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[TAS] Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $79 in-Store @ JB Hi-Fi (Hobart)


These have been quite a lot cheaper I see in previous online deals, often linked to memberships etc. But hey, $10 less than JB's usual price ain't bad.

While these are $89 online, and price stickered at $89, for some reason when I handed it over to buy, the Hobart store only charged me $79. The receipt says NS Nintendo Switch Pro Controller 321957 $79.00

I was returning another game gadget for $34 and bought this, paying the $45 extra, but can't see that would be the reason for the lower price.

Just thought this may be of interest to Hobartians, and perhaps broader afield, if JB stores share the same pricing system.

This is my first posted deal so apologies if I'm missing something obvious. Couldn't see $79 in the online catalogue though…


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    maybe broader

    I doubt it, they are all just over 6 inches…

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      That’s a very broad statement

      • For those people who are narrow minded…

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    I fell up those stairs this one time. Falling down them would be fatal.

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    I can highly recommend the pro controller. Very well put together and easy to use (with my medium/large) hands.

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    Why does even the "Pro" controller not have analog triggers?

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      Mario Kart consist of on/off throttle or brake and they have one shooter franchise. I feel like Nintendo would never design a controller that caters to games they don't make.

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    This is Ozbargain not Tasbargain