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Little Birdie Launch Event: Free Dominos Traditional Pizza, Apple AirPods Pro $99, Nintendo Switch $299, Soniq 65" 4K TV $299


Little Birdie launch event is taking place August 24-26th, and here are some offers to celebrate their launch:

24/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Coles $15 off $120 Spend Voucher Free 500 available 10:15am AEST
BoozeBud Voucher - 16-Case of Stone & Wood ($90+ Spend) Free 250 available 12:04pm AEST
Bluey Plush Large Doll $7 Shipped 100 available 16:05pm AEST
Tontine Ergonomic Anti-snore Pillow $10 + Post 500 available 12:04pm AEST
Zero X Blade Drone $29 Shipped 250 available 14:05pm AEST
Apple AirPods Pro $99 + Post 100 available 20:10pm AEST

25/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Dominos Traditional Pizza Voucher Free 1000 available 12:05pm AEST - See Rep's message
The ICONIC $25 Gift Card Free 100 available 14:04pm AEST - See Rep's message
AFL $30 GiftCard Free 100 Available 14:04pm AEST - See Rep's message
Kitchen Couture 5 Litre Air Fryer $29 + Post 500 available 20:01pm AEST
Soniq 65" 4K TV $299 Shipped 100 available 09:55am AEST
Segway Ninebot ES1LD eScooter $449 100 available 16:11pm AEST

26/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Naked Wines $50 Gift Card Free 300 available 16:08pm AEST
OzSale $25 off $50 Spend Voucher Free 200 available 10:21am AEST
Under Armour Flow Velociti Runners $88 250 available 12:10pm AEST - See Rep's message
Nintendo Switch Console - Grey $299 100 available 20:05pm AEST

You will need to sign up to their platform to access these deals. I assume some of these deals will fly out pretty quick.


What time are the special offers dropping?

We don’t have any specific time to share as when we will release each offer. As much as possible, we want to stay fair to all members of our community. These offers will be released as soon as it will be deemed available by our marketing department. At the moment, we are unable to share a specific time of release: this is to make sure the legitimate member of our community will have a chance to really get those wonderful deals.

To retrieve previous vouchers: click on the ❤️ icon, scroll down to "Vouchers you're following", which will take you to the voucher page for a short time before redirecting.

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  • +79

    This is going to end up just like those eBay Plus deals

    • +1

      What do you mean? Out of the loop.

      • +49

        100 units released at 10am, scooped up by bots within 5 seconds.

        that sort of thing

        • Yeah pretty much.

        • +20

          They really should just rejig that stuff and just have it open to all for the first couple of minutes, then randomly select 100 from that pool.

          • @tommybutters: From a marketing sales/perspective, wouldn't it be brilliant if the eligibility was ' You need to login in to their website and be shopping on it during a 15min window 10 random users will received invite to add item to cart and then have 1 minute to complete the transaction.'

            • @lethological: wouldn't that be very similar to click frenzy

            • @lethological: I like the idea, but I think most people would be wary of a popup saying I've been selected to by a pair of iPods at less than half price…

          • @tommybutters: Uhh… You can look up MWave RTX 3080 Launch Raffle. They used the similar system but didn't stop their employee getting the cards.

        • +9

          Nail on the head.
          not even worth bothering with.

        • +5

          1 sec max….

        • +1

          but this is a brand new platform so hopefully the bot programmers wont have a chance of scalping. Hopefully

          • +1

            @DJR9000: Hopefully the programmers will include some captchas and other bot protection.

        • +1

          'Bots' were not involved, it was just popular and limited units.

          I would actually put money on it being mostly OzBargainers that added the item to their cart early (prior to the promo code being available).

    • +4

      One of the eBay Plus deals a while back, the free AirPods 2nd gen one, I actually managed to get before it went OOS. Just had to be fast (and lucky I guess).

      • These are probably vouchers which will end up like Pizza Hut

      • this one was a target offer, it didn't work for me

        • The free AirPods offer? I hadn't used eBay Plus before, I signed up for it for free (1 month trial or something similar) and then went straight to the deal and got it.

