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Little Birdie Launch Event: Free Dominos Traditional Pizza, Apple AirPods Pro $99, Nintendo Switch $299, Soniq 65" 4K TV $299


Little Birdie launch event is taking place August 24-26th, and here are some offers to celebrate their launch:

24/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Coles $15 off $120 Spend Voucher Free 500 available 10:15am AEST
BoozeBud Voucher - 16-Case of Stone & Wood ($90+ Spend) Free 250 available 12:04pm AEST
Bluey Plush Large Doll $7 Shipped 100 available 16:05pm AEST
Tontine Ergonomic Anti-snore Pillow $10 + Post 500 available 12:04pm AEST
Zero X Blade Drone $29 Shipped 250 available 14:05pm AEST
Apple AirPods Pro $99 + Post 100 available 20:10pm AEST

25/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Dominos Traditional Pizza Voucher Free 1000 available 12:05pm AEST - See Rep's message
The ICONIC $25 Gift Card Free 100 available 14:04pm AEST - See Rep's message
AFL $30 GiftCard Free 100 Available 14:04pm AEST - See Rep's message
Kitchen Couture 5 Litre Air Fryer $29 + Post 500 available 20:01pm AEST
Soniq 65" 4K TV $299 Shipped 100 available 09:55am AEST
Segway Ninebot ES1LD eScooter $449 100 available 16:11pm AEST

26/08 -

Item Deal Price Quantity Dropped?
Naked Wines $50 Gift Card Free 300 available 16:08pm AEST
OzSale $25 off $50 Spend Voucher Free 200 available 10:21am AEST
Under Armour Flow Velociti Runners $88 250 available 12:10pm AEST - See Rep's message
Nintendo Switch Console - Grey $299 100 available 20:05pm AEST

You will need to sign up to their platform to access these deals. I assume some of these deals will fly out pretty quick.


What time are the special offers dropping?

We don’t have any specific time to share as when we will release each offer. As much as possible, we want to stay fair to all members of our community. These offers will be released as soon as it will be deemed available by our marketing department. At the moment, we are unable to share a specific time of release: this is to make sure the legitimate member of our community will have a chance to really get those wonderful deals.

To retrieve previous vouchers: click on the ❤️ icon, scroll down to "Vouchers you're following", which will take you to the voucher page for a short time before redirecting.

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  • +2

    still stuck on checking out

  • Really not worth the time now…

  • +1

    shocking website

  • +5

    $30 million well spent,Commonwealth Bank🙈
    Little Birdie is never going to be the next big thing…
    The "big launch" already feels like a "big flop"…

    • +4

      For a company which just reported an $8.8 BILLION full year profit $30 million is like a drop in the ocean.

    • +6

      They got you to signup and didn't give you a drone. I see this as a win for them

  • Managed to get through the loading of the checkout and click on "PLACE ORDER NOW". Its stuck loading again -_-

  • gone, invalid code…
    Waiting for the AirPods Pro tonight

    • +1

      If you think that's bad the airpod is going to be heaps worse.

  • ok code worked now just trying to check out

  • +1

    Maybe zero-x never plan for themselves to have more than 200 sales in a day

  • yea … time to give it the birdie

  • Finally I could order the drone.

    • Same, finally ordered one just now. That was an ordeal….

  • just got the drone I hope

  • finally placed an order; hopefully it worth that much

  • never mind, back where I started

  • Please specify a shipping method." ???

    • +2

      I selected drones.

  • 30 Million launch with 100 units available
    Theses B.S. offers are flipping US the Birdie

  • ok, on paypal it is "processing"

    "Wrong paypal express checkout token specified"


    Ok clicked on "place order"

    FINALLY! it worked

  • +1

    I just ordered the drone, used LBEOX8U70 and went thought ZEro-X website the website not useless bird thing

    • +1

      used your method and it did worked for me, cheers

  • I managed to order a drone, just got the invoice. Took half an hour of loading and refreshing

  • I think the order went through? hope the drone was worth all that time lmao

  • Finally got it

  • Took half an hour and finally order completed.

    GL all…

  • Managed to order through Edge browser eventually. Might be useful to check on the gutters and shading of solar panels (and a bit of fun).

  • How does it work? Do you wait for the link and that gives you a code and then you use that code on the 3rd party seller's site?

    • That's correct.

  • Decided not to get the drone in the end
    Code is LBOGIRO70

  • Got one 5 mins ago too. I'd given up after 30 mins and constant errors on the site - Little Birdie homepage also said all gone. But thanks to some posts above I went back in and bingo!

