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Dell 34" Curved Gaming Monitor S3422DWG $629.30 (Was $899) Delivered @ Dell


I know it's not as good as the deal that was on eBay about a week ago but still %30 off!

plus %1.5 (10bucks) off if you use shopback

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    Ships in 0–1 business days

    Please no, I'm still waiting on one from last deal.

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      Got mine today

      • Ah right mines still:

        Estimated delivery: Mon 30 Aug 2021 - Mon 6 Sep 2021

        How is yours?

        • I got mine on the 9th.

        • Very good. Got S3222DGM x 2. Happy with them. Better than my previous monitors.

          • @doodlingtoddler: Is there any ghosting / black smearing on them ?? I’ll be using it for sim racing and heard all VA panels have it (except G7) ?

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              @CY: I think even G7. Not popular or rtings. The new flagship (odyssey neo I think) is black magic. micro led backlight among whatever else samsung does to counter VA flaws and its A super fast refresh rate panel with a just works setting, good contrast and enough luminence for HDR 1000 (They claim 2k).
              It costs a scalpers 3090 though.

              Hope some of those gains trickle down to mid range VA's. As a dark room gamer Some pure blacks would be a great holdover until OLED gets bright and responsive…

        • I got mine last Monday. I love it

      • Got mine today too - nice screen - seems slightly bulkier than my Xiaomi 34" but nice picture quality.

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          if you don't mind can you please tell us pros, cons of both

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            @rohilkhadgee: Xiaomi has a nice magnetic cover on the back to hide cables - Dell doesn't.

            Dell is bulkier (seems thicker) and it doesn't swivel Left and Right like the Xiaomi does.

            Xiaomi doesn't raise up and down - however the dell does and its a nice smooth mechanism.

            Overall pro's and cons for both. I got both within $100 of each other so price is much the same. Both are great - havent used the Dell for anything other than setting up at the moment.

      • Yes got mine today too, the S3222DGM. Great buy for like $420.

    • My one from the last deal arrived on Monday (to Melbourne)

      • Nice how is it?

        • Really good, love the contrast ratio, love the curve and the black smearing isn't nearly as bad as other VA panels. Only gripe is the bottom left and right corners of the screen have a tiny bit of light bleed.

          Dell will send you an email with tracking soon once they actually post the monitor. My estimated was September 2nd lol

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            @parazite: I just realized I got the S3422DW not the S3422DWG

            So I was looking at wrong one


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      don't remind me I'm still kicking myself lol

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      Mine got "delivered"- Just waiting for StarTrack to not f*** me

    • Ordered mine in late july, estimated to be delivered on 3rd sep. Randomly turned up at work on the13th Aug. Still said it hadn't been shipped on my order. Dell Ebay is pretty inconsistent with their delivery dates from what I've seen.

  • This or the Xiaomi? The Xiaomi is cheaper even at their normal price?

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      I did a lot of research and decided to pay $70 more for the dell. Mainly because Dell is apparently using a newer VA panel (can't confirm someone told me on Reddit, i could be wrong) plus customer support/warranty for 3 years and the Xiaomi 34 was manufactured in 2019. so 2019 vs 2021+ 3 year warranty for $70 extra.

      Edit: not newer panel just better coulor tech apparently

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      I imagine warranty would be better through Dell then some other stores.

      Xiaomi is 300 nits and this dell is 400 nits.

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      Depends how much you value a decent warranty and having USB ports on the monitor.

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      Personally I went for the xiaomi one. I cannot comment on the differences between xiaomi and dell but my experience with the xiaomi monitor has been excellent so far. Feels very well built.

  • Wow big differences in pricing, almost $135 more………..

    • yep spewing I missed out but down from 899 (or 799 on ebay) is still a bargain

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        HODL (for the next deal)

  • Who makes the panel? Samsung?

    • I wish I new, I couldn't find this info :(

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      Believe so . Believe it's the same for both xiaomi and Dell. Googling each item individual monitor with the words "Samsung" and "panel" lead to reviews for each brand using a Samsung VA panel (but model not specifically listed)

      • I have received the monitor last week from the eBay deal. Will update you with the panel details soon.

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    VA eww (sarcasm, they look fine!)

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    Fwiw , been using the xiaomi monitor for a year and it's truly good. Bought the dell 34" as a comparison for recent work requirements so will compare, keep both or ditch one of them.

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      nice! keep me posted id be interested to know!

    • Do a linus and stack 2 curved monitors on top. But he used 49" ones so….

      • If I drove a Porsche Taycan Turbo S I'd go out of my way to replicate the test conditions. Sadly, I don't. So I'll go basic by plugging in the monitors individually, or at best, at the same time, tilt my head 10degrees on either side for 10s to assess black smearing and viewing angles and call it even on the test haha. It'd be interesting to see if the colour accuracy will differ much out of the box compared to the Xiaomi though.
        Fwiw Out of the box a 1m print was accurate to what I had displayed on Lightroom.

        Also don't think my table will fit 2x UWQHD ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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          So you’re saying… you’re in the market for a new table? Haha

      • Stacked 49” are cool. Got mine from OzB. Now I have headaches from too much screen 🙁

    • Keep me in the loop as well. You've got one subscriber :)

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    Got it for $495.20 on Dell eBay 2 weeks ago with September 6-15 estimated delivery so probably wait for another sale.

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    Been seeing a few nice deals on Dell monitors of late, but for all the VA models. Dell makes awesome IPS monitors, would be great to see some deals on those

  • Got mine from last deal, found one dead pixel.

