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[Pre Order] Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 128GB + Samsung Galaxy Buds Live + Samsung Care+ $1199.20 @ Samsung EPP (Membership Required)


Well as title says for EPP
128GB - $1199.20; 256GB - $1279.20
Plus galaxy buds live

Also Z fold 3 @256GB - $1,999.20; 512GB - $2119.20 + galaxy buds pro

  • free samsung care+. Note - you first need to add samsung care to your cart and then enter the code to make it work. Credit to @spirrowhack

  • add the $50 voucher if you are lucky

Also available for custom options

An account from the following corporate partners is required (Prices may vary between corporate partners)

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    Add the code BONUSCARE for "complimentary Samsung Care+ valued at $399RRP when you pre‑order".

    • This is great .. thanks ..

    • You my friend are awesome

    • Doesn't work for me unfortunately. I tried adding the code before adding Samsung Care+ and also afterwards. Same error message:

      The code you entered did not affect your order. Please note, codes may only be valid for certain items or in certain conditions.

  • +1

    You can also choose to get the peace and wireless charger through the EPP, and you get an additional $100 in trade credit if you trade up

    • I added a trade-in phone, but it's not showing the -$100 in checkout. Am I missing something?

      • It auto adds the extra $100 from trade app quote.
        I was meant to get $435 for note 20 ultra but they subtracted $535

        • I'm in Samsung Education store btw, talked to an agent through chat and he said there's an issue due to volume of people pre-ordering. lol

          Tried using the normal Samsung site and yes, the $300 bonus is being added to the trade-in price.

          • @bawawaw: I'm not sure how it's an error, I just doubled checked and theirs a banner on the page stating the $100 extra. It did auto add the discount when I selected added a trade in to the sale. https://imgur.com/a/S6mSLnH

            • @Aiden McLachlan: Seems it’s not working for Z Flip 3. If I try to order Z Fold 3 and add my trade-in, it auto adds the bonus $100. Will try again tomorrow, hope they fix it.

    • How does the trade-in work in terms of sending back the phone and receiving the new one?

      Are you stuck without a phone for 7 days or something?

      Also is the $300 trade in value standard or a limited time offer?

      • +1

        Send it back in once you've received the new one.

  • -3

    Optus store has 50% off RRP

    • Are you talking about optus store epp or just plain optus store

      • Optus online does not have Fold 3 yet, so must be EPP? But I don't see 50% off in EPP

        • I think he may havemistaken itfor 50% off samsung care..

      • Optus Epp

      • how does the optus store work do i need to be a Optus sim user or worker?

    • +1

      Just clarifying, optus epp have 50% off rrp of all new models of fold and flip. But doesn't have bonus buds or care. e.g. Fold 3 512GB is $1324 and 256GB is $1248
      Also flip 3 256 is $799

      • What the .. nice offer ..

      • +1

        I see only 20% off in Optus EPP. Where do you see 50% devices?

      • +1

        Are you an Optus staff member?

      • Any screenshots?

      • Pretty sure you're looking at the PDF meant for Samsung employees. It was incorrectly linked to a few EPPs

        • There always been such offers for telco employees to complete training and receive the voucher to get 50% discount.

          You might be right about the PDF which strengly doesn't mention the training at all, that could be for Samsung employees only.

      • +2

        I would rather get straight up 50% off than getting all these bonuses…

        now how can I gain access! :D

      • Can you send link for Optus EPP? Is it the student hub?

    • +2

      Optus EPP is 35% off. You'll get a code once you complete the 'Unpacked QuickStart Module' in Samsung+.

      50% off is generally only for the S series releases.

      • Could you share the link to the Optus EPP website please?

      • How do u know it’s 35% I can’t even see that

        • +1

          Was told by Samsung reps. I was sent a photo as well so I can confirm this but obvs can't share it. But if you login to Samsung+ under EPP FAQs is how's once you complete the training and then a code will be sent within 3 days.
          Just complete the mentioned training then you should be good to go!

          • +1

            @life-hack: I just logged into Samsung X Optus EPP and they've posted the T&Cs PDF on the homepage. So go there and you'll be able to see the details :)

  • Nice offers there, now, if only I worked for one of those or my job had access to these.

  • Not available yet from my EPP store

    • not available ?? i can see it in my account ..

      Edit : Sorry i did not see you used "my EPP" .. should have controlled my excitement

    • For those that can't see it when accessing the mobile website seems really strange but downt show. However if you set your browser to desktop mode or turn your phone to landscape it appears. Seems really Strange

  • +1

    Amazing hardware. Shame about the software.

    • +1

      Software was admittedly no good when it was touchwiz. OneUI is great these days with plenty of options.

