What Car Do You Have?

Let’s see what the people of ozbargain drive. Is the cash people are saving off this website enough for some high end cars? Probably not, but let’s hear it anyway. (No I don’t drive).


  • 2016 Corolla hybrid.. Great little car

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    Trek mountain bike (live 500m from work)

    I have driven a lot of great cars though, on Forza horizon.

    My wife has a Subaru. I'd get one of those if I got a car because it seems a good balance of price and quality.

  • DeLorean time machine

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    I'm almost 31 and have the same car since I was 18. A 2003 Ford BA XT Falcon, dual fuel, which has over 503,000km on the clock. Not planning to get rid of it till the wheels fall off! Still run like a champ and I do all of the basic mantience myself.

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      This is peak ozbargain motoring

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    My19 Honda Jazz VTI does what I need, but will be looking to upgrade to a SUV soon.

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    Family Car: 2020 CX-5 (purchased new)
    My Commuter: 2018 Honda PCX-150 scooter (purchased new)

  • Mercedes C350e that we recharge from solar at home and at the office
    Hyundai Kona

    • Interesting you went with the hybrid choice but cool nonetheless

      • C300 is on the import list from japan, may make it a very cheap gray import when the plugin comes

  • 2020 Ford Ranger

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    Me - 2010 Honda Jazz
    Mrs - 2020 Mercedes GLA 200

    Obviously the Mrs is not an Ozbargainer!

  • 2nd hand 8 year old Audi A3.
    Good thing the shape is still the same so people can't tell at first glance I'm driving a euro beater on its last legs. :)

  • 2017 BMW X5 30D M Sport
    2019 Mitsubishi Outlander - from work.

  • Me 96 EF Falcon 230,000 km with pod & bike racks on roof was mostly used for holidays or trips away for bicycle racing.

    Wife drives 2016 ASX 33,000 km mostly locally around Hunter Valley got it last year after her 2002 Astra did a water pump and it wasn't economical to repair even though it only had 142,000km

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    2012 Skoda Fabia RS Wagon

    More cargo space than a medium SUV (and faster than most too!) but with short & narrow dimensions that let it slip into any parking spot with ease. Plus its fun having a rare car that's rare just because it is (rather than being rare due to age or being stupid expensive).

    • +1

      Nice to see I'm not the only one happy with the 2012 Skoda Fabia wagon (mines not an RS). Picked mine up for $6k just as the pandemic was hitting, got a bargain!

      You really can fit a lot in, and the mileage is very good as well.

  • 2000 Camry and 2010 Corolla, with the savings we take a holiday in NZ every ski season

  • Ford Focus S
    Toyota MR2 AW11 Supercharged(doesn't get driven)

    Sold my 370z, and my Aprilia Motorcycle.

    If the 2017 Audi RS3 Sedans drop to $60,000 when new model arrives, I'll probably upgrade as I love it in Nardo Grey.

    • What's the condition of the AW11 like?

  • 2021 Mazda CX-5

  • 2010 Mitsubishi Triton GLX-R
    2018 Golf

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    2016 Jaguar F Type
    2011 Honda Jazz

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      F type nice

    • Great car, the F-Type which one do you have?

  • Hyundai i40 wagon (premium spec)

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    I drive a bomb.

  • Sensible and boring. 2020 Cerato and a 2011 Mazda 3.

  • How's camry official ozbargain car when no one owns it?

    2005 BMW 1 with best anti theft feature (manual)

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    1995 Honda Accord
    2008 Ranger
    1963 Pontiac

    Accord was the best thing I've ever bought, owned it for 18 years now, 440,000km on the clock and still runs like a dream

  • MY18.5 Outlander LS

  • 2002 Toyota Prado

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    Me - 2010 Prius with 335,000km, haven’t spent a dime on it outside of fluids and filters, even original brakes! Soon to be replaced by a Tesla M3.

    Missus- 2021 RAV4 Hybrid Cruiser.

    Mother in law - 2001 Holden Berlina with 430,000km still going strong.

