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[Klarna, Preorder] Nintendo Switch Console OLED Model $439 (after Waiver) + Delivery ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Thanks to Abadabba for the original deal.

Nintendo Switch Console OLED Model $539 but using Klarna, get $100 off on your final installment. Making the final installment only $34.75 instead of $134.75. Kogan charge straight away for preorders so works

Update: I have had Klarna already waive my 4th installment as I made manual payments last night to get to the 4th one. Took them 5hrs to action this from when I requested at 9am.

Original Klarna Deal Post

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  • +35

    here before this incremental improvement is sold out

    • Lmao sad but true

    • +37

      Nintendo could create a new Switch with the only difference being it has a huge dildo on the top and it would still sell out.

      • +7

        would buy it

      • -10

        Makes sense, Ninty fanboys like to get f**ked

      • +1

        Well, of course a limited edition console like that would sell out

      • …but then they'd have to rename the joycon.

        • Well if its related to the Dildo model the name would be befitting.

          Because it would bring joy.

    • It's a Super special limited edition Nintendo console, always sells out

  • +20

    Closer to what it's really worth

  • +1

    Nice one, awesome deal!

  • +1

    I ordered one but the 4th payment is still showing?

    • 4th payment doesnt change till 22nd of September when its due

      • Sounds good thanks

  • Oh man… I tried to join Klarna and it said I can’t because of my credit history. I don’t even have a credit card. Lol
    I guess I’m going to miss out on this one.

    • +4

      Because you never had credit history that's why you can't get it. It's stupid I know but that's how it is. When I first bought my car and they checked my credit history. They asked why I don't have one at my age. I told them I never bought anything on credit before. I only used cash.

      • I don't have a credit card either. But I pay for a phone bill so maybe that?

        • Not sure try it. You should try get a credit card even though you don't use it. As long as you have a credit card and always has a balance in it. I think they count that as good rating? Not sure but I have signed up with Latitude Pay, AfterPay and ZipPay fine. Haven't try Klarna yet. Don't have anything to buy.

          • @HandsomeMonkey: Oh sorry I should have been more clear. I don't have a credit card but somehow Klarna allowed me to purchase even with a credit check.

            • @theangrywaffle: I tried again after seeing your message and tried a different card and it worked. But it also didn’t ask for a credit check when I did it.

      • After seeing the post by the angrywaffle, I tried purchasing it again. But this time, I used a different debit card and it let me purchase it.
        It’s weird why it didn’t work when I used my other card. But I thought credit checks is done on the person not on the card? I don’t know but it let me buy it so mission accomplished.

  • +2

    Wooo got one. Canx my Amazon pre order

    This is a great price/realistic price for this incremental update.

    Thank U very much op!

  • I ordered 👍

  • Got one cheers op

  • +2

    Given the widespread availability of preorders for this thing, I might try my chances at getting it on sale post launch.

    • +1

      Check Amazon US no availability soon Aus will follow

      • That's what you call Scalpers, I do think there is some demand for the system, but not the high demand some people are trying to think it has.

  • +4

    I feel bad for those who paid $650 on ebay for standard switches around a year ago

    • -1

      I only sold one for that price…

      • I saw the bigger sellers selling a lot at that price.

    • It would have been worth it for some of them to have something to do during lockdown, or for parents to have something to keep the kids amused.

    • Hard to put a price on getting the kids to shut up for a bit during lockdown though!

  • How much could I realistically sell my V2 switch for? Considering whether its worth the upgrade

    • -3

      About 300

      • +6

        Why would anyone buy a second hand switch for $300, when you can get a new one on sale for like $350?

        • I just bought a second hand switch for the kids for $300, came with an extra remote & a bunch of accessories. The oled is of no benefit as they're playing on a tv and the model I bought can be jailbroken

        • +1

          I sold a great condition switch for $350 last month on FB marketplace tho, as long as it’s not dirty you can sell it high price :)

    • $240+15%~ trade-in bonus at EB.
      $300 selling it yourself.

  • I have preordered with ebgames, can that be cancelled and refunded?

    • +2

      Yes you can, easily.

    • Only you would know from such a question. Best to read your preorder contract again or call them.

  • +2

    Tempting but it takes far too long to unsubscribe from kogan's emails after making any purchase from them…

    • :D

    • +1

      How do i unsubscribe the email telling me that i unsubscribed?

  • +11

    Finally.. nothing beats playing pokemon in the hallway of my house on my new OLED switch!

    • -1

      u mean on the can

      • +2

        It's a reference to the trailer for the console.

  • +2

    I predict it will take a long time before this deal is beat for this product. The demand is really hard to say, I'm sure it'll sell out but, will people really be desperate for it when they can pick up a Switch whenever they want?

  • +5

    Their website says no credit check for signing up, but heard people on here saying it does? Edit: just found, no credit check on signing up, but does one for every purchase. Hard to justify a credit check for $100 based on peoples comments around here.

    • This. As much as I am tempted to get this deal, the consequence is a negative look on your credit score. The bank or any agent may regard this ‘irresponsible’. Although I might be thinking too much into it, who care if you could pay the money on time, etc

  • +1

    i normally have zero self control with purchases but even I’m not tempted to upgrade from my moddable V1 switch for now

    • +2

      Don't worry I'll do it for you.

    • +1

      Hopefully we can just swap the v1 motherboard in the OLED model.
      That way we can have the best of both worlds. V1 + OLED!!
      Currently it is possible to swap the v1 motherboard in the v2 model, got me an animal crossing v1 switch atm.