  • +2

    50$ voucher isnt working before or after Bonuscare.
    You get either one of them 🥴

    • +1

      Looks like they learnt their lesson

  • I ordered the green 256gb fold 3 and traded my note 20ultra
    Got the buds pro as the case and charger aren't available.
    With the Samsung care bonus care promo and the fold pen case equalled $1540 after trade in.
    My note 20 ultra has pretty big scratches so I don't think it would have sold well.

    • +2

      If there are lot of scratches wouldn't they reject your trade in once they inspect the device?

      • Not on their criteria.
        It only states if it's cracked or if there is screen burn in /colour alteration.
        The trade up app is quite comprehensive

  • Woolworths Employee's also have access

  • +1

    same deal is also available on the samsung education store

  • Maybe the website is saving me from myself - I really would prefer the bonus s pen case and wireless charger over the galaxy buds pro (but appears to be unavailable), maybe I am better off just going for the buds pro and re-selling them when I get the package?

    (Although i expect many people will do the same causing the value of the buds pro to tank…)

    • I can confirm that I will be doing the same.

      Wanted to get the s pen case bundle as well, but had the same issue. Although I do think that 3rd party case makers will come up with better ways to hold the s pen than the Samsung version. I really don't like how the cover extends beyond the left edge of the phone when unfolded.

  • +2

    Anyone know when the preorder for the watch 4 will start?

  • My son has just started working for the Aust Govt , how do you find out which companies offer a discount to you ?
    He is not a bargain hunter like me so I will need to tell him the info if he has to ask someone . thanks

    • as long as he has a @gov email address he should be applicable for the deal

      • thanks , he has, but how do you find out which other companies apart from Samsung offer discounts for EPP?

        • +1

          Don't think you'll find public info on that unless other's have posted it. He'd probably have to check internally for other deals/promos that the govt has. Probably can find info via internal webpage or ask other ppl at work that's been around longer

  • BONUSCARE code does not work on the education store?

    • +3

      yes it does. you have to add care+ first then apply the code.

  • -1

    The battery size of 4400mah is a bit of small for 120hz.

    • ins't it why they have LTPO

  • Using the trade in for first time. After I get the trade ID from the app and use it on desktop/website it gives an error saying trade in not available. Chat rep told me its because I can only use it and make a purchase through the app!! However I was using EPP and not sure if the prices will reflect in the app, they have given me an email for the trade in team and ask them.
    Does anyone else has any idea about this? Its strange that trade ID cannot work out of the app.

    • did you try that in checkout screen? sometimes it fails on product page.

      • Yes have tried both on checkout and product pages.
        Tried on EPP and normal site too - same error. It says trade is unavailable.

        • may be wait a day, or try in incognito mode.

        • Have you added your credit card in the trade-in app?

    • Same issue as me for this. Can't figure it out

  • Nothing on Telstra EPP so far.

    • +1

      Check Yammer. Full details there. The PDF linked fr the Telstra EPP was misleading as it was meant for Samsung employees. I got overly excited but was sad to realise it wasn't for us.

      • Thanks, saw that. I am still confused, does Samsung+ apply to us?

        • Yes. You'll need to do the training module to qualify and wait around 3-7 days for a special coupon

          • @julz: Thanks, I will get my Samsung+ account now :)

            • @nadan: Curious to know what the telstra discount offer is.

      • What are the Telstra epp pricing for the Z Fold 3 ?

        • The same as others 20%.

          • @nadan: Thanks so it's not 35pct as optus ?

            • @Dazaa: It is 35% on Telstra EPP. I just checked.

              • @SpotOn: Thanks appreciate it 😊

              • @SpotOn: I believe without the ad ons like the buds ?

                • @Dazaa: Buds is extra $239. Their portal is all over the place.

              • @SpotOn: It says 35% but it only gives you 20% discount. It is not 35% in the cart.

                • @nadan: Unfortunately I don't work for Telstra anymore so I can't test it. But you have to do a course in order to receive a code via email to get the discount. I hope this clarifies.

                  • @SpotOn: Yes, apparently they have got it working finally, shi it seems to be 35%.

                    • @nadan: Yup, and also its eligible for bonus pack. See screenshot here


                      • @SpotOn: Hey. Thanks for the screenshot.Does Telstra corporate (non-retail) staff have access to the training portal for the discount code?

                        • +1

                          @nosrad: Best to check Yammer on the intranet. Advise against posting pricing info here as you'll get banned from the program and being eligible for discounts

  • Do you still get the $99 screen replacement in the first year with EPP?

    • +1


      • Where does it state that? Is that for the Education store?

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