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    I'm so disappointed not every OzBargainer drives a high yield investment car.

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    Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid. Its nice. Family of 4.

  • Had a 2010 lancer until it was written off by a P Plater who didn't give way. Now driving a 2021 Eclipse Cross LS, pretty happy with it so far.

    My wife drives a 2012 Yaris. Nice enough to drive but getting a bit cramped now that we've recently had our second child.

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    2007 Audi RS4
    2021 BMW S1000RR

    • How much did the bike cost?!

      • Nearly as much as the car!

        • +1

          did you get it in the tri colours?

          • +1

            @Big Lenny: No, I wanted black. Perhaps an unpopular opinion but I don't really like the tri-colour. Plus I saved a good chunk of money getting a black one which I put towards a full exhaust and a few other nice bits.

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    Volvo XC60

  • +9

    I have a classic 1983 pair of human legs

    • +3

      The knees will start going bad in about 2 years so prepare for that

  • +2

    Lexus GS350 F sport.

    Fast, comfortable and reliable in the long term. Something i had no confidence in any euro car doing.

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    2006 Toyota Crown (JDM) if something major goes wrong it'll cost me, but for being a Toyota I have faith.

  • 2017 Velar R Dynamic - Selling atm! Don't buy.. looks pretty but not worth it.

    • Wow haha, I also agree that the velar is the best looking range rover ever!

      • It is.. always turns head everywhere it goes. Maintenance is where it kills you though. Once i sell it, i might go Genesis GV80 as ownership cost far far less than Land Rover or either of its European counterparts.

        • Hmm interesting. Definitely have a look at the Alfa Stelvio, or some of the mercs, but in terms of ownership cost not too sure

          • @DisabledUser398528: Same, if not worse than the Velar probably. Especially the Alfa. GV80 is a good choice.

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    2013 Toyota 86
    2017 Yamaha YZF-R3

    2004 Toyota Corolla Sportivo

    • How's the condition of the Sportivo?

      • +1

        Still going relatively strong, minor leaks from timing cover gasket and power steering resevoir that thankfully don't require any topping up of fluid between services (5000kms)
        Paint isn't in the best nick, slightly faded haha

  • 2017 WRX STI modified, Sunday car, with these lockdowns it's gotten a nice barn find dusty look to it now. Think last time I refilled it was last year…

    2014 Kia Proceed GT, I love this little nugget. Back corner auction find. 1.6L Twin scroll turbo, short ratio 6MT, factory recaro seats, best 8k I ever spent and I never knew this car existed when I bought it.

    • +1

      love rexy's, the 2006 hawkeye era will always be my fave

      • +1

        Love the GD chassis, before the STI I had a 2003 WRX wagon (peanut eye). New ones are better overall IMO. What new ones lose on weight they gain in traction.

        Been tracking old WRX prices and they are eye watering. I want a classic as a project car but wow prices are insane of old rexies.

        Thought $50K be ok for a 2 door STI Coupe. Nope I'm 100K short, even base classics are 20K for beaters.

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          @ Bid Sniper I've got an old school liberty RS turbo it needs a lot of work but I'm glad I kept it as they have gone crazy high prices now…

        • +1

          50k, would be worth getting all of them available at that price hehe

    • +1

      best 8k I ever spent

      That's a bargain.

      • +1

        Was lucky, Luxury dealership trade in, wanted it gone and dumped it at auctions.

        No one wanting a high yield investment car wants a Kia, sat on the lot for awhile. People who want a Kia don't want a 2 door let alone manual transmission. Win for me, it's a Megane RS sport clone that has warranty to 2023, with 50,000km on the clock. They couldn't take my money fast enough.

        Did a hot side intercooler resonator delete, put in Brembo brakes, and installed ceramic coating. Awesome hot hatch and a sales failure here.

