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Little Birdie Launch Event: Free Dominos Traditional Pizza, Apple AirPods Pro $99, Nintendo Switch $299, Soniq 65" 4K TV $299


Little Birdie launch event is taking place August 24-26th, and here are some offers to celebrate their launch:

24/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Coles $15 off $120 Spend Voucher Free 500 available 10:15am AEST
BoozeBud Voucher - 16-Case of Stone & Wood ($90+ Spend) Free 250 available 12:04pm AEST
Bluey Plush Large Doll $7 Shipped 100 available 16:05pm AEST
Tontine Ergonomic Anti-snore Pillow $10 + Post 500 available 12:04pm AEST
Zero X Blade Drone $29 Shipped 250 available 14:05pm AEST
Apple AirPods Pro $99 + Post 100 available 20:10pm AEST

25/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Dominos Traditional Pizza Voucher Free 1000 available 12:05pm AEST - See Rep's message
The ICONIC $25 Gift Card Free 100 available 14:04pm AEST - See Rep's message
AFL $30 GiftCard Free 100 Available 14:04pm AEST - See Rep's message
Kitchen Couture 5 Litre Air Fryer $29 + Post 500 available 20:01pm AEST
Soniq 65" 4K TV $299 Shipped 100 available 09:55am AEST
Segway Ninebot ES1LD eScooter $449 100 available 16:11pm AEST

26/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Naked Wines $50 Gift Card Free 300 available 16:08pm AEST
OzSale $25 off $50 Spend Voucher Free 200 available 10:21am AEST
Under Armour Flow Velociti Runners $88 250 available 12:10pm AEST - See Rep's message
Nintendo Switch Console - Grey $299 100 available 20:05pm AEST

You will need to sign up to their platform to access these deals. I assume some of these deals will fly out pretty quick.


What time are the special offers dropping?

We don’t have any specific time to share as when we will release each offer. As much as possible, we want to stay fair to all members of our community. These offers will be released as soon as it will be deemed available by our marketing department. At the moment, we are unable to share a specific time of release: this is to make sure the legitimate member of our community will have a chance to really get those wonderful deals.

To retrieve previous vouchers: click on the ❤️ icon, scroll down to "Vouchers you're following", which will take you to the voucher page for a short time before redirecting.

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Little Birdie
Little Birdie

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  • Got one!

  • +3

    Finally managed to get one Airpods pro. Paid via Paypal.

    Worst experience!

    Costed around - $106.80

    • Ah, you went for registered post? Once I was paying more, I just went for express, so $109.80

  • -1

    can i have someones voucher

    • +3

      you wish

    • +1

      You can have mine.

      Voucher: 8008135


  • im at the last step….place order after using paypal wtf!¬¬¬ still wont let me go press that one button

  • LittleBirdie says I was 29th to get a code. Took a long time for checkout to go through (only did just now)

  • Managed to nab a pair of Airpods Pro. All in all what an incredibly frustrating experience.

  • Fk yer, gotone <3

  • +2

    Pretty annoyed they ip blocked me tbh. I didn't even want the airpods.

    • thats why u shoulda bought a 3 year subscription for surfshark with 90% off via ozbargain <3

      • Yeah, I swapped around on NordVPN about 10-15 times

    • i got blocked 4 times¬

  • Got one! Looks like I was the 20th.

    • how do u check>?

      • See above looks like it showed the view count when clicking through to the voucher page.

        • Holy Sh*t if that's true then mine says I was first.

          Claimed the code right away but took about 25 mins to checkout. Got email confirmation now too.

  • What a (profanity) shit show. No one knows when anything is gonna drop. Can't expect anyone to refresh that shitty website, it gives every ui ux designer out there a nervous anxiety breakdown.

    • +1

      I definitely think we helped little birdie with google rankings

  • Hey at least i managed to get a drone and a plushie i didn't need….

  • +2

    its one thing if im slow but to block ppl is ridiculous

  • Got em.
    What a bloody nightmare though

  • +1

    Managed to get a code and have successfully ordered. Had to pay shipping though.

    • There was a $5 sd card you could have added for free shipping

      • Guess I was happy enough that the website loaded for me after trying so long! Ended up costing $106.80… Seems I wasted my $2.80 haha

  • I got charged twice by allphones … thats great first charge was $99

  • +3

    Does anyone have a link to delete your account from their site? Can’t find it anywhere.

  • +1

    wouldn't mind the 65" next

    • +1

      Dont even bother bud

      • got the pods tho

  • +2

    Grabbed one too. Hope I get it!

