What Car Do You Have?

Let’s see what the people of ozbargain drive. Is the cash people are saving off this website enough for some high end cars? Probably not, but let’s hear it anyway. (No I don’t drive).


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    VE Commodore

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      2012 VE on LPG.

      I've payed 54c to 74c a litre for gas the last few years.

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        Very nice!

        Mine is the complete opposite… VE SS.. cammed + an SLP 2300 blower. Daily driven

        • High yield investment, bmw m6

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          Mine is a 100% stock ve ssv 2007 with 65,000 km. 6 speed manual in hot red. It just sits in the shed for them sunny days

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        how many km you get from 1 litre of gas?

  • Mazda CX9
    VW Polo GTI
    1952 Land Rover

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    Mitsubishi 380.
    The cash I save on high end cars is what I spend on this website!

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      I had one, absolutely loved it!

      • Ditto, I had a VRX. Loved that car.

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          I had a manual 380 VRX back in the day. It could move, but average fuel consumption was absolutely woeful. City driving it averaged nearly 20L/100kms.

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        It’s a good car, but I wonder if it would have been a great car if rear wheel drive. I feel it got badly marked down against the Falcon and Commodore at the time, predominantly for that.

        • Perhaps, but I didn't mind. It won car of the year at one point I thought?
          I got it for about 15k with 70k on the clock maybe? Had it for 10 years with almost no issues. It held its own

    • Mitsubishi 380 (2007) here as well.

      • This was the same car I had until it was written off earlier this year. I loved it!

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      Wow! Galent was my dream car back then. Test drove a 8th gen Galant 2.0 L Turbo Diesel and I was really impressed.
      I think 380 is the 9th gen Galant, isn't it?

      • A Diesel Galant?
        Never knew Mits did a diesel galant…?

        I had a '96 Galant V6-24 back in the day and loved it! Always wanted a Ford TX5. When out to buy one and came home with the Galant instead. Despite being similar in shape, the Galant just looked so much better!

        Always have and still remain a fan of that 4 door coupe hatch sort of shape!

        • i'm guessing NZ

          • @brad1-8tsi: More trees and clouds, fewer emissions issues perhaps… lol… not to mention sheep per head… IDK…

        • *Went out to buy…

        • I had the 1989 SE 2.0L, then went to the 1993 V6

          That 2.0L V6 could rev!

          Wanted the 2001 VR4, but got screwed over by J-Spec, so ended up with a KJ Verada. Probably best, as the turbos had issues, as well as the 2001's haven't aged well (peeling clear coat etc).

    • I've owned TJ Magna now CJ lancer so yeah I like some Mitsubishi

      • I planned to drive my TJ as a work runabout until it died… But the bloody thing won't die!

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      the cash u save on high end cars is what you spend on petrol lol

      • True! This is my car, which is rarely driven.
        Even less so these days.

    • Same! good car, terrible paint quality though
      Fancy new cars are purely a fashion accessory and a waste of money

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        I reckon the badly peeling clear coat saved me $2000 on the price, so I can live with it.

        • I have the same issue but the car has cream leather interior and only 70k km so i live with it for now

    • How’s the paint work ?

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        Terrible. If it had peeled like this when I was the new owner I would be disgusted.

        • Yeah Mitsubishi paintwork leaves allot to be desired.

    • I have driven a Mitsu 380, on gas, since 2009.

      In 2018 my 380 on gas died with 355,000km on the clock. I replaced it with another 380 on gas, with only 142,000km on the clock, from a dealer for $4,500.

      I also have a 2015 Kia Cerato - bought it for $10,800 in 2018. Was a good deal then, worth 20% more today.

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    You’d probably be better off asking what age of car.

    I aspire to a 5yo Camry.

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      I believe Toyota (and Honda?) have the lowest ownership costs..

  • 2002 HSV GTS (owned for about 15 years, only comes out a couple of times a month)
    2018 AMG A45 (about 1 year, wife's daily drive)
    2012 Suzuki Sport (2 years. Was a daily run around, will be going to my daughter next year when she gets her L's)
    2009 Hyundai Tucson (couple of months. Gifted from my in laws as they got a new car and CBF selling it lol. Serves as the current daily driver)

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          It's ok. Willco88 doesn't even know what a CVT is.

          Exhibit A

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            @MS Paint: I think he sees absolute value only.

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    Honda Accord Euro Premium Edition 2009 (Picked it up cheaper than a Toyota Camry)

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      Hi 5 - any chance manual with Navi?

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        Automatic, not a Navi. Made in Japan ;)

      • I have a 09 model manual luxury edition (no Navi)

        Amazing car!! Has a bunch of great features and great value for money. Just doesn’t go anywhere fast but I’m not too fussed. Has never let me down and quite efficient.