    • V1 is best don't sell or upgrade.

      • For me V2 is better because the battery lasts heaps longer.

        And I own a V1 that is moddable too.

        • What's a second hand v1 worth these days?

          • @poulay: About $400, way lower than I expected.

            Even if you don't pirate it's so much better.

  • It says “up to 100”, how do I know this purchase will have the maximum saving?

    Cannot find any detail about it on the website

    • +2

      It basically deduct the 4th instalment by $100. So your saving is a maximum of $100 when you purchase an item priced $400 or higher.

      • I see. Much appreciated mate

  • +1

    Thanks, great deal!

  • +4

    99% playing time is on my TV, so OLED screen is a waste for me, still the same console.

  • +1

    Awesome. Just cancelled my Amazon pre-order and got this instead

  • +4

    Saving it for Deck.

    • +1

      Do we know when it's coming?

      • most likely next year for us. its coming out in Dec '21 in the US and preorders have all been taken by scalpers.
        but man this thing is a beast, would love to see it take off.

        • Think I'll wait for version 2, shortage will be reduced and can actually travel with it lol

  • Happy with my regular switch. I barely play hand held unless my 4yo is playing. If it did 4K or something I would upgrade. Pass for me but good if you don’t have one.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought the white OLED for $414 effectively with the flybuys deal.

    My $539 Amazon order has been cancelled.

    • +1

      Have you been able to redeem the 5k flybuys pts from Klarna? It's still locked for me after making a purchase.

      • Upon closer inspection, no I have not. The button in the Klarna app is greyed out but shows my Kogan purchase underneath. Do you think you have to pay off all four instalments for it to work?

        • +1

          I'm not sure. I also have enough vibe points to redeem the first 750 bonus flybuys pts but it's greyed out as well.

          E: Just had a chat with the support, they said that it can take up to 6 weeks.

          • +1

            @switchplus: Geez. 6 weeks. They never slap you in the face with that information on sign-up. Thanks for checking it out for us.

          • @switchplus: toyapple9 below said they also contacted Klarna and the flybuys points will be awarded within 24 hours :/

  • -1

    Still coming up as 4 payments of $137.25 for me..?

    • Update: Last payment won’t show up until the due date according to Klarna (suggested they should make this more clear).

      Also if you pay the next two payments straight away, you can contact support to get the last payment -$100 brought forward so it’s more of an instant purchase!

  • Sold out in white

  • +1

    Cheers, just grabbed a neon. Choo Choo.

  • +2

    Nice! Picked up the Neon. $100 off makes it a sweet deal indeed

    Despite the bagging it cops, the Switch is probably the most used console I have ever owned. Don't care if the OLED is incremental, I want it!

    (Actually the PS2 with THPS and Gran Turismo might be the most used one, but that was over 20 years ago)

    • Hey ! I'm hesitating whether to buy or not as I've been wanting to buy a console for me and my partner (late 20s early 30s).
      I once had the GameCube and the Ps3 / Ps4 but haven't had a console for the past 3 years.
      For you, what is so great about the switch that makes it your most used console? :)))

      • +2

        portability and games. I am a PC Gamer so a lot of the xbox/ps gaming I prefer on PC.

        Things like the mario/zelda series are tied to the switch and work perfectly on the console.

        Being able to sit in front of the TV and watch the olympics and play a game is something the others can't do

        • Awesome! Portability sure sounds great, and I miss Nintendo games.
          Thank you. I hope the white version becomes available again

          • @foodag13: With that discount, i'd get the Neon. for the $100 saving you can buy a different set of controllers and play as doubles

        • Nintendo games are the real plus here. The portability side will start getting stiff competition with things like steam deck coming through.

          • +2

            @wackedupwacko: i'm yet to be convinced by the steam deck. The games need to run on compromised hardware and compromised controls. The mouse/WSAD combo is yet to be beaten in my opinion.

            Also, the PC segment is becoming more like streaming TV. You almost need a Steam, Epic, Microsoft and UBI account to cover all bases. It sounds like the other systems may run in it, but will be compromised.

            I'm just looking forward to BOTW in OLED!!

      • +3

        Honestly, being able to game on the dunny is what sells it for me!

  • Thanks OP. Bought the Neon OLED for $549.99 (including delivery fee of 10.99)..I used the debit card for payment through Kogan & Klarna and 4 instalments amount changed to $174.94(1st)+$125.02 (next 3 instalments)..called Klarna and he said that final instalment will be reduced by $100 and balance $25.02 will get deducted..Received two emails from Klarna for 1st payment deduction today and 2nd email stating below:

    Your payment offer at Kogan.com.

    Thanks for choosing to shop smoooth with Klarna. This email is to confirm that we're covering your final repayment on your recent purchase at Kogan.com.

    All you need to do is make your first 3 fortnightly repayments.

    Don't worry, you'll receive reminders from us when your repayments are due.

    These reminders will include details on the fourth repayment date until the third repayment is made, as will your purchase summary in the Klarna app.

  • Called Klarna for flybuys point greyed out. She said it will be active in 24 hrs time after your 1st purchase

  • +2

    Update: I have had Klarna already waive my 4th installment as I made manual payments last night to get to the 4th one. Took them 5hrs to action this from when I requested

  • Just bought, thanks. I'm bummed I didn't do it yesterday as I wanted the white version!!

    • +1

      They have white in stock now. Trying to contact support to ask if they can change the colour without cancelling and reordering

      • Thanks mate! I will do that and hope they can be arranging.