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Bonus Everyday Rewards Points on Apple Gift Cards: $30 = 900, $50 = 1500, $100 = 3000, $200 = 6000 @ Woolworths


My local Woolworths put up advertisements for this deal starting this Wednesday.

Offer available on all denominations of Apple Gift Cards excluding $20 Apple Gift Cards from 18/8/21 to 24/8/21. Limit of 10 per transaction applies.

Here's what you get for each denomination:

As a reminder, 2,000 Everyday Rewards points converts to $10 off a future shop or 1,000 Qantas Points.

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      • I see thanks

  • No dramas today apart from activation failure in self serve for the first two $500 gift cards I got.

    Took me to service desk and tried again which worked and gave me another $140 in Woolworths dollars.

    Went and got another 2 x $500 from another store and then a $200 from a third store.

    $2200 in gift cards and 90,710 points later and I have $450 in Woolworths dollars.

    • How did you get 20%+?

      • Did you read the comment carefully? Points were awarded despite the initial activation failure.

  • Who took all the $200s!?

  • Anyone know if there’s any $200 or variable ones left at Woolies South Melbourne? Melbourne square at Southbank had only up to $100 which I bought 10 of. Need to save up for the new iPhone and Apple Watch!

  • I went at 9 AM to my local woolis but they didn't receive any. They said checked again tomorrow. I doubt that they will get any :(

  • I didn't get the 30x on my variable cards, just checked in the account and got nothing. Anyone?

    • Did you shop at a Woolworths store or Woolworths Metro store?

      • What is metro store ?

        • Woolworths Metro stores are small-scale Woolworths stores that tend to be placed in higher-density / inner-city areas, and tends to be in-between a convenience store and a supermarket in terms of the items that are sold.

          The regular and sale prices for a lot of items are also different when compared with regular Woolworths supermarkets.

          • @WookieMonster: I got 3x$500 cards at my local woollies metro and got all the bonus points.

            • @zzzman: Interesting, that has destroyed the Woolworths Metro exclusion theory! The plot thickens…

              • @WookieMonster: The terms and conditions specifically mentions “Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths MetroGo” as where the deal is active.

            • @zzzman: No problems here either - $300 with $2k spend - normal store not metro

      • Normal store. They even had a sticker on the shelf with 30x.

        • The T&Cs state:

          Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card from date of purchase.

          If you try and chase it up now with the Woolworths customer service team or the Everyday Rewards team, you will probably be told to wait until after 14 business days, but there is no harm in trying.

    • We are on the same boat..

  • +1

    Just picked up 10 x $500 from Glen Huntly , Vic got the last 10 variable cards but plenty of $200’s left.

    Very simple went to customer service checkout desk put them through as 1 transaction of $5000 took less than 3 mins, he did ask about use for these to make sure I’m not being scammed, I said as long as woolworths gives me 150,000 points I’m not being scammed! Didn’t seem too aware of the of the promotion.

    Points in account immediately.

    Now do I need more….

    • +3

      Yes you do!

    • Actually the scam checkout is referring to is the one where people receive calls claiming to be from ATO/National Crime Authority/Russian wife etc. claiming they need the back a gift card for whatever purpose tax debt/Nigerian payout etc.
      My local Woolworths manager was very thorough to make sure I was buying these for my own purposes and not to send to some scammer.

  • Is there a date by which these cards need to be redeemed i.e., added to Apple account?

    • +2

      Apple gift cards have no expiry date, so I would say no.

    • Card says no expiry

  • +3

    These are the best looking GC ever, I don't even want to throw it out, of course its Apple.

    • +1

      yes! The front of the slip inside is a sticker!

    • Yeah they definitely have the nicest gift card packaging of all compared to what we are used to seeing at colesworths

  • Just picked up five $500 ($20-500) gift cards at Canberra Airport and there were heaps (30+) left.

    • just booked my flight:)) lol

    • I’m honestly not surprised, as only a small number of people in Canberra would be able to shop there at the moment…

      • True, not many people with Canberra Airport in their local area. Luckily it’s in mine!

  • If you can hold to buy a Mac,MacBook or iPad until January remember that the education store will throw in free AirPods. It happened last year. Currently this is also offered in the Us and Europe as their school year will start soon. I will purchase a MacBook Air probably with 512gb and pass my current M1 to my daughter who is going into y11. The free AirPods will go to the other child

    • Just on the older models though, which could include some of the current models.

      • +1

        It depends really. Last year it was the brand new m1 air and I got the AirPods (which I upgraded to pro). We just need to wait and see

  • Hi guys

    I bought 25 of $100 denominations of gift cards cuz they don’t have any bigger denominations available… just curious am I able to use them in one transaction to purchase an iPhone cuz I heard people say you can use max of 8 cards per transactions is that true?

