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Philips Fabric Shaver GC026/80 Black $15.96 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Myer eBay (expired) /Delivery ($0 Prime) @Amazon AU


Not the best price but usually $19.95.

Same Price on Amazon + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend)

Edit: Now $14.96

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    Grabbed one last deal, works really well

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      Great product and I highly recommend it. Definitely worth the premium compared to the cheapies from Kmart/Daiso.

      • +1 to this, have had cheapies as well, this one is better if you dont want to spend 30 minutes shaving 10cm2 on a jumper

        • The little ones yeh but still got my Kmart $10 cheapy that works a treat, built in rechargeable and all. Pity they don't sell it any more.

          • @bamzero: Wow, that one looks kind of similar in terms of the shaving part. I have a $2 one from aliexpress, does the job but this Phillips one makes it easier and faster. And it is kind of satisfying to do, like popping bubble wrap

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    Thee work great on regular non-knitted fabrics. I've been told not to use them on knits or wool as it will pull the thread and create holes.

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    Highly recommended! Great to use and very satisfying.

  • Pill popper is back!

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    Bought one, was super satisfying depilling my sports jacket that pills like crazy. It totally gave the jacket a new life and looks brand new again. Spent the weekend looking for more clothes to depill!

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      With AA Enerloops they are..

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    Is this good for removing cat hair from jumpers etc. My cat is shedding like crazy

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      Wrap duct tape on a paint roller, with sticky side out. Roll away.

    • +8

      I've got 4-5 different cat hair removing things (3 cats is a normal amount of cats to have) trying to find the perfect fur remover.

      I got one of these rubber brushes to get dog hair out the car carpet and have found it works great on furniture and clothes too. They're cheap and you can get them at any bunnings.

      I don't like the waste of the disposable sticker roller, although they do work ok. I have the rubber sticky ones but once you clean them to get the hair off you cant use them again until it's dry. The ones with the red fabric on the are not too bad but take a bit of work to do the job.

  • thanks op. bought one from amazon au

  • thanks - been keeping an eye out for this so grabbed from az

    • I thought they only made vaccines

  • More stock added at Myer eBay

    • Shows OOS?

      • Yup, all gone again.

        • Shows in stock for me

          More than 10 available

  • Grabbed one last time…love it. Specially during this Covid lockdown…very satisfying ;)

  • Used to use one as a kid to pretend to shave. 4 stars.

    • Still using one as an adult, pretending to shave nonexistent facial hair :)

      • +1

        To shave, or not to shave: that is the question

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    got one from Amazon. Same price. Must put Prime membership to use.

  • got one thanks

  • Highly recommend this. Batteries last more than I expected.

  • Work really well, much better than the Daiso version

  • Has anyone tried these with cat scratch marks on fabric couches? We got a new one and while they rarely scratch it, it would be nice to keep things neat

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      Yep. Works a treat. I used it on our Nick Scali fabric couch that sounds similar to your situation with just a few stray threads after the cat had stretched and pulled a thread with a claw. Worked really well.

      Also used it on a stool that we’ve had for 8 years that was a pseudo scratching post. It takes awhile and you have to be patient but again the stool looks great after a shave.

      • Thanks! Grabbed one

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    Thanks OP. Finally bought one. Since you all recommended

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    2 x AA?? This won't last long. Albeit I have a crappier brand but it uses 2 x C's and even that was poor run time. I ended up finding a 12V adapter for it. No battery will last for a really pilly fleece top.

    • You may have heard of eneloops

      • Eneloops don't improve on capacity, they improve on charge-lifetime - how long the charge lasts when not used.

        • Ok, so just recharge them after each use? Not a big deal for me.

    • Mines lasts for ages with a set of LADDAs. The batteries are quick and easy to replace.

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    Bought this on last deal on very impressed. Highly recommend it!

  • Not a good price ,bought It $5 from target,though it's a good product to use!!!

    • same brand/ model?

      • +1

        Yes , same brand but it was on Sale two or three months ago .

  • i got one of the no name brand ones from ali express, has rechargeable batteries, even has a pop out 2 pin power connector to easily plug into the wall socket (old school yes, but easier than fiddling with a usb wire).
    These are awesome little gadgets !

  • Same deal on prime if you don't have ebay plus

  • Bought One! Thanks OP!

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    Ordered one based on the comments. Thanks OP.

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      Exactly what ashftc said!!!

  • But you can't wear your fancy non pilled anywhere at the moment due to lockdown.

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    Also works as a beard trimmer…

  • Can this be used on delicate areasfabrics?

  • Ordered one based on how popular this is at OzBargain. Eneloop of fabric shavers :)

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    Great. Been trying to convince the Mrs to shave her fabric for a while now. This might help.

  • Didn’t need one but bought one anyway 🤷‍♂️

    • True words of an Ozbargainer!

      • Which is why people want to advertise on this site if they can offer good or insane price on a product.

  • +1

    Mine died in a day so I returned it.

  • I enjoy using it!! More satisfying than shaving own hairs and beard.

    The only shame is I don't have enough clothes to utilise it……

  • Thanks, purchased it from Amazon.

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