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Bonus Everyday Rewards Points on Apple Gift Cards: $30 = 900, $50 = 1500, $100 = 3000, $200 = 6000 @ Woolworths


My local Woolworths put up advertisements for this deal starting this Wednesday.

Offer available on all denominations of Apple Gift Cards excluding $20 Apple Gift Cards from 18/8/21 to 24/8/21. Limit of 10 per transaction applies.

Here's what you get for each denomination:

As a reminder, 2,000 Everyday Rewards points converts to $10 off a future shop or 1,000 Qantas Points.

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  • bought 4x$500 in 4 transactions, get 60,000 points in Newington, I saw only 3x variable card left

  • Damn my local Woolworths has no $200 cards left, only $100 cards are available which I assume wouldn't work for something like a macbook or iPhone due to the 8 card limit per transaction.

    What are these variables cards people are talking about? I couldn't see them anywhere

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      They are gift cards where you can load between $20 and $500 on a single gift card.

      I only spotted them at a couple of Woolworths stores in the ACT in the last couple of weeks, so I don’t expect all stores to carry them at the moment.

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    Wish I read this thread earlier and would have loaded up on the variables! Got 4x $200 and 16x$100 using two accounts.
    Plenty of variables at Woolworths Lane Cove.

  • If I buy 20*$100 can I use them online or in store? Sorry I had no time to go through all the above comments today. Only $100 or less at my local Woolies

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      Previous comments saying that you could load all of them into your apple balance and check out with the balance.

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        I can confirmed that you can load all of the gift cards into Apple balance to avoid the payment limitation.
        I went to the WWLs at Central Park Mall, Sydney at 8:20 and the $100 gift cards were already sold out (The Mall opens at 8!!!!!) . I only raided the last one $500 and a heap of $50.

        • Are you sure the $500 gift card can earn points? I was there too and found that the $500 variable load cannot earn any points..

          • @bird380: (Newbie here, I don’t know how to cite other replies.)
            As confirmed by previous reports and myself, the $500 variable gift cards should be rewarded as normal.

      • Thanks a lot!

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      You can use gift cards to pay for items in-store or online, but there is a limit of 8 gift cards that can be redeemed per transaction online (plus one debit/credit card to pay for the remainder).

      I am not sure if there is a gift card redemption limit in-store, but I would assume there is a limit as well.

      If you are purchasing online or over-the-phone, you can get around this limit by adding Apple gift cards to your Apple Account and then redeeming the account balance for online or over-the-phone purchases.

      You cannot use your account balance to pay for purchases in-store.

      • Thanks for the explanation:)

  • Thanks OZB team for the heads up on the variables! I did it and then immediately I saw half the line behind me run to get them instead of the $200s

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      Hey mate I'm confused? What do you mean by variables? Which one should I buy? I'm planning to get the iPhone 13 for my Ms…

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        There are fixed amount cards $20,$50,$100,$200. But there are cards that have $20-$500 written on them, they would be your most ideal ones.

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          I just bought only 1 variable GC of $500 and got only 15000pts is that good? How about the 30x bonus?

          • @Yo1111: That is the bonus, you get 30 points per dollar spent.

  • Just got 5 * $200 worth from my local Woolworths through the 12 items or less aisle. No questions asked. Very quick.

  • Do the variable cards earn the same amount of points are the $100 or $200 denominations?

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    • Bonus points = 30 x value of card

    • Yes. So a $500 one gives you 15000 Woolies points.

  • My local Woolies still has the old iTunes cards in stock instead of the new Apple Giftcard. I don’t think you get rewards points from the old iTunes cards right?

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      Probably not.

      You can always ask a checkout attendant to check whether the bonus points appear as soon as you scan your Everyday Rewards card and then go to the payment screen. You should be able to cancel the transaction at that point, since the gift card is not activated until you actually pay for the card.

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    Heaps of $200 and Variable gift cards left at Woolworths Mckinnon vic, get in quick!!!


  • Serious question, what's the variable load card? Is it an Apple Gift Card you can load $500 onto? Or like a woolworths giftcard?

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      They look the same as any other Apple Gift Cards ($20, $30 etc) but say $20-500 on them so you can pick how much you want loaded on them.

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      The gift card has a ranged amount on top, e.g., "$20-$500". You will know when you see one, not all store has this gift card.
      When you check out, you can enter your desired amount for that gift card.

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    Loaded 13x $100 into my Apple account so far, can confirm able to apply all the balance when checking out a new iPhone

    • How did you load to Apple account? I think there is only "Load to iTunes account" option for me.

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        Go to App Store app, then “Redeem Gift Card or Code”

      • It's the one account now :) Anything in iTunes will appear for use on Apple.com

    • Silly question — which code on the back did you use to redeem? I keep getting invalid codes :(

      • Have your gift cards been activated…?

        • Never mind was being daft. I was typing in the code off the back didn't realise the card was inside 🤣

  • Might return my M1 Macbook Air (base) and purchase a M1 Macbook Pro (base) now through the education portal.

    Anyone had both devices and can comment?