  • 2018 Stinger GT and 2013 Civic for work/daily
    Thinking about selling my stinger for a weekender but undecided between mx5, Mustang or a classic JDM

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    1975 Ford XB Falcon Hardtop
    1975 Ford F350 Dentside V8
    2010 Ford G6E Turbo
    2016 Skoda Superb 206 TSI AWD
    2011 Holden VE Sportwagon
    2007 Husqvarna TE250

  • 2007 skoda octavia

    2005 Accord Euro

  • Mk7 Golf GTI. 47000km and will be selling before it hits 100…

    • Always been curious at the GTI are they really as fun as they look

      • Quite fun, especially after a tune etc. Not quite the ‘holy ****’ sketchy, torque-steery fuuuuun like a Fiesta ST - very refined, almost too much so. Great daily driver though.

  • Nissan Cube

  • 2006 Ford Focus XR5. Had it for 8 years so far. Thought I would've sold it a while ago to upgrade, but it just does so many things so right. And has been fairly trouble free.

    • Turbo?

      • Yep turbo!

        • Are they really as fun as ppl say

          • @Willco88: Yeah I find it really fun. There's definitely some things it could do better. Being a pretty heavy fwd it sucks from a standstill. But the 5 cyl is pretty torquey so from a roll it has a great punch.

            Handling wise its pretty decent. Since upgrading the rear anti roll bar, putting on some coilovers and better tyres it handles a lot better.

            Parts aren't the cheapest thing, but power wise I just have a cold air intake, upgraded intercooler, cat and a flash tuner and it goes great.

  • +4

    Hyundai i30N oh man I love every second of driving it

    • +3

      I picked one up 2 weeks ago, can't stop smiling

      • What bodytype? Sedan, hatch, fastback?

        • Sedan is not for sale yet.
          Fast back is only for limited edition orders atm.
          So it's a hatch DCT.

        • 2020 Hatchback, I think it looks the sleekest

  • +1

    2010 Volvo S60 D5

  • +1

    2021 Hyundai i30n DCT

  • Me 2013 Fiat Panda TwinAir and 2020 Super Soco TC Max. Other ½ 2011 Audi A3 S-Line.

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    2018 Camry SL V6.
    I'm thinking of upgrading to a Kia Stinger GT or Tesla Model 3 but don't know if they'll be worth it.

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    2018 VW Passat 206tsi Wagon - Quick, boring, practical wagon
    1997 Mazda MX-5 BRG Limited Edition - Slow, fun, impractical roadster

  • 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer

  • Me = 2019 Jeep Cherokee V6 Limited.
    Wife = 2021 1 month old Suzuki Swift GL Plus.

  • Surprised that there are not many RAV4 owners here !!
    2005 RAV4 is my car. She hit a roo once and done few interstate trips since then.
    OK to go around Adelaide at the moment but I can't wait to upgrade her to a PHEV RAV4 or even e-RAV4.

    • I've got an 05 Rav4 too. Just replaced the valve cover gasket as oil was flooding into the spark plug and now fuel economy has significantly improved.

      I wish I could get my 3-door one in diesel though.

    • I know right? I feel like half the cars on the road are RAVs. We’ve got a 2010 and I love it. Drove a 2021 hybrid the other day and it was aight but I feel like mine actually has a bit more zip.

      Previously owned a 98 CRV which had to get recalled and crushed due to takata airbag and I think I’ll miss it forever…

  • 2013 Turbo Veloster
    1997 Toyota Hiace Regius Wind Tourer 4WD (117k km) imported from Japan; used as a camper.

  • GR Yaris
    Skoda Wagon
    Renault Clio 182 (and a ph1 for good measure)

    • +1

      I’ve also got a GR Yaris. The ozbargainers car of choice!

      • They're a Toyota and they're fun. It makes so little sense I love it!

  • 2008 Nissan X-Trail STL
    2008 Ford Fiesta Zetec

  • 2010 Kluger
    2018 Renault Koleos

  • '95 Landcruiser 80 series (turbo diesel)

  • +1

    2016 Subaru WRX Premium

  • 2014 VW Amarok


  • 2018 Honda FK8

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