    What are some of the options for me to be able to use those cards to finalise all in one transaction ?


  • Got $500 x 6 at keysborough Woolies. Had to do 2 transactions as they couldn’t do more than 2k in one. Manager approval was required. Plenty left on shelf

    • Manager approval was required.

      Really curious why some Woolies require manager approval.
      The attendant at the checkout for my local WW just made sure all the receipts came out with "Successful Activation", and I was on my way.

  • Woolies Woodgorve, Melton has a quite few $200 , $100 and variable loads available.

  • +1

    So I ended up with $6000 worth of Apple gift cards. Do I need more?

    • +1

      How many phones you buying ?

      No wonder apple continue to sell at such high price tag

      • +1

        Two new iPhones and one new Apple Watch.

        Plus whatever upgrade to MacBook I’m upgrading to next year :D

  • Do they check for education proof when you ordered from the Apple education store online for click and collect?

  • +2

    You can only have a maximum of $4999.00 credit on your Apple account.

    • +1

      So that means you could buy something up to $8,999 if you also apply 8 more cards at checkout? That's one Pro Display XDR (sans stand).

      • Can get a stand from Kmart

  • When I went at lunch I found at least 15 variable cards on the shelf. I took 10 of them to the counter and was flatly rejected from buying more than $1,000. So I put back the rest.

    I went back later for my regular grocery shopping and picked up whatever was left (5 x $500) and checked out with a different person who wasn't told of the limit.

    • +1

      sure you can report this to customer service 1300101234 on media saw a lot of weird behavioural at many store (some manager even not allow one customer take more than one card ) the condition only said you can get 10 card per checkout sure the manager can't do that to you ,it's unfair

  • Hi Guys, quick question, with regards to the Woolworths dollars collected from this apple gift card deal, do I have to spend all these Woolworths dollars in one future transaction?
    say if i bought $2000 dollars of the apple gift card and received $300 Woolworth dollars, do i have to spend all of the $300 on the next shopping?

    • +2

      No, you can choose to redeem Everyday Rewards dollars in increments of $10 at Woolworths, BIG W, BWS or most Caltex Woolworths (EG) fuel stations, as long as you’re not trying to redeem it in a transaction where you trying to buy an excluded product.

      For example, if your next shop at Woolworths is $72, you can choose to redeem anywhere between $10 and $70 of Everyday Rewards dollars.

      Btw, your Everyday Rewards dollars will expire 12 months after you earn them, so don’t forget to use them!

  • Also, does Apple price match the usual JB HiFi and Harvey norman 10% off the laptop deal? Thanks

    • +1

      They apparently will price match in-store or over the phone, but not on online chat.

      FYI, if you add your gift cards to your Apple Account balance, you cannot use your Apple Account balance to pay for products in-store.

    • +1

      Also keep in mind that you have to order one of the standard config (SKU) machines, because JB's discounts never include configured machines (i.e. if you're looking for a M1 MacBook with 16GB of RAM).

    • Apple match up to 10%. If a retailer is having a 15% off, Apple will do 10%.

    • How often does JB discount their iPhones and ipad 10%?

      • +3

        They discount macs for 10% off once every 2 months maybe.

        They rarely do discounts for new iPhones or iPads. Maybe towards the end of the update cycle (eg. Recent reduction in price for 12 mini).

  • Anyone knows if I use Apple balance to purchase Mac on Apple online store
    Do I still get the full amount of Tax Invoice for tax deduction purpose?

  • Can Woolworths Insurance policy holders receive 10% off on purchase of these cards?

      • That discussion appears to be in relation to staff discount? And some have received the discount it would appear.

        • +1

          Oops, you’re right. I thought the “monthly 10%” discount mentioned was in reference to the monthly discount you’re referring to, but upon a second reading, I think you’re right…

          The terms and conditions of the offer you refer to state that gift cards are excluded from the 10% discount, so my default assumption is you cannot stack that discount with this deal.

          I found this, and it seems to confirm that you cannot stack the 10% off with gift cards.

          • @WookieMonster: Makes sense, would of been amazing if that was stackable!

            Thanks for looking!

  • You can’t buy these with discount wish/woolies cards, right?

    • no. can't buy gift card with [e]gift card.

    • If you are referring to buying apple gift cards with discounted Wollies gift card or discounted Wollies e-gift card…then NO.

      Can't use gift card to buy gift card

    • The prepaid visa or MasterCard maybe yiuu can get away with I recon

      • You should be able to in that case, as Woolworths processes them in-store as Visa or Mastercard transactions.