  • I entered the code but it still says code isn't valid, do I have to save the code to redeem whats the procedure to save code from Little birdie?

  • 8 mins flight time on the drone holding me back even though its 29 bucks.

    • +1

      Kind of reminds me of the RC cars I had as a kid. It was a fun ~8 minutes, and then charging for 3 hours…

  • +1

    Does someone have an unused code for the drone? Would really appreciate.

    • +1


      Not sure if it still works but you're welcome to try!

      • Thanks, but it seems 250 units are gone, so it doesn't work anymore

  • +1

    Must've been the first 250 units. Was about to buy it after i drove home but then price reverted and my code didn't work anymore :(

    • still worked for me, just place an order right now at $29

      • Yea turns out i was wrong, i just found another code, applied it and price went down to $29 and i went to buy it, but then paypal said $99 and the code didn't work when i refreshed, so i guess im just really unlucky :(

  • So to clarify, if you get the code, you also have to be very quick to process the payments (including CC details etc) to get the item?

    • Seems like so, would have to be a miracle as there'd also be thousands of users flooding the website, which would probably result in the website being down for 30 minutes or so

      • Would it be the same for the Dominos vouchers?

    • +1

      I just checked out now so I don't think so.

  • +1

    Sweet got a drone. I've never managed to get anything EVER from any ebay flash sale due to slower internet and living a fair way from the city.

    Cheers to Littlebirdie for making it more fair for everyone - making drop times unknown and not requiring us to have the fastest internet to blitz through checkout.

  • Got a drone, not sure if its worth it

  • +2

    The website gave me two codes for some reason (same account) so here's a code for someone who was late to the party.


    • Taxed!

    • Thanks

  • Anyone not intending to buy the drone, please PM me the code..
    Thanks in advance…

    • +1

      Got one… Thanks mate…

  • Any code for drone?

  • Still working? If someone has a voucher - please PM me too

  • -1

    How do you get the code when it drops? Do you have to follow the product?

  • Does anyone have a spare code for the drone? Thanks!

  • If anyone has a coupon code for the drone that they don't want to use, please PM me.

    • +1

      PM me. I have one

      • I am too late. Wrong time to step away from the keyboard.

        Thank you for the offer. Appreciate it.

  • How do you get the codes?

  • +1

    Here's a code for anyone :)

  • LB33BK570 - another code

  • -1

    Any unused code for drone please, thanks!

  • Give us this day our drone code

  • My code was applied correctly in cart - PayPal said I was going to be charged $29, then I confirmed the order back on the Zero-X site and my PayPal has been charged $99.95. Anyone else have the same issue?

  • -1

    Anyone has a spare code please pm me :)

    • +3

      here are all the drone codes that have been listed on this thread so far…no idea which ones have been claimed though! Good luck!


      • All been used :(

        • +1

          Try LBSCPK270

          • @jimjames: Worked LBSCPK270. order placed. Thanks jimjames

            • @sneeloy: If anyone still has a code, I'd appreciate it :)

        • Received one from meeowth. Thanks 😁

          • @Wigles: NP, I just wanted to know if the code would still work a long time after getting it, but didn't want a drone

  • +1

    Had a code but now I can't access the page that had a code on it

  • +24

    FWIW. In case you want to add to cart to be ready for a code: Looks like the Airpods are going to be sold by Allphones. Putting "https://www.littlebirdie.com.au/shop/voucher/apple-airpods-pro-99" into the URL field updates to "https://www.littlebirdie.com.au/shop/voucher/apple-airpods-pro-99-from-allphones-1629673275", but not available yet.
    So should be this.

    • haha.good job mate. but you know since LIttlebirdie rep is here I guess they will change the link now : )

      • I mean… does it really matter, the little birdie page isn't active yet anyway, and they're not going to go change the allphones item that the code will be valid for.

        • good point! : )

    • +1

      The website already appears to be getting hammered, people must be testing out their bots already lol.

    • If you can somehow find the time that would be the golden ticket

      • +1

        7:36pm. Right when I'm putting my kid to bed I'm sure. :-)

        • At this point you might be on the money

    • Theres no option for a credit card?

    • allphone site is already getting hammered

    • Strange that searching up allphones on LB gets you 1 result for an Apple Cutter.

    • you were right

      • And I've just gotten out from putting my kid to bed. Missed the deal. Oh well…

  • How do I "follow" the Switch voucher?

  • Is the pizza happening today?

    • The pizza is happening between 24th and 26 August.

  • +1

    think they are removing AirPods from your cart now if you try to get

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