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Baseus 60W/100W Type C to USB C Quick Charging Cables from $5.03 Delivered ($4.92 with eBay Plus) @ baseus_online_store eBay


Whilst cheaper deals do pop up from time to time on Ali especially, these are from the local Baseus outlet so delivery should be more reliable and obviously much quicker.

There is a remark in the listing that the 60w has 1000 piece limit so this may end before the ebay promo expires.

PD 60W Cable:

Name: Baseus Cafule Series Type-C PD2.0 60W Flash Charge Cable
Material: Aluminum shell+TPE+High nylon braided wire
Current: 20V 3A MAX
Length: 1m/2m
Accessories:Velcro Belt
Suitable for: Type-C interface device.

60W 1m $5.03 with BUY10OFF / $4.92 with P12OFFPromo stock exhausted, back to normal price.
60W 2m $5.39 with BUY10OFF / $5.27 with P12OFFPromo stock exhausted, back to normal price.

There are also 100w cables. I did a quick google and amazon search and price looks good but apologies if i missed a better deal for branded cables elsewhere.

PD 100W Cable:

Name: Baseus Cafule PD2.0 100W Flash Charging usb For Type c cable
Material: Aluminum shell+TPE+High nylon braided wire
Current: 20V/5A 100W
Length: 1m/2m
Transmission rate: 480Mbps
Suitable for: Type-C interface device.

100W 1m $8.09 with BUY10OFF / $7.91 with P12OFF
100W 2m $8.99 with BUY10OFF / $8.79 with P12OFF

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    These are good quality cables from Baseus, I've got a few of them (both the 60W and 100W) and they're all still working very well.

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    My problem with USB-C cables is trying to keep track of which ones are fast charging but slow data, and which ones are fast data.

    • +2

      I write on the heads of the cable in black marker or have even labelled them with some velcro tabs from ebay/amazon

      • That's smart! I use black velcro tape so I can't write on it (at least in black).

    • the fast data ones should be considerably thicker (and also more expensive). I have only 1 C USB3.1 gen 2 fast data cable and its a fair bit chunkier than all the charging cables.

      • +1

        Yeah, after testing all my USB-C cables and researching, I ended up ordering a Thunderbolt 3 cable, which does 20Gbps and 100W Charging. Expensive but it's nice to have one good cable at least.

        • Haha problem with thunderbolt 3 data cable is.. what device is capable of reaching thunderbolt3 speeds?

          The only one I can think off is a NVME SSD in a thunderbolt enclosure and that will cost an arm and a leg.

          I'm sure someone will point out additional used. External graphics card?

          • +2

            @lawyerz: Oh yeah, I have no need for the full speed but who knows, maybe one day down the track I'll need it.

          • +1

            @lawyerz: With a modern notebook you can use a single USB-C cable to connect to a USB-C enabled external monitor for display output and charging the notebook.

            USB-C monitors can also act as a docking station for audio, second monitor and USB hub and even a LAN connection.

            • @trongy: Cheers op, got one. Handy for $5
              Quality looks decent like the Tronsmart ones.

  • These cable are only useful if you need PD charging right other wise just get a normal cable with fast charge for my phone?

    • +1

      these should be better constructed cables than the regular and at this price for locally shipped is a very good deal.

  • +1

    Thanks need it for my 210w powerbank on the way from indiegogo

    • Curious. What one did you get? I'm a fiend for powerbanks.

    • Yea keeping a lookout at indigogo for single 200w pd but the technology isn't there yet. I have to 2 zendure 100w powerbanks already so doesn't seem like a big upgrade yet, unless of course you're plugging 2 100w devices at the same time which is a great deal. Just thought I'd comment about this in case others also curious about the 200w+ powerbanks.
      Unless I'm completely wrong and teacherers device is 200w single output, then maybe teacherer can share a link of the new device at indigogo.

    • +1
      • That looks like it. Indiegogo was $135 but I'm yet to see it.
        Want it for my laptop at uni.
        A 100w cable wouldn't be very useful for a 200w output would it lol

        • it would - max 100w for usb c port 1


          USB-C 1 (orange): 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/5A 100W MAX
          USB-C 2: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A 45W MAX
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    Thanks OP, anyone know if the 100W cable will work with a MacBook Pro 15 2019 using original Apple 87w usb-c power adapter?

    • +1

      yes, been using it for over a year. no probs.

      • Thanks mate!! :)

  • Yes good for fast charging if its fast charging n fast data transfer you'll need one of these.

    USB C 3.1 Gen2 PD 100W 4K.

    • Thanks for sharing. So is that the jump up from these 100w which are 480Mbps to rather xxGbps+ speeds?