    • Its pretty simple - Pro has brighter screen (100 bits or so), better speakers, better sustained performance and battery life.

      • I have the m1 air and I just do usual stuff. I think the pro it’s only work for people that do video editing and specific programs. I am not sure if the pro is worth the upgrade for day to day tasks tbh.

  • Can I do split payment with multiple debit cards? Do they accept?

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      Yes woolworths always allowed Split payments with VISA/MASTERCARDS/CASH unlike COLES which i find ridiculous

  • Got 6 $500 with minor issues at the self-serve checkout. One of them didn’t activate. Had to do a refund and re-purchase. Other than that pretty smooth. Asked for TFN details at the self-serve checkout but you can elect not to provide.

    • Did you use the same rewards card and you got all the points? Thanks

      • +1

        Yes. All the points showed up immediately on my one Woolies Rewards Card account.

    • do you get rewards points for the refunded one? I had similar issue, and seems I got the bonus points, eventhough it was refunded.
      probably a loophole..

      • I did. But I don’t think it was a loophole as when I re-purchased it (the same Apple Gift Card) I didn’t get the points. The counter person did it behind the counter and was able to activate it (when the self-serve person couldn’t). The points were already rewarded in the initial purchase. So I didn’t “double dip”.

        • yes you would have gotten double dip

    • oh those refunds on the cards not being activated are so useful to customers, check on your account, when they refund to your card,


      So ESSENTIALLY FREE REWARDS POINTS, on that card that did not activate

  • So buy using Qantas points credit card, earn qantas points, then earn rewards points and also claim taxes back if you are a business!

  • +1

    Bought a few and was able to use the staff discount (10% once off, usually 5%).

    • you get 10% off on the gift card on top of the bonus reward points?

      • yes, so basically I bought $500 worth of GC and paid $450. Plus I got 15.000 rewards points.

        As a bonus I used my AMEX and am one step closer to meet the spending criteria.

    • No limit to the $ value?

      • Not sure, I used it for a $500 transaction and paid $450.

        • is that same with woolworths mobile/credit/insurance holder's once a month 10% discount?

    • Just used my staff card, the discount applied to grocery but not the gift card, wtf?! I bought $2000 and even used my monthly 10% but the 10% only applied to the grocery not the gift cards very sad…

      • That is weird. I only bought GCs, no groceries. And got the 10% off.

        • maybe it was over the limit? I don’t understand, maybe my state has rolled out to exclude gift cards? But I bought other cards last months and got the discount…the 5%, not 10%, I think the Flexi 10% only started recently in August.

          • @Cyclingaus6: Well, I am not sure what is the limit, if there is any. I am in NSW.

            I believe staff discount applies to everything sold by WW.

            • @viksa: I am in WA. I just read the terms, the 10% flexi says the limit is $500 per month, but then again, I did not get any discount for that $2000, which is weird as I should at least at 5% if not 10%. The terms does say it excludes the gift cards but I know it has never been the case as we always get discount for gift cards as well unless it is recently changed in WA….

            • +1

              @viksa: I tried again and finally figured out what’s wrong. I bought 1 $200 and 3 $100, chose the Flexi offer and paid $470, so it is the $200 cards that does not attract discount! Damn I bought 10 $200 this morning and had 0 discount :( if only I knew this…

      • Once a month 10% of is limited to $50, and i think the Woolworth's website said that it includes staff discount, and also excludes gift cards from the discount, not sure how that applies in you case.

        So anyone here can say from their personal experience have they gotten 10% off Gift cards (upto $50 from their woolworths mobile/insurance/credit card etc) ??

  • Frenchs Forest Woolies still have about 5 $200 ones left.

  • Purchased by Coles master card from last deal. Thanks OP.

  • Sweet my Netflix discount rolls on.

  • +10

    I think the value of Qantas Points is possibly understated in this thread.

    A quick search on Qantas for a SYD-PER flight in January shows the cheapest Economy fare at $392 and Business fare at $2,572, or when redeeming points, 18K + $44 in Economy and 41.5K + $44 in Business.

    In other words:

    • Economy: $1,200 Apple Gift Cards = 36,000 Everyday Rewards points = 18,000 Qantas Points = $348 value (Qantas) vs. $180 value (Woolworths)
    • Business: $2,767 Apple Gift Cards = 83,000 Everyday Rewards points = 41,500 Qantas Points = $2,528 value (Qantas) vs. $415 value (Woolworths)

    Yes, I know there are technical differences between paid flights and reward flights, not everyone values flights the same as their grocery shop, and hardly anyone is jumping on a plane anytime soon, but I thought it was worth highlighting the potential here.

    • +1
    • What is the difference between paid and rewards flights? I find them exactly the same. you get the same lounge access, the same priority boarding, the same seats and meal, am I missing something here?

      • You don't earn points or status credits (unless you're a member of Points Club) on Classic Flight Rewards.

        • Ah that, never pursued the status. I am a points club plus member, but never used any of the perks since becoming the member because of covid.

  • +1

    Are you better off keeping the points as Woolworths or converting to FF?

