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Ozito PXC 18V 10mm Compact Drill Driver Kit $49 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


10mm keyless chuck
Variable speed trigger
LED worklight
1 x 18V compact charger
1 x 1.5Ah battery
If you’re in need of a compact cordless drill that’s capable of powering through a range of odd jobs around the home, this 18V Power X Change 10mm Drill Driver Kit is the ideal tool for you.

With the included 1.5Ah battery and compact charger, all you need to do is attach an accessory using the keyless chuck and you're ready to complete your drilling and screw driving tasks. The LED light brightens dark and confined working spaces, whilst the variable speed trigger and sure grip handle provides control and comfort.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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    it's been $45 since december 2020 and just gone up in price to $49 according to https://pricehipster.com/product/hgXkYYnSYcc6jkK7w3swQw~HJ1K...

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    in before the 'its chinese crap' or 'it's crap' or 'it breaks after 5 minutes'…

    I have a fair few of these PXC tools and I think they are great value. I don't use them for a living, and I don't flip houses in my spare time, these tools are perfect for around the house. Sure, pay more for a bigger name brand, but then you will end up with dead money sitting in the tool shed doing nothing.

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      I bought the $50 aldi cordless drill with hammer function 2 Christmases ago and it's still going strong. I love it apart from being pink. It was Christmas and they only had pink coloured left so had to buy it. Lol.

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        What's wrong with pink?

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      I've used Ozito power tools for many years, from little jobs to house renos (diy) and treated them with no kindness. They have never failed. I just bought a Ozito impact wrench today after much consideration of alternatives. An added bonus is one of the best warranties in the business.

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        I also have the Aldi one and is awesome. But recently after house renos has gone missing. I may buy this as everything else I have is this Ozito brand.

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          But recently after house renos has gone "missing".


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      This is the cheapest price and cheapest looking of the ozito drills. Plastic 10 mm Chuck. Probably fine for some people but if you spend a little bit more there are better ozito drills in the line up.

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    I'm a strong advocate for Ozito PXC tools, but this isn't the one you want. 10mm chuck is too small as is the 1.5Ah battery.

    Get the brushless combo as a starter or otherwise the 5-piece set and then start adding from there

    • I've been looking for some advise on drill driver sets. What would you suggest for a basic home/diy use please.

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        If you are a beginner I would suggest watching some of the many tips and tricks videos on YouTube. Great way to learn.

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        Get the cheapest impact driver you can find and the cheapest drill. The Autobarn power G ones are going cheap atm and most of the will work with the Aldi batteries that are on sale (way cheaper than buying ozito batteries). The power g, ozito and aldi work zone titanium and Ferrex are all from the same factory (positec) in China. Then if you need a hammer drill just get a wired one, much better.

        I bought the pre PXC ozito 5 pc kit for 99 during father's day special about 9 or so years ago, I have thrashed them and they still work fine. I would bet that if you arent a trade you will get a long life out of any of them.

        • Thank you; is there a 2 in 1 model you recommend - both driver and drill in 1

          • @nsavi: No, they are different tools mechanically, however if you are OK with paying more for the bits you can get bits that are made for an impact driver shank I believe, but each bit probably costs as much as a packet of the standard 10/13mm chuck type. And vice versa you could buy just a drill and put a screw bit in it, but it's no where near as good as having an impact driver. Word of warning some people require some practice using the impact driver

    • For those who only really need the one drill/driver for the odd house job I'd wait for an Aldi deal that results in this sort of matching deal

  • I got the worx one from eBay for $54 something with pluspapa code and 15% off. Is that any good? It’s a 17 piece kit

    • How does the warranty compare with Ozito's?

      • 2 years standard warranty or 3 years if registered online within 30 days of purchase. Battery covered for 12 months only.

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          The bunnings one can be returned in store. More costly to do return on ebay. If the price difference is significant, then ebay one is better.

          • @htc: They just paid me on my PayPal when my worx died

  • Can it drill through car roof? I want to install a spoiler on my car so Looking for a cheap drill. Is this drill enough for that job?

    • A big sticker that says "I DELIVER DRUGS" will be just as effective at getting the attention of police

      EDIT: Sorry, were you actually wanting a serious reply? I thought this was a joke.

      What size bolts do you have? If they're M12 then you'll need a 12mm drill bit, which will not fit in this drill.

      • Newbie here. Cant we use same drill for different sized bolts?

        • +1

          Nope. Small cheap drills use a smaller 'chuck' i.e. the gripping insert hole thing at the front. This specific one is 10mm so anything bigger won't fit. Small drill bits will of course work perfectly fine

          Anything better, including all other Ozito PXC tools, have a 13mm chuck which means you can take say a 1/2" drill bit without a problem. So it's much more a futureproofing thing.

          • +3

            @Switchblade88: It might, many 12 and 13mm bits now have a 10mm shank for this reason so yes it is possible to drill a 13mm hole with a drill with a 10mm chuck

          • @Switchblade88: There are 12mm drill bits into a 10mm chuck if they have a narrowed shank - for example:
            Ryobi 12mm HSS Drill Bit

            Someone who is regularly drilling larger holes will want a higher torque drill and such drills usually come fitted with a 13mm chuck, but for drilling a few holes in sheet metal it's not worth it.

      • +1

        You can use step cone drill bit like this.

  • +2

    5 Year warranty on drill.
    3 on battery.

    Great for diy.

  • Made me think of this ad from The Chaser.

  • +1

    Advantage of 1.5Ah battery is it is smaller and lighter for easier drill operation. It will still provide a fair amount of run time. This is the size that fits in the detail sander too.

  • +6

    Sorry but I don't see how this is a deal.
    As the first comment said, it's actually gone up in price. ??

    • +3

      Agreed. Not really a deal

      • Agree if the price got inflated. If I don't need the drill today, definitely not a deal. If I need a drill today, is this the best price to pay for the drill or is there a better alternative?

  • -1

    Price goes up. Presented as a ‘deal’. Right.

    Too many people just posting for the sake of posting.

    Fake deal! Make ozbargain great again!

  • +1

    weak at 35Nm, plastic chuck, 10mm, might be ok for occasional use but i would pay for something a little better

  • I got this for my dad to use it around home
    Smaller battery = lighter. He is 72 years old.
    It's a deal compared to the price of a drill of other brands.

    It's like people want high quality tools for free or the company pays YOU to take it.

    • +1

      Considering how often members of the public ask me about what tools I use maybe a tool company should be paying me…

    • Point being this is actually more expensive than previously, hence not a bargain regardless of how good it is. This is not OzAdverts.

  • Will this work for a double-brick wall?

    Thank you

    • no, you need a hammer drill

      • Thank you !!!

      • Do you know if this will work with double-brick wall? (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/644049)

        • +1

          that's also a plain drill. for anything masonry you want something that hammers in and out, not just spin around.

          what are you intending to do with it?

          if you wanting to drill bigger holes in bricks then a rotary hammer drill will go though it with ease. also has chisel bits etc for smashing up concrete.

          if you are just drilling small holes to attach something to the wall then a hammer drill should work but slower.