      • +2

        I can confirm I could use Coles Mastercard Giftcards to pay for Apple Giftcards at Woolworths yesterday.

        • Good star OzBargaining at its finest, platinum star if you buy from Apple clearance of Student section :)

  • My local Woolies Metro only had the App store and Itunes giftcards :(

    • Did you scan a gift card and your Everyday Rewards card at a checkout to see whether it would credit you with the bonus points?

      • -1

        I didn't purchase any, since they didn't have the sign for the promo at all

        • +3

          If you scan a gift card and your Everyday Rewards card at a checkout, it will show towards the top right-hand corner of the screen whether you will earn any Everyday Rewards points for the purchase.

          You do not have to buy the gift card to see whether you will be credited with any points.

          The reason I suggest that is the Woolworths POS system may count an App Store & iTunes gift card as an Apple gift card. It’s a long shot tbh, but it is worth trying.

  • +1

    Seeing the comments only makes me wonder if I shall buy more Apple shares not GC….lol

  • Is there a way to do this at the self checkout?

    • +1

      You can definitely purchase these at a self-service checkout. You probably need approval from the self-service checkout attendant to complete, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

      The feedback from people seems to indicate you may start to get questions (or even resistance) from staff when you are trying to buy larger amounts (e.g. $1000+), because some staff are more proactive in fraud and scam prevention, etc.

      • Yes can confirm all points spot on. Did this last night at my local Woolworths. Had to split the transaction into two since total gift cards value was > $1000 & < $2000.

        • Yes highly recommend only doing $1000 at a time.

          I have collected $8,000 over two days. One store refused to allow me to put $2,000 through at once and wouldn’t even let me split the transactions.

          Easier to just put $1000 and not have 100 questions from staff/ and the manager.

          Lesson learnt

      • Really depends on the store and staff.

        Woolies no. 1 checkout lady at self checkout didn’t care that I had 20+ cards with me but just told me to buy in $1000 transactions. She probably didn’t have the authority to approve more.

        Woolies no. 2 checkout lady was probably a manager and just helped me get $2000 worth of cards in one transaction.

        Both never mentioned a single word about fraud and scam.

        • Agree mate.

          Couple of stores have been great.

          But not worth the hassle if they going to try and cause your headaches with limits.

          Just go with $1000, then go back in and try another checkout with $1000 or go through self serve.

          No manager attendance needed

      • +1

        thanks. yeah, got a bit tired of staff having all sorts of opinions and limits and arguing "amongst" them and then.. when they eventually talked to their manager, she simply told them yup that's fine. Took almost 20 mins for the 10 cards (and yes, they have strict rules about doing it in 2 transactions of $500 each, and no more than 1000 transaction). And today the staff also said "if you're paying by credit card then we can't process that much (1000) to which I wanted to just correct them but kindly asked them to just call the supervisor.

        I understand WW staff can be stretched at the limited cashier checkouts but really getting a bit tired of these store specific opinions.. I really wish they informed staff a bit better on how to handle these gift card deals..

      • +1

        are these Sydney stores you're talking about? Carlingford and Ermington stores in Sydney both enforce splitting in $500 transactions, not $1000. Sometimes they don't even allow $1000 total transaction per customer saying "we just can't allow that much per customer at one transaction as we've had card scams and fraud etc"

        • Ashfield is the sane

  • Hi All
    Need some help here, can I top up this to my Apple ID balance and use this to purchase Apple Watch?

    Thanks in advance

    • Yes you can

  • +4

    If you are a Bupa member and linked to Everyday Rewards, there is a booster offer 10 points / $1 spend at Woolworths. I just bought $2000 Apple cards (4 x $500) and got 60,000 bonus points + 20,000 booster bonus = 80,000 points total.

    • Wonder if sign up to BUPA now would I be able to get similar booster

    • Anyone know what BUPA policyholder # is?

      There's already a field for Membership # above it.

      Edit: Got it. It is the 2 digit number that is to the left of the name on the card.

    • +2

      I logged into my bupa and the offer I received was 3x points on fresh fruit, fresh veggies and Macro Wholefoods Market offer. Where do you see the booster offer? Or could it be targetted.

      • +1

        Yeh I got that too. Just the 3x fruit etc. No booster.

    • Anyone else get this deal and have it work for the cards? Amazing if so

    • +2

      maybe targeted as i didnt get an offer…:(

  • I simply do not understand why some Woolworths stores are keeping the Apple gift cards at the information desk.
    If someone were to make off with any of the Apple gift cards they will find that they are totally useless as they have not been activated in-store.

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