uses 700w, and runs off the inverter in my EV no problems.

    Pulling a toasted cheese sandwich on the way home …future is here…for $7.

    • Which EV?

    • I think I've solved the mystery of those electric car fires

      • Nah…..that would be the coffee machine ; )

  • This makes me feel like I had paid too much for my Kmart toaster and water boiler.

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    Mines still going strong had it for over a year, great for your grip strength trying to stuff as much as you can in. good times.

  • Stores not open for walk ins near me, only doing click and collect with a $3 surcharge, or $10 for delivery.. No deal. :-)

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    So cheap! With these sandwich/jaffle makers though the deeper style ones really are so much better.

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    Are you serious? Who thinks to post this

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    Beware lovers of baked bean jaffles!

    If it's the same as the one they've had for years, then there are some sort of 'vent' right next to the edge of the hotplate.
    If you overstuff your baked bean jaffles, the baked bean juice will spill out and go directly into these vents.
    Good luck cleaning them.

    That said, still a bargain, might pick one up.

  • saving 50 cents, HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sorry, I'm buying them all.

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    Breville makes a retro-style one, more money but will last (we've had it for years now). This stuff is landfill in a box, thanks OP but not for me.

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      Wow, I want one, but that Kmart price is just too toastie to resist.

      • Buying this = put $7 in bin!

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    Son that's what we call a "jaffle" this is not a sandwhich maker, that's anyone in the kitchen with a loaf of bread and some margarine.

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    Please don't buy this, it will soon be landfill.
    The Kmart kettle lasted well but this thing never worked well and died shortly after.
    Can't really expect much for $7

    • Agree. Really low quality.
      Kettle is good… agree again.

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    Jaffle maker.

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    If I want a toastie, I want filling. What's with the stupid bar down the middle - does it provide a diagonal line for simpletons who don't know that you line up the corners?

    • Agreed.

      The Breville ‘The Big One’ is deff worth the extra money not to have the middle bar.

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    50cent would be happy he will be mentioned here 😅

  • I had one of these years ago, and it didn't chop the bread properly down the middle. Sometimes the two halves of the sandwiches were even connected, so if you pulled them apart your fillings from one side would slide out.

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      A jaffle maker isn't designed to "chop" the bread down the middle; the middle bit isn't designed as a cutting implement. It creates an indent, and you are then meant to use a knife to slice it down the middle.

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        I also have an original breville, and it chops. Yeah maybe it's connected by some compressed burnt bread, but it's basically sealed the two halves. The cheapy I had didn't, it was like you had one big sandwich sealed around the outside of the square and not in the diagonal. Tell me again how it's supposed to be?

      • the Kmart deep dish sandwich toaster DOES chop down the middle !!
        Very handy

  • i bet someone has tried to pawn it for more than 7$

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    Bought 1000, saved $500. This machine basically prints money.

  • Interesting number of votes on this despite small savings.

  • was already a bargain and now even more so

  • Cheesy discount thanks op

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      Oh no, faux outrage.

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    We bought one of these and it was terrible! Couldn't really heat the food enough. Return it.
    We then bought a Breville one and it is perfect like hell!

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    Oh wtf i can't believe i bought this for $7.50. scam!

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    I was disturbed reading comments on page one where there was no mention of the word “Jaffle”
    Well done page 2 commenters that used the correct word, I was beginning to feel like I wasn’t in Australia, this is after all Ozbargain…

    • Had to upvote you 1 which nanny-ninny DV'ed your perfectly reasonable comment - go back to the UK Boris & stop reading OzBargains site…

  • How does it compare to the $5 toaster in this song


  • Time to start a sandwich business !!

  • what a waste of time…for such a big discount

  • I was going to add my irritation for posts like this but all of the comments have made it worthwhile 😂

  • $14.95 postage or $3 admin fee for click and collect. No thank you.

  • Cheaper than a sandwich!

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    I used a Woolworths branded unit for a long long long time (10+ years?). Worked pretty well but the coating was failing and oil/cheese had leaked into every orifice over the years since it spills over the back and sides if you overload the sandwiches. An annoyance I had learned to live with and thought it was just how these things worked. I got one of these thinking it would be similar to the old one, nope. It's tiny and doesn't fit normal size bread and doesn't hold much filling and takes longer to cook.

    I picked up a Breville instead (for much more) and it's built so much better. Constructed so it doesn't leak out the back, seals better and seems to cook more evenly and quickly than the old ones. Holds much more filling without leaking too and even actually cuts into triangles as it cooks.


    We use it more than enough to warrant the cost.

  • Yeah admittedly the Sunbeam one works better if you hold the over-filled handle and squeeze it together more - the catch is a bit loose.

    And yes Absolute B'stard (love the show) to clean - needs a white non-stick coating to see the crud.

    Always find more charcoal or oil inside from last time that got missed.

    EDIT Yeah Sunbeam Big Fill Toastie™ 2 Up is what it is.

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    Why do they call it Sandwich Maker when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

  • This is cheaper than just ONE actual SANDWICH! :)

  • Thanks op. Saved it for paying my student loan

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    The time we've all wasted looking at this thread is worth well more than 50 cents.

    I genuinely can't tell if this post is a troll or you actually thought that this poorly reviewed toaster was worth bringing to everyone's attention.

    I bet you're having a good laugh right now.

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      poorly reviewed? Sandwich maker has 70+ reviews at 4.5/5 stars

      • Poorly reviewed by you and others. || LINE EDIT: As in, your description of it wasn't informative at all. And plenty of others said informative things about it that were negative.

        Your informative post for us all "Does the job, and does it well."

        Top-rated review on the Kmart product page,
        1.) I find mine not big enough for the bread to fit in. It doesn't toast the whole thing so some edges are left uncooked and still just bread. I guess it works but not the best.
        Second highest rated review
        2.) When I bought it I didn’t realise how small it was. It barely fit a normal size and plain sandwich (and it definitely doesn’t fit sandwiches with thick fillings). I ended up snapping it with less than 2 weeks of usage trying to close my sandwich in it. It’s very cheap though, so I think it could work for kids sandwiches or people that only eat plaRead more about review stating Very small sandwich makerin sandwiches.

        • So the highest-rated review establishes that it doesn't toast the whole thing.
        • The second highest review points out it's extremely particular on sizes, that it's easy to break and cheap. Recommends it's use for kids.
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          depends how big the kids are, though, they might not completely fit in

  • Does it make a sandwich, or toast a sandwich, cos at $7 if its spreading butter and slapping ham on cheese on that bad boy, i'll take 2!

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