    Funny how littlebirdie could handle hundreds of thousands of people F5'ing yet allphones couldn't even handle 100.

    • Most people would have clicked on Use Voucher from littlebirdie

  • +9

    Got the order through, added on a $7 cable to get over the free shipping threshold :)

    • Smart man, congrats!

    • +2

      Damn, I got scared and rushed to checkout

    • Nice!

    • +5

      You had the balls to try and find something else to order to claim the free shipping! I am impressed. Proper member here :D

      I was too worried it would suddenly leave my cart to even think of that :P

  • +2

    Great to see at least a reasonable about of us on here claimed them and not all those channel 7 and channel 9 peeps :)

  • +2

    Actually was legit. didn't add anything else and paid shipping tho :(


  • Use this to save a buck if you havent checked out yet https://www.allphones.com.au/cygnett-source-lightning-cable-...

  • Got one Just now :-)

  • +2

    See you all tomorrow for the TV 😂

  • serious question¬ my wifes account says claim voucher but cant open it but takes her to the site¬ anyway to check it or is it bugged? which also makes me think if its tied to one person and now no one can get that? so less then 100 are claimed?

    • Yep bugged. As per previous comments, you need to see a unique code.

  • I was 6th but still.managed to missed them 😣

    • what was your code if you don't mind.

    • If you got a code I believe it is unique and can be used.

      • dont think so its unique anymore. mine cant use it now

  • +1

    scored one. best way do it was on mobile chrome

  • Can we get at least get a written apology from the victims haha

  • Got uppercut voucher incase anyone wants to use it. - Z2666278MG69CBS


    • Another one if anyone wants: 4FDCDPNJ69M38FS

  • So the people that got it. What were you clicking on for the code to appear?

    • It just came up on the homepage as a box advertising the promo like the one that is there now saying "You Missed Out" then when you clicked it there was a claim code button.

  • +1

    I thought code was unique. its not working anymore now.

    • Let me test the code for you if you'd like :-)

      On a serious note, you should report it so they can look into it for you. If it showed you a code you should be eligible for one.

  • +1

    I had a code, applied it at check out, it worked and applied the discount.
    I tried paying with PayPal. It crashed a few times.
    Now I try again and it says "The coupon code isn't valid. Verify the code and try again"

    • +1

      same here

      • +1

        Code got palmed off to someone else

        • +2

          I thought the code was unique

    • Me too

    • same here. I think, when it reaches paypal, means code used and you cannot use anymore :(.

      • Maybe we can write to their support. Doubt they will help…

        • Not sure they will help. I was the first to saw the voucher code as per little birdie :(

          • @ShoJo: Did u get it?

            • @eckers19: No. It was failed in between payapl transaction and now the code is not valid anymore.

            • @eckers19: I had my code applied and then paypal crashed.

  • Don’t u have to pay shipping for pomade?

  • +2

    This is way better than eBay Plus event (Paid), you get your own unique discount code and you'll have time to finish the order

    • +9

      No way it’s much worse

      • +1

        Well at least it's a game of chance rather than you competing with a bunch of bots

        • +2

          I for one have gotten most ebay deals and I have no clue how to use, let alone make bots

          • @eckers19: I never got a chance to snatch those limited quantity deals. I managed to copy the code but the whole eBay just crash :(

        • +1

          The bots don't have a starting point so pure roulette .

          • @popsiee: True! it's purely random and you don't have to pay for a subscription and try your luck against bots

    • Not if no bodying is sharing em !

  • +1

    Of course, it drops when I finally lose patience and go to get dinner….

    Wasted a few hours there, I can only really blame myself I suppose..

  • +2

    This is poor form.

    I had a working code but because the Allphones payments site was loading so slowly, now it says my code is not valid anymore?

    • same here, how big stuff up they can made !!!

      • If the codes are generic, I think there are people here stealing others codes.

        I hope Allphones blocks multiple orders to the same address.

  • Tonight's commentary has been better than any condom deal post.

    • +2

      Ironic considering a lot of people got f**ked

  • I managed to get the airpods. I initially couldn't check out but I just kept refreshing and eventually it worked.

    • So what were you refreshing? The clain code or the get voucher?

  • Got one. About to give up, but managed to get a voucher on my phone. It took 20m to checkout through Allphones.

  • A load of bullshit, I had the code and it was working fine the site glitched out and I was charged twice, once $99 and the second time I fixed the shipping and was charged $106 so I thought it went through. After no email confirmation I check my account and see the charge has been reversed and now the code doesnt work