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PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 XT Fighter 8GB $589 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Available from tonight on PCCG and other retailers, AMD's competitor to the RTX 3060. Haven't seen GPU prices like these for a while so not sure if there's a catch but they're all available now.

Other brands:

ASUS Radeon RX 6600 XT Dual OC 8GB - $699 + Free Delivery @ Centre Com / Also available at Kogan for $599 using Klarna (Offer ends 12th August 11:59pm)

PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 XT Hellhound OC 8GB RDNA 2 - $699 + Delivery

MSI Radeon RX 6600 XT Mech 2X OC 8GB - $699 + Delivery

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                            • @semaj94: We'll address this in a few months time :)

                              • @studentl0an: Oh so I only get a few months now for your prediction haha. I'm done with you mate, lost any sort of respect.

                                • @semaj94: You're very emotional over this, I think that's a clear sign of hopium rather than rational thought. I'll be as fine without your respect as I was before it. All the best.

  • I'm interested to see how quickly these sell out. Most likely within minutes?

    • It's been up for 9 hours and 6 minutes off at the time of this post.

      The Kogan ones with the Klarna deal has sold out though.

  • +1

    Bought the PowerColor from PCCG. Can't wait any longer, and this will tie me over easily for a couple of years.

    • -2

      Get some extra case fans if you can.. that card doesn't run very cool even at 160w TDP

  • +1

    Decent price, but it's an AMD…

    I know i would run into problems with some bizzare bug on my triple monitor hdmi/dp/dvi pinball machine.

  • I've been using a secondhand (donated to me) 1060 6gb for about 16 months now. Would this be much of an upgrade in a new-ish system build, or better to stick with my 1060 6gb for a while?

    • Yes, around ~2.5x better.

      It's OOS now though.

      • +1

        Well that settles that then!

    • What is your use case and what is your expectation when gaming? If it’s mostly esports etc - probably not, if wanting to play aaa titles - definitely yes

      • So far I've not picked up case - just got the B450 MB and Ryzen 5600X. Keeping my PSU, HDD, SSD, and was planning to keep my 1060 6gb. Just wanted to add for now a CPU Cooler, new Ram and wait for a good priced GPU down the line.

        • could lose between 4 and 20% fo speed because of the PCI-express 3.0 bus…
          according to the reviews..

        • What are you going to be playing?

          What kind of resolution?

          I've just upgraded from an i5-6500 to a Ryzen 5600X (on a B550) and at 1080p the 1060 6GB is fine (for me), bottlenecks had previously been down to the CPU not the card.

          Maybe give it a try with your new build, and then see if you want to spend the money on a new card now, or wait for better prices.

          • +1

            @Xenocaust: Mostly a mix of games. FFXIV, GTAV, all sorts of things.
            My impression was that what I have now will suffice for a while so I'll probably do as you've suggested and try it out.

  • They could oversell, 9am this morning OOS..lol

  • +1

    Bought this to add to my mining rigs

    • same. will be interesting.

      • +1

        From the reviews, its very efficient. 32Mh/s @ 55W, that's very profitable!

        Mwave had some in stock for $599, I bought from there as well, they are selling like hot cakes. The price is definitely going to get jacked up by miners, especially if the crypto market goes on a bull run 2.0 for 2021.

        Gamers are not going to be happy. Miner gamers like me are very happy haha.

        • yeah nice, going really fast and price of them will go up as miners will grab them. Two rx 6600 xt are the same as grabbing one 3070 Full hashrate.

          i sold 4 x 1660s for $600 each last month… was kicking my self…now managed to secure these so i'm happy about that. Its a risk as there isn't much mining reviews on it…
          fingers crossed…
          Mine it until eth until eth 2.0. and resale value will be better than 1660s as its 40% better in gaming than a 1660s. i'm looking forward to using amd on a hiveos dedicated rig.

          • @jt0505t: I noticed mwave jacked up the price to $649 shortly after I bought and its now out of stock.

            I have AMD cards using HiveOS, its great. I love how you can tweak and restrict the power consumption of the cards.