  • FF also has 10% off points for some GC's ie The Online card which can be used for eBay.
    Someone better at math then me, may be able to explain to us if its worth doing?
    $50 Online card will cost you 8,180 points after the 10% (was 9,090)

    • +2

      To redeem a $50 TCN Online gift card and assuming you don’t already have any Qantas points, you will need to convert 18,000 Everyday Rewards points into 9,000 Qantas points.

      18,000 Everyday Rewards points = $90 Everyday Rewards dollars that can be used to pay for most items at Woolworths, BIG W, BWS or most Caltex Woolworths (EG) fuel stations.

      If you convert the 18,000 Everyday Rewards points to the 9,000 Qantas points, you can then spend 8,180 Qantas points on a $50 TCN Online card and have 820 Qantas points left over for future redemption(s).

      I guess it depends which of these you value more:

      • $90 Everyday Rewards dollars that can be used at Woolworths, BIG W, BWS or most Caltex Woolworths (EG) fuel stations, or
      • $50 TCN online card & 820 leftover Qantas points.

      You cannot use the $90 Everyday Rewards dollars to pay for any gift cards, so that is not an option.

  • Plenty of stock at my local Woolies - of all denominations including variable cards https://twitter.com/TapDownUnder/status/1427767376838238212

  • I got rejected saying the maximum amount per card transaction is $500 and I can only use one credit card per gift card otherwise I have to pay the full amount in cash!!

    I don't have 10 credit cards!!

    Then they said the bonus only applies to $100 and $200 giftcards…

    This was at Ashfield woolworths store

    The staff (Edited) would not budge.

    She said it was the woolworths policy!!!!


    • +1

      It really depends on the store and the checkout staff that you get.

      My local woolies store sold me 2x$500 cards this morning. I went again just now and a different staff only sold me 1x$500 card.

      Or maybe they got direction from head office that $500 is the limit now?

    • +1

      Sorry to hear mate, you got shafted.

    • +1

      Try another store

    • +1

      Mine was completely different, I purchased $1300 worth of apple GCs and wasn't asked to show ID at all. 1 minute in and out.

    • +1

      I got 6 $500 just fine. Could have even done self-serve. But had to do one of them at the counter due to it not activating. All in one transaction. The self-serve attendant couldn’t care less. No ID needed. Prompted on screen to enter TFN details but you can bypass that.

    • +1

      Thanks all. I called woolworths customer service to provide feedback and they stated the advice provided was incorrect information.

      I am able to use the same credit card even for separate gift card transactions.

      They have emailed the manager about the incident and assured me I could go again to purchase the giftcards and provided me with a reference number.

      I've since been back and happily purchased the multiple giftcards with the same credit card in separate transactions :)

      Bonus points were awarded for each transaction.

      Happy outcome in the end despite the inconvenience

  • +1

    Got 10 x $500 cards.

    $750 worth of points.

    Thanks OP.

    • Wow, what are you buying with $5k of cards!?!?

      • I spent $4k all up and will be buying two new iPhone 13 Pro Max's for me and my partner, plus cases and whatever new accessories.

      • +1

        Upcoming Apple Watch + for future (after 3 years) Mac purchases.

  • Sounds like quite a few people have bought more than 10 (limit per card). If anyone has done this using one rewards card, can you please confirm if you got points for every card purchased?

    • +1

      10 limit per transaction.

      But I spent $4000 all up on the same credit card and the same everyday rewards account and have all the bonus points in that one account.

      • Thanks

      • how many apple cards was this?

        • +1

          4x$500 and 20x$100

    • I would like to know as well. Can I use same reward card and still get points for each iTunes card I buy? Thanks

  • What is the normal discount you can get on these cards ?

    Some people are up to 10 X $500 multiple 5 times I am hearing lol .

    • $1 spent is 1 Woolies point so a $100 card would give you 100 Woolies points.

      • But you earn zero base Everyday Rewards points on all gift card purchases at Woolworths or BIG W.

        • Oh does that mean on normal days if you buy any gift cards, you don’t get any Woolies points? Didn’t know that. Thanks for clarifying.

          • +2

            @dreamykitten: Correct.

            At Coles, you earn base Flybuys points for every dollar you spend on third-party gift cards. However…

            • You only earn bonus points if there is a specific bonus points promotion related to that gift card (e.g. purchase a $50 eBay gift card and get 2000 bonus points).

            • The amount spend on any gift cards at Coles does not count as eligible for other bonus points promotions (e.g. earn triple points in a single shop, spend $x in one transaction and earn y points, etc).

      • Edit: You do not earn any Woolies points with gift card purchases on normal days. Thanks WookieMonster.

    • +2

      This is the first promotional sale of Apple gift cards at a third-party retailer, so who knows whether this will be the norm going forward.

      In terms of everyday deals from gift card portals:

      • Shopback sells them for 4% cashback.
      • Reward Gateway sells them for a 5% discount.
      • Redeem Your Gift Card sells them for a 6% discount.
      • Redeem Your Gift Card

        Invite only? Asks for a promo code.

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