      • +1

        Correct 10gbs if your usb c ports are also gen 2, as too 100w thas for charging only if your charger supports it , don't need gen 2 for fast charging

  • never too many cables, thanks Op

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed a pair of 60w x 2m cables :)

  • Thanks OP. These cables always seem to mysteriously disappear at my place.

  • So do these support Thunderbolt 3 connections to monitor?

    • +1

      I think you need special higher bandwidth cables for that. They would specifically refer to 4K/Monitor use. These are for charging and data transfer.

    • That would be considerably more. The cheapest TB3 cable I've seen costs approx $16 (0.5m). 1m would cost approx $25

  • Can we use 100W cable with the device which need 60W?

  • 100W 2M OOS

    • 100w 2M shows up OOS for me, 1M out of stock.

  • 60 w is just normal righ?

    • +1

      QC3.0 fast charging. My Galaxy s10+ as an example supports QC2.0 only which is max 15w i think. Different phones come with different rated charges and cables so its hard to say what is normal, but afaik normal would be lower rated than these.

    • +2

      60w is enough to charge mid spec laptop.

  • +5

    These guys really need to reduce the amount of packaging they use. I received a box with a non recyclable plastic tray, wrapped in a plastic bag, that was wrapped in a plastic bag.

    What packaging they use SHOULD be recyclable.

    • This is really putting me off wow.

    • Was the plastic tray part of the official packaging, of something they re-used for postage… if the later that's not so bad, at least they are re-using something.

      • A part of the official packaging. If they are going to use these plastic trays, then they should at least be recyclable. Yes, I know not everything is being recycled, but increasingly more is being recycled.

        • That's a bit of a shame. I guess ultimately this comes back to the decisions made in the Chinese market and their route to reducing waste/emissions. At the end of the day, us aussie consumers are little more than an after thought or overflow market for most products.

  • Is there any point paying a bit more for the 100W cables if most of the gadgets I'll be charging are 60W or less? i.e. having one 100W that can charge everything including the laptop…..would using a 100W on smaller gadgets (headphones, phone etc) do any damage to them?

    • +1

      No it won't damage anything. The cable is just the conduit. It supports up to QC 3.0 according to the listing, so whatever gadgets you are charging should charge as fast as they can support/charger supports up to that standard. Other things like a laptop would be what draw more power.

      The other aspect is the 100w cable supporters data transfer up to 480mbps. Unless you want to be transfering GBs regularly this is fast enough for the occassional data transfer. A lot of USB charging cables dont even support data transfer.

  • I need a longer USB cable for my Chromecast with Google TV (to reach my powerpoint from my TV). 2 meters would be ideal, is there a specific type of cable i need? eg. data transfer, charge only? cheers

    • +1

      If its just from power socket into the chromecast then thats power only. The 60w would do the job.

    • Can't you just power the Chromecast with a USB port on the tv?

      Looks like it needs 5V1.5A
      I'm guessing you're using the USB port on your outlet so you don't want to use an extension cable / power board

      But providing your outlet can provide that power then these should work

      • The USB port on the TV isn't powerful enough (I get an error when opening Chromecast).

        Yea that's right, I just need a longer cable to reach my power outlet.

        I installed a new powerpoint behind my mounted TV, but the stock USB power adapter is too big and doesn't fit behind the TV. I went to Jaycar and bought a slim one, but for some reason that doesn't work either. So frustrating.

        So this is my last resort.

        • Can't your tv provide 1A power? That's all the Chromecast needs. I plugged mine into the USB port of my PVR and it works fine.

          • @xiangtan: Chromecast with Google TV requires 1.5A, I think that's why it's not working. Wish i bought a normal chromecast now

            • @conrat64: Can't you just get a powerboard with a flat plug and or one that includes a USB slot?

              I've go the 'Ethernet adaptor for Chromecast with Google TV', but looks almost as bit. Some people get a generic hub that would be handy to connect a drive via usb for storage, would still need to power that though.

              The chromecast with GTV is pretty handy, i like the remote and setting up the tv/soundbar with the CEC/HDMI so can grab whichever remote. The Eko TV is a bit shit when you try changing inputs using the Google remote, but worked better on my Sony.

  • Is there longer cables? Mine is 3m which I got from bang good many years ago but charging is slow. It's a shame they don't sell those anymore :(

  • Any recommendations for a plug / Powerpoint / charger (whatever it is called) to use with the 100W cables?

  • +2

    60W cables seem to have reached limit of 1000, no more priced at as listed in this deal.

    • Thanks, i'll update it.

      • When will it be updated?

        • See above, i added strkethrough and remark then.