    • +2

      Same… sort of… it will be mining 24/7 until Christmas then going in to the kids gaming PC, only aiming for1080p gaming so fine. Should pay off a good chunk of its cost by then, it can mine off and on after that.

  • Could someone please explain the main difference(s) between the more expensive versions ($699) vs the cheaper ones and why you would go for the more expensive? Thanks in advance.

    • Brand, memory type and other components, reseller…. what these cards share is the chipset

    • +2

      The difference is usually minimal, performance wise usually better to get the bottom version of the next model up rather than the most expensive version of the lower one.

      However aesthetics come in to play for some people, and perceived quality. PC Case Gears lowest at 589 vs highest at 829 is just over 40% increase in price, probably get some better acoustics for that and a tiny fraction performance increase out the box, though given you could manually overclock the cheaper one you could claw that back and create your own fan curve to sort the acoustics.

    • Its usually due to the implementation and design of the card. Eg, the MSI one boasts about heat pads, the Powercolor one says it has double ball bearing fans which should last twice as long.

      Also, the quality of the components like the memory chips come into play.

      The clock speeds are a bit different, usually the higher priced cards are clocked higher, however you can play the lotto by buying a cheaper one and overclocking it.

  • +11

    Terrible card at a terrible price but considering current market conditions its a great card at a great price.

    • Ha ha ha ha… Makes me feel better 😁.
      Came to that conclusion as well but it hurt blowing my budget. It's the best value for money on the market. The card on my radar was the GTX 1660 super… around it's RRP. But bloody hell they're selling for $600+. The Sapphire RX6600xt OC cost me $541 delivered. It's $,141 more than I wanted to spend (kid's build), but hell there's nothing in the $400 range… Nothin. So blew the budget, but is way better than GTX 1660, RTX 2060, RX 580 prices. Yeah the poor Ray shading and lower memory bandwidth hurt it but hey the option was wait an unknown number of months for the other cards to settle at RRP. So yeah… You can see I'm trying to convince myself it's ok 🤣

      • What did you use to get it to $541? I’m looking at a first build for home/kids’ use too.

        • +1

          Was $629 from Kogan (JW Comp) + $12 delivery less $100 Klarna special (which is still running at the moment). Klarna have confirmed application of the discount which is cool.

        • Looking to get a couple of other components. Was a nice special on a WD Blue NVMe but the description of the item in the cart changes 🤦 to the lower capacity. Seems like a problem with setup. Anyway will see if there are any other deals before 23:59 when the Klarna 25% capped at $100 ends. Was annoyed at missing the basically uncapped special Klarna had at PC case gear.

    • +1

      Not if you got it from kogan $100 off then it makes it a genuinely good deal lol

    • It depends on your perspective.

      Its a great card at a great price because of the mining profitability. And the market has spoken with the speed at which these cards go out of stock at this price.

  • +1

    Hoping my 1080ti survives another gen at this point.

    • Honesty it will survive. The current state of GPU market is awful it's better to wait and just continue using your current set up.

  • Should I purchase a 6600XT or wait till prices drop for the 3060ti? I'm looking to game at 1440p. Currently I'm rocking with a 2400g APU sadly but willing to upgrade.

    • This is really for 1080p gaming. Might want to look at RX 6700 XT if you need to buy now.

      • There are good prices on newegg for the 6700 XT but of course they're out of stock, same goes for 3060ti. I'll continue to look around and see if there's any good prices.

        • PCByte has a 6700 XT for $999 at the moment with a free PSU (granted, they sell the PSU for $40 so I don't think it's much good).

          There was a preorder for a 3060ti arriving next week (albeit a ITX one) for $859, while the preorder sold out I imagine some stores will just sell the stock when it arrives next week, so might be worth keeping an eye out for that.

          At $589 this card was a bargain, however I expect it'll just be launch stock priced at that. It's easy pickings to mine on at that price, pay back most of the card by year end and will still hold second hand value of at least $400.

          • @freefall101: Yeah I'm settling on a 3060ti, just have to keep an eye on good prices that show up around.

    • Honestly either one will be fine. Obviously the 3060ti is better, being a cut down 3070, if you can get it for RRP.

