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[QLD] Seagate One Touch Portable Drive 1TB $44.40, 2TB $66.75, 4TB $123, 5TB $143 @ Officeworks (Maroochydore)


Portable HDD's on clearance. Not sure if they are the same price at other stores as they are priced higher on the Office Works website.

4TB $123
5TB $143

I picked up a Seagate 4TB Xbox branded HDD with two months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $116. I think there may have been one left.

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  • If these could be purchased with delivery, would make it easier.

  • Not tech savvy and reading reviews I still cant understand if these are SSD or not.

    Are these an older model (none SSD) ?

    Getting vibe there is a new 2021 model that SSD.

    Could anyone enlighten me please.

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      These are HDDs - spinning discs.

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        SSDs are much more durable, especially since they don't have any mechanical moving parts. If you want to save important data as a backup, your SSD would be better

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        This is completely wrong, flash is much more durable than HDDs for long-term archival use (write once, keep it there, read however many times you want) becuase it's solid state (esp if you have say a MLC drive), it's just HDDs are much cheaper/gb and can read/write more before they die.

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          It depends on your definition of durability. Yes, Flash is far more durable from the physical standpoint. It's a lot easier for a HDD to be dropped, or otherwise damaged than an SSD. However, Physical isn't the only kind of durability you need to factor in.

          It's well know that the flash memory used in SSD's has a low leakage current that will, over time, cause data to be lost on an SSD that has not been powered up for an extended period of time. This "extended period of time" may not be as long as you'd expect, with consumer SSDs shown to lose data within 24 months of being stored without power.

          For reference, JEDEC only requires client (consumer) SSDs to retain data without loss for a minimum of 1 year (!!) at 30°C unpowered: https://www.jedec.org/sites/default/files/Alvin_Cox%20[Compatibility%20Mode]_0.pdf

    • These are the HDD version (see the HDD designation on those which aren't obscured by the price labels).
      There are SDD versions, but these are not SDDs.

    • These are normal HDD.
      But also some SSD for sale such as Seagate Barracuda 500GB SSD $82.00

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    These are just regular HDD's. These aren't fast like SSD's but are good for storage.

  • Damn! Web pricing is the old discounted price still…
    For that sort of money, I'd have bought half a dozen!
    F'ing OW!
    Ill see if the local will have the same offer tomorrow.. Good find OP!

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    Smr warning

    • Is that really a problem if people are using such drives as they were designed - external and portable carriage devices… They are not designed as a performance component in this case…

      • Once you have one, you won’t forget the experience, sequential read/write fluctuate dramatically, small files take forever to transfer, you have a higher risk to lose your data too. I won’t spend one more penny on smr drives after having one and sold on eBay a few days later. I bought a bunch of refurbished NAS drive to build raid 6, transfer speed 4x faster, pretty satisfied.

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          I agree, but you're not comparing a like for like drive there…
          NAS CMR drive v a little 2.5" Portable SMR is like comparing a Gwiz car to a v12 Aston! lol… Ok, not exactly, but I'm sure you will get my drift.

          Better still, just ask Hammon, Clarkson and May - they already recorded a great drag race which will explain my point.
          Hammerhead v Gwiz v bike rider v runner! :)

          • @mickyb80: Just saying you pay more for less performance, do some research to buy second hand 2.5’ cmr portable drives still my preference. Imo smr should be half the price of cmr, I know smr is the future, but it’s an so immature product, have much shorter life than cmr drives too.

            • @rainbowyen: Are there still any new 2.5 cmr drives around? I guess may be some corner shop with old stock lying around is the only option?

              • @Awesomandy: If you can find these enclosures manufactured about 5 years ago they'll likely have Seagate Spinpoint in them. Which have their own issues.

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    Since it seems HDD manufacturers have given up on R&D for 2.5" drives, I wonder how much longer these will be around and how useful their capacities will be with time.

    • theyve given up on spin disks, hopefully will see more high capacity SSDs come out, maybe to even 6TB+ capacities

  • I wonder if we will ever get a reasonably priced 6TB portable HDD? When I was looking I found a 6TB portable SSD, but it was pricey.

  • is this USB C version?

  • What does it mean that they're priced to clear? They are getting a new range/model in?

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