      • It was because it was a targeted offer

      • I got one only when they had 500 units. one of the last deals they did

    • If only they have units in numbers like they print new pokemon card releases these days, even bots couldn't buy enough to sell out in 2 weeks. In fact, some bots literally bankrupted their makers.

    • +1

      What are these bots you speak of and where can I get 1 …….. or 100.

    • The eBay plus lottery.

  • +20

    Thank you post this deal for the bots.

    • +5

      dBOTmitch thanks you for this deal, human.

    • +1

      only bot I'm rooting for is dealbot

  • +2

    Just had a look at the site, still unsure - is Little Birdie another shopping platform like Amazon & Ebay, but you have to be a member to use?

    • +3

      Hi smy!

      We're more of a retail discovery platform than a shopping site.

      We curate a range of current offers and price drops from retailers, as well as generating member exclusive offers with them.

      You still buy from the store itself, not Little Birdie.

      • +22

        Is there a way to deal with bots to make the deal fair for everyone?

        • +7

          Hey! Great question.

          We have implemented a range of technological solutions based around detecting, blocking and banning bots to ensure as many legitimate customers get access and successfully redeem these offers as possible.

          Like most things, it won't be fool proof but we think it'll be a very strong reason why members end up getting the offers. I know there are quite a few people asking similar, but I won't go into it much further - the more we give away, the harder it will be to keep those bots out!

          Hope to see you at the launch, doubly hopeful you score one of the big deals!

        • +15

          Pick the 3 squares that contain traffic lights…

          .. oh wait I think I've failed that as a human.

          • @turtlesinmypants: Lol… glad to know I am not the only one

          • @turtlesinmypants: But seriously, there was that little bit below the main part of the traffic light in the other box which should be legitimately be counted as a traffic light box…

          • @turtlesinmypants: the trick is posts are traffic lights ;)

      • +6

        So, it kinda sounds like OzBargain but you're most likely charging retailers to participate on the site rather than be community driven? Always love competition, but at the same time you're trying to leverage an already existing community to gain users for a competing platform?

        If that's the case, just like the eBay deals offering 100 units of a few items feels weak. I know it's not cheap if you're eating the cost difference, but yet again when you're expecting 10's of thousands to participate it's a laughably small number.

        • +3

          Hi BillyG687

          I'll just reply to yours as a few people said something similar and hopefully this helps make sense of what we are doing.

          We don't have affiliate agreements with all the retailers and brands we work with, though that doesn't influence the integrity of us trying to create and surface the best offers from the retail world on any given day. Like a lot of the other places people have mentioned, we do take an affiliate fee from some retailers when someone finds one of these offers and makes a decision to buy.

          We believe we'll be able to build enough trust through our ability to surface offers worth buying and sharing (like this one has been on OzBargain) to find a space in the market that we will get enough members and traffic to allow us to keep showing the best offers, regardless of affiliation. Not to turn this into a sales pitch, as I am hoping to keep this account as more of a support role, though there will be 1000's of items available across the launch, so hopefully that is enough to give all of the members a reasonable chance of redeeming something!

          • +3

            @LittleBirdieOfficial: No offence by the UI and UX is horrible. I see why as the CEO prior venture was purchased by Catch.com and looks similar.

            • @Sheng: It's awful!! Mixing multiple types of navigation types and menus 😵

          • @LittleBirdieOfficial: Do you reckon your site will take any traffic away from OzBargain? Eg, take a portion of the market share.

            Also who are your key competitors?

            • @moo: This is not an AMA mate lol

              • @CodeXD: Well it is all about building community trust and credibility. 😬

      • Thanks for the explanation store rep!

      • +2

        Please select a username. This will be what is dispalyed to other users - Source

        Ahhh.. anyone running a spell chekcer?

        • +2

          Thanks, rompastompa!

          We'll get that sorted asap.

          As a business just starting to take flight, we welcome the feedback and appreciate the effort taken to give it.

      • Are you taking the idea from Price Hipster?

  • +1

    Bots gonna hit this hard.

