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Samsung LED View Cover for Galaxy Note10 $1 + Delivery ($0 C&C /In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Black colour
LED View Cover gives you a range of custom LED icons that notify you at a glance.
See Samsung website for full specs.

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  • Nice, can't go past $1. Thanks.

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    No love for 10 plus?

    • there are few covers for S10+ as well but for $10. I grabbed two for wifey.

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    Thanks, bought one even though I have iPhone XR.

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      That's unacceptable

  • anyone reselling this, im thinking of drop shipping

    • I wish you well, Broden.

  • 99% off, can't really go wrong. Reviews are pretty shithouse but given that most of them are that it 'stopped working after a few months', just buy 20 and you'll be sweet.
    Unfortunately S10e version is only 90% off ($10)- not quite at cost benefit tolerance… yet!

    • how many you buying

      • If I had a note10 I'd load up, but until S10e version drops to this price… this deal ain't for me. I'll leave the stock for people who have the phone.

    • The LEDs aren't in the cover though. The cover just uses a mesh pattern to make the phone's display look like a small amount of LEDs. How on earth does it stop working?

  • Any deals similar for the 20+ OzBargain fam?

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    Is there a resale market for this?

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      Don't you think your question is answered by the fact JB had to drop the price to $1 to sell them ??

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    Would these be compatible with the Note 10+?

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      No… they're different sizes. Bro, just google…

    • Would these make good shoes?

      • Only if have one foot. Otherwise need two.

  • Thanks needed a new S10+ case!

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      This link is for Note 20 Ultra

      • My bad. Thanks

  • Bought and replaced 3 of these in the past :)

    Every single one has stopped working after 1-2 years.

  • These are awesome looking but break quickly and easily.

  • I have S10 5g and unfortunately not many led covers available for the 5g version of the phone.