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      wee have a 2005. Great car

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      Great car,
      I had one until I traded it in to buy my Amarok.

      I regret selling it…

      • unlucky mate - bloke I bought my '11 Euro manual off also sold his for an Amarok

    • 06 here, wish they still made them like this.

    • '06 here as well - great car!

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        07 here. Bought it new nearly 14 years ago. Still going strong.

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    Personal car: Toyota
    Work car: Toyota
    Preference: Public transport

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    Toyota Camry (only comes out about once a week… due to covid)

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    Always wanted a corner office with a view?
    How about being paid to travel?
    Plus drive a $400,000 company vehicle?

    I did too, so I became a bus driver.

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      Haha, buses cost 400k wow

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        :) European too.

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          and leaking waters from the roof whenever there has been a raining….and no repair as parts are expensive….:)

        • Mid-engine rear wheel drive European at that.

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    Toyota Hybrid Eneloop Edition.

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    Sv21 Camry and a Citroen berlingo.

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      Those old SV21 are slow as hell, but don't die!

    • They're just starting to go up in price due to rarity.

      • I don't actually have either of these cars, it was a joke as one is a Camry, being the "ozbargain favourite" and reliable, while the other is a steaming turd with no redeeming features.

  • Nissan Qashqai 2yo

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      Is that the cash cow or squash court edition?

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    2016 hairdressers' car.

    I wonder if there are really as many camry and corolla owners as the comments in car-related threads make it seem!

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        Audi TT I think.

        • RX8 and Suzuki Swift also come to mind

          Not 100% sure about the Nissan Cube, Micra, and maybe a Mazda 2 being popular with that demographic.

        • Hey can u share info about this?

          ChickenFeed posted Keychron K8 Bluetooth TKL Keyboard Hot-Swappable Gateron RGB Backlit Alum Frame $38 @ eBay ($36.10 w/ eBay Plus)

          Could also be posted in this thread -

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        Chickenfeed is right ☺️

        I was looking for something that wasn't too common.

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          Back in 2003, in my teens I briefly dated two different trainee hairdressers. Both of them told me their only aspiration in life is to one day earn enough money to buy a Mitsubishi Lancer. (Not an Evo, a regular Lancer). One of the ladys that taught at the hairdressing school at the TAFE also drove a Lancer. Around the same time the lady down the street that used to cut my Mum's hair sold her car and bought a new Lancer.

          So to me, the only thing that comes to mind whenever anyone says hairdressers car, is a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer.

  • 1994 landcruiser

    • 70 or 80?

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        80! 1hz dx

  • Please make a poll, much more easier to see.

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      There are too many different responses!

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        Model 3/Model S

        The above should capture 70-80% of ppl on ozb.

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          That’s 70-80%

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    Kia cerato 2020

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      I have one of these, Sport+ to be specifc.

      Best car I've ever owned!

      (Previous best was my 1983 Ford Telstar, during the 1990s)

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    base model Mazda 3 2020

    cheapest brand new car with HUD, adaptive cruise control, and in-built GPS.

    • how are the new mazdas with cabin noise? i got a 2005 mazda 3 and the cabin noise is making me look at other brands. I'm sure its improved

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        very quiet, in fact one of the quietest I've test drive when I bought the car.

        The only complaint is the suspension is quite hard, not very pleasant on the speed bump.

        Other than that, it has every feature other car don't have in this price range (GPS,HUD, etc.)

      • I have a base 2015 model and remember seeing online some people had issues with the cabin noise, but I never ever notice it. YMMV

      • If cabin noise is an issue, then your music isn't loud enough!

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          Ha ha. I had a Suzuki Sierra soft top. After an hour on the freeway I was pretty much deaf from trying to drown out the roof flapping and engine screaming with the stereo.

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    Kia cerato 17 and 20

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    2011 Mondeo for the safety features (adaptive cruise control etc), 2013 FPV GT for fun

    • Same. I've got the 2015 Ford Mondeo for same reasons. Titanium hatch. Ex partner has the 2011 Mondeo titanium hatch :).

      Great value cars, cheap to run her diesel and not too bad on the petrol in mine.

    • Enjoyed my 2007 Mondeo TDCi (Diesel) Hatch for some good 4 years before I had to sell it a few months ago as the car was getting too old and things started leaking.

      It really was ahead of its time - cruise control, automatic headlights and wipers, front & rear parking sensors, and it wasn't even a top of the range model, plus really spacious boot and very economical! You can do a Sydney to Melbourne run on a single tank and have 200 km of range left.

      Now I have a Honda Civic 2011, which is nice - smaller and not as economical but hoping there will be fewer teething problems.

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