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      Hope you get it resolved. Dead pixels are annoying af. I bought the 34" Samsung from futu awhile back came with 3 dead pixels. Took them 3 weeks to "not replace it" and then issue a refund. Bought this monitor and never looked back

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    So tempting with these deals but I don't need it now. In a few months time yes, more will have more better monitors.

    I realised how good monitors do make a difference so gotta invest in a good one.

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    Got mine from eBay from the last deal and it was arrived last week to regional VIC
    Extremely happy with the quality of this screen, upgraded from AOC 27G1 much better colour accuracy, contrast and much less backlight bleed.

    Now time to sell my old monitor…

  • hello guys.i can see samsung odyssey 32 qhd curved is aud 399 VS 34 dell is aud 630.

    i think only 2 inch bigger than samsung.. and price is much higher.. why dont choose samsung?

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      the difference between 32 and 34 makes all the difference.34 is much beiiger because it's measured horizontally. so it depends on what you value IPS or curved AV

      • Monitor size is measured diagonally not horizontally, and although 34" ultrawide is wider you do lose a lot of vertical height. Also, perhaps counter-intuitively, a 32" 16:9 monitor actually provides a larger surface area than a 34" 21:9 monitor.

    • One is a 16:9 aspect ratio the other is 21:9. Depends on what you want. Ultrawide curves always attract a premium likely because they're harder to make

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    12% shopback btw

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      1.50% on monitors.

      • how do you know this?


        it says up to $75 but it's not very clear. could be $1 cashback or could be $75?
        does it say in terms and conditions or somthing?

        edit: oh wait never mind I see it now down the bottom of that page. thanks, i was freaking out I could have gotten 75 back but %1.5 isn't worth canceling and re-ordering

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        what a bunch of tricksters these shopback things are.

        • yeah, pretty bs they had me going too. they post %12 back everywhere and then in the fine print say %1.5 😒

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    Want 30"+, 4k and IPS.

  • Any idea if this will still be on sale on the next couple of months? I bought the S2721DGF for 500+ last year and it went down to <400 before 2020 ended

  • Confused between this and the LG 35 inch curved for $749 at Kogan.

    • LG is Type C, this one isn't. Type-C is the future but was not my use case so settled with Dell 34 gaming monitor from ebay deal. Upgraded from 27" IPS screen, viewing angle a bit washed out as expected from VA panels but it's great as a productivity monitor, flix and occasional gaming. Kogan warranty is a bit suss. For my needs, Dell 3 yr next business day replacement warranty sealed the deal.
      Also got the Xiaomi Mijia desk lamp which completed my monitor setup for WFH.

      • Good to know. Does this Dell one offer split screen like the LG one does? And how about switching between multiple inputs at the same time? I have a windows and Mac.

        • Yup, Dell has PIP and PBP. Can split the screen and have 2 inputs on the same screen as long as your keyboard and mouse supports it and can move fluidily between the two devices. I also use Power toys which is equivalent to LG's custom window splits. Good monitor over all but no inbuilt speakers unlike LG.

  • I got this monitor when it was on special about a month or so ago and really do like it.
    Use if for Flight Sim and it rocks with MSFS2020 but with FSX I need to window the mode as it looks unbalanced however still looks great even with 1080p.

    Also agree what some say, that warranty helped greatly in making the move. Will hold for a couple of years and then see what is available or if the budget will ever be blown out (again) as its easy to do on OzBargain :)

    Wish Dell made a 43" screen with similar or better specs but can happily live with this atm!

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    Any thoughts on how this compares to something like the AOC U34G3X? (other than it being VA v IPS of course).

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      I've already got a 34 UW and I'm curious about that monitor. Unfortunately there's hardly any reviews for it - there is a Chinese one and an Indonesian one on youtube. I think it's not released in Europe/US markets or under a different code.

  • Is there any difference between a gaming and non gaming monitor? I want to have a 34" monitor to fit more in my monitor for work. Is this suitable?

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      Wait for xiaomi or dell 34 S3422DW (this is S3422DWG) for <$429

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      legend! hopefully they'll refund me the diffrence so I don't need to place a new order

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        Good luck!

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      $585.xx after redeemed 7% special coupon.

      • Does the coupon code need to match the user using it? EG If someone with a .edu gets the coupon can someone else use it?

        • No, I entered the coupon code as a guest. No login, no details required.

  • wasn't it only $490 ebay sale

  • Read in other posts that it might come back down closer to the $490 it was the other day, worth waiting for the chance??

    • I'm waiting, I hope it goes back down to $490 like it did. Sadly missed out on the 490 deal so yeah waiting till end of year maybe.

      • I caved and got the Xiaomi for $479 from the afterpay deal.
        I feel this would definitely outvalue the Xiaomi at around $500 though

  • I bought this when it was on sale for $490 with Dell discount to use as a Work From Home monitor. I was advised that it has a VA panel, so might not be good for viewing documents like IPS panels are. I am glad to say that I am very happy with the monitor and it is extremely clear to view any documents or text on the screen. I do recommend using the digital Display Port rather than HDMI for the best results. The only downside is it does not have built-in speakers. Took me a while to figure that out!

  • PSA: I don't think its expired, the price for this monitor is still the same as the one posted here. BUT the ETA is in 20 days

  • I managed to bring the price down to 585 with a edu code, is this a decent price, should I pull the trigger?