expired Nokia Lumia 710 Preorder $379 Harvey Norman


Really looking forward to getting my hands on a Nokia Windows phone and then saw this offer at Harvey Norman.

Also HN will let you trial the Nokia Lumia 710 and if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase bring it back to the same store within 30 days for a full refund.

One thing that will differentiate the Nokia WP7 to other WP7 manufacturers is the inclusion of Nokia Drive a free turn by turn navigation with smart traffic routing for a hassle free driving experience.

Harvey Norman

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    It's Nokia Lumia 710 not Lumua

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    Great price for a 2nd Gen Windows Phone handset. Highly recommend Nokia Drive too - it's free and despite lacking a few features (camera warnings/traffic/TTS) it's very accurate and will get you A->B in a large number of countries.


      I think maybe it will be better to wait for the actual second gen Windows Phone 7 phones like HTC Titan or Samsung Focus S or Samsung Omnia W because those phones actually have front facing camera, which is one of the main improvements of second gen.


    Unless you consider the fact you can try it for 30 days the bargain part this isn't really much of a deal.
    SMH says this will retail for $379:

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    Also, make sure you buy the right handset because there will be two models of the same phone. One compatible with Telstra NextG only (so you can't use it on Optus/Vodafone 3G network), and the other one compatible with Optus/Vodafone 3G network only.

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      no, Telstra NextG version is optus/voda competible


    Note this isn't actually a deal. The retail price is $379.

    I love the phones and already have a Lumia 800, but again this price is the normal retail for Aus.


      Like Ashman says, I too have seen the price mentioned as $379 rrp (on the Nokia Australia Facebook page as it happens) a couple of weeks back, so this is not a deal. Not knocking the phone though, hope it does well.

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