      Up to you to decide when you will see RRP though.

  • Thanks OP, just bought the sapphire verison from Jwcomputers $639 delivered. good spec card for all my 1080p gaming and an big upgrade from my rx5500xt and without paying the $1000+ for higher end cards

  • Currently been running a HD 6950 since I've upgraded everything else in my computer. Got a new 3300x cpu and been holding out for MONTHS for a reasonably priced graphics card. Even got a new 1440p screen while waiting but haven't been able to enjoy it yet cause my graphics card sucks. Pulling the trigger hard on this one. Only really play WoW so the card will be more than enough even at 1440p

  • +3

    Back in stock at Kogan guys, get in quick.


    I just got a few with the Klarna deal, as they can be had for $540 delivered with the Klarna deal working for multiple purchases (as long as they are different orders).

    • +1

      Got one, many thanks!!!!!

    • We're sorry, but Klarna is not available for this Order. Please try another payment method.

      • Oh man if they got rid of the Klarna deal early because of this that would suck.

        • Has anyone got Klarna to work?

          • @vid_ghost: Yeah I bought the Asrock and Klarna worked for me.

          • @vid_ghost: I got a couple, ordered separately to take advantage of the $100 off each time.

            I posted it as a separate deal here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/644038

            No one else has commented yet that Klarna is not available for them.

            • @studentl0an: SOLD out now.. sucks it didnt let me order

              • @vid_ghost: Damn. What about the $699 one ($599 after waiver)?

                • @studentl0an: still in stock but doesnt let me buy that either

                  Sorry, we can't complete this purchase
                  Please choose a different payment option.

                  I must be blacklisted because i entered the wrong credit card info once and then when trying to fix it .. never worked from then and wont ever from now on.

                  Pretty bad system to do that to a first time user.

                  • @vid_ghost: The site has probably remembered your payment details from before as they are likely stored in some web cookie to make purchasing at a later date faster and more convenient for you. Simple thing to try would be to delete the web cookie for pccasegear in your browser then reload (close & open) the browser.

                    • @fimmwolf: Nothing fixes this issue. Klarna itself has blacklisted me and my mobile number.. hope that shit fails… its nothing compaired with afterpay

              • @vid_ghost: Still in stock? Says low stock for me.

  • +1

    Has anyone got a shipping notification from PCCG? The order says still processing at my end and I paid for express shipping so thought it may have come today, but no chance of that happening with it still processing today.

  • +1

    Same here… They are always slow to ship for me. Wish I could just pick it up. Really stupid that it's not an option

  • Same still processing for me.

  • Mine still processing as well. Hope can get it by next week.

  • +1

    Just got shipping notification, woohoo!

  • Same just got mine.

  • Just got shipped as well.

  • I wish I got one of these :(

  • Mine just got delivered. I saw the email notification that it would be delivered today and thought I'd have enough time for a shower before postie arrives. Not the case. Heard doorbell ring mid brushing teeth in shower and had to very quickly towel off.

    I answered the door dripping wet with toothpaste still in mouth, but worth it otherwise I would have had to wait until Monday.

    • Aasuming it wasn't AusPost? I accidentally selected them so I'll be getting mine next week only :(

      • It was Auspost but I selected the express shipping as it was the same price as normal shipping. I live close to PCCG though, it didn't even need to be sent between depots.

        • Yea also selected express but it should go to a depo before coming to me so… well in no rush as its for the kid haha..

  • Mine has been showing shipped since Friday but I can't track it. Says it can't find the tracking number..

    • +1

      My one just shipped, and included a note saying it basically might not even show on tracking until it’s almost here. I’ve had that a few times in recent months, with the first notification I get being it’s on the van to be delivered.

  • anyone who ordered from JWComputers got their shipping notice/delivery?

    • Got another one from them via Kogan and that says expected dispatch August 18th.

  • Got mine today. Nice Samsung memory. Really quiet.

  • Also arrived today. Seems like a nice gpu for my kid so far but it is so tiny :D

    • My GPU temp below 60 when gaming, fan was so quiet, I couldn't hear it at all. Make sure you OC and undervolt.