  • +1

    What escooter? Aldi has/will have a Segway ninebot for 299 apparently

      • +3

        and 50kg weight limit

        • yeah it's for kids, I don't think they're doing one for adults at that price, I may be wrong

          • @Irishness: even if it takes adult weight for a flat ride, go down one curb and SNAP. Personally, a scooter is useless if it can only ride the flattest roads, might as well drive a car if I'm going on roads anyway.

            • -1

              @dbmitch: I'm not saying it's for use by adults I just posted a link to aldi's e-scooter

        • +2

          After all the hungry jacks, MacDonald's and pizza deals on here most of ozbargain community won't be able to use it :p

  • So what is Little Birdy up to here? Many of us have used them for voucher codes, have they now diversified into a group buy front end?

  • +4

    “… these deals will fly out pretty quick.”

    I see what you did there :)

  • Noice deal OP…. for bots

  • I have no idea what Little Birdy does or is aiming to do? I'm guessing something like COD was when it launched?

    • +3

      trying to be ozb alternative

      • +2

        Somehow got $30million in funding from CBA

        • +31

          CBA $30m to to Little Birdie
          ANZ $26m to Cashrewards

          \Waves to NAB.

          Can't even get free pizzas for our meetups.

  • They probably wants more subsribers.

    • then IPO or sell for $15 billions.

  • +3

    Even though I know I've got about as much chance of getting any of these as lockdown being lifted August 28 I'll still try anyway.

  • +13

    Not even worth my energy to give this a positive - Loss Leader sales promotional events like this are as dodgy as John Barrilaro's parliamentary privilege.

  • +16

    Little Birdie is CBAs attempt at developing a sales referral channel similar to Afterpay. It was developed by the ex-Catch guys and CBA recently invested $30m.

    • That's it and part of their plans with BNPL and their own version called StepPay.

      CBA invested $30 million into Little Birdie to integrate direct with StepPay, wanting to provide a comparable product to Afterpay’s in-app shopping platform.

    • Little Birdie is owned, started, funded, operated by ex-Catch founders and key employees. It's what they are doing after selling Catch to Wesfarmers.

      It's definitely a play at OzB. Remember the airport-style arrival/departure board saga? IYKYK.

      • What’s the arrival/departure board saga?

        • -1

          I can't say more other than look at OzB's FB cover photos. There is a history between OzB and COD.

          • +1

            @dkj2021: So this is the image dkj2021 is referring to here

            OzB took an image from COD's office and photoshopped their own dates/launches? I think I'm missing the saga…

        • +1
      • Hope OzB stays as a community based platform rather than being bought by any big folks.

        In the far far future, the sense of community and decentralisation is the way forward.

  • +30

    Good time to utilise this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/645268

  • +2

    Buy a lotto ticket, you’ll have more luck!

  • +2


  • +1

    They should make it like a competition, whoever wants a switch for example signs up and the winners of the $300 switch are emailed a code to buy it

  • +4

    Actual - Planning to buy Airpods pro
    Reality - atleast get a free pizza 😉

  • +11

    Why's this even been allowed on OZB?; it's not really a "deal" (as no chance of getting anything), it's more of an advert.

    • +6

      More of a lottery deal which should be in the forum's or competition section

    • Unfortunately, that's what this site is becoming…

  • +2

    I would rather pay the extra few $$ for the scooter at JB https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/segway-ninebot-kickscoote...
    Rather than trying to compete with botz

  • So Little Bird is just a glorified Lasoo + Ozbargain + frugalfeeds? Seems like they had to rework their business model because given free $20 off Amazon vouchers didn't work.

  • Who is birdie?

  • -2

    I wonder how many are going to whinge when the bots kick their butts :)

  • Oh a battle of the bots

    • Autobots vs Decepticons

  • +3

    How the hell did they score an investment from CBA pre-revenue. Now I know where to go for seed money if I have any business ideas. Didn't know it was this easy to get money from the banks…


    • It helps if you're ………

      • Or if you have a name like Angus Sullivan?

    • +1

      Helps to be a serial entrepreneur with 2 successful ventures being sold; 1 big fish being sold to catch.com. Also probably got to know a lot of operating a company on debt as founder was briefly GM of LatitudePay.

      • +2

        So? They would have been ripped apart on shark tank asking for that kind of valuation or investment with no sales.