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Ergolux Ergonimic Anti-Fatigue Mat $25.99 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Ergolux Ergonimic Anti-Fatigue Mat $25.99 + Delivery
$6.99 delivery, or free with Kogan First subscription/trial.
A cheap alternative for those who may have missed out on this banger from KitchenAid via Costco

Previously $38.00 in June as mentioned by ChiBot

Dimensions: 67 x 56 x 8cm
Weight: 1.8kg

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    Having such specific places to put your feet partly ruins to the point of using a standing desk - you're meant to be in dynamic positions and making small movements all the time. I use a camping mat at home.

    • Dimensions: 67 x 56 x 8cm
      It does look small on the picture but seems decent size so you don't get locked in a specific position.
      I don't own but was interested for partner who stand all day long.
      Also 8cm thick and arch support which you may not get from camping mat.

      • It looks like it would arch support if you're on that specific spot the whole time. Might work, might not.

  • +2

    No way this thing was 129!

  • +3

    I have one and its ok, not big enough and all the sections are too soft to really do much of anything. Think I prefer it to a flat foam one though. Also the little textural round things on the bottom continuously fall off

  • +1

    I actually thought they looked pretty good so really appreciate noobshoes 'lived' experience. Reckon I might still try one.

  • mine still working fine. slightly diff. model https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/632357
    if i keep rubbing my flat feet to the massage areas (central ball, sides ) it can get quite painful after few mins..
    this price is cheap asss….